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Chapter 724 Talking at Night


What happened stunned everyone in the area.

How did he manage to kill eleven Divine Realm experts with a single move Moreover, one of them was at the God Realm Peak-stage.

The corners of Chen Changqings eyes twitched as he stared at Zhang Guangyou in confusion.

Only those with unfathomable strength could do that so easily.

Was he at the Earth Realm Stage Perhaps he had reached at least the Earth Realm Middle-Stage.

“How awesome Uncle Zhang is!”

Wang Zhanpeng was totally dumbfounded.

“Oh my god.

What a strong man.”

Besides, he was just a junior.

Hiss! Generally speaking, elders cherished great strength, but why was each of Zhang Hans family so formidable

Among the people present, the most bemused one was North Tiger Gai Xing Kong.

He looked at Zhang Guangyou dazedly and did not know what to say.

A few seconds later, his face was screwed up in an expression of pain, “You…”

The gap between them was getting wider and wider.

He actually had broken through to the Earth Realm Stage secretly!

“Young Master, please leave a few opponents for me.”

Wang Xiaowu sneered and said, “Im capable of dealing with these weaklings.

You do not need to take any action.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Wang Zhanpeng and the others fixed their eyes on Wang Xiaowu.

“Is he an expert at the Earth Realm Stage as well How old is he”

Even Chen Changqing had a solemn expression on his face.

Judging from his tone, he was sure that Wang Xiaowu, seemingly a few years older than him, was at the Earth Realm Stage.

“Men of talent do come out in succession in the worldlet.

I need to make full use of the time to cultivate.”

Chen Changqing did not want to fall behind the others.

Although he was still formidable in the eyes of others, he was aware that Brother Han would definitely be stronger than him once he made a breakthrough.

Furthermore, those talents from the worldlet exerted great pressure on him.

“Im not weaker than the others.”

With determination in his eyes, Chen Changqing was inspired by the arrival of the worldlet.

Hearing Wang Xiaowus question, Zhang Guangyou put his saber back into the sheath and replied coldly, “I dont want to waste time.”

After that, he turned around and took the lead in flying back to Mount New Moon.

Dahei was in an old tree in the dense forest.

It rolled its eyes, realizing that the man in front of it was really awesome!

“Whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa!”

Slap, slap…

Dahei not only took the lead in applauding Zhang Guangyou, but also gave him a thumbs-up.

After all, it was very sensible.

“Coo, Coo.”

Tiny Tot was as cooperative as always, beating its wings energetically.

“Aoooow.” Little Heis claws could not make a sound, so it just let out a cry.

Seeing what they did, Zhang Guangyou shook his head with a smile.

“Eh Three spirit beasts” Wang Xiaowu felt somewhat amazed.

He seized them up and said, “This chimpanzee is at the Grand Master Peak and not far from the Divine Realm Stage.

As for the big dog, its at the Last-Stage of Grand Master.

However, I cant make out what the small penguin is.”

“It will be hard for you to gain an insight into it.” Zhang Guangyou shook his head slightly and said casually, “Even Uncle Dong failed to figure out what it is.”


Wang Xiaowus face changed all of a sudden, “Since even Grand Elder could not perceive what it was, it probably is a mysterious spirit beast.”

“Of course.

How could my son be mediocre”

Zhang Guangyou laughed and said, “In addition to two high-end divine objects, there are various natural precious materials, such as holy objects on Mount New Moon.

Uncle Dong was also in a state of shock for some time when he came up the mountain.”

“All right.” Wang Xiao said in a weak tone.

It seemed that what he said to Young Lord completely made no sense, for there were a lot of treasures here.

Although the number of treasures stored in the Heavenly Knights Sect was far beyond that reserved on Mount New Moon, the treasures here belonged solely to Zhang Han, which indeed startled him.

“Where did you find my son” Zhang Guangyou asked.

After admiring the thunder yang tree, they walked to the castle.

As for Gai Xingkong and his companions, they kept pace with them, their hearts trembling.

They were somewhat stunned, heading for the castle with the intention to listen to them first.

“Its Young Lord himself who went up the mountain and Jiang Bing entertained him this morning.

After I returned to the sect, we left at about 11 oclock.” Wang Xiao responded.

“Oh, Han entered the worldlet after its gate opened yesterday.

I dont know where he went for more than a day.” Zhang Guangyou said doubtfully.

He planned to remind him not to wander around in the worldlet when they had their chat at night.

Every sect had a certain activity area and nobody would know what was going to happen outside the sect.

Moreover, on the huge Spirit Beast Mountains in the Kun Xu World lived plenty of fierce beasts.

Once people entered that space, they were likely to encounter many types of danger.

If they learned that Zhang Han had gone to the Wind Snow School and nosed out lots of information, they would be dumbfounded.

After walking into the castle, they sat on the sofa and chatted with each other.

Mengmeng sat beside Zhang Han, merrily eating big cherries and strawberries.

“This little girl.”

Zhang Guangyou found her both funny and annoying.

He felt that Mengmeng almost totally ignored all the others if Zhang Han was not around.

But when he came back, she was in high spirits, even when she was eating fruit.

After they walked into the hall, many people looked over at the same time.

Zhang Han, in particular, grinned, as his eyes filled with amazement.

He did not expect that his father was an Earth Realm Master.

Judging by the Qi he had released, he had just been promoted to the Peak-stage.

How brilliant he was!

Zhang Han gave his father a thumbs-up.

Besides, Zhang Han did not expect that his mother was a martial artist at the Divine Realm Stage as well.

Seeing Zhang Hans action, Mengmeng stopped eating and looked around.

She said comfortably, “Grandpa, sit here.

These fruits are so delicious.”

The little girl patted Zhang Han on the left leg and motioned him to sit on Zhang Hans left.


Zhang Guangyou smiled and went over to sit down.

He pinched Mengmengs tender cheek and said, “Little girl, you treat me better only when your father is back.”

“Hum.” Mengmeng snorted softly.

“May I know who he is” Sitting next to Zhang Guangyou, Gai Xingkong glanced at Wang Xiaowu, who was sitting on the opposite side with Zhao Feng.

“Hes a disciple of my sect.

You can call him Xiaowu.”

“Is he an Earth Realm Master”

“Youre right.”

“Erm…” Gai Xingkongs mouth quivered.

Wang Zhanpeng and the others were also staring at each other in shock.

Comparisons were odious.

After chatting for a while, they ate hotpot in a restaurant in the evening.

After dinner, they returned to the castle and played with Mengmeng for a while before going to bed at about 9:30.

“Tell me a story, PaPa!”

Dressed in pajamas with a panda motif, Mengmeng was very energetic and lay on the bed with Zi Yan.

As for Zhang Han, he was lying in the middle with Zi Yan and Mengmeng holding him.

They listened to his story and Mengmeng fell asleep after a while.

Zi Yan was not asleep yet, but she yawned and leaned her head on Zhang Hans neck.

After two minutes, she moved her slender legs away from Zhang Han and whispered, “Go and talk to your parents.

They miss you so much.”

“Will you come with me” Zhang Han asked.

“No, I want to read this book for a while and will sleep after you come back.

Go ahead.”


Zhang Han kissed Zi Yan, then carefully sat up and took Mengmeng back to the small bed.

The instant he covered her with the quilt, the girl kicked it off.

Thereafter, Zhang Han tucked her in again with a smile.

After seeing Zi Yan turning on the bedside lamp that emitted a soft glow and picking up a book, Zhang Han walked out and jumped from the balcony to the square in front of the castle.

At this time, Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali were sitting in the pavilion beside the thunder yang tree.

“Come on, son.”

Zhang Guangyou patted the place next to him with a smile.

“Hum, did Lili go back” Zhang Han asked casually after sitting down.

“She felt sleepy after walking for over ten minutes because we talked till it was very late last night and its your turn today.” Zhang Guangyou said and patted Zhang Han on the shoulder with a smile, “Good boy, you really surprised me.

I did not expect that you have become such a formidable martial artist in recent years.”

“Powerful as I am, I cannot hold a candle to you and mom.

Youre at the Earth Realm Stage and at the Divine Realm Stage respectively.” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Lets change the topic.

Yan and Mengmeng did shock me.

These two days, I find out that theyre indeed attentive to you.

You have experienced a lot and finally got together, so you must cherish her.” Rong Jiali took off her bamboo hat and said while looking at Zhang Han, “However, I have to remind you in advance that martial artists, like gods on the land, bear extraordinary abilities and are omnipotent, which has made many martial artists change their minds.

In the worldlet, polygamy and multi-wives are very common, but…”

Before she finished speaking, Zhang Han finding her both funny and annoying, said, “Thats impossible.

Dont worry, dad and mom.

Im not a playboy.”

After saying that, the space suddenly became silent.

Zhang Guangyous and Rong Jialis expressions led to an awkward moment.

“Ahem, although I used to be a bit unfaithful, I have a daughter now.

I cherish her, so theres no need for you to worry.” Zhang Han added helplessly.

“Zi Yan is a good girl, but I heard that she neither can cultivate nor absorb the medicinal pellets.

You, therefore, should cherish the time you spend together.” Zhang Guangyou sighed, “An ordinary person can only live for at most a hundred years or so.

Time passes quickly.”


Zhang Han shook his head in amusement, “Mom, dad, you do underestimate Zi Yan.”

“What Is she a special person” Zhang Guangyou was stunned.

“Of course!” Zhang Han said in a positive tone,

“Shes much scarier than you and I thought.”

“What do you mean” Rong Jiali asked doubtfully, “I checked her body.

Except for the location of her dantian, she is the same as ordinary people.”

“Shes different.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly,

“Have you seen that penguin If you probe it with your soul sense, you wont find anything, because its very different.”

“Is it a spirit beast” Zhang Guangyou asked.

Rong Jiali and Zhang Guangyou were also staring at Tiny Tot at this point.

Then, Zhang Hans emotional voice sounded, “Its power surpasses a spirit beasts.”

“Its name is Ancient cursed roc!”

“The boat of curse is just the tip of the iceberg it presented when it was born.”

“When it grows up, it can destroy the world! Actually, it can travel through the universe, break the space and go to the world of immortals.”

“Most importantly, it…” At this moment, Zhang Han slowed down and said word for word, “It is Zi Yans ancient demonic beast.”

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