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Zhang Hans words were like magic spells for Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali.

The couple stared at their son in astonishment.

A series of thoughts flashed through their minds.

“Ancient cursed roc!”

“Boat of curse, but just the tip of the iceberg.”

“Destroy the heaven and earth, roam the universe, tear apart space and go to the immortal world!”

“It is Zi Yans ancient demonic beast!”

The news was so shocking that even the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect was shocked.

“Ancient cursed roc Whats that Well…”

Zhang Guangyous eyes once again focused on Tiny Tot.

He said in shock, “Ive heard about the gigantic fish.

It was several kilometers in length and used to live in Beiming.

The fish can turn into a bird known as a roc, whose back is also thousands of kilometers long! It is said that Beiming is a place in the depths of the dark world and the road that connects the dark world and the mortal world is in the center of Bermuda Triangle, that is, the legendary Alcatraz Island.

It is said that someone had seen a roc several decades ago, but it hasnt been confirmed yet.”

“Roc” Zhang Han smiled.

“In fact,” He said, “The fish is the real roc and the bird is just a form of its transformation, while the giant bird mistaken by you as a roc is actually another kind of ancient demonic beast.

Roc dominates the ocean, while the giant bird likes flying.

Roc has many kinds of transformation forms, like bird and the boat of curse, which are all the other appearances of Tiny Tot.

There are countless kinds of rocs and that giant bird, such as Cursed Roc, Thunder Roc, Water Roc, Profound Roc, Eight-wing Flame Bird, Golden Bird, Monster Sun Bird, etc.

But neither of them can be easily seen.

Ancient demonic beasts are rare and each of them is born strong and talented in cultivation, like Tiny Tot.

You cant imagine how powerful it will be when it grows up.”

Zhang Han pointed at Tiny Tot while speaking.

“Wait.” Zhang Guangyou was shocked and turned to look at Zhang Han, “You… How do you know so much I have not heard any of these stories before.”


My son…” Rong Jiali was also confused.

“And Ive heard that your debut has only been less than a year.” Zhang Guangyou asked, “Did you get any martial arts heritage from ancient predecessors”

Zhang Han fell silent.

Then he smiled and said, “Well, Ill tell you about it.

I really had a chance to gain all the knowledge.

Actually, Ive been dreaming for 500 years in the depths of Kunlun.”

“To put it another way, there used to be a cultivator named Han Yang Immortal and I inherited his memory and some abilities.

Maybe there are martial arts world, worldlet and Kunlun Immortal World here, but they are all too small.

I dont know whats going on in Kunlun Immortal World and perhaps there is a road to the Cultivation World.

The Cultivation World is wide with thousands of small worlds and families in the vast starry sky.

The cultivation level there is divided into Qi Refining Stage, Building Base, Innateness, Elixir, Yuan Ying, God Transformation, Shadow Refining, Integration, Great Perfection and Pass Tribulation.”

“In the Cultivation World, everything is beyond your imagination.

There are all kinds of dangerous secret realms, countless mysterious and profound arrays and all kinds of alchemy skills.

As for Han Yang Immortal, his experiences are all in my mind from the Qi Refining stage to the Ninth-level of Pass Tribulation stage.”

“But thats not enough.

The world of immortals, where every cultivator yearns for, is above the Cultivation World.”

“Thats why our journey is just beginning.”


Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali were stunned.

“Can I believe you” Zhang Guangyou asked.

“Im sure what I say is true.” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

“Im Han Yang Immortal.”

But he didnt tell the truth, because his mother would be very worried about him.

Besides, the situation was too inconceivable and Zhang Han decided to tell them the story later when they were ready for it.

Even so, it took his parents ten minutes to digest the information and calm down.


They looked at each other and saw the same astonishment reflected in their faces.

Then they turned their eyes back to Zhang Han.

“Believe me.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “To put it simply, Im clear about my mothers physical condition.

Since her spirit and soul were poisoned, she cant advance in her cultivation and her skin cannot be exposed to light, spiritual Qi and oxygen.

Thats why she is always wearing this fifth-level bamboo hat.

Although she can take it off for a short time every day, she will feel her skin starting to itch.

And even with this bamboo hat, it will take more than five years for her to recover.

Am I right”

Zhang Guangyou was suddenly silent.

Two seconds later, he nodded, “Yes.”

“When I break into the Innateness stage, I will find the Spirit Grass to detoxify my mother.”

“Okay.” Rong Jiali was relieved and said with a complicated look, “I did not expect that you would get such a high-end opportunity.

I dont know what to say, but no matter how powerful you are and how strong you will be in the future, I hope you are safe.”

“I see.” Zhang Han smiled and nodded, “I know it will make you feel strange and worried, but I said it to make you feel assured.

Im not interested in fighting.

Im a father now and all I want is to accompany Mengmeng as she grows up.

Moreover, our opponent is just a small sect.”

“Alas.” Zhang Guangyou sighed, “I feel as if Im dreaming.

Is it true”

He looked at Rong Jiali, which amused her.

“Now that my son says it is true, it is true.”

“Forget it.

I dont want to think about it anymore.

Im so confused.” Zhang Guangyou shook his head and said, “I believe you, but its too complicated, my son.

Dont tell anyone about it and just keep this secret to yourself.

By the way, I guess you can break into the Divine Realm without your strength now, am I right Someone like me is aware too about the Qi Refining, Building Base, Innateness and Elixir stage you have mentioned, but the rule is not suitable for the martial arts world.

I can feel that your Q is surging and you can make a breakthrough at any time.

“Yes, but I have to wait a little longer.”

“Wait for what Are you short of resources What do you need I can ask Xiaowu to go back to the sect to get them.

There are a lot of treasures in Heavenly Knights Sect.

As long as you dont empty the whole treasure house, you can do whatever you want in it.” Zhang Guangyou said.

“Ha ha, not yet.” Zhang Han laughed and said, “I can use Thunder Yang Wood to break through.

When I need other spiritual treasures, maybe Ill turn to you.

Its not the right time yet.”

“You must know the Land of Thunder Yang, right” Zhuang Guangyou suddenly smiled and said, “You have two kinds now.

When you gather the other three types together, you can turn the mountain into a treasury land that a lot of martial artists will yearn for.”

“You think I only have two kinds” Zhang Han smiled meaningfully.

While his parents looked at him in surprise, Zhang Han waved his right hand!

“Clatter!” Some crystal blue grass appeared out of thin air.

In the moonlight, they flew into Mount New Moon like a group of fireflies, slowly approached the Thunder Yang tree and planted themselves under it.



A massive amount of spiritual Qi and the energy of the Thunder Yang treasures were constantly whirling about, made up of Thunder Yang Grass, Thunder Yang Flower and Thunder Yang Tree.

The continuous circulation made the Qi of Thunder Yang Tree seem more mysterious and profound.

At the same time, the crystal mine in the mountain changed and almost turned into tangible substances.

If Zhang Han wanted, they could be turned into low-grade crystals in the next year, but Zhang Han was more ambitious than that.

“Crack! Crack!”

The crackling sounds spread across the mountain and the number of crystal stones decreased sharply.

However, up to now, there were only about 10000 mature crystals!

However, they were still not real crystals.

Though they looked like crystals, they did not have the same aura which meant that the spiritual Qi in them did not meet Zhang Hans requirements.

As for the objectives… Zhang Han had a small goal that he wanted to promote the crystal stones to at least the middle level, while top-level stones were his objectives.

However, there were still some difficulties in getting the high-level crystal stones.

“Thunder Yang Grass You have all three kinds” Zhang Guangyou was shocked again.

“Dad, I said were just at the beginning.

Theres still a long way to go and we have enough time.” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

During the past five hundred years of cultivation, Zhang Han seldom smiled.

But when he came back, he smiled more frequently.

The emptiness he felt and some regrets gradually faded away.


Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of them.

It was an aged man.

Zhang Han glanced at the stranger and knew he must be Dong Chen, the Grand Elder of Heavenly Knights Sect.

“Uncle Dong, I planned to take Han to visit you later; I did not expect you to come here.” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile, “Son, this is Dong Chen, the Grand Elder of Heavenly Knights Sect.

He has a good relationship with your grandfather.”

“You are good.” Dong Chen said.

Before Zhang Han could say anything, Dong Chen nodded and said, “Your energy Qi and spirit are excellent.

Both your spiritual force and soul sense can help you to break through easily and perfectly to the Divine Realm, without weakening the reputation of the Zhang Family.

For the three generations in our times, your talent is as perfect as your grandpa and even better than your fathers.

Oh, by the way, we are not related by blood, but you can also call me Uncle Dong or Elder Dong.”

“Nice to meet you, Elder Dong.” Zhang Han greeted him.

He did not expect Elder Dong to be so talkative.

“Its good to have such a treasure filled land.

You are excellent.

Guangyou, you have a good son, but talent doesnt mean everything.

The immortals will reward you for your hard work and you should never give up.

Try your best to cultivate and Ill be here in the next few days.

When you need help in cultivation, you can come to me.”

When Dong Chen finished speaking, the white bearded man dressed in a blue robe turned into a beam of light and went back to the villa he lived in.

He left as quickly as he came.

Looking at each other, both Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali burst out laughing.

“If Uncle Dong had heard what our son said before, he wouldnt have said that.” Rong Jiali said with a smile.

“Ha ha, yes.” Zhang Guangyou laughed and patted Zhang Han on the shoulder, “Son, youre so amazing.

Your mother and I need some time to digest all the news we had today.

Its time to go back and have a rest.

Well go to Singapore to visit Zi Yans parents tomorrow.”


The night chat ended happily.

Zhang Han still had a lot of things to say, but he was not in a hurry because hie parents would not be leaving this time.

Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali had put a lot of thought about going to Singapore.

At eight oclock the next morning…

Wearing an expensive suit, a white shirt, an Armani belt and a Patek Philippe watch, Zhang Guangyou looked like a successful business man.

Of course, that was what he used to be previously.

Rong Jiali was wearing a formal long blue dress.

Even Zhang Han was dressed in a suit and Zi Yan and Mengmeng were also dressed formally.

A large group of people were traveling with them, including Gai Xingkong, Wang Xiaowu, Chen Changqing, Zhou Fei, Zhang Li and Wang Ya.

They boarded the private plane.

“Im going to play.” Mengmeng cheered happily as she sat between Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

“Yes, lets go.” Zhang Han touched her little head with a smile.

Then he looked joyfully at Zi Yan.

“We are going to have a wedding!”

Pursing her red lips, Zi Yan leaned on Zhang Hans shoulder like a little bird.

Zhang Guangyou was amused by them and replied, “Lets go and visit our new relatives.”

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