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Chapter 727 Someone From the Lyu Family

When the date was set, the smiles of the parents of the two sides were even wider.

A few minutes later, Rong Jiali put on her bamboo hat, which looked like a round hat and confused both Xu Xinyu and Zi Qiang.

They didnt know why she wore it.

“There is something wrong with my wifes skin.”

Zhang Guangyou explained briefly.

Of course, the two wouldnt mind.

After getting off the car, they walked to the dining room, which was full of people.

There were not only the elders of the Zi family but also the young people.

It was like a grand banquet.

With the arrival of Zhang Han and his companions, all their eyes gathered on them, including those of the Elder of the Zi family.

They all stood up and took a few steps to greet them.


They greeted each other.

Chen Changqing even received two flowers prepared by two young girls.

He took a gloating look at Zhou Fei, which made her roll her eyes.

“Im more charming than Brother Han.”

As soon as the joy of defeating Zhang Han rose, Chen Changqing heard the two girls voices when they went back and talked to their companions.

“Oh! Unfortunately, I didnt give it out.

The eldest brother-in-law is surrounded by people and I couldnt squeeze in.

I gave the flower to another man at random.”

“So did I.

I gave my flower to him when I saw you did so.”


Chen Changqing was very depressed.

He looked at the two flowers in his hand and didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Finally, the group thanked for the warm welcome of the Zi family and then took their seats.

Zi Qiang waved, and then said aloud after everyones voice subsided, “Id like to give you a grand introduction.

The two distinguished guests beside me are Zhang Hans parents and our future relatives.”


Other family members gave them a round of applause.

“Thank you, thank you.”

Zhang Guangyou waved his hand with a smile, looked out of the window, and then said, “Although they havent held a wedding yet, Han and Yan are a couple.

We feel guilty because of the delay.

Yan is a good girl and didnt say anything, but we, as the parents of Han, must do something as a gesture of etiquette.

We hope you, our relatives, dont mind.

Please accept our late bride price.”

“Oh, dont be so polite…”

Zi Qiang paused because he saw that a group of people was walking towards him with various gift boxes.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Other people also looked at them one after another.

In the near distance, they could see that there were all kinds of gold, silver, and diamond jewelry in each box.

There were five large boxes in total, which was in accordance with the style of a fancy tycoon.

These gold, silver, and jewelry, in the eyes of discerning people, were worth only 200 or 300 million yuan, while the bank card that the Zi family gave Zhang Han at first had two billion yuan in it!

This was a big gap, but the whole Zi family was more shocked at this time.

The value of a one-million bank card was the same as that of one-million cash, but it did make people feel different.

Of course, gold and silver jewelry was only a side dish.

The real gifts were all in the boxes behind.

In each box, there were five kinds of natural precious materials, such as spiritual herbs, bracelets, and even a dagger.

Zi Long and Zi Hu suddenly stood up in astonishment.

“Holy object!”



At the scene, all the martial artists of the Zi family all gasped and spoke out one after another.

“My God, five holy objects, this… This is unbelievable!”

“This gift is so expensive.

Its a big deal.

Its absolutely big.

Zhang Hans parents are so powerful.

Theyre too generous!”


Are they also martial artists”

“So sincere.

I can see that they are also very optimistic about this marriage…”

The voice of discussion rang from the crowd.

Everyone in the Zi family, whether they were martial artists or not, they knew the value of holy objects.

So the eyes of the people present moved slowly between Zhang Guangyou and the treasures.


Zi Qiang was at a loss.

After taking a few deep breaths, he calmed down, looked at Zhang Han, Zi Yan, the treasures… Finally, he fixed his eyes on Zhang Guangyou and said with a smile, “They are too expensive for us to accept.”

After he became the patriarch of the family, he gradually got in touch with the martial arts world.

Now he knew that the holy objects were almost priceless.

The lowest price of them was nearly one billion yuan, and the highest might be 10 billion yuan.

“How much are the five holy objects in total”

However, Zhang Guangyous next words made him a little dumb, and then he felt proud.

Zhang Guangyou said, “The treasures are precious, but they are not as important as your daughter.

We like Yan very much.

No matter what the bride price is, it just represents our love for her.”

“Right!” Zi Qiang held Zhang Guangyous hand in his, “You are right.

My daughter is the most valuable.

I… I accept the gifts.”

Zhao Feng and others put the boxes on one side and were warmly welcomed to the dining table by the Zi family.

“PaPa, when do we start eating Im hungry.”

All of a sudden, a small voice of inquiry rang out beside Zhang Han.

Many people didnt hear that, but Zhang Guangyou, Rong Jiali, and people at the same table all heard clearly.

“Lets have dinner now and let the kitchen start serving hot dishes.” Zi Qiang waved quickly.

At this time, there were only a few cold dishes on the table, and the special food had not yet been served.

Under the command of Zi Qiang, several high-salary chefs began to work.

The dishes were served, and before the others moved their chopsticks, Zhang Han directly helped Mengmeng with some food she liked.

Seeing the stewed chicken, Zhang Han directly put the tenderest chicken wings into Mengmengs bowl.

“Enjoy it.” Zhang Han moved his chopsticks several times and said to Mengmeng with a smile.

There were many children present.

They looked at Mengmeng enviously and then turned to their parents.

The result was… nothing happened.

Considering their own images, many people would not move chopsticks in advance on such occasions.

Zhang Han certainly didnt care.

His behavior might be selfish to others, but Zhang Han was willing to be selfish because he would never upset Mengmeng.

In addition to the people of these two families, there were Zi Long, Zi Hu, and Chen Changqing at this table.

No one cared about Zhang Hans behavior, and they even wanted to help Mengmeng with the dishes.

“Come on, lets have a good drink today.” Zi Qiang poured Zhang Guangyou a cup of rare liquor enthusiastically.

“Well, have a drink.” Zhang Guangyou smiled and looked at Gai Xingkong.


“Just call me Old Gai…”

“Old Gai, come on, everyone is happy today.

Drink more and rest at home when you are drunk.”

Zi Qiang was very enthusiastic to pour liquor for everyone.

Zhang Han was surprised by Gai Xingkongs expression when he looked at his glass, which was so funny.

“Was Uncle Gai defeated by my father again in drinking”

“Ah” Gai Xingkong felt embarrassed.

“Not at all.”

“Not at all” Zhang Guangyou smiled, “It seems that you are not convinced”

“When did I admit defeat Last time, last time, it was just because my internal injury was not healed!” Gai Xingkong felt wronged.

This time they were going to compete in drinking again.


Something disappointing happened before they started.

Through the French windows, they saw that seven or eight people of the Zi family were retreating.

In front of them, there were more than a dozen men in different clothes, and their leader was a man in a white T-shirt with tattoos on his arms.

He kicked the man in front of him and said something.

The several people from the Zi family couldnt stop them, and they soon approached the dining hall.


Zi Long frowned.

“The Lyu family Its too much for them to come here at this time!”

Among the members of the Zi family, there were also some martial artists.

Although their level was not high with the strongest at the Peak Strength stage, it was not easy to suppress them unless the other side were all martial artists at a higher level.

Zi Longs eyes were fixed on the two people behind the tattooed man with a flattop haircut.

They were calm and indifferent and didnt pay attention to those martial artists of the Zi family at all.

Soon, Zi Long and Zi Hu made a response.

They stood up and strode toward the door, but the speed of the other side was faster.

The tattooed man pushed open the door and saw Zi Long and Zi Hu.

A trace of fear flashed through his eyes.

Although the Lyu family could easily defeat the Zi family, the man dared not to provoke Zi Long and Zi Hu.

But he knew for sure that they dared not do anything to him here.

“Master Zi, whats your decision Today is the last day.

Give me an answer.”

The tattooed man looked at Zi Qiang with arrogance.

Zhang Han frowned.

Zhang Guangyou and Gai Xingkong put down their glasses and their faces darkened.

Chen Changqing smiled coldly.

Zi Qiang felt embarrassed and angry.

“My new relatives are visiting us.

Why are you making trouble at this time”

“I can promise you.

But is it inappropriate for you to come here now…”

Zi Qing endured the anger in the heart and maintained a calm face.

However, before he finished speaking…

“Feng,” Zhang Han said flatly.


Zhao Feng stood up in an instant and strode to those people.

His face was a little cold, signaling danger.

The tattooed man could not control the situation, because Zhao Feng gave him a lot of pressure.

He could see from the eyes that the other party was a decisive person.

At this time, a calm man in a suit behind the tattooed man took two steps forward, cupped his hands, and said, “You must be Zhang Hanyang.

We chose to come here at this time for asking Master Zis opinion and visiting you.

Elder Lyu Kong of the Lyu family has heard of you.

If its convenient for you, you can go to the Lyu family and have a chat with him.”

“Lyu Kong” Gai Xingkong was attracted by the name.

He had heard of this man.

Lyu Kong was powerful for reaching the Earth Realm stage many years ago.

Zi Long whispered something, and Gai Xingkongs face changed.

“Lyu Kong has made a breakthrough.”

Simple words had heavy meaning.

Their opponent now was in Heaven Realm!

Even Zhang Guangyou slightly raised his eyebrows.

“An opponent who has recently reached the Heaven Realm”

The man in the suit who had asked the question was also a Qi Strength Master and remained calm at this time.

Seeing the Elders name frightened the other side, he sneered secretly.

The strong dragon couldnt defeat the local snake, and moreover, the other side was not a strong dragon at all.

Maybe they were famous before, but now they were nothing after the opening of the worldlet!

He sneered to himself, but his expression was still calm.

“Since Patriarch Zi agrees, please come with us and sign the three transfer contracts.

Our patriarch will personally escort you back.

I guess you understand the importance of getting along well with the Lyu family.”

The plain tone made Zi Qiang even angrier.

This was a kind of contempt and disdain!

Nevertheless, when Zi Qiang was about to say something…

Zhang Han gave Mengmeng a small cup of coconut milk and said calmly, “Lyu family Never heard of it.”


Many people present were surprised by his words.

They realized Zhang Hans attitude represented by his words at this time.

Zhao Fengs eyes were getting colder.

The man in a suit was very angry and sneered.

“Youd better…”

“Get lost!”

Zhao Feng only said two words.

At the same time, his spiritual force crazily burst out and no one was able to speak anymore.

The Lyus retreated and were driven out by Zhao Feng.

They were gradually away from the sight of people in the dining hall.

Those who had soul sense in the presence knew exactly what was going on.

Zhao Feng was so fast.

“Crack, crack…”

One after another, crackles rang.

The dozen people, except an ordinary man, were all paralyzed on the ground.

There was even no time for their screams to be heard.

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