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Chapter 73 – Lovely Couple

Wanting their children to be someone , this was the wish that every parent had in their heart.

But in fact, not being a successful person, or not being rich is not a big deal.

When they get older, parents will feel happy when their children are safe and often go home to visit.

At this moment, a series of images of Sun Donghengs childhood, youth, etc.

floated past Sun Mings mind.

“In a blink of an eye, Dong Heng has grown up …”

Sun Ming sighed, turned his head to look at Sun Dongheng, smiled slightly, and said: “Dong Heng, you are the man in the family, your fathers attitude towards you has been bad, and this is your fathers mistake, but your father hopes that you can become a useful person, and I hope that you can become a good man.

Seeing you in such a state makes your father feel anxious.”

After Sun Dongheng heard this, his eyes became serious, and felt his heart tremble.

He couldt believe that father actually admitted that he was wrong…

In that moment, Sun Donghengs heart became complicated, he looked at his father who had already started to have white hair, and his eyes instantly turned wet.

He quickly lowered his head, controlled his emotions, and said with a choked voice:

“Dad, its my fault.

Ive always made you angry …”

A look of reluctance appeared in Sun Mings eyes, he laughed, extended his hand and caressed Sun Donghengs head, then stood up and patted his shoulder, and said: “Alright, this meal is very happy, lets go back.”

The three of them stood up and went over to the counter of the laptop.

At this time, Zhang Han was still playing the piano.

“Dad, dont disturb the boss, just leave the money here.”

While speaking, Sun Dongheng had already placed a small stack of bills on the counter.

“Dont you need to show it to the boss” Sun Ming asked suspiciously.

“No need, other than buying the membership cards, the rest of the time the money is all left here.” Sun Dongheng replied.

“Oh, okay.” Sun Ming laughed, he looked at Zhang Han strangely, then turned and walked out.

Just as he was about to get on the carriage, Suns mother muttered to himself: “Ah Ming, Dong Heng is preparing to go to the shopping mall later.

Why dont we go take a look as well “Our family hasnt been shopping together for a long time.

We could go to buy some clothes for you.”

“Go shopping” Sun Ming was startled, he was moved, but after considering it, he shook his head and said: “You guys can go take a look, I still have some work to take care of today, so I will not go.”

“This …” Suns mother sighed, and said: “Alright then.”

“En, Dong Heng, accompany your mother for a walk.

Dad will be going back first.” Sun Ming waved his hand towards Sun Dongheng.


Under the gazes of the two, Sun Ming got on the car and slowly left.

Sun Dongheng brought his mother to the shopping mall, buying a few sets of clothes.

After shopping, Sun Dongheng drove his mother back to the main residence District.

“Mom, since Im giving this to you, I wont be going in.” Sun Dongheng said as he drank some milk tea and took out a few clothing bags from the trunk.

At this time, Suns mother had a complicated expression on her face.

since she started eating in the dining hall, she had been remaining silence.

“Whats wrong, Mom “Are you feeling uncomfortable somewhere” Sun Dongheng asked.

“No …” Suns mother shook her head with difficulty and took the clothing bag from Sun Donghengs hands.

“Then Im leaving.” Sun Dongheng drank his milk tea and waved to prepare to get on the car.

“Dong Heng!” Just as he was about to get on the car, the his mother suddenly shouted.

“Whats wrong Mom, is there something wrong ” Sun Dongheng was slightly taken aback.

“You …”

His mother hesitated for a while before gritting her teeth and saying, “Your father … he … he has cancer …”


Sun Dongheng was stunned still for a moment as if he had been struck by lightning.


The milk teacup in his hand fell to the ground, his mind full of his fathers figure.


At seven in the morning the next day,s restaurant had guests who had already arrived one after another.

In just a few days, Mengmengs casual restaurant had gained a small reputation here.

The people from the few restaurants next door had already seen the hotness of Zhang Hans restaurant, and at dinner time, the thirty small chairs in front of the restaurant would all be occupied, and there were even times when there were long queues.

This scene was enough to show how good the business was.

And every time Zhang Han cooked, he would fill up the rice pot and the daily turnover would be over forty thousand.

After a month, it would be very easy to earn more than a million.

With so many people, the speed of eating rice had also increased.

The two bags of rice were almost empty.

“Eh “Boss, what are you doing”

Liang Mengqi asked curiously as she walked in.

“Ugh …” PaPa is braiding Mengmengs hair.

” Mengmeng sat very straight on the sofa with her small body, allowing Zhang Han to freely play with her hair.

“omg …”

As she walked over, she said, “Boss, the plait is not like that, its just that Mengmeng is pretty.

If you are doing this to a different child, the child is gonna look bad.

Boss, I finally found out that youre clumsy, hehe, lets see what Ill do, you better learn well!”

Liang Mengqi said while grinning, as she extended her hands out to take over Zhang Hans position.

When Zhang Han handed the comb over to her, they couldnt avoid to touch each other.

Just this one strike made Liang Mengqi feel like she was electrocuted.

For some reason, she started to panic in her heart, as if her little face was a little hot.

“It seems that I should learn how to braid my hair.”

On the other hand, Zhang Han didnt mind.

She smiled lightly and said: “Mengmengs hair grows quite fast.

“Hmm hah, Mengmeng wants a long hair.

Let PaPa plait Mengmengs hair.” Mengmeng chuckled.

“Nonsense.” Liang Mengqis beautiful eyes contained love.

She looked at Zhang Han and said, “Mengmengs hair is already rather long now.

“Eh …” Zhang Han laughed.

“Mengmeng, what hairstyle do you want” Liang Mengqi asked.

“Ugh…” I like Mickey Mouse, he has two balls.

” Mengmeng said as she drew a circle with her little finger.

“Alright, lets see how big sister will get you a beautiful Mickey Mouse hairstyle.”

Liang Mengqi smiled and started to tidy up Mengmengs hair.

Zhang Han watched on the side.

Liang Mengqis hands were very flexible as she made sure that all the strands of Mengmengs hair were neatly tied up, with both sides of her head coiled into two balls.

After tying them up with a hair rope, she combed Mengmengs bangs to the side.

“How about it” Liang Mengqi took a mirror from the tea table.

“Wow, so cute… “Hehehe …” Mengmeng was overjoyed for a moment.

“Boss, hmph, take a look at my skills.

In the future, learn from me.” Liang Mengqi was very happy, her eyes were full of smiles, and even her tone was a little charming.

This scene was witnessed by Yu Qingqing, Zhao Dahu and Zhao Feng who were seated at the side.

“Sigh, its over, Im afraid Mengqi is going to fall in love with the boss.” Zhao Dahu shook his head and sighed: “Even Mengqi is about to step into the river of love.

Qing Qing, when are we going to …”

“shut up!”

Yu Qingqing rolled her eyes at him, looked at Zhang Han, and said: “Looks like Mengqi really has a good impression of the boss, hahaha, this is so good, if she was with the boss, wouldnt we have the privilege to eat whenever we wanted to”

“Thats true, hehe.” Zhao Dahus eyes lit up as he smiled.

However, Zhao Feng, who was beside him, was not happy at all.

There was still a little bit of disappointment in his heart.

He liked Liang Mengqi, but it seemed that Liang Mengqi had fallen for the boss, and the boss was so outstanding, it made Zhao Feng sigh repeatedly in his heart.

As for Zhang Han, his gaze was constantly staring at Mengmeng.

Seeing her happy hairstyle, Zhang Han had already planned to study her hairstyle in the future.

“Boss, why did you think of giving Mengmeng a hairstyle today ” Liang Mengqi asked somewhat curiously.

Just as Zhang Han was about to answer, Mengmeng had already opened her mouth:

“Ugh…” Because Mama will be back today, Mama will be back, Mengmeng wants something beautiful, PaPa wants something handsome.

Liang Mengqis smile froze.

She looked at Zhang Han and said: “Boss, didnt you and Mengmengs mother separate”

At this time, Zhang Han slightly smiled, looked at Liang Mengqi and said: “Its not that were separated, its that were not together yet.”

PaPa and Mama are together.

PaPa will sleep together at the Mama familys place, we will eat together, hmm… Every day, you still have to talk over the phone for a long time, Mengmeng and Mama have less and less time to talk.

” Mengmeng said with her sweet voice.

Her words stunned Liang Mengqi.

Together, sleeping together, eating together, and making calls everyday …

A series of imformations.

In Liang Mengqis opinion, they looked like a loving couple!

“PaPa, Mengmeng is hungry.”

“Ill cook now.

Ill be ready soon.” Zhang Han laughed as he touched Mengmengs head, then turned and walked towards the kitchen.

Liang Mengqi returned to the dining table in a daze.

“Whats wrong, Mengqi” Yu Qingqing saw that she was a little absent-minded and asked.

“Qingqing.” When Liang Mengqi came back to her conscious, she felt a little disappointed in her heart.

People could even tell from the tone of her voice,”the boos is with his wife and they love each other so much”

“It cant be” Yu Qingqing raised her eyebrows, glanced at Zhang Han who was busying himself in the kitchen and said softly: “The boss said it himself last time.

He said that he and Mengmengs mother were not married.”

“Then whats going on” Zhao Dahu said as he frowned.

At this time, Zhao Fengs mood was a little carefree, but his calm expression did not allow anyone to see through his mood.

He pondered for a moment and said: “The marriage certificate is only piece of paper, that even if you are not married, you can still love each other and have children, is there something that the boss cannot say The boss is not an ordinary person.

If he is a descendant of a big family, its possible that he could escape and be with his beloved.


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