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Chapter 736 Razed to the Ground


Everyone raised their heads.

When they saw a clear view of the scene above, most of them could not help but gasp in astonishment!

“They are coming!”

All the Grand Masters of the Lv family had seen the men in the sky.

They were Emperor Qing, Gai Xingkong and Zhang Guangyou!

But… Who was the old man beside them

“How dare they bring helpers here before I even go to their place” Lv Kong frowned.

“The Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect…”

When he heard Zhang Guangyous words, a trace of fear flashed through Lv Kongs eyes, “Did he contact the high-level masters in his sect”

“They would not have enough time.

Did he contact someone after the Lv family paid them a visit at noon”


All of a sudden, Lv Kong felt a little flustered.

His muscles tensed as he readied himself to deal with any kind of situation at any moment with his spiritual force.

“Zhang Guangyou” With a serious look on his face, He Jiaxiong called out Zhang Guangyous name, but did not say anything else.

Lu Kuang was stunned.

He was not expecting them to turn up at all.

Even Gu Sanming was surprised.

“How dare you come here”

“How will I know what your plans are if I dont come” Zhang Guangyou sneered, “Yes, my head is valuable.

Im Zhang Guangyou.

Dont you want to kill me Come on!”

“You.” Gu Sanming was annoyed.

He wanted to make a move, but he was hesitant.

Then he said in a loud voice, “As an Elder of the Lv family, I certainly will intervene because of what you did to them.

Doesnt Heavenly Knights Sect insist on justice Well, lets talk about it today and I will not pursue it any further if you can convince me.”

It sounded as if he was intent on finding out the truth.

In fact, his hand in his trouser pocket had secretly pressed a piece of copper coin the size of a fingernail.

He was contacting an aged monster at the Last-Stage of Heaven Realm.

He knew two strong people at that level and one of them had a good relationship with him.

Therefore, he was confident in getting a strong helper in the current situation.

In fact, he firmly believed that he would certainly be able to delay the battle and wait for the arrival of the helper.

“After all, the style of Heavenly Knights Sect has always been chivalrous.

They wont…”

“What are you Are you qualified to question me” Zhang Guangyou said.

Gu Sanming felt very confused.

For a moment, he was confused.

Then he flew into a rage, because no one had dared to talk to him like that for many years!

“Zhang Guangyou, do you really think that Heavenly Knights Sect is invincible” Gu Sanming said in a sullen voice.

“With all due respect, you cant defeat me.

How dare you speak out here”

Lv Kong was finally silent.

He knew that the others would be unhappy if he did not open his mouth.

After all, he was the one who invited all the helpers.

“Ha ha.” Zhang Guangyou laughed and moved his right hand slightly.

Gai Xingkong and Chen Changqing moved to the side, as if blocking off the retreat points of the people in the square.

Lv Kongs hair suddenly stood upright in fear and he felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave!

He had been paying attention to Dong Chen and felt that he had seen this man in several paintings.

After thinking for three seconds, he felt his heart missing a beat.

“Damn it.

He is the Grand Elder of Heavenly Knights Sect!”

“How could that be possible How could he have come so soon”

“Is it really him What can we do…”


Lv Kong felt himself sweating profusely at this time.

At first, when he saw Dong Chen, he was not flustered at all.

But after taking a careful look, he was scared.

Lv Kong struggled to keep calm so as to maintain the appearance of an experienced martial artist.

“Zhang Guangyou.” Lu Kuang did not hide his killing intention, “I heard that you are at Earth Peak Stage.

As it happens, I think no one can defeat me in the world.

Do you dare fight with me”

Zhang Guangyou did not speak.

Looking at Emperor Qing and Gai Xingkong, Lv Kong felt a little anxious.

His eyebrows furrowed and he opened his fan.

At the same time, his body slowly floated into the air.

“Since you have come to seek death, dont blame me for my cruel means!”


He turned into a ray of light and rushed very quickly toward his opponent in the sky.

A fight was about to start!

The people of the Lv family were afraid yet excited and they could feel their blood churning fiercely.

Their Elder was so powerful!

“Its just a trifling skill!” Dong Chen sneered.

His eyes were cold, his expression was calm and his right foot stepped across the air.


A dull sound was heard, which echoed all round the manor of the Lv family.

At the same time, waves of energy tore into Lv Kongs body.


He turned into a mist of blood.

“What” All the people of the Lv family were shocked.

“Is the Elder dead”

“Its impossible.” Gu Sanmings face turned extremely pale and his eyes were filled with horror.

“This Qi and pressure… must belong to someone at the peak stage of Heaven Realm!”

“We are done.”

“Run!” Gu Sanming roared with fear.

When his helper came, that aged man would see that the other party was at Heaven Peak Stage.

He would be so angry that he could even kill Lv Kong.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

They reflected very quickly and immediately turned around and fled in different directions.

But just after turning their heads, their eyes were full of anger.

Thousands of kilometers ahead, Lv Kongs somewhat embarrassed figure could be seen flying away.

Lv Kongs words echoed in his mind, “Since you are here to die, dont blame me for my cruel methods.”

“What did he mean How do you feel Hes saying that theyre here to kill.

His methods are very cruel, but why was he the first to flee”

The one who was the first to flee died a swift death.

“You cant escape.” Dong Chen said faintly, thrusting his right hand forward.

With the energy induction of all the people, an invisible palm up to 100 meters dropped directly on the top of Lv Kongs head, like a fly swatter.


After a very slight sound, only a blood mist was left in that direction.

Lv Kong did not even have time to scream.

“My gosh.” Lu Kuang was befuddled by the scene.

His face turned pale as he could barely maintain his balance and turned his head to look at the several enemies in the air.

“Please… Puff!”

Seeing Lu Kuang disappearing directly, Gu Sanming was scared and his legs weakened.

“Dont kill me.

Im at Heaven Early-stage.

Im willing to be your slave forever.

Im willing to offer all my treasures.


“Its useless.” Dong Chen thrust again mercilessly.

Gu Sanming, at Heaven Early-stage, felt the air around his body freeze and then found himself being squeezed.

Soon he lost consciousness forever.

“And you.” Dong Chen glanced at He Jiaxiong, who was the weakest one present.

Before he could beg for mercy, a blue light flashed in Dong Chens eyes.


He Jiaxiong collapsed to the ground and could not breathe any more, but at least his body remained intact.

Seeing this scene, all the Lv family members and the other martial artists were stunned and felt extremely terrified.

“Dead Are they all dead”


Their eyes were filled with incredulity since they could not believe it at all.

A minute ago, they were so powerful that they wanted to sweep away the Zi family.

But now… They were all dead in less than a minute.

Two Heaven-Realm masters and two martial artists at Earth Peak Stage.

What a powerful force!

How could they be killed in the blink of an eye


They were completely stunned and there was confusion in their eyes.

They did not know what they were thinking about.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

They slowly looked up and the four people there were still calm.


Dong Chen snorted and turned around.

The hem of his white robe fluttered in the wind.


A strong wind blew from his clothes and formed a strong energy windstorm in a second.

“Lets go.” Zhang Guangyou said.

Then he turned around and left with Dong Chen, Gai Xingkong and Chen Changqing.

When they had just left the area out of range of the Lv family…


With a loud sound, many buildings belonging to the Lv family crumbled into dust.

In particular, the noisy square seemed to have been smashed by a giant hammer, causing rocks to fly in all directions…

Dong Chen was a hero, but that did not mean he would not kill anyone.

Chen Changqing silently turned around and shook his head, “Ignorant.”

Then they turned into light flashes and quickly returned to the Zi family.

At this moment, the Zi familys manor was heavily guarded and many members of the Spirit Group were guarding the roads.

The crossroad in the south was the most crowded.

A dozen people were standing on the side of the cordon, chatting with each other.

“If the Zi family is destroyed, it will cause a sensation.”

“Its a pity.

They should not have offended the Lv family at this time.

Lv Kong has just broken through to Innateness and he is looking for a chance to show off.

However, the Zi family insists on colliding with the muzzle of his spear.

What a pity!”

“Thats not the case.

Do you believe that the Lv family will let them go even after the Zi family has satisfied their demands Im afraid that the Zi family will face continuous repression.

They are backed by Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing, who used to be really fierce before.

But if Lv Kong brings someone here tonight, maybe the Zi family will… Boom!”

Suddenly, they heard a dull sound, like an earthquake.

“Whats going on”

They were all shocked.

“What happened there Eh Isnt the Lv family home over there”

“I dont know whats going on, but Lord Wang is here.

We dont need to worry about it.”

“Wait! Lord Wang and the group leader have left!”

Suddenly, they saw a few figures flying swiftly over their heads and disappearing in the air.

They were confused.

But the next second, there was a scream from the intercom.

“Hurry up! Go to the Lv family! Cordon off the area within a thousand meters around the Lv family home!”

“Wait, whats the matter”

“I just heard that the Lv family home has been razed to the ground!”

“What did you say”

In an instant, these people were shocked and rushed toward the Lv family home.

How did they get the news so soon

Because in midair near the Lv family, a shivering figure was there.

It was he who informed Su Long.

He was Bai Feng, the one who had left earlier!

His face was bloodless and his voice trembled, “This, this is too terrifying.

The one who killed a Heaven-Realm master in a second must be a powerful martial artist at Heaven Peak Stage.

If I left two minutes later, then…”

Of course he knew the consequences.

Perhaps if he had stayed on, he would also be the victim of Dong Chens slap.

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