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Chapter 737 Behave Yourself

Bai Feng looked at the rest of the Lv family, which was thriving just moments ago, but was now in ruins.

He did not know how to describe his current feelings.

Emotional Confused


He began to feel extremely frightened.

He did not even realize that his back was soaked through with sweat.

He still had a lingering fear in his heart.

He could understand the terror that life and death could be decided by a mere thought.

If he had hesitated just now and continued to stay on, he would have been turned into ashes in less than a few minutes.

“Who… Who did this”

Suddenly, a voice full of shock sounded beside him.

Bai Feng turned his head and saw an old man with a flattop haircut, Su Long and some others standing next to him.

They looked pale.



Bai Feng took a deep breath and said, “I saw an image from a distance.

It was a man in a long robe who attacked He Jiaxiong, Lu Kuang, Lv Kong and even Gu Sanming.

He was strong and powerful enough to destroy the world.

He killed all of them by using a very common movement of his palm.

These people could not even escape.”

“What are you talking about”

The old man with the flat-top haircut surnamed Wang narrowed his eyes and said in horror, “Even Gu Sanming Are they all dead”

“Absolutely true.” Bai Feng said bitterly, “If I had left a few minutes later, Im afraid I would have become a pile of bones.”


Su Long felt a chill running down his spine.

“He can kill them at will.

Im afraid that he is at the late stage or at the peak stage.

Whats going on”

“Lv Kong invited us here to kill Zhang Guangyou, the Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

He promised us that Zhang Guangyou would be alone, which was indeed a rare chance for us.

I have not recovered from my injury and I also think Lv Kong was planning something else, so I came over to say hello and then left.

I was not too far away when I heard the commotion here.

I came over quickly and saw their fight,” Bai Feng answered slowly.

“The Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect” Su Longs facial expression changed.

“The Zi Clan… Is he the big man who came to meet with the Zi Clan in Singapore this time Zhang Hanyang, Zhang Guangyou! Oh my god! Zhang Guangyou is the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect! Zhang Hanyang is his son!”


The old man with the flattop haircut suddenly snorted and said, “They deserve to die! They actually wanted the head of the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect.

They deserve more than death.

The Lv family also implicated others, so even death cannot atone for their crimes! Su Long, get someone to clean up this place and appease the surrounding residents.”

“Yes, Sir!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old man with the flattop haircut shifted and left quickly.

Su Long and his companions were left, with wry smiles on their faces.

“Dont talk randomly about that fact that the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect was here…”

Su Long sighed softly and said, “Their deaths have greatly reduced the number of high-end masters in our local martial arts world.

If a few more were to die, we will no longer have a foothold… Well, lets deal with the follow-up matters.”

Although they did not make it known, the news of the doom of the Lv family, as well as the four masters deaths, such as Gu Sanming and Lv Kong, spread widely in the dark night.

Upon hearing the news, everyone was shocked for a long time.

“Is Gu Sanming dead Really”

Many people could not believe it, but the information came from the Spirit Group.

“I heard from one of my good friends in the Spirit Group that they provoked someone they should not have provoked.”

“They did not say the persons name, but the Lv family targeted the Zi family and at noon sent more than a dozen seniors who all died finally.

Did they provoke the Zi family But the Zi family does not have the ability to destroy the Lv family.

Wait! Is it Zhang Hanyang It is said that he accompanied his family to have a discussion with the Zi family and wanted to hold a grand wedding for Zi Yan and himself.”

“It could not be Zhang Hanyang only.

He is at best in the Divine Realm.

How could he be so powerful I heard that Lv Kong provoked the people of the Heavenly Knights Sect, but it has something to do with the Zi family and Zhang Hanyang.

Zi Yans father-in-law, who is Zhang Hanyangs father, is suspected to be from the Heavenly Knights Sect!”

“Its really big news.

I cant imagine it.

Dont you have a good relationship with Patriarch Liang They are going to the Zi family tonight.

You can inquire about it.”


For a time, many rumors were heard from all over the local martial arts world and this matter also became the focus topic of the people.

The ones in the Heaven Realm and the Earth Realm were the big shots that many people had never seen in their lives.

They did not expect the four of them to die this night.

Even when the Zi family and the Liang family heard the news… They were in a daze, too.


Zi Qiang was woken up as soon as he fell asleep.

Zi Long, Zi Hu and the others were in the conference room of his villa.

Upon hearing the news, Zi Qiang became even dizzier.

“Are my in-laws so powerful”

“It also has something to do with our family.

After all, the Lv family was against us from the beginning.

Hans father is right.

Zi Yan is our little princess and although there were some unpleasant conflicts or misunderstanding between us, it was all in the past.

Now our relationship has been eased and we also know Zi Yan did not blame us, so we have to face…”

Zi Long shook his head repeatedly, frequently sighing.

In the end, he said in a firm tone,

“The Wind Snow School.


Zhang is the Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Definitely, the Wind Snow School will always target him.

Sir, think about it.

If the people of the Wind Snow School know that Zhang Guangyous daughter-in-law is from the Zi family, will they capture the Zi family and threaten the Heavenly Knights Sect”

“Maybe.” Zi Qiang touched his forehead.

Why did they feel that something was not quite right

“The battle between the Heavenly Knights Sect and the Wind Snow School is very fierce.

High-end martial artists will not always be on guard here.

Even if they send someone here, the consequences will be unimaginably terrible if the Wind Snow School wants to target us.” Zi Longs eyes flickered.

“Maybe its time for us to return to the Hua nation.

The safest place is where Han stays.”

“Return to Hua nation”

Zi Qiang lowered his head and was silent for three seconds.

Then he looked up and said with a smile, “Of course, Id like to.

But considering our projects and the high taxes we have to pay for leaving here, Im afraid that our familys financial capacity will be greatly reduced.

I just became the patriarch.

Its not okay for me to lose so much money.

This matter… do you have anything to say”

“Lose money” Zi Hu laughed and said, “Qiang, you really dont know much about the martial arts world.

The amount of money is far less than the betrothal gifts given by our in-laws.”

“And… have you forgotten something”

Zi Long said meaningfully, “Now, there are many experts in our family.

Some of them are the stronger ones who can even kill Gu Sanming.

With such strong backing, dont you think there will be some room for the negotiation on projects and taxes”

After finishing his speech, Zi Long, Zi Hu and the others left.

Zi Qiangs eyes were shining.

When he heard what Zi Long said, he remembered a phrase: “Swagger about in borrowed plumes!”

So the next morning when they had breakfast…

Zi Qiang scooted over to Zhang Guangyou.

“Ahem, in-law, can… Can you stay for a few more days”

“A few more days” Zhang Guangyou hesitated for a while.

In fact, the situation of the Heavenly Knights Sect was quite severe.

The gate of the small world had just opened and everyone was learning about the situation inside.

Before long, they would be caught in endless wars.

“How many days”

Zhang Guangyou did not want to refuse the request of his in-laws, so he first asked about the situation.

It would be too long if he was expected to stay for half a month.

It was acceptable if it was only for three or five days.

Zi Qiang replied, “Three days!”


After Zhang Guangyou nodded, Zi Qiang also smiled.

“We have decided to move to Hong Kong.

As long as youre here, the Zi family will suffer fewer losses.”

There was no doubt at all that if the Zi family moved, it would take at least a few months, instead of merely three days, to hand over the matters.

However, it would only take a few days to negotiate on the matters.

The major problems were the three projects they had just obtained and invested in, as well as the official approval.

Even if things went smoothly, it would result in less loss.

So after breakfast, Zi Qiang went out with a group of high-level members of the Zi family.

Unexpectedly, everything went very smoothly.

It seemed that some people were very willing to see the Zi family move, or they wanted to drive them away.

In the course of a single day, all the important things were settled.

In exchange, Zi Qiang also sold many common assets at a much lower price and was now too tired to sign any more contracts for the handing over of the projects.

The next day, all the high-level members of the Zi family were ready to leave, leaving only a few people to deal with the aftermath, including selling the Manor of the Zi family and the other companies.

On the third day, they got on the plane and went to Hong Kong.

They arrived at noon.

Because Zhang Hans villa was big enough, they all settled into Mount New Moon and then sent a group of people, who were led by Zhao Feng, to find some land or office buildings.

They still needed to run the companies.

The arrival of the Zi family made the Minister of Business of Hong Kong laugh so hard that his mouth could not close.

He claimed that General Zhang had helped him to attract a lot of business giants to Hong Kong in less than a year.

After returning to Mount New Moon, Zhang Han counted the days and thought that in less than five days, the Wind Snow School in the Kun Xu World should almost be ready.

Zhang Han planned to accompany Mengmeng and Zi Yan in the coming days.

The laughter of the family of three spread throughout Mount New Moon.

Once again, they went to Disneyland, Ocean Park and the Childrens Park.

They took cruises and rode the waves.

Of course, they would have to surf.

Zhang Han held Zi Yan and Mengmeng in his arms.

They were playing happily and having a pleasant time.

Finally, on the fourth day…

Zhang Han and Zhang Guangyou were drinking tea in the pavilion beside the thunder yang tree.

Dong Chen came and sat next to Zhang Guangyou, frowned and looked at Zhang Han unhappily.

He didnt care about Zhang Hans feelings at all and scolded him directly.

“Zhang Han, I was surprised when I came up the mountain.

It has divine objects and holy objects.

It is indeed a land filled with treasures.

As I said before, cultivation is like a boat going against the current.

If you dont advance, you will retreat.

I thought you were an ambitious person, but I didnt expect you to have some misconception about cultivation.

Do you think you are safe and that is why you are out all day long Do you think you can have fun as long as you have the Heavenly Knights Sect as a backing You are Zhang Guangyous son and you are destined to live in the turbulence.

If you go on like this, you will be killed by an ordinary disciple of the Wind Snow School, let alone being able to develop your skills!”

Dong Chens tone was very severe and there was a trace of anger in his eyes.

Zhang Han was stunned.

“Has this guy been taking drugs”

Zhang Guangyou did not know whether to laugh or cry.

His eyelids quivered a few times, then he quickly said,

“Han, Uncle Dong is your grandfathers comrade and they used to fight with each other.

He is very nice.

Uh, Uncle Dong, Han is very strong and he also works hard.”

“I dont think Uncle Dong has much understanding of cultivation.”

Zhang Han still respected him.

If it had been someone else who shouted in front of him, he would have slapped him, although he did not have the strength now.

So Zhang Han also responded.

“Cultivation is not a closed-door training.

Just like you now, you are stuck at the Heaven Peak Stage.

No matter how hard you cultivate, you cant make any progress.

Its because you have not found the right way.”

“Oh Easier said than done.

Dont forget that youre not even in the Divine Realm.

Strength is the foundation.”

Dong Chen raised his eyebrows.

He was a little surprised, but he did not believe Zhang Hans words.

He was not interested in saying anymore because Zhang Han was not his biological descendant after all.

If Zhang Han was, he would have used his fists on him.

So Dong Chen stood up and departed with this speech.

“Your grandfather is talented and famous all over the world! Zhang Guangyou has lost half of his reputation.

I dont want you to lose the other half.

Youd better watch yourself.”

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