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“This guy is still at Divine Realm, but he has killed nearly 20 martial artists at Divine Realm”

“They went to the Dark Abyss, as if they were walking on the ground”

“He managed to refine Halan Prince who has lived for thousands of years”

“Whats going on”

Dong Chen, the Grand Elder of Heavenly Knights Sect could not help thinking about these and was trying to keep calm at the same time.


Under normal circumstances, there would be some expression on ones face when he or she was praised.

If all these were true and credible, Dong Chen would take it as a very proud honor.

But what was Zhang Han doing

There was no expression on his face.

It seemed that in his eyes, killing the Divine-Realm martial artists mentioned by Chen Changqing, was simply like killing a chicken.

“It seems that I really underestimated him.”

For the second time, Dong Chen thought highly of Zhang Han.

But what Zhang Han did was not enough to surprise Dong Chen.

Seeing the admiration on Chen Changqings face, Dong Chen said indifferently, “Dont be so proud.

My disciples can also fight with anyone at Divine Realm.”

“Er…” Chen Changqing paused and said, “Uncle Zhang doesnt know yet, so I came to tell him.”

“Well, Id better leave since I cant afford to offend you.”

After looking around for a while, Chen Changqing went back to Zhou Fei in a dejected state.

Zhang Han was already immune to this aged man and did not bother to explain to him.

Zhang Guangyou smiled and then said, “Son, Uncle Dongs personal disciple is the strongest in South Mountain.

He broke through to Earth Realm two years ago and then to the Middle-Stage two months ago.

He has been cultivating with Uncle Dong for more than five years.

while you have only cultivated for one year, In a few years, you can show Uncle Dong how you can beat his disciple.

By the way, the young mans name is Yun Feiyang, who is skillful and powerful.

Wang Xiaowu and Jiang Bing, whom you met a few days ago, both have been defeated by Yun Feiyang more than once.”

Zhang Han did not know whether to cry or to laugh.

“Whats the point of comparison”

But seeing the pride and expectation in his fathers eyes, Zhang Han nodded and said, “Okay, Ill beat him up a few times after I break through to Innateness stage.”

“Hum.” Dong Chen snorted, expressing his feelings about Zhang Hans “self-reliance”.

Although his attitude was similar as before, he had already attached great importance to Zhang Han.

“Heavenly Knights Sect can be divided into South Mountain and North Mountain.

Uncle Dong and the third Elder are mainly responsible for South Mountain, while the First Elder is responsible for North Mountain.

There are eight peaks in total.

Among the disciples, the best one in South Mountain is Yun Feiyang, Uncle Dongs disciple.

Wang Xiaowu is the disciple of the third Elder and he ranks first among the disciples of Purple Leaf Peak, the third among the disciples of South Mountain.

Jiang Bing is the chief disciple of Blue Fire Peak and the best one there, the seventh in South Mountain.”

Zhang Guangyou slapped Zhang Han on the shoulder with a smile, “I am telling you the information to stimulate your fighting spirit.

There are lots of talents in Heavenly Knights Sect and I want to see you beat them all.”

“Oh, no problem.

If you like, I can satisfy your desire.

After all, you are my father.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Dont be too proud.”

Dong Chen raised his eyebrows slightly, looked at Zhang Han and said slowly, “Even if you had a perfect breakthrough, you are still at God Realm Medium-stage and unable to defeat any of them.”

“Why is the old man so bad tempered”

Zhang Han felt really helpless.

Just then…

“Coo, Coo.”

Tiny Tot was wandering around in the hall, touched by many hands and finally wandered over to Zhang Han.

Dong Chen just finished his speech.

Although Tiny Tot, who was just starting his spiritual wisdom could not understand it, Zi Yan knew what he meant.

After vaguely hearing Dong Chens words, Zi Yan could not help murmuring.

“Uncle Dong criticized my husband again! He doesnt know anything, so he is talking nonsense! Well, if he knew my husband was an immortal, he would be scared to death.”

As if feeling this little dissatisfaction from Zi Yan, Tiny Tot became angry.

It raised its head and pondered for three seconds, as if thinking about its brothers usual appearance, that was, Dahei.


It sat on the ground with its paws apart.


All of a sudden, a wisp of light black fog wrapped around Tiny Tots lower body and a small item which looked like sausage, appeared.


A water column spurted forth and took Dong Chen by surprise.

“Is this little thing peeing at me”

“How could it even create a urinary organ of its own”

As soon as his eyebrows were raised, Dong Chens spiritual force emerged to form an invisible shield.

Unexpectedly, the ten centimeter high water column completely bypassed his spiritual force.


Dong Chen blinked and formed a shield with his spiritual sense.


The water column again bypassed his second means of protection.

It sprayed at Dong Chens face at an incredible speed.


Zhang Guangyou coughed violently.

Dong Chen asked, “What is he doing”

He was little confused and at the same time, surprised.

“What is this thing that can bypass my defense”

“What is it”

His strength was at the peak among all the martial artists at Heaven Peak Stage and no one could break his defense at will.

But how could Tiny Tot break his defense in this way

Dong Chen narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Coo, coo…”

Tiny Tot patted his buttocks and walked back, as if asking for credit.

Dong Chen was stunned.

He wiped the “water” from his face subconsciously with his right hand, then looked at Zhang Guangyou and Zhang Han in a daze, “What is it”

Zhang Guangyou held back his smile and did not dare to open his mouth.

He was afraid that he would burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

“For many years, the Grand Elder has never made a fool of himself.

Now he has… Ha ha ha.”

Zhang Guangyou laughed soundlessly.

Even the corners of Zhang Hans mouth twitched.

He coughed softly and said, “It is not very good now and I will still lose money over it later.”

“What kind of spirit beast is it”

“Its just an Ancient cursed roc.”

“What” Dong Chens eyes suddenly widened and his tone became sharp because of the shock.

His voice even attracted the attention of Chen Changqing, Zhou Fei and Wang Zhanpeng nearby.

The Grand Elder of Heavenly Knights Sect was s a super master who always remained calm in any situation.

They thought that such strong masters were extraordinary and would never be surprised.

Seeing this, Zhang Guangyou said in a low voice, “Uncle Dong, you heard him right.

The boat of curse, that strange boat, is what this little thing was born into.”

“Coo… Bah.”

Dong Chen slowly gulped while gazing at Tiny Tot, which Mengmeng was stroking with her little hands.

“It is a roc”

He could not believe it.

He did not expect that this creature in the legend would make an appearance.

“Whats going on Is he so rich He has so many spirit beasts.”

He really did not expect that this worthless young man in his eyes, was really that rich.

Zhang Han laughed at his words.

In fact, his father was wrong.

The boat of curse was not Tiny Tot, but was formed by the accumulation of some energy when it was born.

In a word, it was the supernatural power of Tiny Tot, like a kind of breath.

It was insignificant to it, but very important to this world.

He realized that his father and Dong Chen seemed to regard it as an ordinary roc.

Tiny Tot was an Ancient cursed roc, far better than the ordinary roc.

“They dont seem to know how powerful the ancient demonic beast is.”

Zhang Han was amused.

He remembered that he had told his father about the ancient demonic beast, but he did not seem to understand.

Yes, only when he saw its power with his own eyes would he then have a deep understanding.

“You…” It took Dong Chen five seconds to calm down.

For such a strong man, the fact that this thing could shock him for five seconds, was extraordinary.

He looked at Zhang Han and hesitantly asked, “Is it yours”

“My wifes.” Zhang Han replied blandly.


Dong Chen was stunned again.

After thinking about it for two seconds, he looked hesitant, as if he was embarrassed to speak.

After three seconds of hesitation, he said in an embarrassed tone, “This, very high-end.

Han, you…”

He began to call Zhang Han “Han”.

“Its a treasure and its difficult to cultivate.

How about giving it to me I can provide it with some food and when it grows up, it will become the mountain protecting beast of Heavenly Knights Sect.

What do you think”

At this moment, Dong Chen was deeply moved.

“After all, it is a roc that only appears in myths! Once it grows up, its combat effectiveness will be extremely amazing.

And even in the dark world, it is at the top level.

Few people have seen a roc and it is said to be a giant beast whose size can even block the sun.

Human beings are like dust in front of it.”

“If we can train it to be a guardian beast of Heavenly Knights Sect, when we go out to war, all the disciples can ride on the giant roc and show off in the small world.

It will be really magnificent.”

“Its so cool.”

His imagination made Dong Chen so excited that he broke out in goose bumps.

He did not notice that Zhang Hans eyes were bright.

“Well, yes, of course I have no problem.”

“Do you really agree” Dong Chen wanted to confirm it.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded, “But its still too small.

You can take care of its food, Uncle Dong.

It doesnt need to eat for the time being, and Ill inform you when it needs to.

But I can guarantee that it will grow to be a strong fighter in five years.”

Zhang Han smiled secretly, because Tiny Tot would need countless spirit treasures for its development.

Zhang Han did not think too much about it, but this was good news.

“Thats settled.” Dong Chen said quickly and then calmed down.

A few years later, when Dong Chen became poorer because of Tiny Tot, he always growled in a complex manner, “It eats too much!”

But now he was very happy.

While they were chatting, the yacht slowly approached the main gate of Heavenly Knights Sect.

A few people came to meet them at the gate.

There were not many rules here, because martial artists should pay more attention to their cultivation.


Jiang Bing looked puzzled, “How did they come in a yacht”

“Maybe our Young Lord enjoys the luxurious secular life.”

A few people shook their heads.

In their view, those who pursued money were not worthy of admiration.

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