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Chapter 75 – Switch It

This manager was also quite funny.

After eating the meal a few times, he couldnt help but have the urge to work there.

Zhang Han understood his thoughts as a glutton, but he still shook his head and said: “I do not need a manager for my restaurant.

Just send the chicken over to me when you are done cleaning up.”

In the end, Zhang Han left a hundred yuan at the counter, which was more than enough to pay for the work.

The kitchen of the restaurant.

“little Li, Little White, clean up these two chickens.” Little Mei handed the bag over.

“Whose chicken is it” little Li asked.

“Its from a customer, its the boss of the Mengmeng restaurant next door.

Clean it up carefully, dont fool around.” After saying that, Little Mei turned around and left.

“She felt so comfortable to give orders.” Little White sneered as he looked at the back of Litlle Mei.

“Hmph, other than the two of us, who else can she give orders to” little Li snorted lightly and grabbed the bag, saying unhappily: “Lets work first!”

After that, he opened the bag, killed the chicken, and boiled some hot water to prepare the skin the feather.

“Little White, look at these two chickens.

Their fur is so good, and theyre so smooth.

They look pretty good.” little Li let out a light cry.

“This chicken must have weighed six pounds, right Its as good as a feed chicken.

” LilWhite lifted it up a few times and said.

“Lets weigh it out.”

The little Li was a little curious and put the chicken in his hand on the weighing.

“Six point seven pounds, the chicken was raised so good” The little Li said.

“Take a look at this one.

It weighs 6.8 pounds.


Its heavy!” LilWhite said as it weighed the chicken in his hand.

“Lets clean it up first.”

little Li said, he placed the chicken into an iron bowl and poured hot water into it to heat the feather.

After the two of them put on their gloves, they started to process the chicken feathers.

After handling it, little Li pinched the chicken a few times.

“Eh This chicken is so heavy, but its not fat.

This chicken is really well raised! It must be very delicious to eat it! ” little Li asked in shock.

“Yeah, the meat quality of this chicken is way better than those man-feed chicken.” Little White remembered the deliciousness when they were eating chicken and subconsciously swallowed his saliva.

He said, “little Li, how about…”

Little White directly gave the little Li a look that could only be understood but not spoken out.

Seeing that, little Li understood, he lowered his head and muttered, after a moment, he raised his head, and said: “Leaving one behind, right “If Both of them are switched.

People will get suspicious, and the guest brought two chickens over here together.

Theyll probably be stewed together, and if we only switch one, he cant tell.”

“Alright! Then we switch one.” Little white grinned and said, “Then shouldnt you tell the head chef With such a good chicken, if he were to make it, it would probably be extremely delicious.

“I think I will” little Li squinted, and said while laughing.

Just as the two of them finished discussing, the head chef was coming over, the head chef walked past them.

“Still busy during the break time” The head chef said as he looked at the two of them.

“Of course not.

These are the two chickens that the guests sent over.

Little Mei, let us clean up.” LilWhite answered.

“Is this a home-kept chicken” The head chef was stunned.

He could not tell, so he reached out his hand and said, “Let me have a look.”

“Alright.” LilWhite responsed and handed the chicken over.

The head chef pressed the body of the chicken a few times before his eyes lit up and said, “Its a home-kept chicken.

Not bad, not bad, this meat is of the highest quality.

This chicken is the best amongst chickens, but this is the first time Ive seen such a good chicken.

The Head Chef could tell that this chicken was not ordinary.

If he were to make it, the smell would definitely make the Head Chef unforgettable.

“Hehehe.” little Li smiled and said, “About that … Brother Wang, he sent us two chickens, why dont we switch one of them “And we can improve our food tonight”


The head chef raised his eyebrows, casually threw the chicken back into the pot, glared at little Li, and without saying anything, turned around and left.

“What does Brother Wang mean by this” Little white whispered after the head chef left.

“Whats the point “Haha, that duck we exchanged the day before yesterday, he didnt say anything either He even cooked it himself, and its so delicious! Tidy up quickly, lets leave one for tonight to improve the food!” little Li said while laughing.

“Alright.” LittleWhite started working happily.

The two chickens were quickly cleaned up.

Little white grabbed a meat chicken from the side and handed the two chickens over to Little Mei with a bag.

Little Mei carried the bag and walked to the manager.

“Manager, Im sending these two chickens to the boss next door.”

“No need, no need, Ill send them off.”

The manager hurriedly said that before taking the bag and leaving.

At this time, in Zhang Hans restaurant, Mengmeng turned on the television after playing with the remote control for a while.

Zhang Han was in the kitchen wiping down the counter.

“Boss, the chicken is ready.” After the manager walked in, he smiled warmly and placed the bag on the counter.

“Boss, do you really not want to think about me Being a manager here will definitely increase the restaurants turnover by ten times, and will also make the bosss restaurant famous throughout Xiang Jiang, oh no, it will also make the bosss restaurant become famous all over the world, I worked in the restaurant next door where I worked for half a year, that restaurant is just a normal restaurant, I have even doubled the restaurants turnover, the rice here is so unrivalled, believe in me, I can definitely make it happen, boss, give me a chance! ”

The manager said all this in one breath, his heart full of sincerity.

As a successful person in management, his dream was to become a manager in a star restaurant.

However, after entering society from university, he realized that was not the case.

A diploma was just a piece of paper.

Not to mention entering a star restaurant, even some high-end restaurants couldnt accept him in.

How many people squeezed their brains out waiting in line

However, right now, the manager really wanted to work at Zhang Hans restaurant, it had nothing to do with money.

Zhang Hans delicacies, made him impressed, he had never eaten such a delicious meal, he was confident that if he were to do it, with the publicity, within half a year, the restaurant would become a star restaurant!

But the boss didnt seem to have that kind of thought.

He didnt seem to have any interest in making money, and every time he asked the customer to place the money on the counter, the owner would look like someone who didnt even care about the money.

Seeing the managers eager gaze, Zhang Han could not help but smile and said: “If I need it in the future, I will consider it.”

“Eh …” The manager sighed in his heart and said, “Alright then, boss.

If there is any chance, you have to call me.

I definitely wont let you down.

Ill go back first.

Ill come over for dinner tonight.”

After saying that, the manager turned around and left.

Just as he arrived at the door, a calm voice suddenly came from behind:


“Hmm” The manager turned to look at Zhang Han, and asked suspiciously: “Whats wrong boss”

With that, the manager turned and walked back, and looked at Zhang Han puzzledly.

“Take this chicken back.” Zhang Han pointed to the chicken on the right side of the chopping board and said, “Bring my original one back.”

“What” Hearing that, the manager was startled, he looked at the chicken that Zhang Han pointed to, and said: “The chicken was changed It cant be These two look like theyre just cleaned up.

Zhang Han did not reply him, taking out two knives from the sheath on his back, at the same time, he gently cut down on the two chickens.

“Bang bang.”

Two muffled sounds rang out as the left side of the chicken was cut, and the knife was stuck in the middle, while the right side of the chicken was easily cut in half.

Zhang Han used very little strength while the chicken on the right was cut off directly, which meant that the chickens bones were much softer compared to another.

The manager naturally understood the difference between a feed meat chicken and a home-kept chicken.

After seeing this scene, the managers face immediately turned red.

“This, this, this …” The manager felt extremely ashamed.

At this moment, he felt ashamed in front of his boss.

“I, I, I dont know.

Boss, Im sorry, Ill deal with it right now.” The managers face was full of bitterness.

He picked up the chicken and ran away.

After exiting the room, the managers expression became extremely angry, and his heart was set on fire with anger.

In the business world, honesty is the most important thing.

The boss trusted him so much that he left the chicken and went back to his restaurant without concern.

Yet, the restaurant he managed did something like this, how could he not be angry!

The manager walked back to the restaurant with big strides.

He ignored little Mei, who wanted to say something, and went straight to the kitchen.

“Get the ** over here!” The manager roared.

The chefs, including the head chef, all walked over with a strange expression on their faces.

This seemed to be the first time the manager had gotten angry.

However, when little Li and Little White saw the managers appearance and the meat chicken in his hands, their expressions shrunk as they slowly moved to the back side.

“Who cleaned the chicken” The manager clenched his teeth as he spoke.

At this moment, the entire plaza was silent.

Even Little Mei was silent.

If she were to say the names of the two people, it would be unavoidable for her to offend them.

“Who is it!” The manager shouted.

“Yes… Its Little White and I.

” little Li knew that he could not hide anymore.

He extended his hand and said timidly: “Sorry Manager, the both of us …”

He wanted to say that we might have taken the wrong chicken, but the words had not come out yet.


The meat chicken suddenly flew over and smashed onto little Lis chest, interrupting his excuse.

“You are doing very well! Do you know how much of a disgrace this has caused our restaurant to lose You guys are so shameless, but Im not shameless! The restaurant is not shameless! ” The manager said angrily, “Bring that chicken back to me!”

“Yes.” LilWhites face shrunk as he quickly ran to the side and took the chicken from a drawer.

The manager grabbed the chicken with his hands and walked out.

At this time, everyone present let out a sigh of relief.

When the usually amiable manager got angry, his aura was really strong.

Seeing him leave, it might be because he did not want to pursue this matter.

This made Xiao whitle and little Li feel at ease.

But they were wrong.


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