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Chapter 752 Zhang Han Was Exposed

The people at the front were equal to more than 70% of the combat power of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

They were very strong.

But… What was the point

If they really fought, the Wind Snow School had nearly twenty people who had reached the Heaven Realm.

If the Wind Snow School could overwhelm them in numbers, so could they in strength.

Although they could escape, they would suffer heavy casualties.

Of course, this would only happen in a situation where a deadly battle took place.

“This time, we…” As Dong Chen was about to give an explanation, Zhang Han waved his hand and cut him off in a very certain tone, “These people dont need to go there.

Its useless.”

Zhang Han didnt say further, knowing that Dong Chen was a very smart person.

Dong Chen raised his eyebrows slightly.

And after two seconds of silence, he nodded amidst many strange gazes, “All right, everyone, you should go back.

Young Master, lets go.”

After saying that, Dong Chen and Zhang Guangyou set off and flew out of the Heavenly Knights Sect with Zhang Han following close by, leaving behind a stunned crowd.

“Whats going on”

“Where are they going They acted as if it was a big deal previously and it seemed that they were going to fight.

But what is this development now Could it be that they are going to the Wind Snow School Or to the Ancient Mine The Beast Mountain It could be the Beast Mountain.

Ive heard that the Command Beast Peak has been very busy lately, given all the missing spirit beasts.”

This remark made the Command Beast Peak Host straighten up his face.

And he snorted, “The spirit beasts were not lost, okay Bullsh*t!”

With a rebuttal, he moved and slipped away.

The Third Elder looked at them a few times and waved his hand.

“Everyone should disperse.” And when everyone left, there were two people beside him, the First and the Sixth Elders.

“According to your opinion, what are they doing” the First Elder frowned and continued, “Its also really strange.

When I saw the evil spirits in the Grand Elders eyes, I thought that they were really going to start some kind of massive battle.

But now it doesnt seem like that.”

“It should be something petty.” The Sixth Elder was not concerned at all.

He said, “The Young Masters son has been practicing in the Heaven Lake recently, I guess the Grand Elder and the others are probably going to the Ancient Mine.

After all, the constant high-intensity practice surely has consumed him a lot.”

The Third Elder shook his head and said, “Forget it.

Since they dont need to bring anyone with them, it means they are confident.

The Grand Elder, that old bastard… He hasnt suffered much until now.”

The Third Elders words made the two people beside him burst out laughing.

What he had said was true.

Dong Chen, the Grand Elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect, whose name was well-known in every corner of the earth, was not only strong but also extremely quick-witted.

There were quite a few people who had been trapped by him, some of whom were even grateful to him without ever noticing it.

If Dong Chen was confident, they shouldnt be in great danger.

Those people had similar thoughts.

But they werent certain about the fact that not even Dong Chen had any clues in secret this time.

Halfway along their flight, Dong Chen looked at Zhang Han and said, “You said that this was the last time.

So in order to prevent any unforeseen circumstances, I planned to bring someone over so that I can support you.”

Zhang Han responded, “Theres no need to support me.

Even if they catch me, I still have a way to escape.

Bringing more people with us will become a burden.”

“Bu… Burden” Zhang Guangyou was stunned.

Even Dong Chen was startled and somewhat confused, wondering how Zhang Han would be so confident.

Dong Chen thought, “Youre a Grand Master, okay”

Dong Chen felt that he needed to remind Zhang Han of the fact that, although he was exceptionally talented, it didnt mean that he had overwhelming strength!

But before Dong Chen could speak, the calm-looking Zhang Han added, “If it does happen, you guys should leave me alone.

Itll be hard for them to catch me.

But they will probably have ways to catch you.”

“Nonsense!” Dong Chen furrowed his eyebrows and said, “Youre a small Grand Master.

How come you can run under the nose of someone who is at Heaven Peak Stage”

Zhang Han slightly shook his head.

“Boom!” In the next moment, a sudden explosion was heard.

According to Dong Chens and Zhang Guangyous field of view, Zhang Han suddenly transformed his figure into eight, which ran in eight directions at a fast pace.

He broke the sound barrier with a split seconds speed, creating a huge sound and a wave of air.

“Huh” Dong Chen narrowed his gaze and spread his Spiritual Sense, only to find that all the eight figures were somewhat erratic.

“Whoosh!” Suddenly, a breath emerged from above.

The two of them looked up and found that Zhang Han was slowly falling down from high in the sky.

“Well… ” Dong Chens expression changed slightly.

Originally, he thought that Zhang Hans figure had been hidden among the eight silhouettes.

But he never thought that he would appear above them.

“Good body movement.” Seeing that Zhang Han returned calmly, Dong Chen couldnt help but praise him, “If you can fool me, you can fool the Wind Snow School as well.

But thats not enough.

It only buys you three seconds.”

“That was just a superficial skill.” Zhang Han shook his head and stopped displaying his moves to him.

His indifferent attitude, however, left Dong Chen and Zhang Guangyou a bit surprised.

“How does Zhang Han know so much”

Zhang Guangyou asked uncertainly, “Are you sure its okay”

Facing his father, Zhang Han put on a confident smile and looked in the direction of the Wind Snow School in the distance before him as he said, “Its just a Wind Snow School.

And its up to me whether I go or stay.”

Zhang Han had been to many places that were more dangerous than the Wind Snow School.

The challenge this time was nothing.

Of course, in Zhang Hans opinion, he probably would end up being kicked in the a**.

Even so, he had no choice.

He had to do something to make Dong Chen and Zhang Guangyou be at ease.

Of course, there lay some dangers.

If he was really trapped in the Main Mount of the Wind Snow School, he would definitely fall.

But the Heaven-earth Formation of the Main Mount was not amazing enough, which reduced the risk level by a great margin.

“Im relieved then.” Zhang Guangyou exhaled a breath and shook his head slightly as he sighed.

“The Wind Snow School, which we havent taken over for decades, is now like a hotel.

It is only so for you, which makes me feel a little weird.


Zhang Guangyou felt frustrated.

He couldnt do anything about the Wind Snow School at all.

But his son could enter it as if he were in the middle of nowhere.

Those words also made Dong Chens mouth tremble.

Although he wanted to say something, he didnt say anything in the end.

Feeling exhausted, he thought, “This kids strength is obviously crappy.

How could he do something so ungodly It is also odd.

“As for the spirit beasts he raised, he is somewhat shameless! He raised two spirit beasts a day previously.

How come he can raise three per day recently”

When he thought about this matter, he was furious.

Recently, people from the Command Beast Peak had run away as soon as they saw him.

As for the reason, he knew it only too well.

And there were even people who whispered about it, giving him the nickname “Big Devil.”

He thought, “How come I, the ever righteous Dong Chen, ended up with this notoriety”

“You… Humph!” As Dong Chen wanted to preach to Zhang Han about something, he held himself back.

In his heart, he was murmuring, “Calm down, calm down.

Thats a curse roc.

Moreover, there is King Kong.


His actions left Zhang Han a bit baffled.

He thought, “what is this old guy thinking about”

Zhang Han ignored him, then he traveled for three hours and arrived at the old place once again.

“Im leaving,” as Zhang Han said, he waved his right hand.

Then the cards, along with crystals and other things, quickly formed a phalanx to hide his scent and figure.

It was very much the same procedure he used the other time.

And in twenty minutes, Zhang Han came out.

He still had to wait for about two hours this time.

It was impossible for him to stay inside while consuming crystals and waiting for them to refine the treasures.

Dong Chen and Zhang Guangyou were also used to it and would just wait.

As they were waiting, so was everyone inside.

And they were even more nervous and apprehensive.

Throughout the whole process, nearly 70 divine objects had been consumed! Their heritage amassed over the decades had been gravely depleted.

“We must succeed!” The Second Elder was quite distressed for his divine objects.

Looking at the dark clouds rolling above him, he gritted his teeth and said, “If we dont succeed, Zhan San, you will pay the price!”

“Second Elder, youve gone too far, havent you” Zhan San immediately jumped out as he retorted, “I, Zhan San, have brought merits to the sect.

Moreover, at least I deserve credit for my efforts.

Ive single handedly fought against the Heavenly Knights Sect in the Kun Xu World for more than five years and experienced hundreds of battles of all sizes.

If it were anyone else, they might not have persevered.

But the way I found out by myself could elevate the rank of my battle-ax.

In that case, how much benefit would I bring Even if we dont talk about the benefits, wont we have the capital to wipe out the Heavenly Knights Sect then Im also bleeding for the sect and standing at the forefront of the battlefield in the Kun Xu World.

While you, Second Elder, have been on the loose in the Main Sect for over a decade, right How many battles have you been in over the years And on what grounds are you here to judge me If everyone who fights in the front line like me has to end up like this, then I have nothing else to say.”

The Second Elders face changed dramatically as he heard what Zhan San had said.

He was trembling with anger, looking majestic as if he would take the initiative to attack.

At this time, Zhan San calmed down again and said.

“Yes, too many resources were consumed this time.

But the treasures are of the Sixth Rank anyway.

It would surely involve a little risk and investment.

Whats more, the First Elder was the main contributor of all these.

So, if you have any doubts, lets ask the First Elder to be the judge.”

The Second Elder laughed angrily and said in a cold voice, “Hehehe.

You become tough, right”

But before he finished speaking, the First Elder knitted his eyebrows as he coldly reprimanded, “Enough! If youre angry, vent your anger on the Heavenly Knights Sect.

With things having come to this point, there is no turning back.

We can only succeed today.

Never should we fail.”

After the First Elder finished speaking, the others kept silent.

But some of them were still reluctant, throwing meaningful looks at Zhan San instead.

If they failed, Zhan San would definitely have to bear the price.

So many treasures had been wasted because of him.

Whatever the reason was, what was gone was gone.

In that case, Zhan San might not lose his life.

But he probably would have to be sent to dig in the Ancient Mine for decades.

But the crowd present didnt want to fail either.

Many of them murmured, “I hope we can succeed in one go.”

If they succeeded, they could would be able to enjoy greater benefits and annihilate the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Moreover, it would indicate that they were capable of transcending the world.

In that case, would it still be far for them to dominate the martial arts world

“Were almost there!”

After an hour or so, the First Elder looked at the tumbling clouds, and calmly said, “Accelerate the refining.”

“Clatter!” A line of more than twenty Earth Success Martial Artists on the backside was refining various kinds of treasures with all their might.

An astonishing amount of energy gathered within the formation and was slowly taking shape.

“We will succeed, definitely.” Zhan San was getting nervous at this time.

From what others could figure out, he surely knew it as well.

He dared not think further.

If they failed, he would surely end up in a tough spot.

Once he succeeded, with a Sixth Rank Spiritual Treasure, he would have the right to speak.

The so-called Second and Third Elders would both become bullsh*t!

While the First Elder—who mastered the essence blood and soul of others—would still be quite authoritative.

In the midst of several thousands of nervous gazes, energy slowly gathered.

And the formation suddenly brightened and blossomed.

“Clatter!” A strong whirlwind swirled around the formation, creating a storm of energy that rose into the dark clouds and merged with the formation.

All of a sudden, various marks shone brightly in the dark clouds.

The pounding energy was like the ocean, causing the marks to emit a pale glow and making them look like something ancient.

This time, the breath was going to surpass all of the previous ones!

“Boom!” Suddenly, a large energy thunderstorm flashed through the dark clouds.

The thunder seemed to contain supreme power.

But the First Elder was furrowing his brows as he thought, “What is going on Why is it like this again Wheres the Attribute Thunder from last time This is definitely not the Attribute Thunder!”

He was a bit puzzled and furious.

Every time, an attribute thunder would pop up only at the end.

The situation this time was the same as before.

Could it be that they would still fail this time

Under the many gazes, the thunder continued to flicker.

“Boom! Boom!” Hundreds of thunderbolts continued to rotate and matched the mark, forming a vortex.

Zhan San roared fiercely and operated the secret method, “Invoke the thunder!”

“Crack!” A thunderbolt fell from the sky.

“The thunder drawing finally succeeded!” Zhan San was trembling, feeling a little excited.

He almost burst into tears.

He had failed many times! Every time the thunder was drawn, the thunder would seem like a fart.

It had finally been drawn, which was a good start.

Anyway, even if it was of the quasi-sixth rank, he could somewhat explain it to the others.

But the thing that happened next was totally out of everyones expectations.

“Crack!” As the thunder fell halfway down, for a moment, an attribute thunder lit up at the center of the various thunder vortexes in the dark clouds.

“Buzz!” The thunder that had fallen down suddenly made a turn and went back.

Zhan San was dumbfounded as he thought, “What the heck I drew the thunder.

Why is it going back”

Many of others were also dumbfounded, wondering what had happened.

Zhan San murmured uncertainly, “Could it be that the thunder has not finished its metamorphosis”

“Its still morphing,” said the First Elder as he narrowed his eyes.

“Yes, the thunder is still metamorphosing.” In the air, Zhang Han was suffering as he had absorbed thunderclouds one after another.

“I didnt expect that it would be so difficult to put up with this last thundercloud.”

“A riot! This is not a good omen.”

Above Zhang Hans soul sense sea, thunder continued to flicker and split, making him a feel bit dizzy.

And he couldnt suppress it at all.

It was as if this last thundercloud represented the ultimate, which didnt allow him to combine them easily.

And Zhang Han was a bit baffled by all of this.

In the past, the cumulus clouds were not like this either.

“Clatter!” Buzzing sounds resounded in his head again.

“Its fortunate that there are quite a few thunderbolts this time and the energy is pure.

Otherwise, I may not be successful.”

Zhang Hans eyes shone brightly.

He sped up as he absorbed the power of thunder.

Gradually, his energy became denser.

The riotous Taiyi Wood Thunder was beyond his control.

Without stepping into Innateness, he couldnt own it completely.

Thus, after maintaining this for five minutes, Zhang Han was already in a somewhat hazy state.

Although his years of habit had enabled him to maintain the formation beside him, the situation outside was somewhat different from what he had expected.

“Boom!” The thunder continued to flicker and the number of them decreased drastically.

“There are fifty more.”




“No more”

“Wheres the thunder”

Once again, the crowd was at a loss.


Suddenly a creepy voice rang out, “The dark clouds, the dark clouds are dissipating! Oh God, did we fail”

“Boom!” The words were like a thunderbolt from the clear sky that hit everyone straight in the heart.

“Sh*t, whats going on”

Many people panicked.

Although there had been a fight before, it didnt mean they didnt care.

Nearly seventy types of divine objects had been consumed, which were more than those of many sects combined.

Anybody would surely feel bad if nothing was achieved in the end!

“Gulp.” Wisps of cold sweat flowed from Zhan Sans head.

As he looked at the dark clouds that were dissipating faster and faster, his cold sweat ran through his entire body.

And his clothes were about to get soaked.

He also noticed out of the corner of his eye that the looks on the faces of the Second and Third Elders had turned completely ugly.

Even the First Elder looked gloomy.

“Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!” A strong wind seemed to be blowing the clouds away and sunlight illuminated the platform.

But everyone felt that their hearts became colder and colder.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a thunderclap sounded out of nowhere.

Then, a figure seemed to have suddenly been revealed, later dissipating into the void.

“Huh” Zhan San was stunned, “What was that”

Just as the crowd was in awe, a sudden roar rang out from the First Elders mouth, “Who is it”

He waved his right hand, forming a thousand blades in a moment and cutting down the air.

“Thump!” Zhang Han in the air leaked out a bitter laughter.

Zhang Han thought, “The Taiyi Wood Thunder is so amazing.” After ten thousand thunderclouds formed the thunder, its energy blasted Zhang Han, making him almost go insane.

And he couldnt control the formation for a moment, revealing his figure for a moment.

This was bad.

“Im going to get exposed.”

Zhang Han suppressed the thunderclouds that were about to converge with a force and looked at the fast incoming blade.

He knew that he couldnt withstand such attack.

But moving too fast would also send out fluctuations in the formation.

He could only go for it.

Zhang Han lifted his right hand.

And the formation was suddenly dissipated.

His body was revealed.

A person suddenly appeared in the air, making the many heavyweights on the platform feel a bit shocked.

“Very good,” Zhang Han praised.

He thought, “Itll be good for them to help me break through the ten thousand thunderclouds.”

What he had said was indeed a sarcastic remark.

“Swish!” Suddenly, the air was covered with more than forty replicas of Zhang Han, which were fleeing in different directions.

At this moment, the crowd finally came to their senses and realized what had happened, “A lot of energy was… stolen from us!”

“Puff…” First Elder staggered.

And he, who had always remained calm, spat a mouthful of blood in anger.

Even the blades in the air dissipated in a moment.

It was just a move he was trying out.

And he had also suspected that he was mistaken.

But he didnt expect that someone would really be there!

Someone was indeed there!

Someone had stolen the Wind Snow Schools energy!

“Ahhhh!” the First Elder roared in anger, “Capture him for me!”

The First Elder was ordering them to capture him rather than kill him!

Feeling furious, the First Elder wanted to tear him alive.

But he surely wouldnt kill him easily.

How could he He surely would peel off his veins and skin first…

“Boom! Hearing the First Elders words, the crowd was not hesitant at all.

Their eyes were red as if their family members had been harmed.

Then they rushed out.

More than a dozen Heaven Success heavyweights were so furious that each of them waved their hands and shattered a few shadow replicas.

But they didnt expect that shattering one would give birth to two.

“Its just a trifling skill!” the First Elder shouted furiously.

And a massive amount of spiritual sense energy formed the Hurricane Mystery, covering the surrounding space.

“Bang!” Suddenly, in the void that was a hundred meters away on the right, a pillar of blood was spat out.

“Swish!” In an instant, dozens of angry and icy gazes were swept over.

A figure was revealed; it fled extremely quickly to the lower half of the mountain.

The Main Mount of the Wind Snow School was like two cones, with one standing straight and the other one turned upside down.

They were on the smaller cone-shaped mountain, which was upside down.

Witnessing such a scene, many people were shocked and angry.

Among the figure just then, there was no main body!

Someone roared, “He has a way of concealing his bodys breath!”


“You cant escape!”

The First Elder took to the battle by himself.

And with a flash of his figure, he quickly arrived ten meters behind Zhang Han and slapped his palm.

“Bang!” The figure turned into a mist of blood and dissipated into the world.

“Is he so weak” The crowd was stunned for a fraction of a second.

In the next moment, a massive amount of soul sense covered all the space.

A figure appeared two hundred meters below.

“Scatter! Grab him!”

The First Elder was so furious that he went pale.

After receiving his order, the crowd suddenly dispersed.

And their soul sense and spiritual forces were being used to the maximum, covering downward across the road in a condescending manner.

The figure flew so fast that Zhan San was left behind at the back of the crowd, looking dazed and confused at this time.

Zhan San thought, “Its not the problem of the formation.

“Its, its the energy thats been stolen!

“I… How did this happen How is that possible”

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