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Chapter 754 Be Ready for a Breakthrough

At this moment, Zhan San felt that his hairs were standing on end.

And he was extremely nervous.

“Take me down

“Should I run”

Zhan Sans hand which was holding the battle ax kept trembling.

Looking at the Second and Third Elders who were looking cold and getting closer, he had a desire to resist.

He was at the Heaven Peak Stage and would not die easily.

All of them were at the peak level.

Even as he faced the three elders, Zhan San felt that he had a good chance of escaping.

It was just that he would suffer some serious injuries.

But… Could he escape


Seeing a palm-sized jade bottle in the First Elders hand, Zhan San, shivered abruptly and hurriedly put away his battle-ax as he said acerbically, “First Elder, Second Elder, and Third Elder, I, Zhan San, have been working hard for the Wind Snow School for so many years.

Do you doubt me just because of a few words from an outsider Over the years, the gate of the small world had been closed.

Ive been through thirty battles in all kinds of sizes and had been seriously wounded twenty-seven times.

And have I ever complained The Kunxu didnt have any resources.

And our resources were dwindling.

Ive led people down the ancient mines fifty times and faced dozens of life and death crises.

And have I ever complained about anything”

Zhan San looked very agitated.

He hissed as the Second and Third Elders arrived.

Then he said hoarsely, “After the gate of the small world opened, I didnt take credit.

Instead, I used the treasures I fought for to refine the battle ax, which was to annihilate the Heavenly Knights Sect.

You can ask the disciples within the sect.

Without me, the Kunxu Wind Snow School would have been f*cking annihilated.

I paid a high price to ask some sects to come out.

Only after that did we withstand the attacks of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

And now you want to arrest me, right All right! Come on, just kill me if you can!”

His words made the Second and Third Elders expressions freeze.

They were also a little confused.

After stretching out their arms, they ultimately didnt take him down.

Instead, they stood on his sides.

“Humph!” The First Elder was silent for a long time and snorted.

Then he withdrew the jade bottle.

Feeling furious, he said in an angry tone, “It didnt work the first time.

And it still hasnt worked up to now.

For what reason Oh, because the energy was stolen.

How did he get into the sect when hes just a Grand Master The Heaven-earth Formation was fully activated.

How did he just leave Zhan San, you disappoint me.

How come your refinement method didnt notice him at all There were a total of sixty-nine divine objects.

Oh! Zhan San, this isnt an unreasonable suspicion.

As to whether it has anything to do with you, we will naturally know once we catch him.

Even if it has nothing to do with you, how should you be accounted for the loss of the divine objects”

The First Elder was so confused that he couldnt even figure out how that kid had gotten in.

And with his strength, which hadnt reached the Divine Realm, how could he have broken into the formation God was definitely playing a prank on him.

Theres got to be someone on the inside!

“Hehehehehe,” the First Elder suddenly laughed.

He was so furious that he ended up laughing.

“Id like to see who it is that has set this scheme against the Wind Snow School! Zhan San, I also want to believe that you have nothing to do with this.

It is fine that he stole the energy.

But you should annihilate the forces behind him to make up for it.”

Although the First Elder was angry in secret, he didnt lose his mind.

He thought, “If Zhan San colluded with outsiders, it would be fine.

Then he should lead the charge and annihilate them.”

Of course, First Elder thought further.

The most important thing at the moment was to capture the man.

But hope dazzled in Zhan Sans eyes.

Zhan San said, “If I find which place he is in, I will lead the way to annihilate him!”

The First Elder gave him a faint glance and rushed out with a movement skill.

The other two elders and Zhan San also followed him.

This made Zhan San feel relieved.

But at the same time, he felt miserable.

“My battle ax didnt succeed and now Ive ended up in this situation.

Who the hell did I provoke”

He felt that completely miserable.

He could even feel his heart was trembling.

At the same time, his hatred for that unknown kid grew even stronger.

His killing intent simply couldnt be stopped.

However, on the outside, Dong Chen and Zhang Guangyou, who were staring at the Main Mount intently, didnt even blink their eyes anymore.


Suddenly, a gap formed and a figure came out in a mess.

“He came out!”

Zhang Guangyou looked distressed; he wanted to go forward.

“Dont move yet!”

Dong Chens face was a bit ugly.

And he pressed against Zhang Guangyous shoulder with his palm.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Zhang Han came out without pausing.

And his figure transformed into a stream of light heading north.

In less than a second, the gap opened wide; a swarm formed by dozens of people flew out from it, including eight Heaven Realm cultivators and several others at the Earth Realm.

With red eyes, they came out and chased after Zhang Han with an extremely fast speed.

Some of them couldnt stop shouting.

“Where are you going to escape!”

“No matter if its in heaven or the earth, you cant get away today!”

“Shoot him!”


The scene left Dong Chen dumbfounded.

Dong Chen thought, “How many heavenly treasures did Zhang Han absorb The Wind Snow School sent out so many people to chase after him, which is simply overbearing.”

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Another four figures flew out even faster, who turned to be the three elders and Zhan San.

Each of them looked incomparably ugly as if they had lost their parents, especially the old rival, Zhan San.

Not only did he look ugly, he also had a pale complexion.

He was standing at the center of the other three elders, who seemed to be vaguely blocking and restricting him.

They soon disappeared from sight.

“Quickly, go save him!”

Zhang Guangyous eyes were red.

His thoughts were wild and uncontrollable and his breath was growing stronger.

Then his eyes began to dazzle with a hint of light red light.

“Dont be impulsive.”

Dong Chen was helpless.

He sighed and said, “Well only fall if we go up there now.

Even if you have the secret method, at most, youll only be a match against someone at the Heaven Early-stage.”

This time, Zhang Guangyou wasnt calmed by Dong Chens words; he turned to look at him.

“Do you want me to watch my son die”

“No, youre underestimating him.” Dong Chen smiled bitterly.

“What your son showed us was just the tip of the iceberg.

He was able to flee from the most dangerous Main Mount.

And in this extensive land, can these people still catch him Just look at it.

He came out and went straight north.

Around three hundred miles to the north, isnt the Wu Ming Sect there”

“The Wu Ming Sect.

Could it be that…” Zhang Guangyous face changed slightly.

“Does he wants to bring misfortune to the east But its too risky!”

“Whatever it is, we wont be watching.

So lets follow them first.

If he really cant hold on, Ill step in to lure away most of the people.

And you should take the opportunity to take him away.”

Dong Chen finished his words slowly.

He didnt give Zhang Guangyou another chance to speak as he quickly moved and started flying.

Zhang Guangyou bit his teeth and followed.

‘Im such a wimp!

At this moment, Zhang Guangyous heart was trembling.

He felt so uncomfortable about the fact that his son was facing a crisis; he had to wait for an opportunity to act.

However, the following scene not only made Zhang Guangyou feel that his heart ached but also made him feel a little surprised.

Facing many people, Zhang Han had no idea of fighting back.

Several attacks suddenly descended.

And Zhang Hans figure turned into more than a hundred ones, fleeing in all directions.

Although the crowd waved their hands to annihilate him, Zhang Han always appeared hundreds of meters away from them, gaining two seconds of time.

Occasionally, he would burrow into the ground, pass by rivers and lakes, and enter them while showing off his body skills.

People who were chasing after Zhang Han suffered a lot.

The elders wanted to catch the man alive, so they gave orders to not hit him hard.

They were afraid that once they exerted excessive energy, they would get that kid killed.

But if they attacked him lightly, they were never able to hit him.

In such a tied situation, they marched forward for an hour.

The Wu Ming Sect could be vaguely seen in the horizon.


The First Elder furrowed his eyebrows.

And finally, he gave an order.

“Kill him!”

“Boom!” The entire sky was covered with violent energy.

Zhang Hans face changed slightly.

Then his body fled forward at a great speed; he exerted his Divine Walking Trick to the extreme, leaving behind a trail of afterimages.

Even so, he was still injured by the many aftershocks, injuring him more and more.

“He… ” Zhang Han gritted his teeth and turned his head to look at the First Elder who had just injured him.

The two of them gazed at each other for a fraction of a second.

Suddenly, Zhang Han opened his mouth, “Elder Zhan, are you going to stand by and watch me die”


In a moment, many people looked at Zhan San.

“What did this mean”

“Nonsense!” Zhan San was furious.

“Elder Zhan, if I die, all of this energy will be gone.”


Ill kill you!” With a giant ax in his hand, Zhan San was about to move his body, only to be blocked by several strong breaths.

Helplessly, he cut through the air.

And a large blade cut deep ravines out of a small mountain.

The energy struck in all directions.

Zhang Han slowed down his speed.

And suddenly under the impact, there was a qualitative leap in his speed.

It seemed that this ax hack of Zhan San was specifically designed to blow that man away.

Taking his previous words into consideration, the crowd looked at Zhan San with different eyes.

It wasnt that they were easily fooled.

It was only because based on their understanding of the Heaven-earth Formation, they knew it wouldnt be broken at all.

And if this mystery wasnt resolved, they would always be suspicious of Zhan San.

They thought, “Speaking of the Heaven-earth Formation, it withstood the Heavenly Knights Sect successfully.

How come a brat at the Grand Master realm came in just like that”

Zhan San was deeply aggrieved.

He thought, “I dont f*cking know anything!”

Zhang Han was fast and didnt forget tokindly remind Zhan San, “Elder Zhan, dont worry about me.

Run away!”


The Grand Elder of the Wind Snow School turned livid and snorted coldly.

“Finish him quickly and easily!”

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Those at the back followed him extremely quickly, executing all sorts of tricks.

Zhang Hans escape had really surprised those strong people.

“Theres something strange about his speed.”

“What kind of body movement is this How come he dodged my attack again”

“Hes not even at the Divine Realm.

We must not allow him to escape today.

Otherwise, we will surely be disgraced if word gets out.”

“Encircle him! Too much time was wasted before.

How could he have escaped if we had gone all out from the start”

Many strong men were in a semi-encircling position at the rear, slowly pressing forward.

Their speed was faster than Zhang Hans.

But Zhang Hans secret methods were countless, which discouraged them every time.

And during all this time, Zhang Han hadnt received a single attack head-on!

Finally, ten more minutes of bitter chasing passed.

It was tough.

But Zhang Han was relieved.

“The Wu Ming Sect”

The Grand Elder of the Wind Snow School furrowed his eyebrows slightly.

Under the many gazes, Zhang Han shouted, “Elder Zhan, lets get out of here!”

After saying that, he took out a token in his hand, which shone brightly.

Then, the Mountain-protection Array of the Wu Ming Sect flashed in an area in front of Zhang Han.

Then he crashed into it and his figure disappeared.


The faces of all the people from the Wind Snow School, including Zhan San, turned ugly.

“Wu Ming Sect, how dare you!”

“Whoosh!” The First Elder was so furious that a meteor hammer appeared in his right hand and he smashed it in the direction of the Wu Ming Sect.

A stream of monstrous energy struck at the Wu Ming Sect head-on.

And the Mountain-protection Array trembled a few times before restoring its calmness.

Other protectors also attacked it with fury.

In less than a minute, the Wu Ming Sects mount gate flickered, from which fifty to sixty people appeared, including the head and the elders.

“Wind Snow School”

The Head of Wu Ming Sect didnt look good.

He frowned and said, “What are you guys trying to do”

“What for How come you dont know about it Youre playing dumb, arent you” the Second Elder of the Wind Snow School said in an angry voice, “Hand him over!”

“What did you say”

The Wu Ming Sect was also a top sect in the Kun Xu World.

Although it was not as powerful as the Wind Snow School, it wasnt weak either.

At this time, the headmaster was somewhat angry.

“You openly attacked the Wu Ming Sect.

How come you want us to hand over someone from our group Elder Zhan, you promised me something, but you still havent fulfilled it.

I helped you in the first place.

Do the people from the Wind Snow School repay kindness with revenge”


Many people stared at Zhan San once again.

Zhan San was already a little confused at this point.

He thought, “I didnt do anything!”

“Zhan San!”

A furious shout came from the mouth of the Grand Elder of the Wind Snow School.


Zhan San spurted out a mouthful of blood, feeling completely confused.

Far above in the sky.

Dong Chen looked shocked, “How, is it possible”

He could relate to it.

But other people surely wouldnt dare to believe that Zhang Han had broken the formation of a sect.

He mustnt tell anyone about this, since it could be used as a weapon in the future!

Instead, Zhang Guangyou fixed his eyes on the nearby area.

“Wheres my son”

He didnt care about anything else.

Neither would he care if the fighting between the Wind Snow School and the Wu Ming Sect would turn the world upside down.

He just wanted to know where Zhang Han was.

Suddenly, a faint voice sounded in Zhang Guangyous ears.


Come this way…”

Following the force, Zhang Guangyou turned his head to look, only to see that there was a mountain a thousand meters behind him, where Zhang Han was lying without a single breath coming out of him.


Zhang Guangyous heart was pounding with fear.

He moved his body quickly and flew over.

“How are you”

As Zhang Guangyou looked at Zhang Han, whose face was pale, his eyes were red with distress.

Zhang Han said extremely weakly, “Im fine.

Lets go back first.

I cant hide for long.”

“Eat these first.”

Dong Chen took out three medicinal pellets.

Each of them was emitting the scent of a divine object.

At this time, Zhang Han forgot all manners and ate them in one bite.

Then they quickly evacuated with Zhang Han.

Just ten minutes after they made their escape, they sensed an extremely dense and powerful breath behind them, which was earth-shattering!

“Theyre fighting!”

Dong Chen sighed, “It would be nice if they were fighting a life-and-death battle.”

Although it was a fight, the two sides wouldnt consume anything.

And those people from the Wu Ming Sect couldnt beat the Wind Snow School.

Anyway, the Wu Ming Sect was well-known for its retreating habits, which the Wind Snow School could do nothing about for a moment.

And since Zhang Hans figure had appeared, once the disciples of Wind Snow School checked on it, they would know that he wasnt anyone from the Wu Ming Sect.

And with his attack in Singapore, Zhang Han couldnt hide this matter from them for too long.

“I guess an all-out war with the Wind Snow School is about to begin.” Dong Chen shook his head slightly.

“So what Whats due will come sooner or later!” Zhang Guangyou carried Zhang Han on his back.

And his eyes were blood red, dazzling with mad killing intent.

“Yes!” Dong Chen nodded and smiled again.

Looking at Zhang Han who was concentrating on recovering from his injuries with his eyes closed, he slowly said, “Its a miracle.

Your son is awesome.”

He was genuinely a bit convinced as well as curious.

He thought, “Where did Zhang Han get so many of his secret body movements and arts from

“Although the group didnt attack him at full strength, the fact that their realm was so oppressive was still there.

In this situation, how did he manage to escape

“And where did he go in the end He didnt enter Wu Ming Sect.

How did he disappear”

A lot of questions were on his mind.

Even he was at a loss, let alone the group behind him.

And it was because of those doubts that they were fighting.

The Wu Ming Sect was probably going to have a headache.

But Dong Chen was happy to see that.

The Wu Ming Sect had sided with Zhan San back then and tried their best to stop the Heavenly Knights Sect, which Dong Chen had always remembered.

“Its just… he is so badly injured.

He surely cant recover within a month.

I hope his foundation wasnt compromised.”

Dong Chen sighed again.

Seeing that Zhang Guangyou was in a bad mood, he remained silent as well.

The flight lasted for more than three hours.

When they reached the main gate of the Heavenly Knights Sect, Zhang Han also opened his eyes.

Zhang Han spoke in a somewhat weak tone, “Dad, put me down.”

Zhang Guangyou responded somewhat sulkily, “You were injured to such a degree.

Whats the point of putting you down” Then he tightened his grip on Zhang Han again, carrying him to the top of the mountain.

Zhang Han replied, “Go back to the residence.

Ill talk to Mengmeng and the others.

Its useless to heal my wounds now.

Prepare the furnace.

I need to go back to Mount New Moon.”


Zhang Guangyou was sullen as he helplessly put down Zhang Han.

Anyway, it was good for Zhang Han to come back safely.

Zhang Guangyou was actually angry with himself.

“Im going to the Sixth Elders.

Ill meet you at the mountain gate later,” said Dong Chen, then he flew to the back of the mountain.

Zhang Han, on the other hand, walked up to the residence on foot.

By then, he had recovered a little from his injuries.

His face was still pale.

But he smiled when he saw Mengmeng and Zi Yan who were playing on the lawn.

Zhang Han muttered to himself, “I said Id be back.

And I will definitely stand by my words.”

He was well aware of how much he had spent to perform the Secret Disappearance at the last minute.

Moreover, he had performed the most supreme kind.

There was a crack in his dantian, and the injury was so severe that soaking for a year in the Heaven Lake wouldnt do him any good.

“Its still a bit risky for you to make a breakthrough in this state, isnt it”

Zhang Guangyou hesitated.

But he still suggested, “There are still many martial art resources in our treasury.

Why dont you heal your wounds first”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“Its useless.

I cant hold it down indefinitely.

Ill just break through.

If the damage to my foundation hasnt been repaired, it will be even more troublesome for my recovery.”

His ten thousand thunderclouds were making trouble all the time.

With his ruptured ten-inch dantian, it was a tricky problem to solve.

Even Zhang Han had to move immediately.

But before that, he still had to do something.

Before he got close enough, he called out softly, “Mengmeng.”

“Huh PaPa!”

Mengmengs large and clear eyes lit up.

Then she gave up playing with Dahei and flew over.

Zi Yan also smiled elegantly and stepped forward.

The ordinary people like Zhou Fei next to her didnt feel anything.

But Rong Jiali and Chen Changqing changed the looks on their faces greatly.

That was because they could feel that Zhang Hans breath was too chaotic.

And they could feel his weakness even more.

Zhang Han had been badly injured!


They quickly approached Zhang Han.

But Zhang Han didnt look at them.

He could only see Mengmeng.

Seeing that the little girl was running at him, he seemed to forget all the physical pain.

Crouching down, he stretched out his arms.

And only when Mengmeng jumped into his arms did he stand up with her in his arms, laughing lightly.

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