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To use Star Picking Palm, Zhang Han should absorb the essence of heaven, earth, sun, and moon, and borrow the power of stars.

This powerful move was finally displayed by Zhang Han, who was now at the Innateness stage.

The effect was remarkable.

Even the powerful man like Qing Zhen Zi was beaten into nothingness by this slap.

At that moment, Zhang Guangyou, several other Earth-Realm martial artists of Wind Snow School, a few Divine-Realm martial artists, and a large number of disciples at the Grand Master stage were all stunned and couldnt believe it.

No one could have thought that Qing Zhen Zi, who was the most powerful in the sub-sect of Wind Snow School and was about to break through into Heaven Realm, could not even block the palm of this strange young man, and was killed like a fly.


The other Earth-Realm martial artists in the sect were pale.

They knew that Qing Zhen Zi was extremely strong, be it in terms of his methods, cultivation, secret skills, and other factors.

Even if he couldnt defeat that young man, this battle should not have ended that fast! What was that palm

In the whole Wind Snow School, Qing Zhen Zi was excellent.

He was only one step away from Heaven Realm and had mastered more than ten kinds of secret methods.

It was a pity that he was defeated in this way without even a chance to fight back!

What was that young mans level

Heaven Realm… Peak

“What a terrible palm.

Whats the secret method Its too powerful.

Is he my son He destroyed a martial artist at Heaven Realm with just one palm Isnt that to say… I cant defeat my son at all”

All of a sudden, Zhang Guangyou felt both surprised and worried, not knowing how to protect his son.

“He is at Divine Realm and can destroy someone at Earth Peak Stage with just one hand.

Im afraid he is the first person to do that in history.

What he said is right.

We cant value him according to the martial arts level.”

Zhang Guangyou suddenly felt unhappy.

“Why did he suddenly become so strong, and why didnt he prepare me for this shocking fact”

“I was so desperate before, but what I said was nonsense!”

After ten seconds of silence…

Many disciples in the sub-sect of Wind Snow School were in a panic.

“Protector Qing is dead!”

“We are finished.

How can we resist the enemies Even protector Qi couldnt defeat them.

My God, Lord Sky Dragon and Lord Earth Tiger should not have left…” The young man who spoke was sad.

He knew that in the face of such a strong man, it was useless to run now.

Now the fleeing people might be targeted by the other side, and they could only wait for the other protectors at Earth Realm to fight with the other side and get a chance to escape in the chaos!

But would the Earth-Realm martial artists on their side fight

If they chose to flee, they would be the victims.

One of the protectors was a little flustered.

He stared at Zhang Han and asked, “Who are you”

“He is so young.

Who is he”

“Is he from Heavenly Knights Sect No, no, no, there is no such talented young disciple in Heavenly Knights Sect.”

“He has just killed someone at Earth Peak Stage.”

Qing Zhen Zi was the strongest cultivator at present, while the other cultivators were only at the Last-Stage of Earth Realm.

“If he is not from Heavenly Knights Sect, is he the disciple of Black White Palace”

Thinking of this possibility, the protector felt like falling into an ice cave.

When the disciples of Black White Palace came out, they were always invincible.

Every time they appeared, the other young martial artists of the same generation would become their foil.

But they hadnt heard of someone from Black White Palace killing cultivators at Earth Peak Stage as soon as they left their sect.

“Whats going on”

“Who am I” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“You dont need to know.”

All of a sudden, Zhang Hans Qi surged.

This was the signal that Zhang Han wanted to fight.

At that moment, the protector at Earth Realm roared, “Run! Run to report it to the Elder!”


In an instant, these people fled wildly in all directions.

Zhang Guangyou was surprised.

“Kill them!”

Just as he was about to move, he suddenly sensed the Qi of Zhang Han beside him.

Thus, he stopped.

He had heard that Zhang Han was very proficient in the moves that covered a wide area.

“Im not a Soul-Consumer, but Im using the forbidden spells to make a command.

“Summon the souls of monsters and elves.

“Summon the souls of the unknown dead.

“Summon the souls wandering in the underworld.


Along with Zhang Hans murmur, the ethereal voice spread through the whole sect.

Gradually, a wisp of blood mist floated from Zhang Hans forehead.

It seemed slow, but the whole process took less than three seconds.

He made the gesture of casting, and suddenly opened his eyes.

“With my blood at Innateness stage, I want Blood Shock Pluto Incantation!”


All of a sudden, a red glow at the speed of thunder surrounded many disciples of Wind Snow School.

At the beginning, Zhang Han had absorbed a lot of energy with the secret method, and then went to the Li Family to perform this skill reluctantly.

But now, Zhang Han had his own ability to use it.

A person would remain mortal until they reached the Innateness Stage.

Zhang Han had already bid farewell to his mortal body and really opened the road of cultivating.

In Zhang Guangyous dull eyes, the red light formed a circle.

All the people inside were attacking constantly, but all those energies were gathered in the blood curtain.

Thump, thump!

The curtain of blood shrank sharply, then grew larger like a beating heart.

This change was accompanied by mysterious and profound curse power.

In the blood curtain, the bodies of all the Grand Masters withered at a speed visible to the naked eye, and their Qi and blood were diffused.

Thump, thump!

Another heartbeat.

The thousands strands of Qi and blood penetrated into the body of the disciples at Divine Realm and sped up the flow of their Qi and blood.

It seemed as if the disciples at Divine Realm were fertilizer, which improved the others Qi and blood a lot.

Thump, thump!

The attack didnt stop.

The third heartbeat echoed, and a huge amount of Qi and blood rushed into the bodies of the Earth-Realm cultivators.

Their Qi rose layer by layer, and those who were originally at Earth Peak Stage were now at Earth Peak Stage or Heaven Realm.

Their bodies couldnt bear it because of the improvement of their cultivation.

When Qi and blood coursed through them, their bodies began to wither, including their souls.


Zhang Han took a deep breath and waved his right hand slightly.

The blood curtain slowly dispersed.

Just now, there were hundreds of people on the top of the mountain.

Now… There was no one but a palm print with a depth of 100 meters.

All of them were killed in the battle, but Zhang Guangyou felt no pity.

He was in a daze and lost his mind.

After two seconds, he turned his head and looked at Zhang Han.

“We, we destroyed one of Wind Snow Schools sub-sects”

Well, it seemed that someone hadnt done anything from the beginning to the end.

He didnt think so, though he wanted to.

.”I see.”

Zhang Han nodded slightly, looked at Zhang Guangyou, and chuckled.

“Lets go and see our trophies.”


Zhang Guangyou laughed.

Suddenly, six people ran to the outside world on both sides.

He snorted coldly.

“Ill kill them.”

Zhang Han said with a bitter smile, “I let them go on purpose.”


Zhang Guangyou was stunned for a moment.

Then, he was relieved and patted Zhang Han on the shoulder.

“Leave a few informers to solve the Heavenly Knights Sect crisis.

You shocked me so much that I forgot about it.”

“Lets see the trophies first!”

Zhang Guangyous eyes brightened slightly.

“I never expected that we would destroy the sub-sect of Wind Snow School.

I dont know where the formation eye of their Heaven-Earth Formation is, but their crystal stones should be in the Main Mount.”

“Let go and see.”

Whoosh, whoosh!

When they reached the main hall of the Main Mount, their soul sense moved and began to search every room.

Finally, Zhang Han found a place that his soul sense couldnt enter.

In a house in the backyard of the main hall, there was a basement.

The entrance of the basement was blocked by the array.

“It seems that you need the token of Sky Dragon or Earth Tiger.

If this array is broken by force, it will destroy everything in it.

We also have this array in Heavenly Knights Sect.

If Heavenly Knights Sect is occupied one day, we will never leave any treasure to the enemy.

Sky Dragon and Earth Tiger are not here.

Otherwise, if they triggered their imprints, they would blow up this place and maybe the treasures here wouldnt be available.

But even so, the medicine field in the back mountain is also a harvest.”

Zhang Guangyous eyes were shining slightly.

Even if he couldnt get the best treasure, there were still many resources in the medicine field!

After hearing this, Zhang Han shook his head with a smile.

“This kind of array is easy to be broken.”

With a wave of his right hand, five crystal stones appeared.

They were smashed and turned into thousands of silk threads, forming an array.

They were continuously compressed and integrated with each other, and Zhang Han was able to control all this.

The gate of the array opened directly.

It took ten seconds from the beginning to the end.

Zhang Guangyou was confused.

He swallowed his saliva and said dryly, “Can you break all arrays so easily”

“Not really.” Zhang Han shook his head.

“Some of the real Heaven-Earth Formations are complicated, but most people in the world do not understand the array.”

Zhang Guangyou looked serious after hearing the words.

People in the world dont understand the array… How strong was Zhang Han to dare to speak like this

Generally speaking, Zhang Guangyou would say, “Well, dont be too confident.

Martial artists should be modest.”

But the evidence were in front of him

Heaven-Earth Formations and Treasure Formations were nothing to Zhang Han.

Zhang Guangyou was speechless.

“Go in.

There should be some treasure.”

Zhang Han smiled and entered.

Inside was a hall with a radius of 1,000 meters.

All kinds of cabinets were filled with treasures.

But compared with the whole hall, only 1/5 of the cabinets were treasures.

The most attractive was the red stone standing horizontally in the middle.

Zhang Hans eyes slightly lit up.

“Array stone, I didnt expect that they had such a large array stone!”

“They are all mine.” With a smile, Zhang Guangyou took the lead in collecting the treasures.

After a while, they counted the treasures.

One large five-level array stone, 230 medium-grade crystals, 9,000 low-grade crystals, eight forth-stage spirit treasures, 23 forth-stage spirit treasures, and many kinds of materials.

“What a small fortune.” Zhang Guangyou was happy due to the rich harvest.

“Its a pity that they wasted too many resources in order to refine the sixth-level spirit treasure.”

Zhang Han slightly shook his head.

After they went out, Zhang Guangyou destroyed this place with one hand, and went to the medicinal field to pick up all kinds of miraculous herbs, leaving nothing behind him.

When they finally wanted to leave, they bombarded the whole sect into ruins.

“Lets go.

Theres still time.

Shall we go southwest or northeast” Zhang Guangyou asked with a smile.

“Our trip in the Seven Harmony World is not over yet.”

“Well What do you mean” Zhang Guangyou was confused.

Under his gaze, Zhang Han calmly looked at the direction in the distance and said slowly, “There are still seven other sects here.”

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