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Chapter 761 A Bolt From the Blue

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

They flew rapidly toward the south.

At the beginning, they could see two faint figures in front of them.

But no matter how fast they flew, they could only watch them disappear from their sight.

Suddenly, they had a bad feeling.

“Are those two unknown strong men professional robbers”

“How did they defeat the sub-sect of Wind Snow School The Heaven-earth Formation is not merely a decoration after all.

Is it possible that they are powerful enough to suppress the Heaven-earth Formation”

“No way! It is impossible!”

They did not understand how the sub-sect of Wind Snow School was destroyed and the treasures from the whole mountain were taken away.

Fortunately, ten minutes after their flight, they saw a figure fleeing.

A disciple who escaped from Wind Snow School.

Jiang Yanlans father frowned and stretched out his right hand to pull the man over.

“Are you from the Wind Snow School”

“No, Im not.”

“You dont admit it You have the token of the Wind Snow School with you.” Father Jiang showed a hint of killing intent.

The frightened mans face turned pale in panic.

“Im from the Wind Snow School.”

“What happened to your sect”

“I, I, I dont know! The two men, the two demons, I dont know how they got in.

Dead, all dead…”

Seeing that the man was almost scared to death, Father Jiang was not in the mood to ask any more and casually cast him aside.

Father Jiang became extremely serious.

“They can break through the Heaven-earth Formation Thats terrible.

Lets go back to the sect as soon as possible!”

All the people he led turned pale with fright.

No matter how inconceivable this matter was and whatever the reasons the two men had, the only thing they wanted to do now was to return to their sect.

It was fortunate that those two men were not targeting them, otherwise there were not enough powerful cultivators in their sect to defeat the enemies.

They flew at full speed in a highly agitated state.

Finally, when they saw their sect, everyone relaxed and exhaled a long breath.

“Fortunately, its not us.”


But the next moment, a strong vibration came from the south not far away.

Jiang Yanlans face changed slightly, “Its the Ten Tigers Sect!”

“Lets go and have a look!”

Jiang Yanlans father pondered for two seconds before he decided to go and check out the situation.

So they flew south again.

The Ten Tigers Sect had ten powerful cultivators comprising of five Heaven-Realm ones and five Earth-Realm ones.

Their overall strength was in the upper middle level.

Among the five cultivators at Heaven Realm, there were two at the peak stage, one at the last stage and the other two at the middle stage.

They were equally powerful in the Mystical Martial World.

The strongest sect in the Mystical Martial World was the Beiming Sect, but they never claimed that they were the first because of the existence of the Black White Palace, the most mysterious sect in the world located in the Mystical Martial World.

They did not want to provoke the Mystical Martial World merely for a stunt, so one could only imagine how powerful the Black White Palace was.

Due to all sorts of factors, the Mystical Martial World was relatively peaceful.

And most of the battles only took place in Ancient Mine.

But now, the sub-sect of the Wind Snow School had been destroyed.

In their eyes, it was a shocking thing.

With the shock destruction of the Ten Tigers Sect, they felt that the matter seemed to be more serious than they had imagined.

After flying for half an hour, they finally arrived at the territory of the Ten Tigers Sect.

The whole sect was in a mess.

The Heaven-earth Formation had disappeared and no crystal stones were left.

Seeing this scene, the expressions on the faces of the group members changed a little.

Whoosh, whoosh!

Suddenly, two figures flew east from the back mountain of the Ten Tigers Sect.

Father Jiang and his men looked as if they were facing a great enemy.


Jiang Yanlan suddenly cried out in doubt, “That figure looked familiar.”

“Do you know them” Father Jiang was nervous.

“The man on the left is a bit like the boss, Zhang Hanyang, whom I mentioned before.

He is very powerful.

They are going too fast for me to see clearly.” Jiang Yanlan was hesitant.

“Who” Father Jiang was stunned and recalled the name after a few seconds.

He said with a smile, “Zhang Hanyang has not reached Divine Realm.

How could he cause such a fantastic thing Besides, dont say that the others are powerful.

You will probably reach the God Realm Late-stage after your breakthrough this time.

When the time comes, Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing could never defeat you.”


Jiang Yanlan was a little stunned and uncertain.

She had been at the Grand Master Peak stage for more than two years.

However, Master Zhang Hanyang was able to kill Gu Donglai when he was at the same stage as her.

Considering all of Zhang Hanyangs achievements, she felt that she would never catch up with him.

“I dont have to be better than him, as long as I can beat Liu.”

Jiang Yanlan hummed, not giving it too much thought.

Before the group left for their sect, she turned her head and looked at the side.

She muttered, “Can it be him It should not be.

Those two are the super strong ones who destroyed the two sects.

Well, it should not be him.

Its my mistake.”

As it turned out, she was not wrong.

At this time, Zhang Han and Zhang Guangyou had just left the Mystical Martial World.

“So exciting.”

Zhang Guangyou exhaled, “There might be an earthquake in the worldlet since so many sects have been destroyed.

Are we going to the southwest now to destroy the last few sects there The Wind Snow School is very cunning this time and all the sects helping them are not in their southeast Saint Serene World.

Wind Snow School must have promised them great benefits.

The cunning Wind Snow School doesnt want to improve the strength of other sects in their own territory.”

“Those who reported the news should be close to the Kun Xu World.

Well go to the southwest Witch Hidden World and destroy those sects before them.” Zhang Han replied.

“Lets go.”

Zhang Guangyou did not say anything this time.

It seemed that he was addicted to this kind of activity that could destroy the enemys forces while making money at the same time.

“Its your own fault.

Dont blame me for being ruthless.”

He murmured in silence.

When they moved, they quickly flew toward the southwest.

The whole journey was tiring, at least Zhang Guangyou felt a little tired.

Fortunately, they saw a plane flying toward the southwest and hitched a free ride in stealth mode.

They were able to have a rest at last.

After they took two pills each, Zhang Guangyou said with a smile, “Son, why do you hide your face every time”

Zhang Guangyou, the Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect, was not known to all, but at least all the senior leaders of the other sects could recognize him in the war and call out his name.

However, Zhang Hans face was shrouded in light, which made Zhang Guangyou a little confused.

For most of the martial artists, it was their pursuit to be outstanding.

“Im not the same.”

Zhang Han shook his head, “They all know that you attacked them and regard you and the Heavenly Knights Sect as enemies.

All I want is to accompany Mengmeng to school in Hong Kong, instead of leading a turbulent life.

Every debt has its debtor and they will trouble you, not me.”

Zhang Guangyou was stunned.

He felt a little dizzy.

After two seconds of inaction, he slowly replied, “Are you trying to trap me”

“Ah” Zhang Han thought for a moment, “Er… Im a little speechless, but it seems to be like this.”

“Do you dare to trap me now” Zhang Guangyou laughed and scolded, “You have strong wings now, but youd better behave yourself in my presence.

Although you are better than me now, you cant… cant… Well, keep it in mind.”

Zhang Han was amused, “I see, Dad.

It sounds as if Im being rebellious.”

“My son is excellent, I know.” Zhang Guangyou patted Zhang Han on the shoulder with a smile and then he looked toward the front with emotion.

At this time, at the entrance of the Kun Xu World…

There were waves of frightened disciples.

In front of the Heavenly Knights Sect, the alliance of hundreds of people was still attacking in batches.

The Mountain-protection Array was quivering and even the mountains and rivers seemed to be boiling and clattering.

There were many people gathered around to watch the fun or to check out the situation of their enemies.

Many of them were high-level martial artists in the local sects.

They were all shocked by the scene.

“If it goes on like this, the Heavenly Knights Sect will be dead within a month.”

“The eight sects, headed by the Wind Snow School, are attacking with all their strength.

This is too terrible, but the Heaven-earth Formation of the Heavenly Knights Sect is so powerful.

If it was our sect being attacked, we would be destroyed in one day.”

“These forces are bound together and invincible.

They can destroy any sects except for the Black White Palace.

There is no chance for the Heavenly Knights Sect to survive.”


They kept on discussing.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

The first wave made up of several figures came running over the woods in a panic.

“First Elder! First Elder! Somethings wrong! Our sub-sect in the Seven Harmony World is destroyed! First Elder, the sub-sect is destroyed!”

Before they arrived at their destination, one of the deranged disciples shouted at the top of his voice.

Originally, hundreds of people on this side were still attacking in a very calm and orderly manner.

They did not care about those people, but those disciples words were like a bolt from the blue, hitting their minds.

“What did you say”

The Second Elder of Wind Snow School was impetuous.

He rushed toward those disciples, staring at them and gritting his teeth.

“What did you say Say it again!”

He had a murderous look on his face.

But this was the actual fact.

The disciple in front of him was stunned and the middle-aged man next to him cried, “Second Elder, the sub-sect in the Seven Harmony World has been destroyed and all of them are dead! All the protectors and disciples are dead except us.

They were killed by Zhang Guangyou, the Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect and his men.

Our sect is destroyed.”


The First Elder, whose expression had never changed, suddenly felt dizzy and his face darkened.

“Say it again.”

“What is it I didnt hear you! The sub-sect is destroyed How is that possible”

“First Elder…”

He listened to the report again.

The faces of the people in Wind Snow School darkened completely.

“Zhang Guangyou, Zhang Guangyou, Zhang Guangyou…”

The First Elders anger was unbearable.

He turned to look at the Heavenly Knights Sect and roared, “Attack!”


This was bad news for the Wind Snow School.

It was very difficult for their sub-sects in any worldlet to develop and now one of them was destroyed.

Besides, the one in the Kun Xu World was partially disabled, greatly weakening the Wind Snow School.

At this time, the people of seven sects, such as the Caprice Mo Sect, looked sad.

Of course, it was all fake.

They were actually taking pleasure in the Wind Snow Schools misfortune.

The Wind Snow School was so strong that they were very willing to see it suffer a lot.

But then, less than ten minutes later, a few people came again.

Seeing them, the leaders of the Caprice Mo Sect were confused.

“Arent they our disciples What are they doing here”

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