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Chapter 762 Retreating the Enemies in One Day

Usually, the disciples of the Caprice Mo Sect came over to inform them about irrelevant events.

But now, the Wind Snow Schools sub-sect in the Seven Harmony World was destroyed and a few young children had just arrived.

Now, seeing another group of disciples coming, everyone could not help imagining what had happened.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Led by their sect chief, the Caprice Mo Sect disciples quickly came to their sect mates.

“What are you doing here”

Seeing the darkened faces of these frightened disciples, all the others in the Caprice Mo Sect, including the sect chief, felt chills running down their spines.

After listening to these disciples, they were really sad.

“I, I.


The Caprice Mo Sect Leader was choked by the bad news and spat out a big mouthful of blood.

“Our Caprice Mo Sect is destroyed”

They were totally confused.

Seeing this, the expression on the face of the Grand Elder of Wind Snow School changed and he said angrily, “Second Elder, bring a few people to the northeast Mystical Martial World and Third Elder to the southwest Witch Hidden World.

Be quick!”

Their base was destroyed and they could not just sit still.

“Yes.” The two elders brought several disciples at the Earth Realm with them to their destination.

The First Elder was not worried about the safety of their Main Sect, for there were two cultivators at Heaven Realm guarding it.

The disciples from the other sects looked at each other.

“Elder Feng, please go back to the sect and make sure its safe.”

“Protector Bei, take someone back to our sect as soon as possible.”

“Elder Yang…”

The other sects could not sit still either.

The departure of dozens of cultivators reduced the frequency of attacks.

The members of the Caprice Mo Sect were still in a daze.

Their sect chief was confused.

“What should we do”

“We lost our sect.”

“What else can we do”

“There are only a dozen disciples left.”

“A general without an army…”

“Can I go back”

“Cant I go back”

“What am I going to do Why am I here”

“Were finished…”

He had no idea what he was thinking of.

A lot of people standing by were also surprised.

“Both the Caprice Mo Sect and the sub-sect of the Wind Snow School in the Seven Harmony World were destroyed… How could it be possible Is their Heaven-earth Formation just a display only”

“It is so messy.

There will be trouble soon.”

“They also felt the pain when the Wind Snow School was destroyed, but it was not impossible for them to accept it.

However, only several disciples are left in the Caprice Mo Sect and Im afraid they will be removed from the list from now on.

Even if they are rebuilt, they will exist only in name.”


All these discussions did not help to calm the Caprice Mo Sect down.

Seeing this, the Grand Elder of Wind Snow School thought for two seconds, flashed to them and said calmly, “It was the Heavenly Knights Sect that destroyed your sect.

The only way is to defeat the Heavenly Knights Sect.

At that time, apart from what I have promised, all the resources obtained from the Heavenly Knights Sect, except for those owed to us Wind Snow School, will be shared with you and the other six sects.”

When the Heavenly Knights Sect was destroyed, he was willing to give up the treasures he might find, because what he cared about were not the spoils of war, but the continuity.

The destruction of the Heavenly Knights Sect would help the Wind Snow School to expand crazily again and the achievement of supremacy was just around the corner.

Now his thoughts were to calm down the army.

But the chief of the Caprice Mo Sect was miserable.

His sect was gone.

But so what

He looked at the Grand Elder of Wind Snow School in anger.

“I want what you promised now and half of the booty after conquering the Heavenly Knights Sect!”

“This…” The First Elder frowned, pondered for two seconds, then turned his head to look at the other sects.

Seeing that all their chiefs were nodding their heads, he agreed.


A Space Ring appeared in his hand and was sent to the Caprice Mo Sect Leader.

After thinking about it, he took out the rewards for the other sects, his face reflecting his pain.

The six Space Rings were transformed into six rays of light and given to the other leaders respectively.

They nodded contentedly when they found out what was inside, using their soul senses.

The Caprice Mo Sect Leaders anger only subsided for a few seconds.

He felt so frustrated and roared in anger, “Kill them!”

He took the lead to attack the Heavenly Knights Sects Heaven-earth Formation.

Everyone present thought that the matter had been resolved, but it was not.

Before long, a group of people came again.

Seeing their arrival, the leader of the Limitless Sect and the 20 or more people felt depressed.

Before being asked, the disciples sobbed, “We finally found you.

Our sect was destroyed by Zhang Guangyou and a mysterious strong man.

We were the only ones who survived.”


A bolt from the blue.

Everyone from the Limitless Sect, like those from the Caprice Mo Sect, were stunned.

Seeing this, the people of the Caprice Mo Sect felt much better.

At least it was not only their sect that was destroyed.

But at this time, the other five sects felt as if they had fallen into an ice cave.

“How did Zhang Guangyou break the Heaven-earth Formation”

“How is that possible Did he get some strong reinforcements”

“What happened First Elder, your disciples of the Wind Snow School did not seem surprised.

You must have known something about it.”

All of a sudden, these sects started to question him.

Most importantly, they saw the excitement on Zhan Sans face.

Just now, he almost laughed out loud and wanted to say, “Ha ha, have you seen it It is he, who has his own way to break through the Heaven-earth Formation.

Do you still believe that I colluded with an outsider”

But he knew it was time to keep a low profile.

Even so, other people who discovered the clues would certainly start questioning him.

Hearing this, the First Elder suddenly fell silent.

Seeing that all the people around him had stopped, the First Elder was angry and it was not easy to vent his anger.

After five seconds, he replied in a deep voice, “The Wind Snow School lost 70 divine objects and we place the blame on someone from the Heavenly Knights Sect.”

Like a stone stirring up a thousand waves, all the people present were in a frenzy.

The number 70 was so horrible!

They felt shocked.

Some people asked, “How did they do it”

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

All eyes converged on the elders face and he said something that brought fear to their hearts, “The Heavenly Knights Sect seems to have mastered the method of breaking the Heaven-earth Formation.”


Once again, everyone felt as if they had been hit by a bolt from the blue.

Several leaders began to curse, feeling as if they were in a daze.

“Why didnt you tell us earlier”

They began to regret their blind participation in the operation.

The treasures given by the First Elder made them feel excited.

They thought that it was like a wall falling down and everyone was helping to push it, but they did not know that the other side had the capability to turn the tables!

Several leaders who thought they had not been affected, wanted to retreat.

This time they came with great fanfare and did not leave many people behind in their sect.

If their sect was destroyed like the Caprice Mo Sect and the Limitless Sect, it would be too miserable.

When they were just thinking about how to say goodbye…


All of a sudden, a group of people came rushing from afar again.

There were many people this time.

It seemed as if they were divided into three groups.

The faces of many people present suddenly darkened.

“First Elder!”

All of a sudden, a wail rang out, “The sub-sect in the Mystical Martial World has been destroyed.”

“Master, our Ten Tigers Sect was completely destroyed and the ancestral gate has been demolished, with no valuable items remaining.”

“We Seven Ming Abyss were also destroyed…”


How many thunderbolts were there No one could remember.

The Grand Elder of Wind Snow School found his body trembling and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

He was extremely angry.

The Ten Tigers Sect and the Seven Ming Abyss were completely dumbfounded.


The sect leader of the Ten Tigers Sect raised his head and roared, “I hate them so much!”

“This…” Most of them were stunned.

The Caprice Mo Sect and the Limitless Sect, suddenly felt a little warmer in this extremely cold world.

“Now we are equal again!”

Both leaders had the same thought in their minds.

“The second one.” The Grand Elder of Wind Snow School looked pale.

He could not bear the pain, so he turned his head and looked at the Heavenly Knights Sect.

He wanted to give the order to attack, but those people who lived in the sect…”

The morale of the army was in turmoil.…

The First Elder took a deep breath and a trace of helplessness and alertness flashed in his eyes.

“So it seems that their next target is the southwest Witch Hidden World…”

Even he had the idea to retreat.

The three sects of the Witch Hidden World could not sit still.

One of the leaders took the lead to say, “First Elder, Im sorry to return without any successful attacks on the mountain this time.

I dont want to fight now, regardless of your treasures.

Next time the First Elder has something in mind, let someone send a message.

I will leave first.”

With these words, he motioned to the disciples with his eyes.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

All of them, numbering more than 20, flew away instantly.

“First Elder…”

The other two sects also left quickly.

They did not dare to delay.

In addition to the Wind Snow School, the remaining four sects were resolute.

“Continue to attack, this time we must defeat the Heavenly Knights Sect!”

The First Elders eyelids trembled and he wanted to attack.

But all his three helpers were gone and how long could he withstand the fight

What if the Heavenly Knights Sect sent someone to their Main Sect led by Dong Chen…

For a moment, the First Elder was terrified.

“Lets retreat first.

Ill take someone to the Witch Hidden World to kill Zhang Guangyou and then well attack his sect again.”

With that, the First Elder led a hundred people and evacuated quickly.

The remaining four sects, numbering more than 100 people, looked at each other and then retreated unwillingly.

They were also anxious to see what their sects were like now.

Had it really become a ruin

Their evacuation stunned many people around them.

“The alliance of eight sects has retreated! It is so easy for the Heavenly Knights Sect to defuse this offensive.”

“Im afraid they are going to be laughed at.

Their own sects were destroyed when they were attacking the Heavenly Knights Sect.

What a joke it is.

But… How did the Heavenly Knights Sect do it”

They could not help but look at the Heavenly Knights Sect.

“How did they do it”

Dong Chen, all the elders and protectors were also stunned.

“They really retreated in one day! Its true!”

Wang Xiaowu felt that all this was incredible.

“We have succeeded in protecting our sect!”

“Ha ha ha, they retreated!”

“We do not need to worry about the Heavenly Knights Sect anymore!”


All those protectors laughed with surprise and the pressure in their minds dissipated.

Dong Chen, the Grand Elder, was so happy that his eyes twinkled.

“Good boy! Thats great.”

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