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At the foot of a mountain by the entrance of the Witch Hidden World, two figures quickly flew up into the sky and disappeared.

The guards nearby shook their heads slightly.

“Whats wrong with the Witch Hidden World today There are so many people coming in and out.”

They did not know what had happened inside.

One could also say that very few people knew about it.

Word did not spread as fast in the worldlet as compared to outside.

As time passes, one could only imagine how shocking this violent news would come to others.

Zhang Han was not interested in this.

He did not even reveal his name.


After ascending into the sky, Zhang Guangyou looked very excited and proud.

He laughed out loud and patted Zhang Han on the shoulder.

“Innateness… no, Heaven State! A Heaven State Strong died in your hands, what does that make you now God Realm Peak-stage No, no, the early stage of Innateness You have just had a breakthrough and youre already so powerful! In the future… you will break the rule of those in the Heaven Peak Stage being immortal.

By that time, Heavenly Knights Sect will be invincible in the world! Your name will be heard by all and feared by many! Your name will be recorded down in history!”


Zhang Hans expression froze for a moment before he chuckled and said, “Thats not necessary, dad.

Having your name remaining in history is enough.”

He knew his fathers character very well.

He was a bold man who had a dream of being a martial arts hero or having people coming from all places to listen to his heroic deeds.

As for Zhang Han, he did not pursue to build a reputation at all, which was why he did not show his face during the fight.

Although he was the one fighting, people only knew of Zhang Guangyous name.

He was famous, that was for sure, but to make everyone fearful of him… he was still lacking a bit.

When Zhang Guangyou heard this, he tutted and said, “As your dad, can I take credit for your work”

“Its not like that.

I told you before, Im not interested in these things.

I just want to accompany Mengmeng while shes still young and spend some quiet time with her.

A few years will fly past just like that.” Zhang Han said emotionally, “Like what you said, when she grows up, she will want to go out with her friends and do many other things.

Sigh, anyway, thats what Im trying to say.

If theres nothing serious, Ill stay in Hong Kong to accompany her.

This time around, I havent seen her for a few days.

Shes probably crying already.”

“Its normal for a little girl to cry a few times.” Zhang Guangyou said dully and then became silent.

After a few seconds, he sighed softly and said, “Dad supports you.

Youre right.

Time flies past too quickly.

Images of you as a kid are still vivid in my mind.

Back then, I didnt spend much time with you, and it might have a little impact on you.

Its my fault.”

Why did Zhang Han dote on Mengmeng so much and want to accompany her always From Zhang Guangyous perspective, it was not only because Mengmeng was clingy, but there was his personal reason too.

When Zhang Han was a child, he had wanted him to accompany him more, but he failed to do so.

Now that he had become a father, he did not want the same thing to happen to her.

To be honest, this made Zhang Guangyous heart ached a little, and even the joy of victory was diminished a great deal.

“But…” Zhang Guangyou frowned.

“Even if they all knew that I was the one who did it, the Wind Snow School knows about you and they also found that you were the one who broke the Heaven-earth Formation.

In that case, Mount New Moon is not safe anymore.

You destroyed three sub-sects in the worldlet and left Kun Xu World in a half-dead state.

Most importantly, they had lost all those divine objects.

They can totally do something crazy to you.

Mount New Moon will not be unable to block them.

Although you have the title of general, the soldiers cant always be stationed around you.”

“I know.

Look at the things weve gained from fighting.

Just the Formation Stones alone are enough for me to set up the Heaven-earth Formation.” Zhang Han chuckled and did not care about his concern at all.

“Set up the Heaven-earth Formation” Zhang Guangyou was stunned and confused.

“Yes, a Heaven-earth Formation that surpasses all the sects in the world.” Zhang Han did not explain too much.

“When the time comes, youll see it.

Its still early, you can stay in Heavenly Knights Sect for a few days to monitor the situation.”

“All right then.”


While talking, both of them quickly flew towards Kun Xu World.


Mengmeng was extremely delighted when she saw Zhang Han.

She rushed over and plunged herself into Zhang Hans arms and began crying.

“PaPa, you lied.

You said that you would come back soon.

Its been a few days…”

Zhang Hans heart ached as he watched her cry.

He quickly patted Mengmeng on the back and said softly, “PaPa came back late again.

Oh, its my fault, would you forgive me…”

He had no choice but to apologize.

Zi Yans eyes were also a little watery.

She had missed Zhang Han a lot.

However, his embrace was being occupied by hislover from his past life.

She had no choice but to wait for Mengmeng to grow tired of him before could she have the chance to experience his warm embrace.

When the family three of them reunited, of course they had to play on the lawn.

After seeing Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot, Zhang Han smiled.

Dahei had already stabilized the Divine Realm, and its qi and blood were very strong.

Its strength was probably too much stronger.

The most surprising thing was that Little Hei was also already at the Grand Master Peak.

He was just one step away from the Divine Realm too.

As for Tiny Tot, his face was oily, but he still could not feel any aura.

It was also good news that he had yet to incur any losses.

“You guys ate quite a lot.”

Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

He was very clear about their behavior, but he did not say anything.

When he saw the hostile gaze of the Command Beast Peak disciples who were walking past, Zhang Han guessed that these guys had probably been exposed.

That made sense.

Who would not get their shoes wet if they always walked by the river

“Grand Elder is the scapegoat.”

“The real culprits are those new spirit beasts.”

“They eat so much!”


A series of conversation topics grew increasingly intense at the Command Beast Peak.

When the master of the peak was about to lead his men to crusade against them, the Wind Snow School came to attack them, which forced them to put the matter aside.

When Zhang Han was reunited with his family, Zhang Guangyou, Dong Chen, and several other elders were in the lobby of the main hall.

“This time around, my son and I destroyed the Wind Snow Schools Mystical Martial World, Witch Hidden World, the three sub-sects in Seven Harmony World, wiped out the Caprice Mo Sect, Ten Tigers Sect…”

“We gained 4,800 medium-grade crystals, 210,000 low-grade crystals, 89 typed of divine objects and 193 holy objects…”

“We killed one enemy in Heaven Early-stage, 35 who were in the Earth Realm, and countless who were in the Divine Realm and Grand Masters.”


The elders were stunned for a moment.

“What did you say How many” Dong Chen could not believe what he had just heard.

If you count them in detail, it was equivalent to having destroyed 10 sects! How was he able to do it in one day Although the most powerful ones of their sect were gathered in Heavenly Knights Sect, it would still take some time to completely destroy them!

“Is, is this true”

First Elder was in a daze.

“Could this be fake” Zhang Guangyou laughed heartily and waved his right hand, causing countless crystal stones to spread all over the hall.


Even the somewhat not-impressed Third Elders eyes were glistening at that moment.

“Were rich!”

Fifth Elder murmured, “There are nearly 5,000 medium-grade crystals and 210,000 low-grade crystals.

Oh my god… this is equivalent to what our Heavenly Knights Sect can produce over two years! And there are so many divine and holy objects.

This… having such resources, our Heavenly Knights Sect will definitely rise!”

“Wait! How did you do it Quick, quickly tell me!” Sixth Elder asked eagerly.

“Ha.” Zhang Guangyou took back the crystal stones and said with a faint smile, “Let me tell you in detail.

My son had had a breakthrough which caused a strange thing to happen.

As soon as he had made the breakthrough, it shook the heaven and earth, and then we…”

Zhang Guangyou enjoyed that moment very much.

This was the honor that his son had brought him.

He was very happy and proud.

Zhang Han was very similar to him in this aspect.

When the teachers praised Mengmeng during parent-teacher meetings, Zhang Han also felt very proud.

Zhang Guangyou explained the whole journey very slowly.

He talked about it for exactly half an hour.

After hearing this, everyone, including Dong Chen, looked shocked, shocked, and even more shocked.

“Your son…” Dong Chens eyes lit up.

“He can kill a Heaven Early-stage just by breaking through Hahahaha…”

His loud and clear laughter spread throughout the hall.

He had not laughed so heartily for many years.

At that moment, he could not stop laughing.

But as he laughed, his eyes became moist.

“He is the hope of our Heavenly Knights Sect! With him, we will definitely win!” Dong Chen was so excited that he could not contain himself.

“Great, great, this is great! I can finally relax.

For so many years, Brother Mu has not returned, and I am afraid that Heavenly Knights Sect will die in my care.

Now, we finally have hope.

Where… where is Zhang Han I want to see him.”

The other elders were also silent, and their faces were full of admiration.

“This is amazing.

Everyone would wish to have a son like Zhang Han.”

Zhang Guangyou was very happy to hear that.

That moment was exclusive to praises.

But why did some of those words sound a little not quite right

Third Elder said, “Zhang Guangyou, you are not very capable, but your son is extremely powerful.

This time, I admire you.”

Fifth Elder added, “Thats right…”

Zhang Guangyou was confused and speechless.

“What are you guys talking about”

Zhang Guangyous face darkened, but when he saw that Dong Chen was leaving the hall, he quickly said, “Wait, Uncle Dong, wait.

My son said that he likes to live a peaceful life and has to go back to Hong Kong to accompany my granddaughter while shes still schooling…”

“Huh Nonsense!” Dong Chen frowned.

“After destroying the Wind Snow School, all of them know about him! How dare he return to Hong Kong in such a situation If any one of their men from any of their sects goes to find him, he wont be able to stop him! Right now, the most important thing for him to do is to cultivate his powers and grow!”

“Uncle Dong, dont get too agitated.” Zhang Guangyou said helplessly, “My son is going to set up a Heaven-earth Formation on Mount New Moon, one that surpasses all the sects.”

“He wants to set up a formation Good!” First Elders eyes lit up.

“Im going to see it for myself this time.

Its not that I want to brag, your sons formations are probably out of my league already.

By observing it, it will be greatly beneficial for my formations.

I absolutely agree to this!”

“Its not impossible to try the Heaven-earth Formation.” After pondering for a while, Third Elder nodded too.

Hence, Dong Chen finally relaxed.

After thinking about it, he did not go to find Zhang Han for the time being.

Instead, he stayed behind to discuss some details with Zhang Guangyou.

At the same time.

In the main hall of Wind Snow Schools Main Sect, southwest of Saint Serene World.


The Grand Elder of Wind Snow School slammed his right hand heavily, and the ancient jade dragon throne he was sitting on turned into powder.

“Three sects in worldlet is wiped out”

“Good, good, good.

Well played, Heavenly Knights Sect! Come! Tell them…”

Before he could finish his sentence, his expression froze.

If they were to attack again, what if they come to create chaos in the Main Sect

He had no choice but to be mindful about this.

But to endure it like this

The Grand Elder was so suppressed he was losing it.


He spat out a mouthful of blood.

Eventually, he did not say anything and left directly, leaving behind nearly a hundred high-level members of the sect who were at a loss.

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