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Chapter 77 – Zhang Li was shocked

When Zhang Li went out, she only had six hundred thousand with her.

After the trip, she was out of money and she finally came to XiangJiang to work.

She didnt have enough money, let alone buy a car.

Seeing that, Zhang Han did not say anything, and directly took out his mobile phone, took out the technology masters name card, and called.

“Hello, may I ask who this is” When the call connected, the technician asked in a deep voice.

“I am the one who bought the modified Panda car two days ago.” Zhang Han replied.

“Oh, boss, its you, eh …” Is there a problem with the car ” The technicians warm words carried a hint of nervousness.

“No, I want to buy another car.” Zhang Han said plainly.

“Buy another one” The technician sounded pleasantly surprised and asked, “What kind of car do you want to buy”

“Maserati GT, the white one.

When do you have time to come over and take care of the formalities Just drive the car over here tomorrow.” Zhang Han said.

The Maserati GT was Zhang Lis favorite car.

Zhang Han obviously remembered this, so he didnt ask Zhang Li what kind of car she wanted and directly booked it.

“Okay, okay, boss.

Ill be there in twenty minutes.” The technician was thrilled when he heard this, and even his voice could not help but tremble.

Zhang Han spending one million and eight hundred thousand to change the car had already shocked the technician.

Only a few days had passed, and this boss had once again casually bought a two million yuan sports car.

Too happy!


Zhang Han replied and hung up.

He had always been rather casual, no matter what he wanted to buy or what he wanted to do, he would do it.

He would buy whatever he wanted to buy, whatever he wanted to do.

Currently, with Zhang Hans knowledge, he no longer cared about any laws or regulations.

What a joke, with Zhang Hans strength at the peak of the tribulation Realm back then, a single palm from him could destroy an entire planet.

Rules Its just for breaking.

For example, right now, Zhang Han wanted to buy a car for his sister and get them to make the deal in his place.

Furthermore, they had to deliver the car over here tomorrow, if he couldnt do it, That was because the money was not enough!

There was nothing money couldnt do in this world.

If it really didnt work, then he would give him a bowl of Egg-Fried Rice.

If it didnt work, then he would have a cup of milk.

If it still didnt work, then Zhang Han will have to use violence.

However, there was a requirement to be casual about everything.

With a low competence, one had to think about everything else slightly, just like how Zhang Han wanted to sell his house and to buy a mountain.

As his competence gradually increased, he could of course do whatever he wanted.

Zhang Li obviously did not know this much.

At this time, she was a little confused, and she subconsciously asked:

“Bro, why are you buying me a car I thought you dont have that much money ”

Zhang Li obviously knew about the matter of Zhang Han renting a mountain, renting restaurants and selling houses.

She even knew that the money from selling houses had been spent.

So Zhang Li was puzzled.

“Follow me.”

Zhang Han chuckled, he took out a pen from the drawer behind the desk and brought Zhang Li to the door.

“Business hours… Three hours a day Three hundred yuan per serving of Egg-Fried Rice A hundred dollars a cup of milk Two hundred per dish Four hundred meat dishes Membership card, top ten were one million Number eleventh to twentieth were ten million Oh my god, brother, are you crazy How can you do business like this Arent you just waiting for bankrupt ” Zhang Li opened her eyes widely, and said with an expression of disbelief.

However, Zhang Han only smiled slightly, he then wrote a few words on the back of the membership card.

“The first ten membership cards have been sold, 10/20.”

After writing it, Zhang Han looked at the dazed Zhang Li with a smile on his face.

At this moment, there was no need to say anything; everything was contained in these words.

“Brother” Is this for real ”

“The first ten membership cards have been sold out”

“How many days have you been running a restaurant”

“Are you trying to trick them”

“Impossible, you are a kitchen killer! “How could it be sold for such a high price”


These information, was something that even Zhang Li would not believe.

She glared at Zhang Han and questioned him several times.

“Whats the matter, my sister Arent you underestimating your brother too much”

Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry, he took out his cellphone from his pocket, opened his message board and tapped the message from the bank.

When Zhang Li saw that there were more than eight million in deposits, she was completely stunned.

She looked at Zhang Han in a daze, not knowing what to say.

Little sister, money is just a bunch of numbers.

After some time, big brother will let you know what real life is, and we will have to properly enjoy it in the future.

Just quit the DJ job of yours.

Zhang Han patted Zhang Lis shoulder.

“I like DJ.

I wave my hands on the stage, and many people below the stage are screaming and dancing to the rhythm.

Thats the feeling I like.” Zhang Li stuck out her tongue, and said those words with a smile, but after that her expression became serious, and said: “Brother, you are truly amazing.

You have only been in XiangJiang for a few days, and you already have such achievements.”

“Hahahaha, is this still my little witch sister Previously, didnt 10 million in your eyes was count as pocket money Little sister, you will know in the future that this world is just a place for our entertainment.

” Zhang Han smiled lightly.

“Haha…” Zhang Li could not help but laugh out loud.

She rolled her eyes at Zhang Han and said: “Look at what youre saying, haha, youre actually talking like the arrogant Young Master Zhang from before.”

“I dont care about that.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

Looking at it now, what Shang Jings Fourth Young Master, that feeling was like a primary school student fighting for the position of class monitor.

But in reality, the Fourth Young Master of Shang Jing was an honor admired by tens of thousands.

Zhang Han and Zhang Li returned to the house and played with Mengmeng.

Zhang Li normally did not like children, so she thought that it was too annoying.

However, when it came to Mengmeng, she sincerely liked her.

Without a doubt, she was definitely a great beauty.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have been able to give birth to such a beautiful Mengmeng.

After about ten minutes, the technician came back.

There were also three people who came with, the Xiao Yun who sold the car to Zhang Han, the person in charge of the trade and the technician.

As an old employee, the technical master knew a lot of things, and this time, he was the one who brought two other people over.

He had decided that he would give away a little bit of money and maintain a better relationship with them, and in the future, they would take care of him no matter what business they had.

After all, he was a supportive technical expert, and anyway Zhang Han was still brought over by Xiao Yun.

As an old seller, he also knew that money wasnt earned by one person.

Winning together was a good direction.

The three of them signed a contract with Zhang Li.

Zhang Han paid them, and spent two million six hundred buying Maserati GT, landing tax and other fees were three million and four hundred thousand totally.

Zhang Han directly paid them three million and five hundred thousand, telling them to drive the car here the next day.

The technician was so happy that his mouth could not even close as he nodded in agreement.

After he finished doing all this, it was already nine oclock in the morning.

Zhang Han began working in the kitchen.

chopped the two chickens into pieces, and Zhang Han threw the chicken butt away.

Although Mount New Moons chicken bones were harder, Zhang Hans knife was even sharper.

With a wave of his blade, it flashed, and the size of the chicken meat was almost the same.

The thighs, calves, and the tips of the wings were all partially cut open by Zhang Han.

After preparing the chicken meat, Zhang Han cleaned up the potatoes, eggplant, and beans.

It had only been ten minutes, and all the ingredients had already finished.

If it was anyone else, he might not even be able to chop this chicken in ten minutes.

Zhang Hans actions in the kitchen were flexible like flowing water, but this scene was not seen by the two who were playing on the sofa.

“Mengmeng, lets go get your mother.” Zhang Han hung his apron over his shoulder, and said after washing his hands.

“En ha, alright.

Go get Mama, get Mama …” The little princess waved her hands happily.

“Lets go.” Zhang Han carried Mengmeng in his arms.

“Where are you going” Zhang Li asked.

“To the airport.

You can stay here and watch TV for a while.” Zhang Han said.

“Whats the point of watching TV Ill go too, well go together.

” Zhang Li stood up and said.

Staying here and watching TV, Zhang Li felt bored to death.

It was boring to be alone, so he might as well go to the airport with Zhang Han to pick her up.

So Zhang Han locked the door, and when Zhang Li arrived in front of the car, she was immediately stunned.

“Brother, its not like you have no money, why are you driving this car” Zhang Li asked suspiciously.

She remembered that Zhang Han loved super sports car the most.

Back in Shang Jing, there were around 10 supercar s in his garage.

Every week, Zhang Han would go there to race and seek excitement.

But now, a Geely Panda was in front of her, causing Zhang Li to be stunned.

“Oh, because, because this one looks good, the others dont look good.” Mengmeng explained first.

From Mengmengs perspective, this car looked like a giant panda, and the car wasnt that big.

It looked like a big toy, no matter how much it cost, it would just look good.

“I dont have any goals for these things, Ill buy whatever Mengmeng likes.” Zhang Han chuckled, and handed Mengmeng over to Zhang Li, then walked to his original position and said: “Get on.”

Zhang Li smiled as she looked at Zhang Han, and said: “You treat Mengmeng really well.”

“Hmm hah, my PaPa is super good.” Mengmeng said with a serious expression.


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