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Rong Jiali was in a very good mood.

She went to make dinner, and Zhang Guangyou followed to help her.

Other than both of them, there were only a few others who would be having dinner together, such as Zhang Han and his family, Chen Changqing, Zhang Li, Zhou Fei, and Rong Jiaxin.

They could all fit into one big table.

Zhao Feng and the others ate in the kitchen of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

After the meal, they went to the Heaven Lake to cultivate.

They did not accumulate points, but the Grand Elder, Dong Chen, gave them some which were enough for them to cultivate in the outer area.

After all, they had wanted to participate in the External Disciple Competition.

They felt that they could not defeat the disciples from the Eight Peaks.

Although Zhao Feng and the others cultivation speed was fast, they were only nearing the Last-Stage of the Grand Master Middle-stage.

They were ready to cultivate in isolation to reach the Last-Stage.

No matter what, they could not embarrass their boss in front of other disciples.

The retreat of the Wind Snow Schools strong members caused a sensation in the Heavenly Knights Sect, but they only knew that Zhang Guangyou had done it.

No one, except for several elders, knew about the other man.

Furthermore, other than Grand Elder Dong Chen, no one knew much about the situation.

The two did not proclaim it widely, but the First Elder was very envious of Zhang Hans formation.

In regards to alchemy, the Sixth Elder wanted to suppress Zhang Han to punish him.

He had not seen how powerful Zhang Han was with his own eyes, so he could not conquer him just by hearing about it.

About an hour later…

“Dinners ready.”

Rong Jiali came out of the kitchen from the side and placed two dishes on the table by the side.


Zi Yan smiled and walked over quickly.

She went in and out of the kitchen with Rong Jiali, holding cutlery and other things.

Zhang Han sat in his usual seat with Mengmeng in his arms, and Zhang Guangyou brought a bottle of liquor.

“Son, have a drink”


Zhang Guangyou poured two glasses of white wine.

After clinking their glasses, they drank it in one shot.

From the look in his eyes, one could tell that this glass was to celebrate the victory.

Nothing had to be said.

Mengmeng sat next to Zhang Han, blinking her big, sparkling eyes.

She looked around her with a lovely demeanor.

Soon, plates after plates of delicacies were served.

Although the ingredients here were not as good as those in Mount New Moon, they were far better than ordinary ingredients.

There was even some low-grade spirit beast meat.

Mengmeng was eating deliciously… well, this was the biggest reason why Zhang Han suggested that the disciples of the Heavenly Knights Sect go to the Beast Mountain to train.

If Mengmeng liked to eat, she could have all the food she wanted.

One could only imagine that not long later, the restaurant on Mount New Moon would provide some spiritual beast meat.

While they were eating, the other party was not being idle.

“Ooh ooh ooh!”

Lets go, boys!

Dahei waved his hand and took the lead in walking to the back mountain.

His big body swayed to and fro as he walked.

Little Hei was the fastest and walked beside Dahei.

Tiny Tot was humming while walking behind them and his short legs were moving quickly.


What a small burden.

Dahei murmured a little, picked up the little guy with one hand, and threw him on its shoulder.

“Teehee, teehee.”

The little guy even made some sound to express his gratitude.

Although he did not understand how elder brother and second brother communicated, he could still feel emotions and simple body language.

For example, he felt that starting a fire… was a sacred task!

They swaggered toward the Command Beast Peak.

Hiding That was not going to happen.

They had been exposed a long time ago.

However, those disciples had yet to attack them.

Although they were initially very angry, after Grand Elder had promised to give them some benefits, even the Command Beast Peak Host also turned a blind eye.

They were curious about why the Grand Elder valued the three spirit beasts so much.

Dong Chen did not dare to say anything about King Kong and the curse roc.

He was afraid that the Command Beast Peak would send people out to kill them.

At that moment, at the foot of the Command Beast Peak.

At the foot of the mountain, there were three to five people patrolling here and there.

On the west side where news was coming from, several men were chatting.

“Why havent the three guys come today”

“I dont know.

They should have come an hour ago.

Oh, I know! It seems that the Young Master and his friends have returned.

I heard that the three guys will only come out to make trouble when the Young Master and his friends are having their meals.

They are very intelligent.

That gorilla had already eaten so much here that it had reached the Divine Realm.

That old dog is almost at the Grand Master Peak too, right That small penguin is ordinary.

I have to say that our Grand Elder is too polite.

He paid the price for the Young Lords spirit beasts.”

“Thats right.

Today, even our seniors also put down the spirit beasts.

The spirit beasts eaten by them had reached the Divine Realm, one can be exchanged for 10,000 mission points.

Thats enough to redeem a divine object!”

At that point, a man in green sighed and said, “Its not easy to raise a spirit beast.

Those that our seniors put down were caught during the open time-slot.

They are not tame and are not worth 10,000 points.

But those that were tame, they did not dare to put down.

But I just found it strange because usually spirit beasts at the Divine Realm do not have very high spiritual intelligence.

But that three seemed to be able to understand human language.

Thats really amazing.”

“Eh Theyre here!”

Suddenly, there was a loud cry of surprise.

They all looked towards the direction of the mans finger and saw that Dahei and Little Hei were strolling on the opposite side of the stream.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh”

Second brother, what should we have today

“Ow Woo, Ow Woo.”

Lets not eat this Tiger in front of us, its meat is not delicious.


Their arrogant attitude made the two-meter-high cyan tiger on the other side of the stream roar.

It was very dissatisfied!

“Ow woo!”

Dahei glared with its dark eyes and also let out a cry.

Suddenly, it stretched out its right fist violently.


Its middle finger was lifted.


The cyan tiger let out another cry.

Its right leg was a bit bent as it was beaten by Dahei.

It knew that this big guy in front was not easy to deal with, so it glared at him a few more times, and then slowly retreated.

Dahei curled its lips and ignored the tiger.

It then led the way upstream.

Because of Daheis loud crying, all the disciples of the Command Beast Peak who were wandering around nearby ran over.

Dahei was used to seeing so many people coming one after another.

During the first time, it even thought that these people wanted to hit him, so it was very vigilant.

However, they were only full of hostility but did not actually take action.

Thus, he realized that this group of people could only watch but could not hit him.

After a while, more than a dozen people had gathered there.

Dahei saw them pointing at himself, so he growled a few times.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

What are you looking at

However, the other party did not understand what Dahei had said.

Little Hei was following him as usual.

While walking upstream, it suddenly cried out in a low voice.

Enemy! Oh, no, its delicious food!

A buff red rhinoceros.

Seeing this, everyone around them were silent.

“It seems that luck is not on their side! Theyve chosen Senior Lis red rhino.

This Divine-Realm red rhino has extraordinary strength, and its horn can hold as much as 5,000kg!”

“They are no match for him, eh That vicious dogs is really fast, but it broke the the red rhinos skin.

With the length of its teeth, it wont be able to even break its muscles.”

“Wait! Look at that gorilla!”

Suddenly, there was a loud cry of shock.

Everyone looked back at the same time.

For the first time, Dahei showed its real figure in front of this bunch of disciples.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

They felt a strong and arrogant breathing blowing towards them.

Daheis body had become buff and strong as he continued to grow taller until he became like a giant.

“Oh my god! What is that A gorilla that can transform It is more than 13 meters tall, isnt it”

“This is so terrifying! What a great skill!”

“No wonder Grand Elder wants to personally catch the spirit beasts and is giving so many rewards.

It turns out that this gorilla has such a great potential and is worth raising!”

“It seems that Senior Li is going to have one more divine object.”

There were nearly 20 disciples at the scene and they were all in awe.

It seemed that the red rhino was no match for the gorilla.

“Ow woo!”

Dahei roared violently.

The red rhino flung Little Hei away with its horns.

Dahei grew taller and walked up to the red rhino.

It raised its huge fist and plunged its right fist at the red rhinos head.


A low groan was heard before the red rhino fell onto the ground.

However, it did not lose its ability to defend itself.


It growled in pain and still tried to fight back.

However, the gigantic Dahei was not going to give it a chance.

It rode on its fallen body and landed a heavy punch.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

After a one-minute-long, one-sided battle, the red rhino stopped breathing.


Dahei was panting.

It grabbed the leg of the red rhino, carried it on its shoulder, and led the trio to the mountain in front.

“Teehee, teehee.”

Tiny Tot was full of admiration.

He clapped his hands and made a small sound.

Only then did Dahei remembered about him.

Its body shrunk back to two meters, and it picked up the little guy and placed him on its shoulder.

It moved its mouth a little and made a faint sound as if it was mumbling something.

It was reminding itself to not forget about Tiny Tot next time.

After all, he was in charge of starting fires.

Little Hei walked beside him and also shook its head a little.

After being knocked over by the red rhino, it felt a little dizzy.

It also knew that compared with elder brother, it was still so weak.

It was as if this was the reason why his elder brother gave him more meat each time.

That was how Little Hei thought.

Looking at the back view of the Powerful Hei Trio as they left, the disciples left behind were stunned.

“Powerful, hes really powerful! It seems that the gorilla is very powerful even in the Divine Realm.”

“Ah, of course hes powerful.

Otherwise, how can their lives be so comfortable No one else can eat spirit beasts every day.”


As they spoke, a figure came quickly and everyone turned to look at the young man.

“There was quite a chaos earlier.

Did those three guys come” The young man asked with a smile.

However, he got a uniform response.

“Congratulations on getting 10,000 points, Senior Li.”

Senior Lis smile gradually froze.

They were not the only ones who were shocked.

Even the Master in the temple at the peak of the mountain felt the same too.

A giant eagle was standing beside him.

His gaze was focused on Dahei and Tiny Tot on its shoulder.

He murmured, “You dont understand No wonder…”

The people on Command Beast Peak were finally starting to understand Grand Elders intentions.

It turned out that those two spirit beasts were really extraordinary.

Little Hei… meanwhile, it was Little Hei who made them feel that it was just ordinary.

Of course, Dahei had eaten a lot of spirit treasures, especially Halan Prince.

It had yet to finish absorbing the real blood refined by Zhang Han.

Tiny Tot was the Ancient cursed roc.

If no one said that, no one could tell.

In contrast, Little Hei was the only one who was a little weak.

But on that night, Little Heis opportunity came.

After coaxing the mother-and-daughter pair to sleep, Zhang Han quietly left the room.

When he walked to the edge of the lawn, he heard Daheis extremely sonorous snoring.

Tiny Tot was also lying lazily on its stomach.

He was not worried that Dahei would flip over and squash him.

Little Hei was very sensitive.

It wriggled its ears and opened its eyes.

When it saw Zhang Han, it ran towards him happily and wagged its big tail.

“Lets go.

Ill give you something good.”

Zhang Han smiled and caressed Little Heis head.

With a quick flash, he quickly headed to the mountain top.

Little Hei was also very fast in following behind him.

The shadow of the man and the dog in the night seemed ethereal and beautiful.

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