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In order to reach the Heaven Lake, everyone had to register with the two protectors at beside the gate.

Each sect had its own points accumulation system.

It would be more tedious to trade item-for-item or to make contributions to gain something.

The standardization of a point system would also make it much more convenient for the sects to hand out rewards and other matters.

However, this required there to be logistics personnel who would be in charge of the account book.

Although they did not have computers, the two Guardians still had a Divine Object specially used to record.

“Young Lord, why did you bring a dog with you today” A middle-aged man asked with a smile.

“To promote it to the Divine Realm,” Zhang Han laughed and said.

“Then it must be lucky.

Quickly go, Young Master is waiting for you in the room next to the one you used last time,” the middle-aged man replied.


Zhang Han brought Little Hei into the room.

The two men could not help but chatted with each other.

“I heard from First Elder that Young Lord has made a great contribution to our sects abundant resources.”

“Yeah, I dont even know how he did it.

In the beginning, I didnt feel that he was powerful because I could feel from his aura that he was not at the Divine Realm stage yet.

But now… I dont understand and I cant sense it from him.

He didnt deliberately hide it, but he makes people feel that hes mysterious.

This is a mystery! The Young Masters son is really not ordinary.”

“How can the descendants of our Master be ordinary”

Zhang Shenwang was a legend in their hearts.

The Young Master Zhang Guangyou was generous and popular.

For the sake of both of them, they would turn a blind eye no matter how arrogant and domineering the Young Lord was.

However, they did not expect the Young Lord to be gentle and easy-going.

This helped them to accept him faster.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Han did not pay much attention to the treasures or other things in the Heavenly Knights Sect.

He also knew that his father would leave him any good things he had.

He did not even need to think about it at all.

He could just say what he needed.

Zhang Han walked inside and came to the front of the house.

Then, Zhang Guangyou came out.

Zhang Guangyou could not help saying, “Are you sure youre not going to consider the Nine Dragons Skill that your grandfather has cultivated Ive benefited a lot from the years of cultivating.

This skill helps martial artists to improve a great deal.”

Hearing this, Zhang Han shook his head slightly and pointed at his head with his right hand.

“Have you forgotten this”

“What” Zhang Guangyou was confused for a moment but understood him immediately.

He was referring to the 500 years of martial arts heritage of predecessors that he had obtained.

After thinking for a while, he said, “Sometimes, the inheritance is not suitable for yourself.

In case of any accidents, it will be difficult to turn back.

Most importantly, I dont know whether the inheritance you have obtained is clear or not.

If it comes in bits and pieces and is blurry, you have to consider it carefully.”

“Dont worry, I know all the details clearly.”

Zhang Han smiled again.

How could he not be clear of his 500 years of cultivation

“Its not just my cultivation method.

When the time comes, Ill also think of a better one for you, and for Uncle Dong and the others too.

It will help to improve the overall capabilities of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

I can then be at ease with being a Third-class Martial Superior.”

“You are confident, hahaha.” Zhang Guangyou laughed and said, “Lets go in.

Ill be your protector.”


After entering the room, Zhang Guangyou saw Little Hei following them in.

He asked, “Why did you bring Little Hei with you”

“To let him inherit the innate supernatural power,” Zhang Han replied.

On a day-to-day basis, he would occasionally talk about some knowledge regarding the Cultivation World.

Over time, he started to understand it.

Naturally, this was the idea that Zhang Han had.

He did not know when he would go to the Cultivation World in the future, so there was no need to deliberately talk about it.

“Innate supernatural power Whats that” Zhang Guangyou was confused.

He had never heard of it before.

“For example, spirit beasts innate supernatural powers will be awakened when they reach a certain realm.

This is their advantage.

For example, strange beasts are born with innate supernatural powers, and some have more than one.

We humans also possess innate supernatural powers.

For example, after we break through a certain realm, we will have the attributes of spiritual forces, such as wind, fire, lightning, thunder, power.

Theres also attributes for improvement, such as for formations, incantations, etc.

There are many categories.

In general, its called innate supernatural powers.

Theyre used to help cultivators increase their strength.

I personally possess one of them.”

“You have one” Zhang Guangyous eyes lit up.

“What is it Is it the ability to break the Heaven-earth Formation”

“No, the reason Im able to break the Heaven-earth Formation is because of my understanding of formations.

My innate supernatural power is that my nose is more sensitive and I can smell treasures.

I call it the Treasure-sniffing nose.”

“Treasure-sniffing nose I see.

I was wondering why you brought me directly to the treasury of other sects.

It turns out that you have such an incredible ability.” Zhang Guangyou was a little stunned.

He was silent for two seconds before asking, “Do those special-power individuals, for example, those who can control fire and water, have innate supernatural powers”

“Well… thats one of them.

I havent seen a special-power individual, so Im not sure,” Zhang Han shook his head and said.

“Wait, wait! You have such a powerful talent.

Why do you want to pass it to Little Hei You dont want it anymore” Zhang Guangyous face suddenly fell.

Spirit beasts were indeed not bad and Little Hei was very loyal, but Zhang Guangyou did not want Zhang Han to give up his ability blindly.

“Yes, I dont want it anymore.”

Zhang Han thought silently for a while and replied, “The Treasure-sniffing nose corresponds to the Treasure-searching formulas.

This method does not improve ones fighting power by much.

Although I will never be short of treasures and might be the richest person in the world, capabilities are the most fundamental elements.

This is not the path that I want to take.

Ive already thought this through.

The path that I want to take will be a more difficult and tougher one.”

If he followed the cultivation method he had used before he was reborn, then when divine thunder over the sky comes, would he be blasted into pieces again

Besides, he now possessed the Ten Inches Dantian, as well as a mutated soul sense sea and Sound of Thunder.

Having such strong capabilities, wouldnt it be a waste of his potential if he chose not to walk such a difficult path of cultivation

Hearing this, Zhang Guangyou fell silent for a while.

Eventually, he asked, “What kind of tough road do you want to take”

“I want to cultivate the… Athanasia Demon Gong!”

Zhang Han took in a gentle breath and said slowly, “After cultivating the Athanasia Demon Gong to the peak, one can achieve immortality.

Even if my body is destroyed, as long as there is a drop of blood left, I can be reborn.

With the immortal body, I can live as long as heaven and earth, and shine with the sun and the moon.

The Athanasia Demon Gong has eight supernatural powers.

I can pick stars with my hands and step on stars with my feet.

The path that I want to take is one where my body is undefeatable.”


After those words were said, Zhang Guangyou was stunned.

After a while, he finally spewed out these words, “Son, are you possessed Are you even talking about a human being”

“To be exact, Im talking about being a cultivator.” Zhang Han laughed and said, “The world Im familiar with is far more complicated than here.

Kunlun Immortal World should be a corner that can show off the Cultivation World.

Dad, although I havent entered it, there are so many secrets in this world and we will slowly explore them.

Theres still a long time, and you will gradually find out more in the future.”

“Stop, stop, stop! Stop talking.

Im having a headache already.” Zhang Guangyou raised his hand and continued, “Just tell me, is there any danger to cultivate the Athanasia Demon Gong”

“No.” Zhang Han thought for a moment and replied, “Rumor has it that one can only cultivate it after breaking through the shackles.

The ninth level is the limit, and one can transcend worldliness.

I can cultivate this kind of technique, but you guys cant, so I have to think about your techniques carefully.”

Zhang Han had gotten the Athanasia Demon Gong when he was passing tribulation to the ninth stage and had encountered a life-and-death realm.

That secret realm was a secret realm of antiquity times, and there were three marks on the stone tablet that seemed like reflections from cultivation.

The words mentioned talked about the ninth level being the maximum, and you have to transcend worldliness to cultivate.

Otherwise, your body would burst into pieces.

Back then, Zhang Han was still thinking about what it meant to transcend.

The second marking talked about the dantian, and the third was about the soul sense sea.

The only thing that was not recorded was the danger, which meant that three people had practiced this method before Zhang Han, but none of them succeeded.

Now, the Ten Inches Dantian and mutated soul sense sea had given Zhang Han the capital for cultivation, which made him decide to choose it.

If he succeeded, he would gain unlimited benefits.

If he took this path, he believed that in the future, he could face the divine thunder over the sky with his body.

Zhang Guangyou did not stop him.

He waved his hand and said, “No need to think about our methods for the time being.

Since you have already thought about it, just go ahead.”


Zhang Han did not waste time talking.

He sat in the middle of the hall and waved to Little Hei.

Little Hei walked to Zhang Han obediently and sat down.

“Be careful.”

Although Zhang Guangyou knew that Zhang Han was confident, he could not help reminding him.


Zhang Han nodded and slowly closed his eyes.


A low and sonorous sound suddenly came from Zhang Hans body.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Numerous medium-grade crystals appeared one after another.

They were in broken pieces and the sparkling silk threads formed a formation.

Then, abundant spiritual Qi began to fill the whole room.

In addition, pure energy had been pouring in initially, causing the spiritual Qi to become increasingly dense.

It gradually turned into a thin mist, and then liquefied like a drizzle.


Zhang Han suddenly opened his eyes.

A bright light was sparkling in his gaze.

Following that, his face lit up and streams of flowing light converged into a line and floated towards Little Hei, It landed on its head and converged into a spot of light.


Energy kept attacking him.

Zhang Han took out three divine objects consecutively, crushed them, and turned them into colorful lights that converged on Little Heis face.

At the same time, the rich spiritual Qi in the room also converged on Little Heis body.

Its breath rose sharply.

Grand Master Peak… Divine Realm!

Just like that, the impact of the energy sources helped it to break through.

Once again, there was a cracking sound in his body.

His bones, flesh, and blood were all improving, but the biggest improvement was in its tusks.

90% of its energy was concentrated on its teeth, changing and improving them from inside out.


As the last sound was heard, the light on Zhang Hans face faded away.

There was some exhaustion in his gaze.

“Whether or not you can succeed will depend on your incarnation.”

It was not easy to pass down a supernatural power.

Little Hei and Dahei had absorbed the essence of the thunder yang tree, which was refined by Zhang Han with essence blood.

With this layer of connection, the success rate was much higher.

However, there was a danger to all things.

Zhang Han could not be sure if it will succeed or not.


Zhang Han took in a gentle breath.

“Its my turn.”

“Break and reforge, Ill cultivate the Athanasia Demon Gong.”


As Zhang Han murmured, there seemed to be a big explosion in his body.

Zhang Guangyou was confused.

“Destroying his own meridian He is… reforging his meridian”

He did not know about this process, but he had heard that it was very painful.

However, he could not do anything about it.

Zhang Han had to bear the consequences for the path he had chosen.

Little did he know that destroying his own meridians was only the first step.

The Athanasia Demon Gong was not just about meridians, but the internal organs, flesh, blood, and skin would all be connected.

The meridian map of this skill was as abundant as an old tree root.

There were countless lines all over the place.

Any mistake would lead to failure.

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