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“Han, come here.”

Zhang Guangyou smiled and beckoned Zhang Han over.

At this, Zhang Han, who just intended to watch a little bit before taking off, didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Then, he flew up to the audience stand.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

Many people turned to stare at him.

The inner-door disciples were all particularly intrigued.

It was the first time they had seen their Young Masters son.

There were murmurs of discussions.

And even the battle in the ring was no longer appealing to them at this time.

“Is he our Young Lord It seems that there is nothing special about him.”

“I once heard from the elder that this Young Lord seems to be very strong.

Older Martial Brother Wang said that when he first came to Heavenly Knights Sect, he was at Grand Master Peak.

Now he should have made a further breakthrough, right”

“Putting his cultivation aside, Young Lord is also quite handsome, hehe.”

“Younger Martial Sister, dont get all mesmerized.

Ive seen Young Lords wife from afar.

Shes a knockout.”

“Whats the point of being handsome In my martial arts system, strength is what matters the most.

Since he is our Young Lord, he ought to take part in the competition as well.

At the very least, he can show us some of his strength.

If his strength cant match his status, that certainly wont make sense.

Maybe he has started late, but he is also in the Divine Realm now.

A martial artist should seek for battles and victories.

He has been in Heavenly Knights Sect for nearly a month, hasnt he But hes actually holed up in Young Masters house all the time…”

“Shush, Senior Martial Brother Liu, watch your tongue.

Now drop the topic.

First Elder has already given you a look just now.”

Although Older Martial Brother Lius voice wasnt loud, how could anyone present not hear him if they wanted to Not to mention that he had dozens of disciples sitting by his side.

In spite of the heads-up, he didnt take it to heart.

He shot a look back at First Elder and continued, “Big deal.

If we cant even talk about it, then theres no fun.

You cant just stand by and watch.

Perhaps this Young Lord will lead us to do some tasks in the future.

If hes troublingly weak and shortsighted, the ones who will suffer are we fellows, right Since hes our Young Lord, hes got to prove himself.”

In his opinion, if Zhang Han showed up several times to fight and let everyone know his strength, he would have nothing to complain about.

Moreover, he had seen Zhang Guangyou take away a ton of divine objects from the Treasure House with his own eyes.

Adding that Zhang Han went to cultivate in the Heavenly Pool, he naturally cottoned on.

Zhang Han was a third-generation descendant of a martial art family, and probably a smatterer.

But without paying any price or working hard, he already got so many resources, which made Liu sort of jealous.

In fact, some people were with him.

Even his master, the head of the North First Peak, had mentioned that the Young Lord had been given too many resources.

Up until now, Dong Chen had not given any explanation to that, which made some peak heads feel that the consumption was too great.

Even though Zhang Han was Mountain Heads grandson, he should at least be reasonable.

It was a little out of bounds of him to empty the treasury like this.

For that matter, after Zhang Han went onto the audience stand, the heads of the eight peaks all glanced at him several times.

Given what Older Martial Brother Liu had just said, the looks they cast on Zhang Han were somewhat dubious.


Just as Zhang Guangyou made to say something, Zhang Han waved his hand and glanced at Older Martial Brother Liu casually, and then at all the disciples and peak heads present.

“Dont worry, I dont have time to take you on missions.”

Older Martial Brother Lius and many others expressions froze when they heard this.

Older Martial Brother Lius master, the Head of a peak, cast a look at Zhang Han and said calmly, “As the Young Lord of Heavenly Knights Sect, you should bear the responsibility.”

“I dont own Heavenly Knights Sect.” Zhang Hans tone was still calm.

It was as if he was just telling the truth.

But his remark made the five peak heads frown at the same time.

A hint of embarrassment flitted across Zhang Guangyous face.

Dong Chen immediately waved at the crowd and announced, “Okay, lets continue the competition.”

He didnt want Zhang Han to say one more word.

This guy was so powerful that if he continued to speak, the ones who would lose could only be those peak heads.

Dong Chen didnt want to see them devastated, so he quickly changed the subject.

At the same time, he sighed softly in his mind.

It seemed that Zhang Han did not have much sense of belonging to the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Well, it took time to cultivate this sense of belonging.

It was not until First Elder spoke that everyone obediently shut their mouths.

Instructor Liu and his men, however, were a little angry.

“My boss can easily kill you all with his spittle!”

Instructor Liu thumped the giant hammer twice and glared at Older Martial Brother Liu.

The muscles on the face of the other party trembled, but Liu ignored him in the end.

Chen Changqing, on the other hand, chuckled with delight.

“Since someone is questioning my big brothers strength, I might as well give them some proof.”


Chen Changqings words instantly attracted the attention of the people around him.

He then jumped up and leaped onto the eighth ring in a second.

This caused quite a few people to exclaim in surprise.

“He actually chose to fight Older Martial Brother Ma!”

“Older Martial Brother Ma is at the God Realm Peak-stage and is about to break through to the Earth Realm.

This time, he expects to beat Jiang Bing and move to a higher rank.”

“This man is from the secular world, whose Taoism Title is Emperor Qing.

He is very popular outside, and known as the strongest talents in the secular world with Young Lord.

Since he comes out to fight, we should be able to deduce the level of our Young Lord from the side.”

“But I have a feeling that he will lose.”


Many disciples began to talk about it.

Even Older Martial Brother Ma in the eighth ring had a bewildered look in his eyes.

“Why dont you challenge a lower-level ring”

“Ive already picked the lowest one,” Chen Changqing replied unhurriedly.


A few people almost choked on their saliva.

He chose the eighth ring, and he still claimed that he had picked the weakest one to challenge

Even Older Martial Brother Ma was a little cross.

Then Chen Changqing remarked, “Im now in the God Realm Late-stage, and what Ive cultivated is the cultivation method given to me by Brother Han, which is called the Eight Drought Demonic Dragon.

My Qing Dragon blood and this cultivation method complement each other.

Few people at the God Realm Peak-stage can be my match.”

While speaking, Chen Changqing stared at Older Martial Brother Ma with sharp eyes as if indicating “putting away your contempt.”

Upon hearing that remark, many people present once again looked at Zhang Han.

He looked perfectly composed.

On such an occasion, with the elders of Heavenly Knights Sect and the peak heads all present, he was still so at ease.

This made many disciples faces freeze with astoundment.

Their first impression of Zhang Han had been improved a lot.

“He is good-tempered, steady and reliable.

He doesnt look like a good-for-nothing at all.”

However, the current men of the hour were still Chen Changqing and Older Martial Brother Ma.

The crowd withdrew their eyes after a few glances, and even Yun Feiyang and his men turned to face the eighth ring.

The two stood opposite each other, full of momentum.


A great battle was about to break out.

At this time, all the elders and peak heads were also watching the ring with full attention, especially Dong Chen and his league of elders.

People even forgot that there were still more than a dozen battles going on in other rings.

After other battles came to an end, the cheering was rather thin.

Then, those who cheered immediately fixed their eyes back on the eighth ring, where the fiercest fight was taking place.

Gradually, the fight on the eighth ring was the only one in progress.

People were all gathered around here, feeling the great waves of energy fluctuation.

Many were astonished and couldnt help exclaiming:

“Emperor Qing, youre amazing.

Youve just reached the Divine Realm, but youve been neck and neck with Ma Zhan in this fight.”

“His cultivation method was given by Young Lord.

Since hes so powerful, then is Young Lord even stronger”

“Why do I feel that Older Martial Brother Ma is going to lose Can it be Now that Older Martial Brother Ma is about to break through to the Earth Realm, can he really be beaten by a martial artist in the Divine Realm”

The battle made everyones blood boil with excitement.

They were also shocked, for they never knew Chen Changqing could be so powerful.

Many couldnt help thinking that he did the right thing to challenge the ring.

In the martial arts world, the strong prevailed.

When one showed his strength, everyone would approve of him, wouldnt they

“I wonder if Young Lord will come to the ring today.”

“I, too, want to see how powerful he is.”

Many people wondered.

And even several peak heads couldnt help but swivel their eyes to Zhang Han again and again.

They grew curious when they saw that Zhang Hans face was still unperturbed.

“Is he so sure that Chen Changqing will win”

As Ma Zhans master, Peak Head Lan Ye opened his mouth to say something.

But at this point, Dong Chen beat him to it.

“He is winning.”


Everyone concentrated.

Peak Head Lan Ye even thought Ma Zhan was about to win, but who would have thought…

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!”

As several dull thuds came out, Chen Changqing, like a God of War, performed three secret skills in succession.

Ma Zhans face turned pale, and he took dozens of steps back and almost spat out a mouthful of blood.


After swallowing the blood in his mouth, he covered his chest with his right hand and stared at Chen Changqing in horror.

“Thank you for letting me win.”

Chen Changqing cupped his hands, turned around, and jumped onto the seventh ring.

“What Is he also challenging Jiang Bing”

The crowd was shocked.

“Dont you want to take a break” Jiang Bing couldnt help asking.

“No need.”

“Youd better take some elixir to replenish your energy.

Mind you, Im better than Ma Zhan.” Jiang Bing reminded him again.

Ma Zhans face darkened at that.

“Damn it, Im going to challenge you, okay Its hard to say who will win.”

“Cut it out.

Well know once the fight begins!”

Chen Changqings fighting intent surged, and his intimidating aura rose again.

“Hahaha, good! I like that!”

Jiang Bing was stunned at first and then laughed.

Finally, he couldnt help but comment, “You are much more gallant than our Young Lord.

He didnt even want to have a competition with us after he broke through.”

It was not a mockery.

Chen Changqings cultivation method was taught by Zhang Han.

Jiang Bing felt that he could surely defeat Chen Changqing, so he was more eager to fight with Zhang Han.

Thus, he tried goading him to come up to the ring.


Zhang Han shook his head with a giggle, thinking that Jiang Bing was a quite interesting man.

The two peak heads also chimed in:

“I think he has a point.

Since young Master is a heroic person, his son has to fight a few rounds to show his heroic spirit, right”

“There are so many people here.

You can pick whoever you like.

Let us see if it is really like father, like son.”


Zhang Han replied casually, “Then Ill fight you two later.”


The two peak heads were a little dumbfounded.

“What did you say

Youre challenging us

How dare you…”

“I think its okay.”

At this juncture, Dong Chen abruptly mentioned causally.


The two peak heads both felt dizzy and darted confused looks at Dong Chen.

“What did he mean”

Then the fierce battle on the seventh ring gripped their attention.

“Eh Are this brats moves even more impressive than before”

One of the peak heads looked in surprise after taking a look at Chen Changqing.

“Why do I feel that he was building up strength in the previous battle, and now is really showing his power He is at the mere Late-stage of the Divine Realm.

But how can he be so mighty”

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