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The seals arrived with tiny thunderbolts, which vented out a powerful pressure, which came from the trembling of souls.

The Pluto Incantation and Pluto Seal were the means that Zhang Han often used.

Now that he had broken through to the Innateness Realm, the power of these secret methods had been brought to even higher levels.


Yun Feiyang, Wang Xiaowu, and the other three disciples eyes were full of horror.

Their faces showed that they were struggling, resisting, but it was extremely difficult for their spiritual force to extend out more than three meters.

Their soul sense was suppressed so that they could only extend within one meter, and the trembling souls were also stressing them every second.


With a roar, Yun Feiyang performed the secret soul sense technique.

A cyan wheel rose from his back, like the moon rising from the sea, but it couldnt move another inch upward when it was five meters over his head.

Wang Xiaowu was in a daze.

The five of them each performed their best skill, but no one managed to undo the seals above them.


The elders and peak heads turned pale with fright and all rose to their feet.

So did Dong Chen.

It was the first time that he had seen Zhang Han make a move after the breakthrough.

He didnt expect that the seals he conjured offhand were so powerful that even the disciples in the Earth Realm couldnt deal with.


Without turning a hair, Zhang Han pressed down his right hand.


The Qing Ming Steals started to vibrate and then began to bear down upon the disciples.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang…”

Several muffled thuds came out, and the secret methods of the five people were cracked in an instant.

However, they reacted quickly and immediately switched to other secret methods, but no matter how hard they resisted, it was in vain.

Thousands of sect disciples were stunned.

Their mouths were wide open and their eyes were wide open in disbelief.

Did he alone single-handedly get the better of the top five disciples

“Its f*cking dramatic.

Is this a prepared show or something”

But the elders were also dumbstruck.

How could it be a show

“I… Sh*t…”

Instructor Liu was taken aback.


Chen Changqing was a little dazed.

Originally, as he had been practicing the Eight Drought Demonic Dragon, he could even fight against a martial artist at the peak of the Divine Realm when he was only at the Divine Realm Middle-stage.

And when he reached the Divine Realm Late-stage, he thought that except for Brother Han, no one could defeat him.

He even had the confidence to fight against an expert at the early stage of the Earth Realm.

This was the benefit that the cultivation method brought to him at the beginning.

That was just for starters.

But he didnt expect that after the breakthrough, Brother Han could even suppress those in the Earth Realm without effort.

“No wonder he forcibly shattered his meridians after breaking through.

He could have broken through to the Divine Realm at any time, only he pushed it off again and again.

It turns out that the breakthrough he wanted to achieve is different from the normal one.”

“He is incredible! If I had met Brother Han earlier and cultivated the Eight Drought Demonic Dragon at the Grand Master level, I would have been able to outclass those in the early stage of Earth Realm after breaking through to the Divine Realm.

I would have been able to defeat one at a time, if not five.”

“But its not too late now.

Its really amazing, Brother Han…”

Gradually, Chen Changqing began to see Zhang Han in a different light.

He was really taken by surprise that Brother Han was actually so powerful.

Zhao Feng and the others had similar thoughts.

After the outer-ring battle, they suddenly found that what they lacked was only combat experience.

Their cultivation methods and combat skills way outstripped their opponents.

They could even fight against masters at the Grand Master Peak.

If they had not met those in the Divine Realm later, they wouldnt have lost that big sum of points.

By this time, Dong Chen also cottoned on to the situation.

All the cultivation methods provided by Zhang Han could help cultivators to fight beyond their levels.

Take Leng Yue as an example.

She had defeated five Grand Master Peak masters in a row.

When she made her strikes, there were beams of cold light that seemed to penetrate the bones, which really impressed him.

Moments ago, Chen Changqing also showed his power of the Divine Realm Last-Stage, proving that he was unbeatable in the Divine Realm.

Zhao Feng, Instructor Liu…

Those figures flashed through Dong Chens mind one after another.

“This group of people can fight beyond their cultivation levels! This group of people… Even though they are not the most talented ones, their strength is incredible.

These people… have all cultivated the cultivation methods given by Zhang Han.

Zhang Han… This boy is a living Sutras Depository!”

Dong Chen was sort of thrilled at this idea.

Zhang Han also had Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot, as well as a King Kong, a watch dog, and an ancient cursed roc.

“Theres something absurd with this kid!”

Dong Chen was now sure that Zhang Han had a better cultivation method for him.

If he could make a breakthrough and defeat other peak-stage Grand Masters with that method, the Heavenly Knights Sect would be unassailable!

While these people were lost in their thoughts…

The five disciples were still struggling, and their faces had turned crimson with the effort.

Looking at the intricated seals that were gradually pressing down upon them, they felt they couldnt stand it any longer.

“I surrender! Young Lord, youre good! Come on, stop it! I surrender!”

Wang Xiaowu was suddenly disheartened.

He didnt want to fight anymore.

Though he felt a little wronged, what overwhelmed him was shock and incredulity.

He shouted a few times in a hurry.

After seeing this, Zhang Han shook his head in amusement and dismissed the Qing Ming Steals with a flick of his wrist.

The vibrating force that the Qing Ming Steal had been emitting, that strong pressure, had enhanced the self-defense of their souls.

Although the improvement was minimal, it could also be said that he had gained something from this fight.

Anyway, when they all felt that they could not bear it anymore, Zhang Han did not pursue the attack.

These people were all talents in the martial arts world.

The development of the Heavenly Knights Sect was still up to them.

So, Zhang Han had also prepared a set of suitable cultivation methods for each of them.

Once everyone in the Heavenly Knights Sect was able to fight against those who were stronger than them, the beginning of their prosperity would come.

And that would also be the beginning of Zhang Hans leisure time.

“A kid can only remain as a kid for a few years.

I still have four years to take care of her before she comes of age.

I shall be with her in the years of her growing up, for she will become a big girl in the blink of an eye.”

Although they had parted for just a while, Zhang Han already started missing Mengmeng, and suddenly lost interest in the Sect Competition before him.

He had watched Chen Changqing battle and also made a strike himself.

“Im going back to spend time with my daughter,” Zhang Han said coolly.

Then, he leaped up to the air and flew to Zhang Guangyous house at the foot of the mountain.


Dong Chen stretched out his hand.

He still had something to say to Zhang Han.

But watching Zhang Han disappear in the distance, he knew that Zhang Han wouldnt hear his voice.

The corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

At this moment, thousands of people, whether in and out the ring, suddenly burst into an uproar.

“F*ck! Hes so awesome!”

“Young Lord defeated Older Martial Brother Wang and the other four with one move.”

“Oh my, if I hadnt seen this with my own eyes, I would have thought it was made up.”

“Then what level is the Young Lord at Has he reached the Heaven Realm”


There was a hot discussion.

Wang Xiaowu and the other disciples looked at each other and shook their heads helplessly.

“You guys are really devoid of sense.

It would have been over once you begged for mercy, only you decided to hang in there and make me do the begging.” Wang Xiaowu curled his lips.

“Who would have thought that his strength would be so…”

Yun Feiyang didnt finish his words, and his pride was completely shattered by that move.

He had aimed to be the number one disciple of Heavenly Knights Sect… “Well, forget it.

Its not what I should be thinking about.

Young Lord, youre my model now.

Some day in the future…”

Yun Feiyang swallowed his arrogance and thought that he would defeat Zhang Han one day.

But it didnt take long for him to find out that it was a dream that couldnt be realized.

Seeing that the Sect Competition had also suspended, First Elder touched his dizzy forehead and said in a muffled voice, “The Sect Competition continues now.

Chen Changqing and Zhang Hans previous battles do not count as part of the competition.

Those who want to challenge the current ranking, please go to the rings.”

But that announcement did not work.

The disciples were still immersed in the scene a moment ago.

What was more, many junior martial sisters had blushed.

Expectantly, they began to ask if Young Lord had a girlfriend, but the answer they got was…

“Didnt you hear what he said at the end He was going back to see his daughter.

Since he already has a daughter, how could he not have a wife”

“Do I need you to tell me that Youre such a chatter-box!”


Seeing that his words had no effect, First Elder did not say anything more.

Even he himself was still in shock at this time.


Dong Chen suddenly raised his right hand, and a faint ripple spread out, forming a circle around the stands.

He made to say something privately.

He knew that if he got it out at this time, they would be more shocked.

Zhang Han surely had the idea of improving Heavenly Knights Sects overall strength.

In addition to his previous observation, Dong Chen reckoned that Zhang Han had a lot of advanced cultivation methods, and he wouldnt allow outsiders to benefit from it.

He thought that everyone in his sect should have a copy of the methods at least.

So Dong Chen coughed to attract other peoples attention, and then slowly said, “My first point is Zhang Han has the method to break the Heaven-earth Formation.

Im not talking about one or two sects, but all of them.

You heard me correctly.

Zhang Han can break the Heaven-earth Formation of all sects.”


“That cant be…”

Just as everyone was astounded, Dong Chen waved his hand and continued, “Listen.

Second, Zhang Hans strength after the breakthrough is rather beyond our imagination.

He went with our Young Master to destroy the eight sects who attacked us.

And except for the Main Sect of the Wind Snow School, all were flattened out.”

“Third, Zhang Han can easily kill a martial artist at the Earth Peak Stage.

He had even killed a cultivator at the Heaven Early-stage.

Therefore, even in our Heavenly Knights Sect, his strength ranks top.”

“Fourth, a few days ago, he went to the Main Sect of the Wind Snow School, assassinated Protector Qing Zhen Zi and the other nine Earth Realm Protectors, and then, took away their medicine mountain.”

“The fifth point is that hes had a great haul from these battles, including low-grade crystals accumulated for decades, thousands of middle-grade crystals, and a lot of divine weapons and divine objects.

However, his secret cultivation method requires lots of divine objects, so we have provided him with most of the divine objects and holy objects he needs.”

“Sixth, as you saw from the previous battle and the outer-ring battles, Chen Changqing and Leng Yue and the others can all defeat disciples in higher realms.

They also have a lot of points.

What does that tell you Id like to remind you that their cultivation methods were all granted by Zhang Han.”

“Seventh, dont make a fuss.

Sit down and digest what Ive told you.”

Dong Chen said that in the final sort of way.

His speech made the peak heads and the elders, whose eyes almost fell out of their sockets, fall silent before they could utter a word.

“I feel like Im in a dream.” First Elder propped his forehand with a hand and muttered, “The first point…”

“Is it true”

“I cant believe it!”

“So it was all his doing.”


A few minutes later, they all cast their eyes at Dong Chen.

“Grand Elder, this… this means that that kid is already unimaginably heaven-defying.”

“Thats not material!”

The Third Elder, who was very strong among the elders, suddenly stood up.

His eyes shining with excitement, he stared at Dong Chen and articulated, “The most important thing is that when Zhang Han grows up, in the future… He can slay those at the Heaven Peak Stage and dash the legend of their immortality! He will influence the power structure of the entire worldlet, and he will be invincible in the world!”

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