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Dong Chens and his companions expressions gradually froze.

“The… the power of heaven and earth Why is there so much power of heaven and earth We can capture a small amount of it, but why is it so much”

First Elder had a better knowledge of it and knew very well it was terrifying.

The power of heaven and earth was different from spiritual Qi.

In the secular world, the mysterious main continent, there was not much spiritual Qi because it was on the verge of exhaustion, but the space between heaven and earth was permeated with another kind of energy, which was the power of heaven and earth.

It was very hard to draw this power, but things that could draw the power of heaven and earth were all high-end secret techniques.

He had seen that the secret method someone put to use could do it, even including setting up the Heaven-Earth Formation, but the… the power of heaven and earth that surrounded the entire Mount New Moon seemed to have the power that could topple the mountains and overturn the seas.

This was so frightening.

It was fair to say that Mount New Moon was over 20 times smaller than Mount Heavenly Knights, but now the power of the heaven and earth surrounding Mount New Moon was over 100 times more than that of Mount Heavenly Knights.

“Ive never seen such a situation, but how… how did it happen”

First Elder was a little dumbfounded.


In the gaze of everyone, the power of heaven and earth became denser and denser as if it had become a vast starry sky, dotted with the light of stars.

When they looked carefully, it seemed to have turned into a sea of stars with lots of galaxies.

Some were round, some were square, and some were connected within by threads, as if they were formations, and the energy in them surged more and more strongly.

“Oh! How afar does the power of heaven and earth it is absorbing come from”

When he used his soul sense to feel it, Dong Chen couldnt help but gasp, for he sensed that the power of heaven and earth was trembling in a radius of 5 kilometers, rushing toward Mount New Moon in the form of a storm.

Hearing Dong Chens words, Chen Changqing, First Elder, Zhang Guangyou, Gai Xingkong, and the others all used their soul senses to detect…

They gasped one after another.

All the eyes around fell on Zhang Han instantly.

How far

Their eyes were full of curiosity.

Seeing this, Zhang Han coughed lightly and satisfied their curiosity by saying, “More than 50 kilometers.”


“A radius of 50 kilometers Is this still the Heaven-Earth Formation”

“This design is so ferocious, isnt it”

“This is the first time I have seen such a Heaven-Earth Formation.”

“My God!”

Wang Zhanpeng and his companions were even more stunned.

They were all dizzy, feeling that this kind of formation was beyond their imagination.

With his face muscles trembling, First Elder added, “Not only you but also I am stunned…”

“Dont be stunned.

This is just the beginning.”

Zhang Han shook his head with a smile and extended his palm forward to hit the air.



Everyone seemed to have heard a howling sound.

This was the power of heaven and earth, which was madly moving forward.

With this action, Zhang Hai said calmly, “This is not the power of heaven and earth.

To be more exact, there was only one-third of the power of heaven and earth, and more of it was the power of stars.

In your senses, the power of stars is similar to the power of heaven and earth, but specifically speaking, there are differences between them.

The power of heaven and earth is the energy possessed by one part of heaven and earth, while the power of stars is the energy that the vast starry sky gives to one part of heaven and earth.”

“What are the differences between the power of heaven and earth and the power of stars” First Elder asked hurriedly.

Almost everyone was looking at Zhang Han with anticipation, including Dong Chen.

The power of stars and the power of heaven and earth seemed to be something quite high-end.

“The power of heaven and earth is of great momentum, but one has to have a certain level of cultivation to mobilize a wide range of the power of heaven and earth.

It is a bonus to attacks, making them more powerful and fiercer.

As for the power of stars, it is a secret pure energy-using method.

If such an attack was launched, the opponent will have to defend himself with multiple times the energy.

It also has other abilities, but I wont say them because they are complicated.

Even if I tell you, you wont understand.”

Zhang Hans reply made these people a little speechless.

What an expression like “Even if I tell you, you wont understand”!

It was so insulting.

Those elders present, such as Dong Chen, First Elder, Wang Zhanpeng, and others felt that they were a little ashamed indeed.

When Zhang Han had sensed the energy of heaven and earth almost enough, he said before the others asked him, “Therefore, this formation is called Star and Five Elements Formation.

The attributes of the five elements are a series of attribute energies and have many types.

If all the five elements have a balance, various abilities will increase exponentially, and power, defense, and other things all can be possessed.

The five elements belong to a very high-end attribute, and the difficulty is to maintain the balance, so I dont suggest you study the big formations made of the five elements.”

“Then when can begin our study” First Elder had a wish to try and looked at Zhang Han with anticipation.

“You have to fully understand the Ten-Thousand-Formation Image at least.

When you have understood these basic things, then you can touch the more advanced.”

“The Ten-Thousand-Formation Image…” Wang Zhanpengs and his companions faces had almost turned dark.

“Alas, I dont think I have hope in this life…” Wang Zhanhong sighed.

“You have a chance.”

Zhang Han smiled.

Then, as his eyes glistened brightly, his right hand turned into a first from a palm.


Suddenly, a mark flickered in the air, and then many people felt a strong pressure.

“What is this” First Elder asked curiously.

“No Airspace.”

Zhang Han looked at the sky and said, “I want no one to fly in Mount New Moon.”

As Zhang Han talked, many kinds of energies moved forward to form a huge “forbid” Chinese character, and the entire space seemed to tremble.

Then, the character disappeared, but the energy storm had just begun, and the formation had just taken shape.

“I want no one to enter this land by mistake.”

A huge illusion formation took shape on the periphery.

“I want the coming enemy to shed blood here!”

A killing formation that made peoples scalp numb appeared and then disappeared.

“I want the defense here not to be broken by those who havent reached the Elixir stage.”

The final energy converged into a defensive formation.

Seeing it, First Elder trembled and felt that it was so strong that it seemed to be more powerful than the Double-Dragon Formation of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

“No Airspace” was a combination of a magic formation and the Heaven-Earth Formation.

The formation controlled by Zhang Han and fortified by 20 kinds of magic artifacts would probably be able to even prevent those at the Heaven Peak Stage from flying here.

The illusion formation, the killing formation, and the defense formation had improved the comprehensive defense of Mount New Moon.

With all this done, his job was over.

His eyes showed that he was a little tired.

All this seemed simple, but it was quite difficult to have done it, and this was the best Zhang Han could do now.

He looked at the third floor of the castle, where there were his beloved ones.

“This is Mengmengs Xanadu, my and Zi Yans home…”

Zhang Han mumbled this in his mind.

When he had Zi Yan and Mengmeng, he felt that no matter what he did, he was motivated, and what he did was meaningful and worth doing.

The words “husband” and “father” changed Zhang Han dramatically.

To be honest, if it were not for Zi Yan and Mengmeng, Zhang Han, who had returned from cultivation, would turn the world upside down.

But now, he just wanted to be a guard and a practitioner of the third generation of a martial arts family and live a quiet life.

But it was a little difficult to be a practitioner of the third generation of a martial arts family.

The Wind Snow Schools strength was many times stronger than that of Heavenly Knights Sect.

“Go back.”

Zhang Han was going to go back to practice the Heavenly Demon Skin.

“With Mount New Moon under my control, our safety is guaranteed, but Mengmeng is about to start school.

Can I let her stay in Mount New Moon all the time This is unrealistic, but letting her go to school is dangerous.” Zhang Han intended to make the best fifth-stage spirit treasure for his wife and daughter, but this was not an absolutely safe choice.

The only way was to master the Heavenly Demon Skin and get supernatural powers.

Zhang Han was sure that Athanasia Demon Gong had 8 supernatural powers, but he didnt know what they were.

He thought about going back to practice, but he met First Elder, Wang Zhanpeng, and their companions who wanted to ask about the knowledge of formations.

Zhang Han had a wry smile and said first, “The Star and Five Elements Formation evolved the mutual promotion and restraint relationship between the five elements, which would become a mysterious formation with many eyes, but the most important thing is the Thunder Yang Treasure that mainly consists of the Thunder Yang Trees.

The Thunder Yang belongs to the five elements and was the perfect match for the Star and Five Elements Formation.

When I find the other two Thunder Yang Treasures and become the Land of Thunder Yang, the formations here will be very powerful and become one with an unpredictable nature, and the place will not only be protected by a few simple formations.”

“I said that your understanding of the five elements is poor.

Youd better not touch the formations on the level of the Heaven-Earth Formation too early, and its better for you to study the One-Hundred-Formation Image.

When you have mastered it, I will set up the Thousand-Formation Image for you.

Father, Mother, if you dont have anything to tell me, Im going back.”


Rong Jiali nudged Zhang Guangyou who wanted to ask questions and bade Zhang Han a gentle goodbye.


Zhang Han smiled and moved, turning into a streamer and flying back to the third floor.

These people were left behind to look at each other.

“This time I did broaden my horizon.

Young Lord is so powerful, and I admire him.

Alas, I feel so much pressure.

Im going back to practice.”

The three peak heads shook their heads again and again, and then ran their spiritual force, hoping to fly back to their villa.



The three of them suddenly realized that they had only jumped to a height of two meters, and then… they couldnt go higher.

“Cant fly high”

They remembered the “No Airspace” restriction that was installed just now.

“Why could Young Lord fly”

The three of them were a little confused.


The formation was set up by him, how could he not fly” First Elder looked at them with an expression he wore when he looked at idiots.

“Go, go.”

The three peak heads realized it but were a little ashamed.

After giving their greetings, they ran fast toward the villa where they lived.

The others saw it and shook their heads with a smile.

“It only took a few hours to have set up the Heaven-Earth Formation, but it is beyond my imagination.

I am convinced.

Let me go and look at the Hundred-Formation Image, which shouldnt be difficult for me.

Let me take a look, go back to rest, and get ready to look at the appearance of the Thousand-Formation Image,” First Elder said.

Wang Zhanpeng and his companions volunteered to lead the way.

“Lets go.”

“Disperse,” Dong Chen said and then turned around to look at his villa on the side, motionless.

Only after three seconds did he have a little embarrassed expression.

“Fu*k, I cant fly.”


He could only cough and quickly left.

The others, who also got the experience, turned around and walked away.

Only First Elder went to the dense forest on the back mountain with them.

Before they got close, they heard Daheis snoring.

“These little creatures are sleeping soundly.”

First Elder smiled and said, “I heard that the Hundred-Formation Image has been set up for a few months.

Havent you mastered it”

Hearing this question, Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Zhanhong, Wang Ming, and the other four people were a little ashamed.

“Its shameful to say this—” Wang Zhanpeng sighed lightly.

“I have only figured out more than 30 formations.”

“28 from me.”

“10 from me.”

Wang Ming also raised his hand.

They knew more than 100 formations, but the formations in the Hundred-Formation Image belonged to the basic formations.

Relatively speaking, these formations they knew were just equal to one formation in the Hundred-Formation Image.

Hearing this, First Elder shook his head slightly.

“The basics of the Hundred-Formation Image are so simple, but you still havent mastered them.

It seems that your formation foundation is a little weak.

I will be living here, so if you have any questions, you can ask me at any time.”

“Okay, okay, thank you, First Elder,” Wang Zhanpeng and his companions answered excitedly.

But they had a question.

How many formations in the Hundred-Formation Image had First Elder figured out

A few minutes later, the group of people arrived at their positions.

First Elder took a look, but his expression gradually became solemn, and then he stood on the edge.

They stood there without moving an inch for a whole night.

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