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In the face of the gazes of Wang Zhanpeng and the others, the First Elder let out a deep sigh and said slowly with a calm face, “The Hundred-Formation Image is worthy of its reputation.

Ive been studying it for two days but only learned 81 formations.

The remaining 19 formations are enough for me to study for a while.”

“Indeed awesome.

You got more than 80 formations after only reading it twice.

I guess youll soon finish studying the Hundred-Formation Image.”

Wang Zhanpeng and the others repeatedly shook their heads in astonishment.

“Your array skill is so remarkable! We can only look up to you.”

“Youve learned more than 80 formations! When you finish the rest, you can go on to study the Thousand-Formation Image.”


In the face of everyones praise, the First Elder remained composed.

At first, he secretly felt a little proud, but then he sighed with emotion.

“It is nothing.

Im far inferior to the Young Lord, for his array skill is beyond compare.

He must have already fully understood the Ten-Thousand-Formation Image, but I havent even finished learning the Hundred-Formation Image… Alas, I cant compare myself with such a genius.

Originally, I thought that my array skill had reached the peak of perfection.

Even in the whole worldlet, there were only a few people who could surpass me in array skill.

But now, when I meet the Young Lord, I really feel ashamed of being self-conceited.”

“Hahaha.” Wang Zhanpeng laughed and said, “No one can compete with Han.

Comparing with him always make people feel ashamed of their inferiority, isnt it”

As soon as he said that, First Elder thought about it seriously and nodded in agreement.

“Youre right.

Except for him, I have enough confidence to outmatch others.”

“Lets stop talking and continue to study the Hundred-Formation Image.

Try to learn it thoroughly as soon as possible.

” First Elder took two steps forward and stood in front of the Hundred-Formation Image.

Before he went to cultivate in seclusion, he said to Wang Zhanpeng, “You should also study it carefully.

The power of the Hundred-Formation Image is beyond your imagination.

It requires a profound understanding of the formation.

Although I have comprehended 81 formations, I think that my understanding of it is superficial.”

“Youre right, First Elder.”


They began the second round of cultivation.

Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali also began to cultivate.

When Zhang Hans family of three came back, they finished their cultivation and went to the back mountain together.

They, sitting in the pavilion, looked at Mengmeng, Zi Yan, and Zhou Fei, who were playing in the pet area, feeling very relaxed.

In the pavilion where they were sitting, there were parents of both sides, Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, a few people like Zi Long, who accompanied them, and Rong Jiaxin.

So many people were there.

Zhang Guangyou took a sip of the apple juice and asked, “Dear, have you arranged everything in the company”

“Everything has been arranged and come into operation.

The opening ceremony will be held more than half a month later.

Initially, I didnt want to make it a grand one.

But unexpectedly, the enthusiastic official team here has already contacted the media.

So, I guess a decent press briefing will be held then,” Zi Qiang replied with a smile.

“More than half a month It will be quite a long time.”

“Yes, my daughter is going to have her wedding, and everything else can be put aside for a while.”

“Speaking of the wedding, I have a few things to ask.” Zhang Guangyou said, smiling, “I dont know what your customs of the wedding are.

The date for their wedding has been set.

Are we going to hold a splendid wedding Should it follow the wedding process of Xiangjiang, Singapore, or Shang Jing”

“Well, um, I want it to be a splendid one.

Though you and Yan even have a child, my daughter…” Somehow, Zi Qiang couldnt finish his words.

Clutching his forehead with his right hand, he continued, “Well, as a father, I cant keep my grown girl at home.

Han, I think you know what I mean.”

His tone was a little sad, for his daughter would marry into someone elses family.

After all, it was different from getting a daughter-in-law as a new family member.

That was why Zhang Guangyou had a smile on his face all the time.

The happier he was, the more depressed Zi Qiang felt.

Seeing this, Zhang Han nodded slightly and said sincerely, “Father-in-law and mother-in-law, please trust me.

For the rest of her life, I will take good care of her, my wife.”

“I know.” Zi Qiang sighed.

“Forget it.

Lets not talk about these things.

Han, you are very excellent, so we can rest assured.

As for the wedding process, choose one you prefer.”


I will give her a great wedding.” Zhang Han nodded.

“The process…” Zhang Guangyou hesitated for a moment and said, “We can simplify it a little.

We martial artists dont have many rules for the wedding.

How about this According to the rules of the north, we will send a parade of cars to pick up Zi Yan and then have some fun casually.

After that, we will go back to the hotel with her.

As for the details of the banquet and the wedding ceremony, lets discuss them with the host.

Maybe we can arrange some great projects.”


Thats settled then.”

“September 9th…” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan and Mengmeng and murmured in his heart.

“Before that, Ill have to master Heavenly Dermabrasion.”

He decided to take immediate action.

At nine oclock in the evening, Zhang Han got on the bed to coax Mengmeng into sleep.

Since the little girl was five years old already, she could sleep on her own.

But she always liked hearing Zhang Hans stories before sleeping.

He told her the story of the King of Dwarves adventure.

After Zi Yan and his daughter fell asleep, Zhang Han quietly left the room, went to the bedroom next door, and sat cross-legged on the ground.

“Im going to finish the practice of my legs today.”

“These cultivation resources almost have emptied the treasury of Heavenly Knights Sect, but they can help me achieve the Heavenly Dermabrasion, get supernatural power, and advance to the Middle-Stage of Innateness.

Only then can I have the ability to protect myself and my loved ones.”

Zhang Han thought for a few minutes and then started to cultivate.

His legs began to emit waves of energy.

Though he felt a sharp pain as if he were scraping his bones, Zhang Han thought it a relatively easy process.

Time passed slowly.

At dawn, exhausted, Zhang Han went back to the master bedroom.

This time, he had also learned to be smart—he had set up a small magic formation outside the room in advance to isolate his voice because he didnt want to see Zi Yan cry.

“The practice of legs is over, and the burning pain just doesnt go away.

Only after I achieve the Heavenly Dermabrasion will the pain disappear.”

Zhang Han pondered for two minutes and waved his right hand.

Many divine objects appeared and turned into pure energy, which was constantly absorbed by him.

His shins, knees, thighs, and even the lower part of the body were covered entirely, which meant that he had succeeded in practicing his legs.

He proceeded with unparalleled speed.

To be honest, the speed of completing the cultivation of one part of his body every two days was exceedingly fast.

It was the tension that Zhang Han felt urged him to cultivate at such a fantastic speed.

After all, except for the Wind Snow School, the other seven sects were acting recklessly in desperation.

If they couldnt capture the Heavenly Knights Sect, they must also be trying to take the Mount New Moon, a place that was easy to get.

“The next step is to refine my trunk.

Ill try my best to achieve the Heavenly Dermabrasion before the wedding!”

Zhang Han had made up his mind.

He must get the ability to ensure the safety of himself and others.

After the next day and the third day, Zhang Han finally finished the cultivation of his trunk.

Then, he completed the practice of his arms and neck.

The sixth day was Mengmengs first day of school.

Mengmeng was now a student in the middle class of her kindergarten, so she didnt feel that depressed when she had to go back to school.

Zhang Han drove his car, taking Zi Yan and Mengmeng to the Saint Kindergarten.

In the new semester, the atmosphere of the kindergarten appeared different.

Teacher Lu chatted with them for a while, and as always, she praised Mengmeng, who had been lovable and clever.

Hearing her praise, Zhang Han felt a touch of sweetness in his heart.

“See How excellent our baby girl is!”

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