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Zhang Han hurried to pick up Mengmeng from school.

In the main hall of the Main Mount of the Wind Snow School in the Witch Hidden World in the southeast.

At this time, many experts gathered there, including those from the former alliance of the eight sects, the Caprice Mo Sect, the Ten Tiger Sect, and so on.

In addition, the heads and several high-level officials of the other seven sects were all present as well.

Their sects had been smashed into ruins, but most of these people chose to reestablish the sects.

After all, they still had some members.

If they went to the secular world and started the recruitment, the number of their disciples would quickly increase.

After those disciples reached the God Realm, they could go into the Ancient Mine, where housed many treasures.

When the disciples brought some back, they could live on the easy street again.

The reason why there were so many sects and forces while there were fewer rogue cultivators was precisely the lack of resources.

The sect provided martial artists a platform to pick their own treasures, but… the benefit came, after all, from a price one had paid.

A month ago, everyone had vowed to take down the Heavenly Knights Sect.

But now, the situation was so miserable that they couldnt bear to see it.

At the sight, they couldnt help but feel a mood of melancholy.

“How I regret it!”

The Caprice Mo Sect Leader was devastated.

He held his forehead and cried in distress.


The Grand Elder of Wind Snow School had always had a problem with him.

He frowned and demanded, “So you are blaming me”

His words made the Caprice Mo Sect Leader speechless.

He wanted to say something, but in the end, he just got one sentence out.

“I was saying, I regret that I didnt leave a few experts in the sect.”

As he spoke, he felt quite helpless.

He had no choice but to bow his head under the circumstance.

The Wind Snow School was really a bad*ss.

Though there was only the Main Sect left, they still had a say in everything.

Look, Zhan San didnt care to look at the others at all.

However, they also knew that the Wind Snow School was the strongest in the alliance of the eight sects.

Now they had suffered such a great loss, if they wanted to make up for the loss, they had to rely on the Wind Snow School.

Even if the rest of the seven sects joined hands, they were still no match for the Heavenly Knights Sect.

“Lets put this aside for now,” the head of the Ten Tiger Sect said in a low voice, “After a month of cooling our heads, I bet everyone has thought it through by far.

Upon the invitation of the Grand Elder of Wind Snow School, we gathered here today.

We have also figured out one thing.

The Heavenly Knights Sect has made us lose so much, so we will definitely not let it go.

As martial artists who keep their words, we will definitely wipe them out!”

“Good point…”

“Thats what our sect wants as well.”

“I agree.”

Everyone agreed with this statement, but there was also a rational voice of doubt.

“Our sect has just been established, and now it is still fragile.

I think our priority is to deal with the person who can break the Heaven-earth Formation first.

If we dont finish him off, there will be endless troubles in the future.

Besides, I heard that the Wind Snow School is not entirely safe.

Someone sneaked in before, and a protector was killed.

Am I right, First Elder”

The person who spoke was an old man, the head of Wuji Sect.

He was a good-for-nothing who simply gave up the sects land.

He just came here to get a share of the treasures before going solo…

As soon as the words were out, the eyes of heads of the two sects were filled with shock.

Some people looked confused, and two men sat there calmly as if they already knew this matter.

At this, First Elder was not surprised.

His expression was still calm.

In an untroubled tone, he said, “Ive called you here just to discuss this matter.

I know who can break the Heaven-earth Formation.”


Immediately, many people rose up and fixed their eyes on First Elder.

“Its Zhang Hanyang from the secular world.”

Before they could ask, First Elder continued, “Zhang Hanyang has made his debut since a year ago.

He is at the Grand Master Peak, and his incantation and formation are very powerful.

His strength is not bad, and his secret method is impressive.

He also knows how to break the Heaven-earth Formation.

And he is living on Mount New Moon in Xiangjiang.”

“Then what are we waiting for Lets go and kill him!” the Caprice Mo Sect Leader yelled with a murderous look.

“Dont rush,” First Elder shook his head and said.

“Since they dare to go out and attack us, they must have someone backing them up.

There are not only Zhang Hanyang on the mountain, but also his father Zhang Guangyou and the Grand Elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

I dont know how many others are there with them.

Whats more, Im still clueless on how the Heaven-Earth Formation was cracked.

Did Zhang Hanyang do this all by himself or there were others helping him Im afraid that there will be trouble if we Wind Snow School launch a full attack against them.

If this is a diversion they created on purpose, I dont want to see they get their way.

Thats why I called you here, as you dont need to look out for trouble back at home.”

These words made several heads present feel quite uncomfortable.

“Damn it, you have nothing to worry about back at home!”

But after thinking about it, they found that it was true.

“This is awkward…”

“Dont blame me for being too direct.” First Elder said lightly, “If you want to fight, you can go destroy Mount New Moon in the secular world and kill Zhang Hanyang and the others.

But the situation you are facing is not good.

The government has banned reckless fights.

You all understand that.

If you succeed, I will give each of you ten divine objects.

The only requirement is to kill Zhang Hanyang!”


Ten kinds per person

They were immediately intrigued.

But then, everyone calmed down to think.

Since First Elder was willing to offer such a big reward, the mission they had to carry out was definitely not as simple as they thought.

“Yes, or no” First Elders expression was perfectly calm, completely devoid of emotion as if he already knew their answer.

“We decide to…”

Several sect heads looked at each other and eventually nodded in agreement.

“I warn you in advance that Mount New Moon seems to be protected by a Heaven-Earth Formation.

Its guarded by Zhang Guangyou, the Grand Elder of Heavenly Knights Sect, and maybe some other people.

There are only five days to go before Zhang Hanyangs wedding starts.

His daughter, Zhang Yumeng, is in the middle class of Saint Kindergarten.

And his wife, Zi Yan, is a star.”

First Elder nodded.

After telling them these pieces of information, he turned around and left.

He had no interest in continuing to entertain these people.

In fact, everyone knew that First Elder wanted them to act as the vanguard.

The force of the Wind Snow School had to stay back and guard the Main Sect, so they couldnt take any risks.

Also, they couldnt afford to lose more protectors.

Moreover, even if they really killed Zhang Hanyang, First Elder might not give each of them ten kinds of divine objects.

The Caprice Mo Sect and others were also aware of that.

But they reckoned that as they had 12 cultivators at the Heaven Peak Stage, and some at the early stage and at the middle stage, as well as a few at the Earth Realm, they were, in fact, quite an army.

“Since weve all agreed, lets go straight to Mount New Moon and flatten it,” the head of the Ten Tiger Sect said, “Were under no pressure at all.

Isnt it just a big fight in the urban area With our strength and numbers, the fight wont last for more than 30 seconds, so we may not offend the authorities.”

“I think its okay.”

“Thats settled then, isnt it”

In an instant, two other people agreed.

However, the Caprice Mo Sect Leader had much more to consider.

After deliberating for five seconds, he said, “I think wed better wait.

First Elder wouldnt have told us the background information for no reason.

We cant treat this Mount New Moon war as a childs play.

Even the Wind Snow School is afraid of them.

So, we also need to make some preparations.”

“Then well do it at his wedding.

Give him a present.”

“Are you crazy How many people will go to the Heavenly Knights Sect for Zhang Hanyangs wedding How many businessmen from the secular world will attend the event How dare you attack him then”


Therefore, a fierce discussion took place among this group of people.

Those present were either the heads of sects or the high-level officials, so the debate went on for quite a while.

As for all this, the Heavenly Knights Sect was totally ignorant.

Zhang Han, on the other hand, was on his guard against them.

He set up the Heaven-earth Formation, refined the defensive spirit treasures, and so on.

Maybe it was because of the pending arrival of a formidable enemy, Zhang Han could feel danger.

But he also felt a little helpless.

In fact, he didnt expect that he was a third-generation of a martial art family, and the sect he was left with was still a mess.

When Zhang Han picked up Mengmeng from school and went back home, Zi Yan and Rong Jiali, a group of women, also had come home after shopping.

They were carrying all kinds of shopping bags, looking very happy.

By this time, Zi Yan and her mother-in-law, Rong Jiali, had been very close to each other.

Zi Yan would have started calling her mom if it were not for the fact that the wedding had not been hosted yet.

In just a few days, the wedding would take place.

The two families were very looking forward to it and also began to make all kinds of preparations.

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