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But no one would have thought that the crisis would happen so soon.

In a jungle in the north of Xiangjiang, five people were walking quickly.

On their way, three squirrels suddenly leapt out beside them.

The old man leading the group had a flash of green in his eyes.


The three little squirrels suddenly burst into flames, which then dissipated.

Seeing this, a sharp-faced man beside him smiled, “Old Devil, why are you so angry”

The one who was called Old Devil was the Caprice Mo Sect Leader.

He shook his head at his words and sneered, “Its not that I have a bad temper.

Its just that Im dissatisfied with Wind Snow School.

Its fine for them to take advantage of us by asking us to come over for a detailed discussion.

At least, they should be sincere, which is good.

They are not helping nor are they giving anything, which is fine.

However, at least, they promised ten kinds of divine objects, right But they did not even bother to negotiate.

Nor did they want to take on anything at all and told us to discuss it among ourselves.

With regards to the plan that we are going to capture Zhang Hans daughter and force him out, I think its perfectly fine.

But some others objected strongly against it, saying that they want to do it on the day of the grand wedding.

At this point, the Caprice Mo Sect Leader was so angry that his palms trembled, “Arent they a bunch of f*cking brainiacs Events like weddings will surely be heavily guarded.

And although there are so many of us, if we fight in the downtown area, it will be a dead end for us.”

The sharp-faced old man shook his head and said, “Youre right.

As for the other clans, some are desperate and some want to make a fortune and go to the Ancient Mine.

And some of them change their minds easily according to the situation.

Only you and I want to rebuild the clan and regain our original glory.

So we cant be too brazen.

The best way is to lure them out of the city.

Hey, Black White Palace is too scary to mess with.”

“Whats even more terrifying is that someone among the officials can get help from Black White Palace.” A trace of fear flashed in the Caprice Mo Sect Leaders pupils.

This time, only Caprice Mo Sect and Ten Tiger Sect would be showing up.

There were a total of eight people.

Three of them had come to check the road in advance.

The other five would arrive later.

They were ready to strike.

“When Zhang Hanyang goes to pick up his daughter, Zhang Guangyou or someone else should be guarding her, who probably will be the Grand Elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect, Dong Chen, or perhaps the Third Elder.

They may guard her together.

Lets see what will happen later.” The Caprice Mo Sect Leader thought about it and said, “If there are too many people, well retreat and wait for those guys from Wind Snow School to strike tomorrow.”


After a few simple words, they picked up their speed and headed in the direction of the Saint Kindergarten in the Western South Island of Xiangjiang.

At this time, Zhang Han, who had just said goodbye to everyone, drove the little panda car to the kindergarten to pick up Mengmeng.

Zhang Han thought, “When everything is over after this period, I will spend some time with Zi Yan.”

Zhang Han casually tuned into the radio station, which was playing one of Zi Yans songs.

And while listening to the song, Zhang Han couldnt help but think of Mount New Moon.

Recently, Zi Yan was somewhat bored.

She had stayed in Heavenly Knights Sect for more than a month.

And after she came out, she had been staying in Mount New Moon again.

She had even given up her work for the time being, all because of Zhang Han.

When she went out shopping the last time, she had been very happy.

Zi Yan was not as indifferent as what the outsiders thought of her.

She was young.

Although she was a mother, she liked to have fun.

Under Zhang Hans influence, she had become quite lively as well now.

So Zhang Han was also pondering that after his breakthrough and taking in so many treasures, his body had reached a saturated degree, where there was a lot of energy hidden inside.

So he had to slowly absorb and digest it.

And after the process was over, only after he absorbed the energy of the spiritual treasures again would some effects be seen.

To put it bluntly, Zhang Han disliked the usual slow pace of his practicing and decided to have a rest during this period.

The song ended and Zhang Han was about to sail into New Moon Bay.

At this time, a gentle female voice came over the radio, “Its a song from Zi Yan and its title is Loving You, which sounds very nice.

Her heavenly voice is admirable.

We all know Zi Yan who is super good-looking.

A few months ago, the film she shot, which was titled Pirates of the Caribbean became a box office hit.

It is said that Zi Yan will be married tomorrow.

Of course, we are very curious about the male lead, who happened to be that male lead of Pirates of the Caribbean as well.

He has another name, which is Hanyang.

What a mysterious man.

But he will also appear tomorrow.

I am very curious about what he will be like in reality.

So now, a song named The Most Beautiful Expectation for everyones listening pleasure.

Moreover, I wish Zi Yan a happy wedding and wish all the lovers in the world a happy ending…”

After hearing this broadcast, many young people would surely pay attention to Zi Yans wedding, which could even quickly become the most popular topic on various websites.

After all, Zi Yan had many fans.

Zhang Han would have smiled lightly at this.

But this was not the case.

Instead, his gaze suddenly became a little cold.

“Ha…” He laughed faintly, “Two little tails Are they trailing me Or…”

Zhang Han had a highly sensitive spiritual sense.

If someone was following him, he would be aware of it from the first moment.

Ignoring the martial artists behind him who were at Earth Realm Peak, Zhang Han drove directly to Saint Kindergarten.

After he picked up Mengmeng, he smiled tenderly and hugged her.

Then he held hands with the little girl, put her in the back seat, started the car and headed in the direction of Mount New Moon.


as soon as he started the car, his eyes became even colder.

“Are they even trying to target Mengmeng” Zhang Han felt slight anger in his heart.

Although they had not made a move yet, their intention to target his daughter made him inevitably angry.

The hostility hidden in his heart erupted abruptly.

Even so, Zhang Han became calmer.

For an ordinary person, if he wanted to climb step by step to the ninth stage of Tribulation in the dangerous world of immortal cultivation, he simply could not do it if he was not somewhat capable.

So Zhang Han drove as usual.

Five minutes later, the tracking team made up of eight people followed behind.

Zhang Han naturally did not know the Caprice Mo Sect Leader and the others.

But he knew that when he drove to a road in the mountain ten minutes later, they would strike.

That was exactly the case.

A disciple at Earth Peak Stage said to the Caprice Mo Sect Leader, “Head Master, there is a remote place not far ahead of us where we can strike indiscriminately.”

“Well, then well do it later.” The Ten Tiger Sect Leader was in a great mood and laughed, “I never thought that we would succeed so easily.

Hahaha, they are not vigilant at all, right They demolished our clans houses.

Do they think well put up with them and do nothing Hey, we have considered various situations, but we still miscalculated it.

Nor did we even expect that it would be Zhang Hanyang coming alone.”

“He is also somewhat powerful.” The Caprice Mo Sect Leader scoffed, “At least when the gate of the small world was not open yet, he succeeded in the mundane world.

Zhang Hanyang is well-known.

And whats more, hes the son of the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect, whom no one even knows anything about.

Hes hiding it too deeply.”

Ten Tiger Sect Leader looked at the slow moving car in front of him and smiled faintly, “If it werent for Grand Elder of Wind Snow School, we would not have known either.

According to my observation, it is because of the closing of the gate of the small world that people rarely know anything about the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect, Guang Yous descendants.

As for Zhang Hanyang, he just made his debut a year ago and came out of nowhere.

No one knows his origin.

Speaking of this, he is quite capable.


“Its a pity.

He should not have come out alone.

After today, there will be no more Zhang Hanyang in the world.

The so-called Merciless Zhang is just a joke.

I heard that he is getting married tomorrow, right The timing isnt bad.

His head is worth ten kinds of divine objects.

He is at mere Grand Master Peak, isnt he Or the Divine Realm Ill deal with him later.”

“Theres no rush.

Lets play a little with him first and see if we can lure Zhang Guangyou over here.

But, of course, thats with the assurance that we can kill him at any time.” The Caprice Mo Sect Leader shook his head slightly, “Caprice Mo Sect suffered the most losses.

So Ill be the one to do it later.”

Ten Tiger Sect Leader nodded his head after a slight pause, “Then you should do it.

Ill see what happens.”

After saying a few words, they made a plan.

The pace of breathing of the Caprice Mo Sect Leaders body became gradually stronger.

And he no longer concealed his killing intent as he looked at the car that was about to reach a remote place.

“The time for juggling has come.”

As he utilized the massive amount of spiritual force in his body and moved his right hand as if he was about to strike, an indifferent voice sounded from the back, “Are you looking for me”


The eight people present felt chills running down their backs for a moment.

“Who is it”

“How did he manage to come up behind us so silently”

“How come we did not notice anything”

They broke out in a cold sweat and turned around instantly.

When they saw who it was, they were all greatly shocked!

“How, how come it is you” The pupils of Caprice Mo Sect Leader shrank as he thought, “Zhang Hanyang Isnt he driving out there”

“Why wouldnt it be me” Zhang Hans gaze was cold and he had a mocking smile on his face.

Then he leaned forward slowly as he said faintly, “I thought you, who are nobody, were going to do it before.

But I didnt think youd put it off until now and even intended to target my daughter.

Youve been tired of living in this world, havent you”

“How arrogant you are!”

The Caprice Mo Sect Leader and the others looked like they were about to strike.

One of the martial artists at the Earth Peak Stage came to his senses and quickly moved forward with an extra sword in his right hand, as if he was about to kill Zhang Han immediately.

Under everyones gazes, Zhang Han thrust his right hand forward, “Shattering Hand!”

The supernatural power brought by the Heavenly Demon Skin manifested its power for the first time.


Invisible energy instantly formed an existence like a gravitational field in the surroundings.

The martial artist at Earth Peak Stage stagnated and had difficulty moving.

But this was only a small part of the supernatural power.

The existence of Domain was at the higher-end, which was far from reaching from the current partial influence.

And it was only a slight aid to the battle.

The sudden suppression made the martial artist at Earth Peak Stage somewhat wary.

But he never expected that he, who was extremely vigilant, would only feel Zhang Hans existence after he attacked him within a meter!


“The situation is not good!”

“Get back!”

The few people including the Caprice Mo Sect Leader, who were dozens of meters away, were shocked.

The martial artist at Earth Peak Stage, who was at the forefront, waved his long sword viciously, but the sword light flickered without causing any impact.


His face went pale for a moment.

Then he turned his head around quickly, looking back, “Head Master, help…”


His body seemed to be swallowed by the space.

Moments later, only a faint mist of blood could be seen, which then dissipated into the mundane world.

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