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“Oh, no, todays groom, please get in the car!”

Zhao Feng laughed at the forefront of the group.

Even if the members of the security group, as well as the members of the Wang family, the Zi family, and many others each drive a car, there would be more cars left.

It was really like a flood of luxury cars.

Zhao Feng had also made many preparations for this wedding.

Without informing anyone, others scrambled to contact him one after another.

As to the Ye family that had soared to fame because they were remotely related to Zhang Han, Ye Han, who used to be the leader of the Eastern District, had completely gotten rid of the underground forces.

He sighed with emotion that the situation at that time was really bad.

In fact, for a man like him, was difficult to become a decent man again.

However, thanks to Zhang Hanyang, everything had been going smoothly in his life.

His business was getting bigger and bigger, and his father also became the head of the family, in charge of all the family business.

The familys assets were already several times of the previous.

Fortunately, Ye Han had the sense to repay the society by engaging in charity activities after he had made some money from his investment in entities.

That made the authorities sort of gratified.

When he learned about Zhang Hans wedding, he contacted Zhao Feng directly.

He offered to provide funds for the entire wedding, but the other party didnt need his funds at all.

In the end, Ye Han proposed to provide 120 luxury cars to enhance the spectacularness of the wedding.

That Zhao Feng agreed.

Apart from that, Luo Shan, the chairman of Saint Kindergarten in the Luo family, asked Zhao Feng in person and chatted with him for a while.

At last, he was also assigned to provide the Luo familys motorcade.

As soon as the news came out, all kinds of bigshots followed suit.

Zhao Feng was stunned by this.

It seemed that the line of the motorcade was too long, and there were so many cars in Mount New Moon that there would be some left even if each person drove one.

Fortunately, those people had also sent drivers there.

All the cars were tied with red ribbons, and the one at the forefront was a limited edition Rolls-Royce.

At this time, Zhao Feng was standing beside the car, ready to welcome the groom.

The drivers were all dressed in black suits, which made them look very imposing.

However, Zhang Han glanced at the motorcade and rested his eyes on a supercar at the rear.

“Ill drive by myself.”

Zhang Han remarked nonchalantly and made his way to that car.

“Okay, boss.”

Xu Yong laughed out loud and handed the car key to Zhang Han.

The car was a limited-version convertible Ferrari, which was quite expensive.

Its black appearance looked noble and dignified, and the heart-shaped bouquet decorated on the engine hood added a touch of happiness to the car.

The car was brand new.

Xu Yong had bought it only for a few days.

He was the president of the security group.

One day, he spotted this limited-version sports car and bought it right away.

But he didnt expect that it would come in handy on todays occasion.

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!”

Zhang Han stepped on the accelerator, deliberated for a moment, and drove forward slowly.

There were luxury cars lined up on both sides of the road.

Zhang Han was driving in the middle of the road.

Behind him, Zhao Feng and others quickly got in the cars.

With two cars a rank, a long line of cars came after Zhang Hans car.

Fortunately, the road was wide enough, otherwise, there would be a traffic jam.

The cars lined up behind Zhang Hans, end to end, and slowly drove down the mountain.

Even Zhang Han was surprised to see that there were so many cars forming such a long line.

The cars almost lined up from Mount New Moon to the downtown of New Moon Bay.

“Master, there is a sign in front of us.

Just go in the direction as the sign shows.”

Zhao Feng yelled from behind.


Zhang Han responded and took the lead to New Moon Bay.

At this time, there were many drivers in New Moon Bay who were complaining.

“How can this road be blocked Im going to be late for work!”

“My company is on this street.

Where do you want me to park my car”

“Whats going on Taking a detour It will take me half an hour more if I take the other path!”


All the major intersections were temporarily closed, which made many people who were in a hurry to go to work very dissatisfied.

Although they complained, they couldnt do anything about it.

Thus, they had to take a detour.

On the main street, there stationed government officials every several feet.

People were also passing through the main street in an orderly manner.

But the people walking on both sides of the street were getting curious about this.

“Why did they close the road Is some big shot coming to visit New Moon Bay”

“No way.

Even if thats the case, they wouldnt have shut down the road.

I figure it should be because of a certain mysterious mission.”

“How could the mission be any mysterious with all this Are you kidding me Its a given.

There must be some event going on.”

“Its such a display of splendor.

I wonder what the event is.

Hey, wait! I see! Its the motorcade for a wedding!” a girl in her twenties in the crowd shouted in surprise.

“Look over there.

The motorcade is coming.

Oh my god, I cant see the end of the line.

Wow! This is so extravagant! They even closed the road for this!”


Many pairs of eyes proved backward.

When the people saw the endless motorcade coming from the distance, they were all shocked.

The leading one was a convertible sports car.

The driver was a man in a suit and a pair of sunglasses, which made them feel refreshed!

“Good heavens! Its a wedding motorcade! So spectacular!”

“Take photos No, Im going to take a short video!”

“Hes so handsome.

Is the driver the groom Hes so young!”

“Wait! Isnt it Zi Yans wedding today Is this… her motorcade”

“Look at the car plate number.

There are cars of the Luo family, the Chu family, and the Ye family in the Eastern District.

Are they really the cars to pick up Zi Yan Zi Yans rumored boyfriend, Zhang Hanyang, is in the entertainment field.

How can these giants care about those in the entertainment field”


Under their astonished gazes, the motorcade slowly approached.

The crowd stood at the side and watched the scene.

Cars passed by one after another like a long dragon.

After watching for 10 whole minutes, they finally saw the motorcade slowly disappear from sight.

“Go ahead!”

After that, the officials allowed the people to cross the road.

Only then did they cross the road as they intended to before.

But suddenly, someone found that none of these officials had left.

“Hmm The motorcade is going back here”

Someone asked, but didnt get any answer.

“Holy cow! As they arent leaving, the motorcade will definitely come back later.

Wouldnt we be able to see the bride then I wonder if itll be Zi Yan! Whoa, Im going to wait here! Ill ask for leave at the office.

I wont go to work this morning!”


There was a racket among the crowd, but most of them eventually went to work, and only a few of them who were really curious stayed to watch the scene.

Behind the wheel, Zhang Han followed the signs beside the road and made a smooth journey.

Every time the motorcade went to a crowded place, it caused people to scream out of excitement.

Hearing these screams, the corners of Zhang Hans mouth arced a little.

It was not because of vanity, but because he was thinking about Zi Yan.

“Will she be exceptionally beautiful today”

As though in a hurry to see the beautiful bride, Zhang Hans foot resting on the gas pedal involuntarily stamped.


The car was getting faster and faster.

They passed through New Moon Bay, the Southern District, and came to the Western District, and parked on a wide street.

This was the place where the Macro Hotel was located.

Of course, the hotel was of the best kind.

The entire hotel had been booked.

Except for a few staff members, the rest were all their own people.

“Lets go!”

“Go get the bride!”

“Come on!”

After the security group got out of the car, they let out a few cackles, including Xu Yong and Zhao Feng, who were usually calm and collected.

The wedding process was basically the normal one.

The best men had to go through a ton of challenges before they could send the groom upstairs to pick up the bride.

Among them, Instructor Liu was the fastest.

He took the lead and didnt stop until he almost overtook Zhang Han.

He tagged Zhang Han along with a fierce look on his face.

“Listen up, the people inside.

Ill beat whoever stops the groom from picking up the bride today!”

What he didnt know was that at his words, the corner of Zhang Hans mouth trembled a few times as he almost burst out laughing.

A large group of people followed Zhang Han and rushed into the hotel.

There were not many people in the spacious lobby.

But the pretty figure standing in the middle, who was wearing a leather suit and holding a leather whip in her right hand, gave Instructor Liu a big fright.

At first, he was pleasantly surprised, but then he was a little scared.

“Damn it, seems that things have turned lethal!”

Instructor Liu stepped back lightly and retreated to the center of the crowd.

Then he lowered his head slightly, with an expression that he didnt know who that woman was.

Zhao Feng, Xu Yong, and the others seemed to have cottoned on the situation.

“Hahahaha, Captain Jiang, long time no see!”

“Captain Jiang is even prettier.”

“Captain Jiang, are you trying to stop us”

In the face of these greetings, Jiang Yanlan curled her lips and smiled, but then she immediately gave a straight face.

“Hmph, cut the crap! Ill tell you.

I represent the brides family today! All of you had better behave yourself.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Zhao Feng said with every appearance of support.

“We will behave.

Just tell us what you want.”

“Well,” Jiang Yanlan looked at Instructor Liu casually and finally fixed her eyes on him.

“The bride is on the ninth floor, so you have to pass nine trials.

Im the first trial, which should be quite easy to get through.

Anyway, Ive been back for a while, and my hands are itchy.”

“Then Ill give you one of us to let you have a good beat!”

Zhao Feng, Xu Yong, Elder Meng, and Ah Hu looked at one other.

Ah Hu suddenly shouted, “Throw him out!”

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

Several people grabbed Instructor Liu in an instant and tried their best to toss him forward.

“Ah! You bunch of cheaters!”

Instructor Liu shrieked.

When his body fell to the ground, it seemed that… eh He was in the arms of the beautiful woman

He took advantage of the opportunity to make the very powerful move that Zhang Han had taught him.

Like a loach, he slipped into Jiang Yanlans arms.

“Oh, you smell so good…”

Instructor Liu looked fascinated.

That made Jiang Yanlans expression freeze.

Zhao Feng and others were also stunned.

“F*ck, Instructor Liu is really courting death.

As soon as Captain Jiang came back, Instructor Liu showed his true colors! He is so cheap!”


Jiang Yanlan raised the whip in her right hand.

“Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!”


As usual, the scene was once again staged.

Zhao Feng and others were all used to it.

Even Zhang Han ignored it and went straight to the stairs.

There were a few people guarding the elevator, preventing them from using it.

Of course, even if they tried to stop Zhang Han, they had no odds against him.

As long as Zhang Han wanted, he could just fly up.

But he couldnt do it today.

On the day of his wedding, how could Zhang Han bring himself to smartly sidestep the traditional protocols

Jiang Yanlan did not pay attention to their departure and simply focused on beating Instructor Liu.

“Little b*tch, one day in the future, I will definitely give you a good beat in bed!”

Instructor Liu was furious.

He raised his head and refuted with incredible courage.

As a result, with a bang, he got himself another black eye.

The three staff at the reception were dumbfounded.

“Ah! Theres a fight.

God, what should we do Should we call the police”

“How did they get in a fight That beauty hit him so hard.”

“If it goes on like this, will that man be beaten to death”

“It cant be.

After all, its a wedding today.

They cant get anybody killed.”

“But that mans howls are really loud.”


After getting up to the second floor, Zhang Han saw that the “enemies” were coming aggressively.

With Zi Shiya as the leader, nearly 30 people of the younger generation in the Zi family were blocked Zhang Hans way at the stairs.

“Brother-in-law! Oh, no, no!”

Zi Shiya quickly retracted what she said and corrected, “Youre not my brother-in-law yet.

Its the wedding today.

Well, its not easy to get through us.

I dont know if youve prepared for this.

If there are not enough red envelopes, we wont give way.”


Zhang Han grinned and said, “Okay, okay, everyone has a share.”

He took out stacks of red envelopes from the bag Zhao Feng handed over.

“The red envelope is not bulging though.

There are bank cards in them.

How much is in the cards Oh, each of them has one million yuan.

I barely talked to you guys all this time, but I like your Zi family very much.

These are just a little token of my appreciation.”

“Wow, brother-in-law, youre so generous!” Zi Shiya was a little surprised.

They didnt expect their brother-in-law to be so generous.

They thought that he would give each of them 10,000 or 20,000 yuan at most.

After all, there were so many relatives there.

But they never knew that Zhang Han gave each of them a bank card directly.

Although they were all from a rich family, they didnt have much allowance.

The bank cards were enough to cover their expenses for quite a long time.

Following the lead of Zi Shiya, the others also started laughing with joy.

“Brother-in-law, how generous you are!”


The second trial was also to get past.

Zhang Han secretly stuffed five red envelopes, each containing a bank card, into Zi Shiyas hands.

Zi Shiya was a little uncomfortable to take so much money, but she didnt seem to be any slow in pocketing the red envelopes.

With all these relatives blessings, Zhang Han and the others went up to the third floor.

There were more than a dozen people guarding the third floor, who were led by Zi Long and Zi Hu.

“What shall we start here” Zhang Han asked with a smile.

“Well, we dont want to make things difficult for you.” Zi Long touched his chin and said, “Look… When you went to the Zi family last time, Zhao Feng and the others were still the newbies in cultivating.

But now, they are almost as powerful as us.

Well, we wont ask for too much.

How about give us a new cultivation method Well, we also want to go to the God Realm to enjoy the view.”

“Haha, deal.”

Zhang Han stretched out his right hand and said, “Dont resist.


“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

Several energy fluctuations emerged in the minds of Zi Long and Zi Hu, which evolved into a whole set of cultivation methods.

The cultivation methods given to them were of two different kinds.

Of course, the others also obtained a new cultivation method.

But as the others were at a relatively low level, Zhang Han gave all of them the same method.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

In addition to the cultivation methods, Zhang Han took out more than 300 low-grade crystals to them, and most of them were handed to Zi Long and Zi Hu.

“These should be enough for you to make a breakthrough.

You know, excess is just as bad as deficiency.

When you use up all these, Ill give you some more later,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“These are already enough, enough…”

The two elders were a little embarrassed.

They wanted to observe the cultivation methods right now, so they waved to Zhang Han and said, “Go upstairs quickly.

Zi Yan misses you bigtime.”


In all the cheers, Zhang Han soon went up to the fourth floor…

In this way, they broke through all the obstacles along the way.

In less than half an hour, they arrived at the ninth floor.

There were only two people on this floor.

They were Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu.

Xu Xinyu looked elated.

She was a typical mother-in-law who liked her son-in-law more the longer she spent time with him.

Zi Qiang, however, was not in a good mood.

He looked a little hesitant and lost.

Looking at Zhang Han, he sighed with emotion.

“My younger brother and sister-in-law were supposed to be here, but I couldnt help it.

Its not difficult for you to get through this trial.

I dont know what to ask for, but now I want to hear what you think.”


Zhang Han nodded.

With a serious look and sincere eyes, he slowly began, “In fact, when I first learned that I had a daughter, thats to say, when I first met Mengmeng, I was sort of dumbfounded.

I didnt know why all of a sudden I had a daughter.

But blood is thicker than water, and my lovely daughter made me accept her and love her very quickly.

Perhaps its because of my disposition, I didnt take Zi Yan seriously at first.

I even thought that if we were not together, I would still fight for Mengmengs custody.

But then I realized that love always comes inadvertently, and she attracted me all the time.

She powered through a very hard time.

She was pregnant for 10 months, gave birth to the baby alone, and took care of her for several years.

Thats something.

Now she is a part of my life.

I will love and care for her at all costs.

This is what I have kept in mind.”

Silence fell.

The entire hall sank into dead silence.

Zi Qiangs eyes were reddened, and so did Xu Xinyus.

“Come on in.

Yan has suffered a lot over the years.

Its my fault.

Im very pleased to see her find such a good husband.

Zhang Han, thank you.

Now, go pick up your bride.”

Zi Qiang patted Zhang Han on the shoulder.

Zhang Han smiled gently and didnt say anything more.

He went straight to the room at the far end of the corridor.

Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu also left.

They had to go to Mount New Moon to prepare for the rest of the ceremony in advance.

When Zhang Han pushed the door open, the room was very lively.

The team headed by Zi Shiya was there again.

“Hey Did you guys cheat”

Ah Hu asked in a booming voice, “How did you get up here”

“By the elevator of course!”

Zi Shiya snorted and said, “Were not making trouble here.

Brother-in-law, if you want to take my sister away, first of all, you have to find her high heels.

By the way, dont cheat.

Dont use your abilities.

You can only look for them with normal means.”


Zhang Han placed a soft look on Zi Yan.

Zi Yan also looked at him with a smile.

“Dont get all the goggle eyes on.” Zi Shiya pushed Zhang Han and said, “Get started now! We havent eaten anything this morning, so were all hungry, waiting to go to the feast.”


Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

He moved his eyes away from the bride and began to search in the room.

He looked round the bed, the sofa, the chair, the tea table, the dressing table, and the bathroom.

Zhang Han searched every inch of the room but he still couldnt find the high heels.


Seeing Zi Yan and Zi Shiya laughing happily, Zhang Han looked around again.

“Its too difficult!”

Zhao Feng said, “Give him some clues!”

“According to the traditions, if you want clues, you have to… show your sincerity.

Were not the ones who hid shoes.

Its the little brother and sister.

Youd better ask them.”

Zi Shiya pointed at the two youngsters about 13 or 14.

“Ahem, little brother, little sister.”

Zhang Han stretched out his right hand holding two red envelopes with bank cards in them and said, “Can you give me a heads-up”

“Whats this” The little boy pointed at the red envelope.

It seemed that there was no cash inside.

“Its a red envelope with a bank card in it,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

“Oh, thank you, big brother.” The little boy took the red envelope and handed the other one to the little girl next to him.

Then he said, “We put the high heels…”

“Oh, wait a minute!” The little girl interrupted him in a hurry.

“They only asked us to give them a clue, not the exact location.

How can you be so silly”

“Ah, I forgot…”

The conversation between the two made everyone present laugh out loud, and even the staff in charge of recording the video couldnt help smirking.

“Not on the ground.”

In the end, he only said four words.

“Oh, thats to say, theyre up in the sky”

Zhang Han looked up and searched for two minutes.

Suddenly, he saw the shadow of high heels on the chandelier.

“Oh, my.

Its so high.

It must be Zi Long or one of his guys who put them there.”


Zhang Han jumped gently, took off the high heels, and then quickly came to the bed.

“My beautiful bride, please stretch out your foot.

Im here to help you put on your shoes.”

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