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After that, Zi Yan didnt pursue this topic anymore.

There was still some time before the awarding ceremony.

“Shall we go back to the mountain”

After picking the place, Sun Ming and the others left to do the preparation work.

According to the script, some construction and other logistics tasks had to be done first.

When there were only the two of them and Zhou Fei left in the office, Zhang Han smiled and said, “There shouldnt be much to do in the afternoon, right”

“How could there be nothing to do” Zi Yan rolled her eyes.

“Do you think everyone is like you”

“Okay, Im going out to give you some alone time.

Call me if you need anything.

You can enjoy a quiet time in the office.

It can get very exciting.” Zhou Fei was a little naughty.

She gave the couple a significant look before she headed out.

Before Zi Yan could throw a glare at her, she already ran out of the room.

“Whats that Feifeis picked up bad behaviors!” Zi Yan muttered.

“Ahem.” Zhang Han gave her a warm smile and said, “I think her suggestion is good.

Maybe it will really be very exciting.”

At once, he looked at her with macho eyes.

“Why are you also so bad” Zi Yan bit her sexy red lips and said, “Well, lets go down and eat first.

Will you accompany me to read the script in the afternoon I am the leading actress, and you are the leading actor.

We will start filming in a few days, so we need to get familiar with the script beforehand.”


Zhang Han agreed without hesitation.

Then, they went out and called Zhou Fei to have lunch in the companys restaurant.

In the afternoon, they went back to the office to rest for a while and began to read the script at about one oclock.

As they read the script, Zhang Hans hands became restless.

“What are you doing There is nothing in the script so coquettish!”


That was the daily game of the young couple, which made the atmosphere more cheerful.

They didnt seem to feel the passage of time while reading the script.

When they finally looked at the clock, it was already half past three in the afternoon.

“Ill send you back to the mountain, and then Ill go pick up Mengmeng,” Zhang Han said abruptly when they were about to leave.

“Arent we going to pick up Mengmeng together”

Zi Yan looked bewildered.

Usually, when she was free, Zhang Han would take her to pick up Mengmeng with him.

To sit with Zhang Han in that small car was something that she found very sweet.

In the face of Zi Yans question, Zhang Han was silent for two seconds, and finally said truthfully, “Because lately, its not very safe outside.”

The other party was coming aggressively.

Although Zhang Han could totally escape their siege with Zi Yan, he didnt want Zi Yan to be frightened.

Moreover, he also had an idea in his mind—he would kill as many of them as he could during this period of time when their communication was not very effective.

Only when they were scared, terrified, would they begin to consider the gains and losses.

Then, there would be a long period of peace.

Zhang Han still a long way to go before the initial success of the Athanasia Demon Gong.

The Heavenly Devil Skin had just been formed, and it would take some time to refine it.

According to the steps of his cultivation, he still had to cultivate in the order of flesh, tendons, bones, and blood.

The resources each of the following steps required were several times that of the previous stage.

If he were not on the Saint Warrior Planet, Zhang Han would really have to think about whether or not he should cultivate such a resource-consuming method.

“Well, then you gotta be careful.”

At moments like this, Zi Yan always listened to Zhang Han.

She didnt complain but called Zhou Fei over.

Then, they went downstairs with Leng Yue, the regular bodyguard.

The group of people got in several cars and left the company.

In about ten minutes, they arrived at Mount New Moon.

After dropping Zi Yan and Zhou Fei in the castle, Zhang Han drove down the mountain.

When he came to the side of the gate, Zhang Guangyou, Third Elder, and First Elder were standing in the middle of the road, obviously waiting for Zhang Han.

After Zhang Han pulled up and let them climb in the car.

Zhang Guangyou, who was sitting in the passenger seat, took the lead and said, “Do you know that the people from Limitless Sect are coming”

“Of course he knows.” First Elder cut in and looked at Zhang Han with glinting eyes.

“Young Lord, you set that illusory formation, didnt you”


Zhang Han didnt want to joke, so he nodded directly.

“Youre freaking awesome!” Third Elder, who had always been stern and silent, suddenly exclaimed.

“Sixteen Heaven Realm masters came here, and eight of them have died!”

“I know.”

“How did you do it”

“Formation setting is a very basic knowledge.” Zhang Han pondered for a moment and slowly replied.

“The Heaven-earth Formation was originally developed by cultivators according to natural formations.

The natural formation in the world has unpredictable abilities.

Some can make people lost their bearings and die, and some can trap people in there once they get in.

There are illusory formations, maze formations, and some extremely dangerous murderous formations in the world.

Countless formations are on this planet.

Not to mention a few in the Heaven Realm, even the cultivators at the Tribulation Stage have to face a life-and-death situation once they walk in such formations.

The Stars Five Elements Formation I set up complements with the thunder yang spirit treasure, so its much more powerful.”


The three of them were all impressed.

They also knew that they had a lot more to learn about formations.

So even First Elder did not ask about the specific details.

However, First Elder was still curious.

He asked, “You said that the Stars Five Elements Formation can absorb the power of the stars in the world.

It can control the power of heaven and earth, Spiritual Qi, and treasures.

But if there are too many enemies ceaselessly attacking the formation, what will happen As even the peak of the natural world will get lost in such a formation, isnt this formation unbeatable”

“Unbeatable How is that possible” Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

He then said, “Its just that their defense was too poor.

If they brought with them a formation master like First Elder, I wouldnt have performed the illusory formation.

When they approached our place, I began to observe and sound them out.

The few among them who knew about formations were practically at the same level as Master Wang.”


First Elder almost choked on his saliva.

“How dare those laymen to come up here”

Ignoring the First Elders comment, Zhang Han continued, “If there are too many enemies, the formation needs to consume resources to make up for the energy it has lost.

Although the power of stars is overflowing between heaven and earth, it cant be consumed endlessly.”

Now that he told First Elder about the formation, at least if there was an enemy coming when he would not be in Hong Kong sometimes, they would not be at a loss.

“Well, lets not talk about this.

We came here to guard against the attack of Limitless Sect.

After all, you are just one person.

Uncle Dong has gone to the kindergarten.” Speaking of this, Zhang Guangyou suddenly changed the topic.

“But you also got yourself a little problem.”

“Problem” Zhang Han was a little surprised.

In addition to the people from the Wind Snow School, who could make trouble for him

Under his puzzled gaze, Zhang Guangyou said something that made him a little speechless.

“Well… someone from the Luo Fu Sword Sect was here.

Leader Mu seemed a little angry.

She said that you bullied his daughter.

Fortunately, he and Uncle Dong also knew each other, so they went to that kindergarten together to talk about it.

He said that he would ask his daughter to duel you, so Uncle Dong directly agreed.

After all, the little demon is no match for you even though shes made a breakthrough.

Whats more, if Mu Xue comes to pick a fight, dont get her in any dire danger.”

“How can I have time to play with her” Zhang Han replied, finding it funny.

After the breakthrough, Mu Xue the female demon was at most about the same level as Ye Longyuan and others.

Even Zhang Han, who had reached the Earth Realm, could kill her with one hand, let alone a Divine Realm martial artist.

“Well, out of blows friendship grows.

I heard Leader Mu say something about some debt” Zhang Guangyou asked.

“Mu Xue owes me 20,000 crystal stones, so does Ye Longyuan.

And Shi Fenghou owes me 40,000.

When I was in the relic in the north of Shenzhen, I cast the Demons Curse.

Every time they break through to a higher level, their debts will be doubled, and their inner demons will be doubled until they pay back the money.

And there is no way to make that curse go away.” Zhang Han replied straightforwardly.

“Theres such a spell” Third Elders eyes lit up.

“Can you teach me”

Just think about it.

To make everyone in the world owe you money, how great of an achievement that is!

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “Its not that simple.

The chance of successfully casting the Demons Curse is very low.

And it involves many fine tricks.

You dont even know the first thing about incantations, so you cant learn it.”

“The 20,000 crystal stones are not a big deal.” Zhang Guangyou smiled and said, “Ill ask Uncle Dong to tell him that my son is powerful, and they shouldnt ruffle his feathers recklessly.

Its good to let his daughter suffer a little.”

Now the Heavenly Knights Sect was strong, it also had a temper.

Zhang Guangyous outlook was getting broader and broader, too.

In the depths of the starry sky, tens of thousands of races competed for glory!

How many people in the martial arts world were aware of that

Nowadays, while the talents of the various sects were all competing for the title of Immortal King, his son was already competing with those at the Heaven Peak Stage!

He was no longer at the same level as the others at all.

Although it was not Zhang Guangyous own strength, he was prouder of it.

Which parent didnt want their child to become something

“Lets drop this subject.

Well get out of the car.”

Zhang Guangyou said, “Were following behind.

Otherwise, its easy to be noticed if were in the car.”

“Theres no need…”

Before Zhang Han could finish his words, the three of them directly opened the car doors and jumped out.

“You didnt even close the doors.”

Zhang Han sighed softly.

Even if some people wanted to kill him, they didnt have to be so on alert.

Leaving them to their own job, Zhang Han drove to the kindergarten as usual and pulled up at the remote place where the head of the Caprice Mo Sect and others prepared to take action previously.

The enemy showed up!

A beautiful woman in black with a sword tied at her waist and a ponytail dangling behind stood in the middle of the road, looking at the panda car slowly approaching with a poker face.

Mu Xue the female demon!

Seeing this, Zhang Han raised his eyebrows slightly and felt the urge to throw her to the air with a smack in the face.

Just as he was about to make the move, a voice sounded in his ear.

Zhang Guangyou, who was worried about him, reminded him again.

He was also worried that Zhang Han was not careful enough and directly used his killer move.

After all, the disparity between their strength was too big.

Nonetheless, he felt that his worries were unnecessary, for the princess of the Luo Fu Sword Sect definitely carried tons of defensive treasures with her.


In the end, Zhang Han stepped on the brake.


With a dull thud of the door slamming shut, Zhang Han stood beside the car and looked at Mu Xue calmly.

“Youre here to pay me back”

Those words made Mu Xues heart ache.

“Humph! I was going to kill you, but I never knew you are the grandson of Immortal King Zhang, the young lord of Heavenly Knights Sect.

In this case, Ill spare your life.”

Mu Xue snorted and continued—

“You may escape the death penalty, but you cant go unpunished!”

“Im going to engrave the wordsin debt on your face.

No! Im going to engrave that on every inch of your body!

“Youd better pray that you wont lose too quickly, because I wont have any fun then.

“With your status, dont tell me that you havent reached the God Realm yet.

Otherwise, if I kill you accidentally, Heavenly Knights Sect wont dare to complain!


Mu Xue frequently gritted her teeth, wrinkled her nose, and glowered at Zhang Han.

Obviously, she was furious.

However, after the intermittent speech, Zhang Han only gave her a curt and bland reply.


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