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Hearing Sect Leader Mus words, Zhang Guangyou put on a bitter look, while Dong Chen was smiling and didnt express his own opinion.

And as to Mu Xue, the princess he cherished so much, she looked worried.

Mu Xue hastily said, “Father, you cant do it.

You cant compete with Master!”


Sect Leader Mu almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

How could his daughter turn her back on him like this

“Im not as good as him Hes just a kid wet around the ears! No matter how powerful he is, hes still young!”

Mu Xues tone and attitude made Sect Leader Mu burst into an uproar.

His quickened breath showed his fury.

He didnt start a fight directly, which was already giving them face.

“Zhang Guangyou, you have a good son! This is really great.”

Looking at Mu Xues expression, Sect Leader Mu was so angry that he didnt want to talk to her.

He already knew that she would say something heart-wrenching, so he turned to look at Zhang Guangyou with sharp eyes.

“Dont be angry, Sect Leader Mu.” Zhang Guangyou quickly stood up.

“There are some reasons behind this.

Why dont… I call my son over Just like what Sect Leader Mu just said, you should compete with him in swordcraft and see if he has the strength to be Mu Xues master.”

“This is exhausting!”

He felt that he was on either side, and was struggling to survive in the slit in the middle.

“Your daughter, Mu Xue, has done something wrong.

My son has forgiven her and accepted her as a disciple.

Now that you are angry, and I have to find a way to coax you.

Why am I taking the blame”

“Father, you cant.” Mu Xue was a little freaked out.

“You are no match for Master.

Dont provoke him.

Go back home.

I will be back in a few years!”


As if his brain was short of oxygen, Sect Leader Mu staggered.

“You, you…”

“Sect Leader Mu.”

At this time, Dong Chen, who had been silent for a long time, finally called out.

His voice was very calm as he called Sect Leader Mu.

Then, he took a sip of tea and continued, “Maybe its not a bad thing.”

“Dong Chen, dont play dumb here!” Sect Leader Mu seemed to have found a way to vent his anger.

“The princess of the Luo Fu Sword Sect went to challenge a man but got apprenticed to him.

If the news gets out, Ill lose face.

Besides, how can I rest assured to let Mu Xue stay in Heavenly Knights Sect, where there are basically no female disciples here Are you kidding me”

Dong Chen couldnt find anything to refute him.

“Dont fool around here! Go home with me!”

The look on Sect Leader Mus face was not good.

He went straight to Mu Xue and was about to take her away by force.

“Im not leaving!” Mu Xue yelled, looking anxious.

“Father, listen, I…”

As she spoke, Mu Xue waved her hand and cast a Soundproof Bounded Domain.

Under the gaze of Zhang Guangyou and Dong Chen, the father and daughter argued inside the Soundproof Bounded Domain for a long time.

No one knew what they had said.

In the end, Sect Leader Mu fell silent.

“Forget it, forget it.”

After the Soundproof Bounded Domain disappeared, Sect Leader Mu seemed a little lost.

After a while, he said, “Tell Zhang Hanyang to come here.

If his swordcraft is better than mine, Mu Xue will be his disciple.

If not, your Heavenly Knights Sect will have to take accountability for this.”

The matter he referred to was that Zhang Han had left a mark in Mu Xue, and so his daughters life was in the hands of the other party.

When Sect Leader Mu heard the news, the sword hanging on his waist began to tremble.

Later, he heard that it was Mu Xue who found out Zhang Hans secret by using the Goldfish Taichi Diagram.

Mu Xue didnt tell him in detail about what she saw, but she tactfully made it clear to him.

Besides, she also said that Zhang Han had killed two Heaven Realm martial artists with one hand.

Sect Leader Mu was both shocked and angry at that, but he eventually fell silent.

“Father, itll be only three years.

Otherwise, youd better…” Mu Xue was a little scared.

She was really afraid of Zhang Han.

How could her father be a match for that old devil No, no, for her Master.

“Ive made up my mind.

Theres no need to say anything more.” Sect Leader Mus face hardened.

He was not mad with Mu Xue, but with this matter.

If later he found that Zhang Hanyangs swordcraft was incredibly lousy, he would take Mu Xue away no matter what.

He didnt believe that even if there was a mark, Zhang Hanyang would dare to kill her.

“All right.”

Zhang Guangyou had no choice but to take out his mobile phone and dialed Zhang Hans number.

“A swordcraft competition”

Zhang Han was stunned for a moment, and three words floated in his mind for no reason— “A jack*ss competition”.

Zhang Han was not interested in the swordcraft competition, because so far, he had to do it for the sake of his own father.


Zhang Han agreed and hung up the phone.

After saying goodbye to Zi Yan, he left the hall and leaped.

Five seconds later, he was on the second floor of Dong Chens villa.

“You want to… compete with me in swordsmanship” Zhang Han asked calmly.

Sect Leader Mu was about to speak.

But as Zhang Han posed the question first, he didnt get to say what he wanted to say.

Thus, his eyes were a little cold.

“Zhang Hanyang, dont you want to explain anything to me”

After five seconds of silence, Sect Leader Mu asked in a demanding tone.

“Explain what” Zhang Han asked casually.

“You know what Im asking,” Sect Leader Mu snorted.

“Theres nothing to explain.”

Zhang Han shot a glance at his father.

He would have said, “Its kind enough of me to spare Mu Xues life.” But after all, he had to give a face to his father.

Moreover, if he said it out loud, Sect Leader Mu would fly off the handle.

Even so, Sect Leader Mu was still furious at his words.

“Hahaha, Zhang Hanyang, you…”

Before he could finish his words, Mu Xue interrupted him in a hurry.

“Father, youd better go back first.

Forget the duel.

My master is as powerful as a god.

No one can compete with him.”

Sect Leader Mus expression froze again.

“Today, today, I will teach you a good lesson!”

Sect Leader Mus face darkened, and he could no longer hold back his feelings.

“Lets go to the beach.”

After saying this, Zhang Han turned around first and took the lead to rush to the dense forest at the back mountain.

The small cliff outside the dense forest was more than 20 meters high.

There were two fields on its sides, one big and one small, which were the Thousand-formation Image and the Hundred-formation Image respectively.

There was a beach not far ahead of these fields.

It was sandwiched between the cliff by the seaside of Mount New Moon and a mountain in the east.

That place was very quiet and deserted.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Sect Leader Mu followed closely behind.

Zhang Guangyou and Dong Chen looked at each other and went to catch up with them as well.

Mu Xue went behind them silently.

She was also doing some thinking and so was a little absent-minded.

How could his father be a match for her devilish master She hoped that her master would not let his father lose too miserably.

Those people were moving fast as if they were flying.

They soon passed through the dense forest.

“Hey Where are you going”

First Elder was slightly taken aback.

He hurriedly called out to Third Elder, who was meditating beside him.

“Theyre heading for the beach.”

“Lets go and have a look.” Third Elder let out a long breath, stood up, and went after them.

“Eh Its Han” Wang Zhanpeng and the others thought for a while.

As they couldnt help being curious, so they followed him to the beach, too.

Even the Powerful Hei Trio went after them happily.

About a dozen seconds later, they arrived at the seaside, more than 50 meters away from Zhang Han and the others.

Seeing Zhang Guangyou, Dong Chen and the others were also aside, leaving Zhang Han and Sect Leader Mu alone in the front, everyone was dazed for a moment and then suddenly cottoned on.

“How do you want to compete”

As expected, Zhang Han looked at Sect Leader Mu and cut to the chase.

“Youve got guts!”

By this time, Sect Leader Mu had calmed down and slowly pulled out the sword tied to his waist.

“Clang, clang…”

The moment he pulled out his sword, Sect Leader Mus aura strength soared, but it stopped abruptly when it reached the Grand Master Early-stage.

“I wont take advantage of you.

Lets suppress our cultivation to the Grand Master Early-stage, and decide who is stronger with only our swordcraft.

If you defeat me, Mu Xue can stay.

If you dont, maybe I will give you some punishment.”


Zhang Han nodded slightly and said, “Lets start this.”

He stood 10 meters away from Sect Leader Mu and didnt even bother to grab a sword, giving people the impression that he was not even going to fight properly.

“Young master, use my sword!”

Third Elder grinned and threw his sword over.

“Sect Leader Mu, you have to be careful.

The cultivation methods and sword moves that Young Lord gave me have utterly overturned my understanding of swordcraft.”


Sect Leader Mu was slightly amazed.

He also knew that Third Elder of Heavenly Knights Sect was a man of few words and no jokes, always serious and aloof.

He was the sword of Heavenly Knights Sect and had a sharp edge.

But why didnt Third Elder look like what he had heard about

Wang Zhanpeng and the others were astonished by their conversation.

“Is Sect Leader Mu of the Luo Fu Sword Sect going to compete with Han in swordsmanship”

“Then he will lose miserably, wont he” Wang Ming said with a smile, “Maybe he will win if he doesnt lower his cultivation, but now theyve both suppressed his power at the Grand Master Early-stage.

With the same cultivation, how can he compare with Han”

“Not necessarily.” Wang Zhanzong shook his head.

“As one of the top sects in the Seven Harmony World, the Luo Fu Sword Sect has a strong foundation, and Sect Leader Mu is also very powerful.

Its really hard to say who will win this battle.”

While they were talking, Mu Xues face showed deep concerns on her face.

In her mind, all she knew about Zhang Han was those brutal battles, in which his enemies were almost all dead.

“Will he hurt my father”

In the end, Mu Xue couldnt help but say to Zhang Han in a low voice, “Master, please show mercy.”


Sect Leader Mu was originally in a better mood.

But at that, the veins on his temples stood out all of a sudden.

“Hahaha, boy, you fooled my daughter, now you have to pay the price.

The Luo Fu Sword Technique came from the deep of the Ancient Mine! Its been passed down to me from our ancestors.

It contains 88 sword movements and 19 secret skills.

No one has ever forced me to get to use the 10th secret skill yet.

As long as you can block five of them, you win!”


Sect Leader Mu suddenly moved, and the sword in his hand came slashing over horizontally.

“All-in-one Green Lotus!”


In an instant, a lifelike lotus appeared on the tip of the sword.


There was a hint of appreciation in Zhang Hans eyes.

This move was not bad.

It seemed that Mu Xue had not learned the essence yet.

“Fallen Dust!”

Zhang Han also suppressed his strength at the Grand Master Early-stage and swung his sword vertically.

A Grand Master could use his spiritual force to fight, so the two of them struck out two streams of sword light.

One was like a green lotus, the other like a breeze.


The Fallen Dust Strike launched by Zhang Han seemed to resolve the green lotus with a gentle wind.

“This is just for starters!”

“Always Lavish Green!”

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

Sect Leader Mu struck out 32 attacks in an instant.

Then 32 green lotuses flew over.

Only those who had suppressed their cultivation could launch such a fierce attack at the Grand Master Early-stage.

They had practically played the role of their spiritual force to the fullest.

“A Drop in the Ocean!”

Zhang Han stabbed forward with the sword in his right hand.


A muffled sound came from the tip of the sword.

A grain of light, as big as a grain of rice, instantly absorbed all the incoming green lotuses as if it were a black hole.

“How dare you compete with the bright moon with a grain”

Zhang Han smiled faintly and said, “Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme.

Sometimes, the light of rice grains may seem small, but they are also powerful.”


The little light spot on the tip of his sword suddenly floated forward unhurriedly.

But it gave Sect Leader Mu an unbelievable amount of pressure!

“What kind of move is this”

His pupils shrank slightly.

If he had looked down on Zhang Han just now, he would have changed his mind.

To say the least, just the grain-sized light alone was enough to show that his comprehension of swordcraft was not bad.

But was it enough to be just not bad

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