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Chapter 81: Chapter : 81

"Me too." Zhou Fei stood up and went over to help out while taking the five bowls of rice and placing them neatly on the table.

"Shall we eat on the first floor What if … What do we do if someone suddenly enters "

Zi Yan asked as he looked at Zhang Han with some hesitation.

"No one will come." Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

"Oh, Mama, Mama, hurry up and carry me over.

I'm hungry." Mengmeng anxiously said from the sofa.

After Zi Yan carried her up, he continued: "Mama, about that … They come at that time every day and they don't come at the other time.


"What time was that" Zi Yan said while laughing.

"It's that time …" Mengmeng explained with a serious face.

Seeing that, Zhang Han laughed and shook his head: "Every day, in the morning and night, everyone will be open for an hour, the rules are all on the notice board at the door, you guys didn't see it when you first came in."

"Only open for three hours a day"

Zi Yan was startled, but soon recovered.

Who is Zhang Han Back then, as one of the Fourth Young Master of Shang Jing, leaving Shang Jing was already a big change.

Could it be that he was really able to open a restaurant

Zi Yan guessed that this dining hall was a place that was specially made for Mengmeng to cook.

He probably hadn't even considered it.

This restaurant was only open for Mengmeng, but it seemed like he had already sold it for more than 10 million now, and this 10 million was still a net gain without any cost.

Oh, that's not right, the net profit of excluding the 1 million that he spent to create the membership card, was 9 million!

"It's time to eat.

Mama, let's hurry over.

Hurry." Mengmeng could not wait any longer as he twisted and urged Zi Yan in his arms.

"Alright, alright, alright.

Let's go eat." Zi Yan laughed very gently, glanced at Zhang Han with her beautiful eyes, and took the lead to walk towards the dining table while carrying Mengmeng.

Zhang Li and Zhou Fei were sitting three chairs apart from each other.

These three chairs were left for Zhang Han, Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

Just as Zi Yan was about to sit down, Zhang Han walked in front of the refrigerator and asked:

"What do you drink"

Zhang Han didn't prepare the milk at night.

Although the milk was very tasty, drinking some wine at this kind of time was more amorous.

"Someone is coming, or is it Lafite" Zhang Li said casually.

The Centaur and Lafite were what Zhang Li drank frequently in public.


Zhang Han shook his head and said, "The red wine has no preparation.

There are only beer, black beer, white beer, fruit wine, RIO cocktails, cola, and fruit juice."

"I drink RIO cocktails." Zi Yan said.

Zi Yan only drank a little bit of red wine, it was just that there was nothing here.

The RIO cocktail wasn't high, it was only a few degrees and had all sorts of flavors.

It was slightly similar to a drink, but it was still a bit intoxicating after drinking too much.

"Then I'll drink RIO too."

Zhang Li and Zhou Fei also added.

Therefore, Zhang Han took out six bottles of RIO cocktail and took out two bottles of Little Baiwei beer for himself.

"Time to eat, time to eat." Mengmeng shouted happily.

"En, let's eat." Zi Yan glanced at Zhang Li and hesitated for a moment.

In the end, he still unbuttoned his coat.

Originally, the moment where the goddess took off her clothes was the moment to attract attention.

However, it seemed that both Zhou Fei and Zhang Li's gaze was focused on the dish in front of them.

But Zhang Han still gave him a lot of face, and looked towards Zi Yan.

When they entered the room, Zhou Fei had already taken off his jacket, while Zi Yan had been wearing it the entire time, which actually made Zhang Han feel that it was a little strange.

Out of the corner of her eye, Zi Yan noticed that Zhang Han was looking at her, and the corner of her mouth stealthily revealed a faint smile.

Under Zhang Han's gaze, she took off her jacket.

The reason she had intentionally dressed up today was also for Zhang Han to give some reaction.

She was wearing a black muslin half-sleeve with a V collar.

The collar was partly black opaque, and the sleeves around her waist and arms were translucent muslin that hid her indistinct grace.

And because the neckline was relatively low, it revealed an unfathomable career line.

It had a sexy collarbone, a slender neck, and also a dazzling necklace on the side of the career line.

The necklace was made of platinum and the bottom half was decorated with emerald beads.

At the bottom was a black heart-shaped object that looked like a small stone.

It had to be said that no matter if it was in terms of appearance or figure, Zi Yan was an absolute beauty above ninety-five.

Not to mention, her clothes were so sexy, if Li Cheng had seen her clothes that would cause people's blood to spurt out, he would probably be stupefied.

This was also the first time Zi Yan had worn something like this in front of an 'outsider', and because Zhang Han was always nonchalant towards her, his face was filled with an expression of indifference.

Zi Yan was displeased, and paid the price, simply wanting to see Zhang Han's dumbstruck expression.

Obviously, she had achieved her goal.

In her peripheral vision, she saw that Zhang Han's gaze was fixated at the location of her career.

It was as if saliva was about to flow out of his mouth.

'Hmph, look at his pig-brother.'

Zi Yan let out a light snort in his heart, a somewhat complacent look in his eyes.


Five seconds … Ten seconds later, that guy was still staring at him without blinking.

'What "Why are you still looking"

Zi Yan was a little embarrassed in his heart for a moment.

His dumbstruck look was enough to prove his beauty, but did you keep staring at him like this

Zi Yan felt that Zhang Han's gaze was burning hot, to the point where she felt that her body was somewhat uncomfortable.

"Why is he still watching" 'Could it be that I'm too, too sexy '

Zi Yan secretly sized up Zhang Han from the corner of his eyes.

This moment had only happened within a minute.

Other than Mengmeng who had his own wing tip nibbling on it, Zhou Fei and Zhang Li were still waiting for their master to speak.

But after waiting for a while, Zhang Han still did not speak, and finally, the two of them noticed an abnormality.

Zhou Fei saw that Zhang Han's eyes were wide open, his expression froze, and then laughed out, and joked:

"Yo yo, where are you looking" Didn't you see that Zhang Li and I are here too "

"Brother, that …" Are we going to eat " Zhang Li reminded her from the side, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

It was the first time she saw her brother act like a pig.

She was getting so annoyed for her brother.

No matter how beautiful her sister-in-law was, why don't you all go back to your own rooms at night and be romantic You're waiting for dinner, what do you mean by looking straight in the eye

"Cough, cough."

Zhang Han took one last look and retracted his gaze.

His expression was very indifferent, and did not seem the least bit embarrassed as he nodded and said: "Eat your food, as long as you guys are at ease.

There aren't many rules here."

"Eat, eat."

Zhou Fei had already been unable to endure it any longer.

After Zhang Han finished his words, she quickly picked up a piece of chicken that had a pure fragrance to it and stuffed it into her mouth.

Zhang Li followed closely behind, and also picked up a piece of chicken and stuffed it into his mouth.

As for Zi Yan, when he smelled the fragrance just now, his appetite was also stirred, and he picked up a piece of meat to taste.

As she ate, her eyes froze.

The delicate fragrance of the chicken filled her mouth in an instant.

The meat was not greasy at all, but had a little bit of muscle strength.

The skin on the meat was soft and tender, and had a gelatinous taste.

How could the chicken be so fragrant

The few of them had all eaten chicken There were even better varieties of chicken, but they were never this fragrant.

This chicken …

The three of them could no longer use words to describe their current state of mind.

If they were to say it out loud, it would be akin to eating a piece of chicken.

It would be a blissful feeling!

But after that, when they ate their first mouthful of rice, when they ate their first mouthful of beans, eggplant, cucumber, and eggs …

At this moment, no one spoke anymore.

They had truly reached the realm of being silent and eating.

Not because they didn't want to, but because their mouths wouldn't stop at all.

When Zhang Han saw this scene, he shook his head and laughed.

In his heart, he did not feel that other people would like to eat his food, because this scene was all within Zhang Han's expectations.

It could also be said that he was tired of seeing this expression.

Zhang Han still had not touched his chopsticks to eat yet, but he had taken a big gulp of beer, and his gaze once again drifted towards the deep lines of business that Zi Yan had in his mind.

'Good treasure! '

Zhang Han sniffed lightly.

If these two words were said out loud, people would definitely think that Zhang Han really liked saying that he was good, but in reality, that was not the case.

Zhang Han's gaze was fixated on the black heart-shaped stone on Zi Yan's necklace the entire time.

That black stone was a spirit treasure, a genuine second-stage spirit treasure, and a definitely not weak spirit treasure, in Zhang Han's opinion!

This was also the reason why Zhang Han had been staring at that direction the entire time.

When Zhang Han determined whether that rock was the treasure he was looking at, or the strand of scent that the Treasure-sniffing nose had smelled, he guessed that he was probably not far from it.

Evidently, in reality, not only Mengmeng had brought luck, even Zi Yan had brought a treasure to this place.

As the saying goes, unintentionally inserting a willow branch into the shadows, Zhang Han still did not plan to start searching for a treasure, so the treasure would 'deliver it to your doorstep'.

It had to be said that whether it was his previous life or his current life, Zhang Han and the treasures were fated to meet.

The stone on Zi Yan's body was a second-stage spirit treasure, a type of crystal.

Crystals were something that cultivators needed everyday.

The crystals contained the spiritual energy that people needed, and there were also a lot of them in the veins of the Cultivation World.

The number of crystals was also incalculable, and they were the equivalent of money in the entire Myriad Worlds.

There were different grades of crystals as well, and they were split into top-grade crystal s, medium-grade crystal s, low-grade crystal s, and of course, extremely rare top-grade crystals, and there were even legendary Divine Grade crystals.

As for low-grade crystal s, the worst one was a first stage spirit treasure, the highest one was a second-stage spirit treasure, and this obsidian crystal was a high-end product from low-grade crystal s.

This piece in front of him did not contain much energy, and its size was relatively small, but it was still pure energy.

With Zhang Han's current strength, it was of great use to Zhang Han.


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