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Mu Xues pupils contracted drastically.

“An ordinary person This…”

“Is the rumor true Zhang Hanyangs men are all trained by him from a stretch, and they progress very fast”

Zhao Feng said with a smile, “Rumors are not always groundless.

Our master is really powerful.

You have just gotten to see a bit of it.”

“Huh I just got to see a bit of it”

Speaking of this, Mu Xue became confident.

She curled her lips, swung her right arm to the air, and said in an imposing manner, “What do you know How dare you say I was just starting to know him Why do you think I became his disciple in just a few hours Its because… humph, I know a lot of secrets about him.

But I cant tell you! Masters strength is beyond your imagination.”

“It seems that you know something” Zhao Fengs eyes narrowed slightly as he said, “Our master is a supreme god.

Its your blessing to be his disciple.”

“Of course, my master has promised me to teach me powerful moves.

Well, Zhao… Er, Older Martial Brother Zhao, if someone bullies you, just call me over.

I will stand up for you!” Mu Xue put on airs as if she was the big sister.

“Well, okay.” Zhao Feng was speechless.

In terms of strength, she was indeed much stronger than him.

“How stressful this is!”

As the first disciple of his master, his strength was, however, the weakest.

He couldnt even defeat his masters pets.

Now, there came a Younger Martial Sister who was about to reach the Earth Realm.

Could it be that Zhao Feng would never stand out

For a moment, Zhao Feng began to have doubts about his life.

Mu Xue seemed to have noticed something, so she patted Zhao Feng on the shoulder and comforted, “Dont be so down.

Youve started learning the martial arts for just one year and already become a Grand Master.

Its already very amazing.

I and the others have been in the martial arts world for many years, so you cant make the comparison like that.”

“I know.”

Zhao Feng nodded and pointed to the villa in front of him.

“This villa will be yours in the future.

Im living in the one next to it.

Put my phone number in your contacts.

If you need anything, you can come to me at any time.

Ive already asked people to clean all the rooms inside.

Of course, if you dont feel comfortable about the furniture or anything else we prepared, feel free to replace it yourself.”

“Oh, okay, thank you, Older Martial Brother Zhao.” Mu Xue looked at the villa and immediately put on a broad smile, showing her two canine teeth.

“This villa is quite beautiful.

Ill ask my maid to decorate it now!”

At first, she thought when she came here with Zhang Han, he would start the close-door training in the depth of the mountains and forests, and her job was to protect Zi Yan in secret when she went out.

What she didnt expect was that she was actually granted a seat in Mount New Moon.

“Go ahead.”

Zhao Feng said with a smile and turned around to go back to his villa.

He had already noticed that on the second floor of his villa, Liang Mengqi was leisurely leaning against the railing, holding a glass of juice in her hand and watching them.


Zhao Feng grinned, ran a few steps, and jumped directly to the second floor.


He smiled before saying, “My master has just accepted a new disciple.

Her name is Mu Xue, and she is my Younger Martial Sister.

My master asked me to settle her down.

She is quite strong and is about to reach the Earth Realm.

As her Older Martial Brother, my strength seems to be a little too weak.”

“Alas, you already start to address her as your dear litter sister.

Tut, tut.”


Soon, the news that Zhang Han had taken in a female disciple spread through Mount New Moon.

Quite a few people were quite curious about who that disciple was.

When they learned that it was Mu Xue the female demon, many martial artists were stunned.

“The eldest princess of the Luo Fu Sword Sect, Mu Xue the female demon, actually came to Mount New Moon and became a disciple of our boss”

“She is just a registered disciple.

It seems that Boss has not really acknowledged her.

If she wants to become a real disciple, it gotta be hard.”

“For such a long time, our Brother Feng had been the only disciple of our boss, and also his very first disciple.

In fact, our security group is pretty much the same, but we dont have the title.

Everyone wants to have the title of his disciple.”

“Pity that our boss doesnt seem to have any thoughts about taking in any more disciples.

Its totally up to fate.

Brother Fengs luck was really amazing at that time.”

“Hahaha, our security group was established because of Brother Feng.

Come to think of this, Brother Feng can be regarded as our guide.

Well, lets not talk about this.

I heard that Mu Xue the female demon is a knock-out.

If there is a chance, lets go and have a look.

Dont let our own fertile water flow into others fields.

Maybe she will really be into one of us.”

“Shh, watch your tongue! She is a demon.

I heard Brother Feng say that she is about to reach the Earth Realm.

She can kill you with just one glance.

Youd better behave yourself.”

“Yes, yes, yes…”

A lot of discussions were heard, which were all about Mu Xue.

Now they were all envious and looking up to a place on the Divine List.

It would be a lie if they said that they didnt want to get involved in the competition.

Zhang Han, an old monster, had already had all the honor, opportunities, and adventures.

As if he had recovered ones original simplicity, he showed no interest in this.

However, the others were not.

They were passionate and eager to fight for glory.

They hoped to be on the Divine List and let others admired and awe them.

As for Mu Xue, those who could rival her regarding fame and strength were Ye Longyuan the Devil Incarnate and Shi Fenghou the Little Roc.

These two were almost about to enter the top ten.

Needless to say, if Mu Xue came to compete, her ranking would be more or less the same as theirs.

Therefore, these people found it odd that Mu Xue had become Zhang Hans disciple.

But they also felt there must be some good reasons behind this.

They were more curious about Mu Xue and wanted to see her in person.

Finally, in the midst of all kinds of discussions, it was time for dinner.

This time, there was a hubbub of voices in the big restaurant.

Patriarch Luo, Patriarch Chu, and the heads of several other influential families in Hong Kong all came to have dinner as usual.

In fact, they also wanted to come for lunch, but they were also busy every day.

At the same time, they felt that if they came twice a day, would they disturb those in Mount New Moon If Zhang Han was unhappy about this, then the loss outweighed the gain.

Therefore, most of these people just came to have dinner.

In the past, they almost never ate anything at dinner.

But now, they all brought their appetite to dinner and eat as much as they wanted.

The more they ate, the healthier they became.

Health sure mattered.

By overhearing the discussions going on around them, they also learned about Mu Xues arrival and couldnt help but feel surprised.

“It seems that what we know about Mr.

Zhangs formidable power is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Even a giant like the head of Luo Fu Sword Sect had sent his princess to cultivate here.

How could the others doubt Sect Leader Mus judgment

If these people knew that Sect Leader Mu also wanted to stay and learn, they would be so shocked that their eyeballs would pop out.

“She is here! She is here!”

“Is she Mu Xue Wow, she looks stunning.”

“She has a unique taste in clothes.

I also want to buy a set of clothes like that.”


Mu Xue, dressed in black, with a simple ponytail at the back of her head, came in with Zhao Feng and Liang Mengqi.

Seeing so many people in the room, Mu Xue was not nervous at all.

She walked straight to a table at the rear and sat down.

She also knew that the security group, the Wang family, the Zi family, and many rich merchants in Hong Kong were present, but she didnt say hello to anyone of them.

As her master was incredibly powerful, these people were not worthy of her attention.

“Xue, the food here is very delicious.

Once a time, our boss… thats your master, opened a small restaurant in Mount New Moon.

He cooked the dishes and asked us to help ourselves to all the food.” Liang Mengqi said with a smile, “It was very interesting.

He didnt cook in the conventional way.

But now, Wang Long, the master chef in Hong Kong, is the cook here.

He decorates every dish with an artistic sense.

Its no longer like homemade at all.

Now you are a disciple of our boss, you will definitely be able to taste his cuisine one day.

When Boss has time, he makes food for Mengmeng himself.

So, weve actually all benefited from Mengmeng.”

Speaking of this, Mu Xue looked transfixed for a moment and she asked hesitantly, “Master seems to be very kind to Mengmeng.

I remember I heard someone say that it might not be a big deal to provoke Zhang Hanyang in Hong Kong, but if you offended his daughter and wife, you would be screwed.”

“Its more than that.”

Zhao Feng laughed.

Then, he lowered his voice a little and said, “Last year around this time, Master was more indifferent.

You dont know that at that time, there was a person named Scorpion from an underground gang who made Mengmeng cry.

The very night, master defeated Scorpion and wipe his force out.

At that time, I felt that Master was the kind of ruthless person who could act as if human life was not worth a straw.”

“Act as if human life was not worth a straw” Mu Xue thought of the pictures she had seen.

She curled up, terror flashing across her eyes.

She murmured, “Right.”

The number of bodies in that sea of corpses was countless.

The dead men Mu Xue had seen around her were already more than ten thousand.

Mu Xue felt that the number of experts who had died in that battle must be over 800,000!

Therefore, she privately believed that Zhang Han was a complete devil, a devil wrapped in a human body.

But as soon as she got to him, she felt less terrified.

At the very least, she felt that Zhang Han had a kind side as well.

While they were talking, Zhang Han and his family headed for the restaurant, talking and laughing.

“They should be quiet in the near future, and I will also have more free time, so…” Zhang Han gave Zi Yan a you-know-what-I-mean look.

“Want to make a movie”

“Ahem, that depends on your performance tonight.”


Zi Yan snorted softly with a beam.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with affection, and she also threw Zhang Han a look.

“Wait to be drained tonight.”

“Oh, my eyes!”

Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, Liang Hao, Wang Ya stifled their laughter behind them.

Zhou Fei, who was always straightforward, voiced her complaint.

Based on her understanding of Zi Yan, she knew what she was talking about with that look.

“Alas, Elder Sister Yan was so pure back then, but now… shes an expert of dirty jokes.”

More than once, Zhou Fei was stunned by some phrases Zi Yan used, and it took her a long time to understand them.

“PaPa, Aunty Feifeis eyes are aching.”

Mengmeng raised her little head and looked at Zhang Han.

The little fellow was quite concerned about Zhou Fei.

She heard Zhou Feis cry, so she wanted to show her concern.

“Aunty Feifei has spent too much time on computer recently, so her eyes are a little tired,” Zi Yan replied, “Thus, we should limit the time we spend on TV, mobile phone, computer, and other electronic products as well.

Otherwise, your eyes will be sore as Aunty Feifeis.”

“Oh, I see.”

Mengmeng nodded obediently.

She didnt have much interest in using a mobile phone.

After a few words, they walked into the restaurant.

Mu Xue saw from the corner of her eyes that Zhang Han had been busy filling Mengmengs bowl with all kinds of dishes, and he didnt even get to take a few bites.

This scene made her feel warm.

The fear she had for the Big Devil had dissipated a little.

Time flew by.

That night, Mu Xue came back to her villa with three maids to change the furniture inside.

Of course, the Eldest Lady deserved to live in the best place.

The maids went in and out to help with the moving in, and Mu Xue left them alone with the job.

The next day, she found an opportunity to catch Zhang Han in the pet area and volunteered to learn those simple moves.

Seeing this, Zhang Han immediately gave her three secret methods of cultivating the Way of Sword and told her that she could come back to him after she mastered these three.

After that, the little demon returned to her residence in high spirits.

The Pirates of the Caribbean II was still in preparation.

The selected islands for the shooting were all going through some necessary changes.

What attracted more attention was the Divine List competition.

After the two first weeks, the Divine List competition already turned bloody.

The rank of the top 10 was also renewed.

First place: Yan Chen from the Lihun Sect, Witch Hidden Realm.

Second place: Long Ye from the Wind Snow School, from the Saint Serene World

Third place: Hu Yu from the Shadowless Sect, Kun Xu World.

Fourth place: Su Beimu from the Light Cliff, Seven Harmony World.

Seventh place: Shi Fenghou from the Wind Snow School, Saint Serene World.

Eighth place: Ding Jiuming from the Luo Fu Sword Sect, Seven Harmony World.

Ninth place: Ye Longyuan from the Lihun Sect, Witch Hidden Realm.

Tenth place: Emperor Qing from the Chens, the secular world.

Eighteenth place: Jiang Bing from the Heavenly Knights Sect, Kun Xu World

After lying back for a week, Long Ye from the Wind Snow School had a fierce battle with Hu Yu.

Finally, he scraped the victory and became the second place.

Also, Shi Fenghou killed a strong enemy at an amazing speed and seized the 7th place.

Ding Jiuming had a series of battles.

At first, he fought from the 12th to the 6th, but his strength could not keep up with Shi Fenghous.

He lost two battles in a row and landed in the 8th place.

Ye Longyuan and Emperor Qing made it into the top 10.

Among all those participants, Jiang Bing from the Heavenly Knights Sect made the fastest progress.

Having forced his way from the 36th to the 18th, he was simply unstoppable.

The last 20 rankings on the list basically changed every day.

Obviously, the Divine List Competition had just begun, and soon there would be a white-hot battle.

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