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Zhang Han once again had more leisure time.

This was attributable to the retreat of those attackers.

Their losses were so great that it was almost impossible for these sects to launch another attack lately, unless the Wind Snow School took the lead.

However, it was more likely that those sects would pick up a fight against the Wind Snow School themselves, for it was Wind Snow Schools erroneous information that caused them to suffer such huge losses.

At this time, there were only a dozen people from the seven sects who joined hands and barged into the Wind Snow School to ask for an explanation.

Grand Elder of Wind Snow School was in no mood to talk to his former allies.

Still, he let them in.

Because those more than a dozen Heaven Realm cultivators could be of great help if he made good use of them.

“Grand Elder, we respect you and trust you so much.

But in the end, it was you who tricked us!”

“What the f*cking Grand Master Peak God Realm Zhang Hanyang is at the Heaven Peak Stage! He killed all of the other three Experts of our sect in the Heaven Realm.

Grand Elder, were you trying to hurt us”

“If there is no explanation for this matter,” the Caprice Mo Sect Leader declared with a gloomy look, “then we will bite off a chunk of your Wind Snow School even at the cost of our lives!”

“Grand Elder, explain.” The head of Limitless Sect glared at him.

In the face of these people, Grand Elder felt he was having a headache.

“Dont get angry.”

Grand Elder frowned and said, “We dont know that Zhang Hanyang has reached the Heaven Peak Stage.

If we knew, we wouldnt have sent you to Hong Kong at all.

I think you all knew that.

Now that you have lost so much, our Wind Snow School is also liable for this matter.

Therefore, we are willing to offer each of your sects two kinds of divine objects, five kinds of holy objects, and hundreds of different Heaven-grade treasures.”

The compensation was enough to calm down the anger of these people.

The number of treasures was almost the same as they expected.

Next, it was all up to what benefits Grand Elder would agree to give them.

“Now Zhang Hanyang is hiding in Hong Kong.

Its inconvenient for us to wreck his force there.”

Grand Elder continued, “The news youve heard is true.

Zhang Hanyang stole 69 kinds of divine objects from our sect and the Herb Mountain from our main sect.

The losses of our Wind Snow School were greater, but that cant undermine us.

I brought you here because though you are my enemies, your sins are not enough to grant you a death penalty.

Zhang Hanyangs way of fighting is too fierce, totally regardless of the consequences.

It can be said that your sects have existed in name only.

Thats the fact.

So I suggest that we settle you in the Tusk Mountain on the side of the main sect.

Your title will be the Guardian Elders of the Wind Snow School, and you should prepare for the final battle between us and Heavenly Knights Sect that will take place in the future.”

As soon as he said that, those at the scene burst into an uproar.

“Get us settled here Are you kidding me”

“Guardian Elders Hahaha, sorry, I cant accept that.”

“You are ambitious! You want us to serve you Thats impossible!”


In an instant, these sect leaders began to ridicule him.

Since they were all at the Heaven Peak Stage, they had no fear of him.

Grand Elder seemed to have already expected this and did not say anything.

Eyes half-closed, he stood there quietly.

After a minute, when the murmurs faded away, those cultivators decided to take his leave.

“I have to deal with other affairs of Caprice Mo Sect.

See you later.”


At this time, Grand Elder opened his eyes and said slowly, “Just one word, and you can leave if you want to.”

“At present, the Sects treasures cant afford the consumption of a full-fledged war.

Thus, what our Wind Snow School needs is a peaceful period of development.

The large-scale battle can be replaced by small-scale ones.

In respect of the consumption of ancient mines and relics, the Heavenly Knights Sect can never be our rival.”

“What does this have to do with us” Caprice Mo Sect Leader sneered.

“Im handing you an opportunity.” Grand Elder waved his hand slightly and continued, “The day before yesterday, our sect disciples found a place in the ancient mine that we refer to as the Dark Fire Mountain Range.

In the center of the mountain range, there is an intact crystal mine.

Divine objects can be seen clearly in the mountain range.

More importantly, there is a tree in the center.

Our head once gave me an ancient book.

I read about this tree in it.

It is called the Source Spirit Tree.

It can bear Source Spirit Fruits.

If one eats the fruit, hell be able to condense the Elixir! We all know that Immortal King Zhang has broken through the Heaven Peak Stage and took that step.

His opportunity to change was also found in the ancient mine.

Therefore, the opportunity to make a breakthrough has come.

But the Source Spirit Tree is extremely precious and can only bear five fruits.

I will keep one, and the other four will belong to the ones who come to get them first.”

“What did you say”

“Are you serious”

In an instant, the pupils of the Caprice Mo Sect Leader and the others shrank.

They didnt expect to hear such a secret here.

“The opportunity to make a breakthrough has come”

“Whats the price we have to pay”

“Now you ask us to stay, the so-called Dark Fire Mountain Range must be housing something nasty, which even your Wind Snow School finds troublesome to deal with.”

In the face of these questions, Grand Elder nodded without hesitation.

“Thats right.

There is indeed a great vicious object there, and it is a vicious object that is extremely difficult to deal with.”

“What is it”

Under the gaze of these Sect Leaders, Grand Elder sighed softly, “There are three King of Beasts and over ten thousand spirit beasts there.”

“What! Three Beast Kings”

“Therefore, this will be a time-consuming battle.

If the Source Spirit Tree will bear fruits in less than two years.

Before that, we shall take over the Dark Fire Mountain Range.

There are not only divine objects, but also crystal mines.

The most important thing is there are also the Source Spirit fruits that will help us to break through!” At this point, the First Elders face became aloof again.

“Now, if you want to go, you can go.”


They all assumed that Grand Elder would say more words to persuade them to stay.

After all, they were more than a dozen experts in the Heaven Realm!

Then, Grand Elders attitude would be humbler, and they would also get to pose more requirements.

But his answer surprised these people.

“Dont you want us to help you”

“You just said that we could leave if we wanted to”


After hearing that news, who could still want to leave

After all, it was a crystal mine with so many divine things and the Source Spirit Tree! No one would like to leave now!

“First Elder, I think you know what we want.

We dont need to talk nonsense.

Fifty percent! We want fifty percent of the treasure in the Dark Fire Mountain Range, and your Wind Snow School owns the other fifty percent.

Isnt that good enough for you” Caprice Mo Sect Leader stretched out a hand and said.

This aroused the interest of the others.

Fifty percent of the treasures was definitely not a small amount.

In fact, what they were expecting to get was only 20 or 30 percent!

“Hahaha! Youre asking for too much!”

There was a hint of fury in Grand Elders eyes, but his tone was still very calm.

He said, “Members of the Caprice Mo Sect can leave now.”

“What did you say” Caprice Mo Sect Leader frowned.

“Since you want us here, it seems that with your strength, the Wind Snow School cant take down the Dark Fire Mountain Range by itself.”

“You think too highly of yourselves.” Grand Elder laughed wildly and said, “You are just a bunch of scattered sand now.

Why should I care if you will stay or not It doesnt affect my plan at all.

Do you think you can have an influence now that a dozen of you have joined hands Dont forget that you were played by Zhang Hanyang in the secular world.

Do you still have the face to bargain with me”

His words made the faces of these Sect Leaders look a little awkward.

“When you begged us to fight back then, you were very kind, but now…”

Thinking about it, they also felt downcast.

Since their sects were already gone, how could they still have the confidence to bargain Even Caprice Mo Sect Leader, whose face was blotchy green, fell silent.

“It doesnt matter if I tell you.

The reason why I let you know about this discovery is that I want to save time.

With our Wind Snow School, we can also conquer the Dark Fire Mountain Range.

But because of one person, Ill share this opportunity with you.

Yes, that person is Zhang Hanyang! He is our common enemy and also the hope of Heavenly Knights Sect!”

“His growth is too fast, so fast that Im alarmed.”

“He knows too much.

His knowledge is so broad that even the sects protective deployments cant stop him.”

“I even wanted to pay a hefty price to kill him by sending 10 the Heaven Realm experts there, but…”

Grand Elder closed his eyes slightly and whispered, “He has already reached the peak of Heaven Realm.

The fire has taken over and cant be extinguished.”

“Zhang Hanyang is quite cunning, and everything is going on according to his plan.

He is very powerful, but thats because we didnt take him seriously.

I thought he was as humble as an ant, and we didnt need to watch out for him.

But I admit that I was wrong.

He hid his strength very well.

So now, the game between us has just begun, and the Heavenly Knights Sect finally sent an interesting gamer to the field.”

“The game has just begun.”

A cold light flashed across Grand Elders eyes.

It was shrilling.

The rest of the negotiation went very smoothly.

Grand Elder only allowed them to have 10% and those of the Caprice Mo Sect also agreed.

After all, 10% of the treasures in the whole mountain range was already a lot, not to mention the opportunity to make a breakthrough.

They knew that Grand Elder would not give up the Source Spirit fruits so easily, or there might be a dispute when that time came, but it was too early to say who would be plotted by whom.

Therefore, after this meeting, everyone left with their own thoughts.

They gathered the remaining few people of their sects and temporarily settled down at the place that Grand Elder had told them.

Soon, it was October 1st.

Mengmengs school was going to give the kids a holiday.

During the past few months, everyone in Mount New Moon was cultivating.

Even the other elders of Heavenly Knights Sect, as well as the major peak heads and the guardians, had all accepted Zhang Hans new cultivation methods.

Those who saw it happening were all frightened, especially Mu Xue, who was stunned.

These days, not only had her strength doubled, but she had also heard of the power of the Heaven-earth Formation of Mount New Moon.

She also saw the Thunder Yang Tree and other treasures, witnessed her master refine elixirs with her own eyes, as well as his endless cultivation methods.

“Master is really a devil!”

“Since Ive become his disciple, hee hee, I, Mu Xue, will also soar to the sky.

Hum, when I am free again, the first thing Ill do is beat Ding Jiuming.

And how dare Ye Longyuan and Shi Fenghou be equally famous as me Ill kill them.

No, Ill make them pay off my master before I kill them…”

Without a doubt, Mu Xue had completely fallen in love with this place.

She felt that her future was all bright.

“Ive already sharpened my knife.

Ill fight all the people who I wanted to fight or didnt get to fight back then!”

“From heaven to earth, I, Mu Xue, am the only dominator in the world!”

“What What about Master”

“Hehe, Master always complains he hasnt spent enough time with his child.

How can he have time to do other things”

That was exactly what Zhang Han thought.

Zhang Han and his wife and daughter had already figured out where to go yesterday.

During the seven days holiday, they would always go traveling.

Zi Yan had been to many places, but she used to go to those places on business and so didnt have much time to have fun.

Now, she didnt have to worry about anything and could finally enjoy a carefree trip.

She also began to like the word “travel”.

Therefore, Zi Yan searched all kinds of information in advance and finally proposed to go to Lijiang to have some sightseeing.

There were ancient buildings, snow mountains, the Tiger Leaping Gorge, and so on.

She mainly wanted Mengmeng to experience the life of an ethnic minority.

In addition, she had never been to this place.

She wanted to go there to enjoy the view and relax.

After all, after the trip, the Pirates of the Caribbean II was about to start filming.

To be honest, when Zi Yan thought of the process of shooting, she also found it very interesting.

The most vivid special effects had already won the hearts of many.

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