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At night, Zhang Han once again developed the secret skill Thunder Sea in his mind.

This was Zhang Hans recent daily evolution.

The great power of the secret skill had to be constantly improved.

The last time he displayed it, the magnitude of its power was not strong enough.

It should have been called a Sound of Thunder Storm, as it did not have the scene of a sea.

After Zhang Hans constant improvement and evolution, he saw a vast ocean in his mind, followed immediately by an incomparably huge whirlpool.

The rotation of the whirlpool was picking up on speed, and its scale was increasing in size as well.

All of a sudden, the seawater on the edge of the whirlpool shot up to the sky and formed a net.

Then, the water fell back down and it became peaceful again.

“The scene is already strong enough, but I dont know how powerful it is.

I feel that theres something missing.”

“The Thunder Sea must be comprehended thoroughly in order to prepare for the fusion into the Star Map.”

“The Star Diagram Thunder Sea will be the first supernatural power that I master!”


After a long process of evolution, Zhang Han also took a break.

Sometimes, delving too deep into the comprehension of the skill could be detrimental.

Knowing when to stop was the key to success.

At Wenhong Peak.

As an extraordinary peak, it stood in the midst of the mountains.

On this day, before dawn, there was a constant flow of people streaming in from the vicinity of Wenhong Peak.

In general, almost everyone was walking through the forest with ease, because almost all of them were martial artists.

The competition for the Divine List was drawing a huge crowd.

Even some rich people came to watch the battle in person, and they were accompanied mostly by martial artists of certain standards.

They all stood far away from the show.

They did not have the courage to watch the battle upfront.

“The suns almost out.”

“I wonder when theyll come in.”

“Im finally going to witness the battle for the Divine List.

Im so nervous Im having goosebumps.”


Not long after, more than 3,000 martial artists gathered near Wenhong Peak.

After all, news about the battle had been released beforehand, and it was Wuzhen Sect who had deliberately made that happen.

Chen Changqing had overestimated himself by wanting to challenge Barger.

They wanted to take advantage of this battle to gain a reputation for their sect.

Although the God Realm was not the backbone in the worldlet, the talents of the God Realm was extremely important in the fight for the Divine List.

After all, this would affect how many disciples they could attract in the future.

This was also what all the sects were doing.

It could be said that the smaller sects needed fame, and the larger sects did not really need it.

For example, the Wind Snow School, the Heavenly Knights Sect, the Lihun Sect, and the Luo Fu Sword Sect did not show off much because they already had the capacity to look down on many other sects.

Time passed slowly.

When there were still five minutes before sunrise, a group of more than 20 people flew over from the horizon from the east.

“Theyre coming!”

“Its the Wuzhen Sect!”

Many pairs of eyes were staring at the group as they got closer to Wenhong Peak.

However, there was only one middle-aged man in his thirties floating right above Wenhong Peak.


“His aura seems to be stronger now.

If Emperor Qing hasnt made any breakthrough, he will eventually lose to him.”

Many people sighed sentimentally when they saw Barger.

After all, he was an expert who ranked sixth on the Divine List.

There were also some experts in the God Realm or the Earth Realm at the scene.

There were only a few of them, but they were very critical in what they see.

“Thats Elder Gray.

People call him the stabilizing force.

They think that even if Barger loses, this old monster will kill Emperor Qing himself.

But thats not necessarily the case.

Even if he wanted to take action, Zhang Hanyang is from the Heavenly Knights Sect.

He had asked the elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect to come, so how would he dare to take action recklessly”

“Its just that people dont know who Emperor Qings backer is.”

The truth was often unknown to many.

If it was another sect, perhaps no one would come to watch or care about it.

After all, this was a battle between the youngsters.

But regarding Barger and Elder Gray… they did not dare to comment on them recklessly as some people carried themselves differently.

“Those five are probably their protectors.”

“I wonder when will Emperor Qing come”

Just after everyone had recovered from their shock, a figure walked towards them slowly from the west side of the sky.

Watching his footsteps, each step felt like a thousand miles.

In just five breaths worth of time, he had already reached close to them and was hovering beside Wenhong Peak.

He was alone.

“Who is he”

Someone questioned, “He is not Emperor Qing!”

“He, he is Zhang Hanyang!”


A stone stirred up a thousand waves.

Many of the surrounding martial artists were shocked.

“He is Zhang Hanyang Merciless Zhang What is he doing here Hes not even on the Divine List, yet hes so close to Wenhong Peak.

Does he think hes in the world of Grand Masters”

“Hahaha, I thought it was some big shot.

I didnt expect it to be Zhang Hanyang, who was once a talent! Doesnt he feel bitter coming here to watch the fight I remember he had once defeated Ye Longyuan, Mu Xue, and Shi Fenghou.

Now, except for Mu Xue the female demon who had yet to appear, everyone else has already entered the top ten of the Divine List!”

“It has been a long time since then and we should not judge him with the same pair of eyes.

Im shocked by how fast Zhang Hanyang is declining!”


Most of the people present knew who was Zhang Hanyang.

He was famous for being known as Merciless Zhang, but that was in the past.

Now, everyone in the martial arts world had their eyes on the Divine List, and everyone on the List had many admirers.

Those who used to worship Zhang Han were mostly in Hong Kong, so they did not take Zhang Hanyang seriously.

Even most of the warriors did not know the relationship between Zhang Han and the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Others might not know, but Elder Gray did.

Barger also knew about it.

“You are Zhang Hanyang”

Barger was scanning Zhang Han from head to toe.

Elder Gray did not say anything.

Although his opponent was the Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect, his strength was not there yet.

Hearing Bargers words, the surrounding martial artists quietened down and stared at the two people lingering in the air.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

There was no answer.

He got ignored.


Barger frowned and his gaze was filled with unhappiness.

“Zhang Hanyang, I only heard about you because of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

It is powerful, but you are not.

Dont put on airs here, or else…”

He did not go on, but his threat was easily seen from his face.

Zhang Han glanced at him indifferently and did not say anything.

“Hahaha…” Barger sneered sinisterly.

“Youre brave enough to come here alone, but youd better stay away from my fight with Emperor Qing later.

Otherwise, if the ripple force of our battle is able to kill you, then the Heavenly Knights Sect wont be able to say anything.”


Zhang Han frowned and almost lashed out his palm to give him a fatal slap.

Just at that moment.

Swoosh swoosh!

Two figures flew over from the north very quickly.

“Warlord of Chan Clan!”

“Emperor Qing!”

“The two of them are here Did they really think that Elder Gray and the rest wont make a move”

A few of those who were present had their brows furrowed.

There were no rules regarding the Divine List.

When facing powerful enemies, they should be more cautious.

“Hes from the secular world after all.

He doesnt know how dangerous the competition between high-end martial artists is.”

The other onlookers were very curious why Barger said that.

Could it be that Zhang Hanyang had something to do with the Heavenly Knights Sect

The curiosity in their heart dissipated along with the arrival of Emperor Qing.

“Its time for the winner to be decided.

Im here.”

Chen Changqing said that from a distance.

As soon as he finished speaking, the first ray of sunlight poured onto the ground.

This also meant that the battle between the two was about to begin.

Number Six Barger against Number Ten Emperor Qing!

No one knew who would win, but they knew that this was going to be a shocking battle.

A great battle was about to break out.

Elder Gray took the lead to retreat dozens of meters.

Right from the beginning, he did not say a word, as if all those who came were not qualified to speak to him.

The Heavenly Knights Sect was very powerful, or at least for them.

Zhang Hanyang was the Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect and they did not plan to lay a finger on him.

Did the Emperor Qing, who was just a secular talent, have the right to fight him

Elder Gray already had a killing intent in his heart right from the start.

If Chen Changqing loses, Barger will take his life.

If he wins, then he will do it.

Boom, boom, boom, boom…

The two of them did not say anything and began to get entangled in a fight.

As a talent of the worldlet, Barger knew a lot of secret skills and was also very powerful.

He had the upper hand in the first confrontation.

Those who were present, which were more than 3,000 martial artists, were all fascinated.

“Barger is so powerful! Hes suppressing Emperor Qing so hard he couldnt breathe!”

“I had thought that this would be an even match, who would have thought that it would be a one-sided battle”


Everyone could tell that Barger had suppressed Emperor Qing firmly, and even he himself thought so.

While doing so, he could not help sneering at him.

“Emperor Qing, Emperor Qing, you really let me down.

Is the Number Tenth just a good-for-nothing Use your powerful moves.

Otherwise, Ill kill you within ten moves.”


Chen Changqing scoffed and said, “As you wish!”



All of a sudden, an invisible ripple emitted from Chen Changqings body.

The crowd felt as if they had heard a dragons roar.

10 percent of the Qing Dragon blood had been opened by Chen Changqing!

His combat strength doubled instantly, and even Bargers gaze narrowed slightly.

After other dozens of moves, Chen Changqing burst out laughing.

“Thats all you have”


20 percent of his bloodline had been opened.

At that moment, Chen Changqing and Barger were evenly matched.

Seeing this, the crowd was a little confused.

Was Emperor Qing that powerful

“Youre seeking death!”

Barger was angered and he attacked more fiercely.

He began to use the top-secret skill of his sect and suppressed Chen Changqing once again.


30% of the Qing Dragon blood had been opened.

Chen Changqings combat power soared again, and he was equally matched with Barger.

At that juncture, Barger felt a little bit of pressure.

Could his bloodline open any further

If he were to open it even more, then he might have to use his trump card.

He had that idea in mind, but Chen Changqing did not give him a chance to do so.


40% percent of the bloodline had been utilized.

Having no other choice, Barger was forced to use all his powerful skills.

He had thought that he would win by a narrow margin.



There was another powerful ripple, and a loud and clear dragon roar sounded in the air!

It was as if a shadow of an Azure dragon had appeared in the void behind Chen Changqing.

“This is the first time Ive opened 50 percent of my bloodline.

Ill have you take a look at how powerful it is.”

Chen Changqing sneered.

He enjoyed the sudden increase in his strength.

With a slight movement, the two of them were entangled again.

This time around, Chen Changqing only managed to suppress Barger for less than 30 seconds.


Barger spat out a mouthful of blood and was smashed into the mountain, causing waves of dust to fly up into the air.

Chen Changqing was also gasping for breath slightly.

Barger was indeed a strong opponent, but he was not strong enough!


Chen Changqing moved.

He would take his life while he was down!

Just when Barger flew towards him, Chen Changqing swooshed his sword three times again, causing Bargers injuries to become more serious.

Just when Chen Changqing had made a killing move, Elder Gray waved his right hand, and a monstrous energy dismissed Chen Changqings move.

“We admit defeat.”

When Elder Gray said those words, his eyes were staring at Chen Changqing with an extremely cold and sinister gaze, as if he was considering whether or not to take him down.

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