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On an island.

Many actors who were about to get filming were making preparations, and even Zhao Feng couldnt help but get himself the role of a passer-by.

A large crowd had gathered there to watch the filming.

Dong Chen, Third Elder, Zhang Guangyou, and others were standing on the beach.

Looking at the ships in front of them, Dong Chen shook his head slightly.

“Having such a high-end martial arts team make a movie, wont it rob other people of their jobs”

He sort of felt that the business was going down.

Every member of the Mengmeng Security Group was above the Grand Master Realm, and they would all star in this movie.

Mu Xue, the princess of the Luo Fu Sword Sect, also brazenly got herself a role in the movie just for fun.

And Jiang Yanlan, who was also famous on the Divine List, had come here to be the cameraman.

The most ridiculous one was Zhang Han.

He was already at the darn Heaven Peak Stage.

Still, he came here to be the male lead.

The root cause of all this was Zi Yan, the female lead.

She was a huge star, so it was not a surprise for her to make a movie.

So Zhang Han just came over to show his love for his wife.

That made Dong Chen and the others quite speechless.

In their opinion, Zhang Han was so powerful that he could totally explore the Ancient Mine.

At the very least, he had to go through all kinds of trials in the relics.

In the past few months, although there were not many relics found in Hua nation, there was still a C-class relic in the country.

Although they didnt go there, the security group ought to go there and gain some experience.

Instead, they were living a more comfortable life.

Dong Chen sighed inwardly.

But he also knew that the reason why they could have this peaceful life was that Zhang Han had taken action several times to suppress the eight enemy sects and now they did not dare to act rashly.

“Han, well be off for a while.”

Seeing Zhang Han coming over, Zhang Guangyou said, “Uncle Dong is going to take people to the Ancient Mine.

Now that the high-end forces of our Heavenly Knights Sect are all practicing your cultivation methods, their strength has improved a lot.

And now, they need actual combat.

Our sect also needs more natural precious materials.

In about two months, I should be able to break through to the Heaven Realm.

Then, Ill come here to rest.”

Zhang Han nodded and replied, “My strength has improved, but its not a remarkable improvement.

Although I havent gone down to the Ancient Mine, I know the danger there.

There are many big secrets in this world.

Dont go in recklessly.”

“At the entrance of every worldlets Ancient Mine, there is a relatively safe area, and there are martial artists inside.

However, their skin is fairly dark, and they rarely know magic arts.

They basically dont understand spells, but they know a lot about martial arts secret skills.

Its like flowers are all in bloom,” Dong Chen said slowly.

“They are very powerful, and their defense is also very strong.

The magic spells have little effect on them.

There are different cities down there.

Each city is a certain distance away from the others.

And the city walls are as high as 100 meters, quite magnificent.

Every City Lord is an extremely powerful character.

People at the Heaven Peak Stage are no match for their city lords.

Therefore, we have always known that the opportunity to break through the Heaven Peak Stage is in the Ancient Mine.

But except for those cities, there are countless fierce beasts down there.

The most ordinary beast kings are all at the Heaven Peak Stage.

The more powerful ones are almost as strong as those City Lords.

The environment there is harsh, but the number of natural precious materials is considerable.

Therefore, it is not only a fierce place but also a place of opportunity.

Every city sits on a crystal mine, so we can only look for scattered small mineral veins in other places.

Now, the crystals in Heavenly Knights Sect are still sufficient, but natural precious materials are too few.

So we need to go down into the Ancient Mine several times.”

In short, there were cities down there, guarded by dark-skinned martial artists.

Outside the cities, there were crystal mines with fierce beasts running about.

All the news gave Zhang Han a general understanding of the Ancient Mine.

“Now you are full-fledged, adding that you have the deployment on Mount New Moon, we can leave with no worries.

Wang Xiaowu, Jiang Bing, and Yun Feiyang will stay in the secular world.

If you have any needs, you can contact them directly.

They will send people back to Heavenly Knights Sect to inform them of your needs.”

Zhang Guangyou patted Zhang Han on the shoulder.

At this time, Rong Jiali and Zi Yan, who was dressed gorgeously, came over.

“Han, Yan, Ill come back to see you in a while,” Rong Jiali said with a smile.

Then, Dong Chen and the others bade farewell and left.

“Lets get started.”

As soon as the director gave the order, the actors and actresses of the first scene were all in place, The shooting started from Zi Yan.

She was holding a bunch of flowers as if she were going to get married.

The raindrops slowly dripped.

There was no need for a water pump at all.

Mu Xue, who was on the side, raised her right hand, and a large amount of seawater rose into the air… It was an artificial rain.

Several cameras were filming in the air at the same time, which made the chief director feel that the shooting was just too easy.

This time, there were also some scenes for Hong Qitaos son, Hong Li, and Sun Dongheng, also wanted to star in the movie.

Since it was not their scene yet, they were just watching by the side.

It was also the first time for these people to see such a sight, which gave them quite a jump.

“Isnt it like shooting a movie with Gods help” Hong Li murmured, “Its so cool.

I was wondering why they could finish that classic movie in about a month last time.

So it turns out to be done like this.”

“Itll soon be our turn.

Hahaha, this is great.” Sun Dongheng laughed.

Yet, this was just the beginning.

The director yelled very few “cut” during the shooting.

Almost every scene was done on the first try.

And the overall progress was also very fast.

When it came to the scenes that required special effects…

Hong Li and the others were completely stunned.


Not knowing what to say to express their thoughts.

they just stood there, a little dumbfounded.

It was almost the same as the last shoot.

Every day, Zhang Han and Zi Yan went to take Mengmeng to school before taking a helicopter to the film site to shoot.

At three oclock in the afternoon, they went back to pick up Mengmeng from school.

If there were some scenes that must be shot in the evening, the couple would take turns to get Mengmeng.

At this speed, two months later, the filming of the two-hour-and-a-half-long movie was officially completed.

It was scheduled to be released on Christmas.

Without much publicity, the news about the new movie already spread around the globe.

For that, there was also Sun Donghengs credit.

This guy had been doing a regular live broadcast.

Now he had made his name known, he could even participate in the filming of blockbusters like the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Every time he did a live broadcast, the number of people watching his show was as high as five million.

The speed of his making money was also quite amazing.

Now that many people saw some live videos about the shooting site, the news quickly spread out.

Originally, three other high-budget movies were also to be released on Christmas.

However, when the producers heard about the big Pirates of the Caribbean, which was made by the famous Purple Moon Entertainment Company, they held a few meetings.

After thinking it through, they decided to reschedule.

One was directly moved to the New Years Eve, and one would be released during the Spring Festival.

Only the third was too stubborn to make any change.

As a result… compared to the Pirates of the Caribbean I, which had broken all kinds of records and had attracted everyones attention, the second film was not that excellent.

However, the box office income on the first day of the premiere was record-breaking.

After all, when the first one was released, it was in competition with another blockbuster, and so its producer bought an awful lot of tickets to make the box office income look impressive.

But the box office income this time reflected the real popularity of the movie, which reached two billion dollars around the world.

As for the cost

It was pitifully small…

It could be said that the producer had made a huge fortune this time.

During this period, Zhang Han also prepared birthday gifts which he had put a lot of thought into for Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

Yet, on Zhang Hans birthday, the mother and daughter also gave him a surprise.

The Heavenly Knights Sect had sent members down into the Ancient Mine several times at the cost of the lives of three cultivators who had just broken through to the early stage of the Heaven Early-stage, eight in the Earth Realm, and 15 in the God Realm.

In exchange, they obtained tens of thousands of low-grade crystals and some fifth-stage spirit treasures.

They also found many spirit treasures at the fourth stage or below.

The Treasure Vault of Heavenly Knights Sect was filled up again.

Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali came back to visit three times.

After staying for a few days, they went back to Heavenly Knights Sect again.

Zi Qiang was still busy with the companys affairs.

The former patriarch, Zi Qingtian, was devoted to assisting him.

Although living in Mount New Moon, they didnt get to meet Zi Qiang every day.

Because Zi Qiang was always working until eight oclock, and he often had a drinking party with some local rich businessmen.

It was a completely formal drinking party.

How could anyone dare to take Zi Qiang to a strip club or something If that caused disputes in Zhang Hans father-in-laws family… They just didnt dare to do that.

The relationship between Zhao Feng and Liang Mengqi became more and more heated.

They went to Singapore once to discuss the engagement that would take place next year.

Zhang Li and Liang Hao were also a sweet couple, only that Liang Hao spent most of his time on cultivation.

He had made rapid progress, and now was also a Heaven-stage Master.

He was about to break through to be a Martial Arts Grand Master.

For this son-in-law, Zhang Guangyou and the others gradually accepted him and were very supportive regarding the twos relationship.

Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran were head over heels in love.

Every time there was a holiday, Liu Jiaran rushed over to see her love, no matter how hard Liu Qingfeng tried persuading her not to come.

As for his business, the sales looked good, so he gradually shifted his focus to Xiangjiang.

Although most of the benefits were pocketed by Zhang Han and his men in all kinds of cooperation, Ah Hus personal assets did not decline but rise, and his value exceeded 100 billion yuan.

Mu Xue stayed on Mount New Moon as she was told to.

When Zi Yan went out alone, she would follow her and protect her.

Her strength had now surpassed the Earth Realm.

As to the Divine List

In the past, she did want to have her name on the list.

But after becoming Zhang Hanyangs disciple and witnessing the power of the devil, she started to realize that the Divine List was too insignificant and boring, so she didnt participate in it.

But without her, the competition for the Divine List was still fierce.

It had been the end of the third month.

In a few days, the competition for the Divine List would come to an end.

The number of people on the Divine List had been reduced by more than half, because they were either defeated and quitted the game or were killed right on the spot.

The top rankings of the list also changed a lot.

First place: Yan Chen from Lihun Sect, Witch Hidden Realm.

Second place: Long Ye from the Wind Snow School, Saint Serene World.

Third Place: Emperor Qing from the Chens, the secular world.

Fourth Place: Hu Yu from Shadowless Sect, Kun Xu World.

Fifth Place: Su Beimu from Light Cliff, Seven Harmony World.

Sixth Place: Shi Fenghou from the Wind Snow School, Saint Serene World.

Seventh Place: Ding Jiuming from the Luo Fu Sword Sect, Seven Harmony World.

Eighth Place: Ye Longyuan from Lihun Sect, Witch Hidden Realm.

Tenth Place: Jiang Bing from Heavenly Knights Sect, Kun Xu World.

Among them, Chen Changqing, the secular Emperor Qing, was the one who made the most prominent progress.

Once again, he was famous.

He represented the talents of the secular martial arts world and was popular among the folks.

His reputation was much higher than Zhang Hans.

Before, the two of them were almost on par with each other in terms of fame.

But now, Emperor Qing was even more famous.

Still, when topics about him were brought up, people always mentioned that the older brother of Emperor Qing was Zhang Hanyang.

There were only five days to go before the end of the Divine List Competition.

One day.

It was the battle between Emperor Qing and the Wind Snow Schools Long Ye.

The location of their battle was in a mountain range in Langzhou.

Since one of the combatants was the unstoppable Emperor Qing, many people came to watch the battle.

At nine oclock in the morning, in the middle of the mountain range, tens of thousands of warriors had gathered together.

Among them were Shi Fenghou, Ye Longyuan, Jiang Bing, Hu Yu, Su Beimu, and Ding Jiuming.

It could be said that except for Yan Chen, who had definitely secured a place on the Divine List, the rest of the top 10 people on the Divine List had all come.

Long Ye was mighty, and so was Emperor Qing.

The rest of the top ten were also their opponents.

It was not like that the one who lost the battle would be knocked out.

In fact, he could go on to challenge others.

It could be imagined that the final battles must be extremely bloody.

At this stage, no one would hide their strength anymore.

They all wanted to compete with Yan Chen for the position of number one on the Divine List!

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