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“When Emperor Qing challenges Older Martial Brother Long, he basically has no chance.”

Disciples of the Wind Snow School also came to watch the battle.

Their leader was also a martial artist at the Earth Realm Middle-Stage.

They had thought of sending a Heaven Realm expert over to be the leader.

However, they only had five Heaven Realm members in the sect.

Most of their experts had gone to the Ancient Mine to attack the Dark Fire Mountain Range.

They believed they could come back victoriously within a year, only that they didnt expect that the progress would be slow.

The Beast Kings in the Dark Fire Mountain Range were not easy to deal with.

The reason why the sect left five Heaven Realm martial artists behind was all about Zhang Hanyang.

Now that all the sects in the other four worldlets had been wiped out, they could not allow anything to happen to the Main Sect.

In the Divine List Competition, their only hope was Long Ye.

Given the power of the Wind Snow School, other sects would not dare to send any Heaven State Strong to assassinate him.

So, their only worry was the Heavenly Knights Sect.

That was why the Wind Snow School had observed the Heavenly Knights Sect before and found that their people also visited the Ancient Mine quite frequently.

As for Chen Changqing, they didnt send anyone to observe him.

It made sense.

Although Chen Changqing was Zhang Hanyangs little brother, the Heavenly Knights Sect would not have to help him if Zhang Hanyang did not ask.

The second problem was Zhang Hanyangs personal visit.

He was powerful and played by no rules.

He always did whatever he wanted.

For that reason, Second Elder of the Wind Snow School personally warned Long Ye that if he encountered Zhang Hanyang, he could just run away.

He also gave Long Ye a defensive treasure, which was a jade pendant.

Even Second Elder had to attack for an hour before breaking that jade pendant.

The place of the duel was not far from that of the southwest of the Saint Serene World, and they could go support him in a short while if he needed.

Therefore, those Heaven Realm martial artists did not go to the battle.

The most fundamental reason was that there was no need to attach such great importance to the disciples in the God Realm.

Although the title of Immortal King sounded quite impressive, it was not any real strength.

It merely meant that the man possessed the strength to advance to the Heaven Peak Stage.

The God Realm was the realm that merely belonged to disciples.

Those elders didnt really care about it.

Though they sure didnt care, their disciples regarded it as their priority.

They wanted to watch Older Martial Brother Long Yes demeanor on the ring.

Therefore, more than 30 disciples of the Wind Snow School had come here.

They stood by the side and looked up at Older Martial Brother Long Ye, who was standing above the valley.

Their eyes were full of admiration.

“Our Older Martial Brother Long Ye is the next Immortal King.

I bet that the final battle in the Divine List Competition will be the one between Older Martial Brother Long Ye and Yan Chen, the heaven-defying expert of the Lihun Sect.”

“Yan Chen is too terrifying.

So far, only two people on the top ten of the Divine List have challenged him.

In the end, they both died.

Yan Chen hasnt been forced to make a third move in any battles yet.

But our Older Martial Brother Long Ye will definitely be able to fight him for three hundred rounds and shoot for the first place on the Divine List.

Their Heavenly Knights Sect has Immortal King Zhang, and in the near future, our Wind Snow School will have Immortal King Long!”


The faces of the people of the Wind Snow School were glowing with confidence.

They were all sure that they could win this battle, for they knew very well how incredible Long Ye was!

Even Shi Fenghou was with them.

He had always thought that he was the best among his peers, and there were very few people who could be his opponent.

Ye Longyuan and Mu Xue were indeed among the few.

But after Long Ye, a promising member of his sect, came out to take part in the competition, he no longer felt like going for the first on the Divine List.

Because in private, he believed Long Ye was the real invincible martial artist.

“Emperor Qing”

Shi Fenghous eyes were cold as he yelled, “If you dare to show up here today, you will definitely die.”

In addition to these people, there were also people from the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Wang Xiaowu, Jiang Bing, Yun Feiyang and more than 20 others were standing on one side.

They were eyeing those people from the Wind Snow School covetously.

If there was a chance, they didnt mind killing a few of them.

Unfortunately, it was not about them today.

The battle between Emperor Qing and Long Ye was the focus.

There were many Qi Strength Masters among the martial artists present, most of whom were at the level of Obvious Strength, Inward Strength, or Peak Strength.

They didnt know which combatant was more powerful.

But as it was the battle between the third and second ones on the Divine List, they assumed it would be excellent.

“Emperor Qing is coming!”

Under everyones gaze, Chen Changqing and Warlord of Chan Clan flew over quickly.

Chen Changqing had a habit.

When he fought with someone, he would always come on time.

He wouldnt be any early or late.

But Long Ye had arrived on the site an hour earlier today.

He closed his eyes in a valley to rest and adjust his condition.

Although he believed that he had the game in his hands, he always held on to one truth—even a lion would use its full strength to fight against a rabbit, not to mention that the Emperor Qing was not a rabbit at all.

“Emperor Qing, you shouldnt have come.”

Long Ye was still showing his back to Chen Changqing.

It was not until Chen Changqing was within a hundred meters that he made that remark in a soft voice.

Then he turned around, not caring to hide the killing intent in his eyes at all.

“I can come if I want to,” Chen Changqing said calmly.

He was actually under some stress because he had watched a few great battles of the Long Ye with his own eyes.

Long Ye was indeed extremely strong, ridiculously strong.

In particular, his secret techniques were profound and potent.

Although Emperor Qing did not know how the battle would turn out, he was still determined to come.

Only by capturing the Long Ye would he have an invincible faith in challenging the even stranger Yan Chen.

“The only result of you challenging me is that you die.” There seemed to be a trace of pity in Long Yes tone.

“Your big brother, Zhang Hanyang, didnt come to keep an eye on you”

“Does he need to” Chen Changqing asked sarcastically.

“Probably not.” Long Ye smiled faintly and said, “As his younger brother, you should know something.

Im very curious about him.

Hes a very powerful man.

In fact, the one I want to kill the most is him.

As for you Youre not qualified enough.”

But there was one thing that he didnt say.

He wanted to kill Zhang Hanyang very much in that it was not only a great achievement but also an opportunity to make the Wind Snow School famous.

Sadly, the elder told him not to provoke Zhang Hanyang.

Had it not been for that, he would want to force his way up to Mount New Moon straight away.

Caprice Mo Sect Leader and his men had gone to Xiangjiang successively.

In addition, Mu Xue had become Zhang Hanyangs disciple.

All kinds of signs indicated that Zhang Hanyang might be an extremely horrible figure.

Although the elder did not tell him exactly why he forbade him to challenge Zhang Hanyang, he already had his own speculations.

“Make your move, Emperor Qing.

Its something that youve become so strong with a secular background.

Ill give you time to make three strikes,” Long Ye waved his right hand and said blandly.

These remarks caused an uproar among the tens of thousands of martial artists present.

Zhang Hanyang, who had not yet entered the Divine List Competition, was actually called a very powerful figure by Long Ye, who ranked second on the Divine List.

What was going on with Zhang Hanyang Why didnt he participate in the Divine List Competition Was it that he hadnt made a breakthrough No, it was impossible.

How could he become Mu Xues master if he hadnt broken through to the God Realm

Many peoples minds were filled with one question after another.

But they didnt have time to think because the great battle had begun!


A cold light flashed in Chen Changqings eyes.

He raised his arm and a long sword appeared in his right hand.

The Qing Dragon blood!

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

He unleashed fifty percent of his blood power.

The cultivation method called the all eight drought demonic dragon was running at a high speed.

“Demonic Dragon Subdues Vast Universe!”

“Sword of the South Mountain!”

In an instant, Chen Changqing displayed two secret skills.

Wave after wave of powerful energy fluctuations hit the audience in the face.

Strange signs emerged in the sky, and dark clouds quickly occupied the entire sky as if a ferocious dragon was hidden behind, emitting a deafening roar.

Along with the strange phenomenon, a just of sword Qi as huge as a mountain peak cut horizontally, as though it was going to tear the space apart and fall on Long Ye.

If it were an ordinary God Realm martial artist, he would definitely be killed by these two moves.

However, Long Ye was not an ordinary martial artist in the God Realm.

As a man who ranked second on the Divine List, he had his own moves.

His expression didnt alter at all as if the upcoming attack could not do any harm to him.

“Boulder Attack.”

Just before the strikes got to him, he stretched out his right hand, and a silver metal ball materialized in his hand, shining brightly.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

In the dull blasts, the shadows of boulders spread all over the sky.

Their strikes collided with each other, and the boulders directly broke through Chen Changqings Sword Qi.

They didnt slow down but continue to hit the dark clouds in the air fiercely.

It only took two seconds to shatter all the dark clouds.

The sky over their heads was clear again.

“You have one more move to make.”

The stone shadows were still there, but he suddenly withdrew the attack.

This demonstrated Long Yes confidence.

Chen Changqing looked sterner now.

He had to admit that Long Yes attitude disgusted him.

Even the martial artists watching from a distance had the same thought on their minds.

“Emperor Qing just has one more move left.

Will he be able to withstand the Long Yes counterattack after that”

The rhythm of the game had been in Long Yes control.

Nonetheless, Chen Changqing had no intention to abide by Long Yes rules.

He waved his hand and performed another three secret skills.

For a time, the wind and clouds surged in this area, and the wind blew wildly.

Long Ye let out a loud laugh and rushed forward.

“Kaboom, kaboom, kaboom…”

Thunderclaps were heard.

All kinds of colorful lights flashed, and overwhelming pressure bore down from the sky.

The two of them had already been in a white-hot battle.

Many martial artists even could not see their movements and strikes clearly.

“Long Ye is so strong.”

Wang Xiaowus eyes were gloomy.

“Even if I were to fight him, I would find it very tricky.

He definitely has the strength to fight with ordinary martial artists in the Earth Realm Middle-Stage.”

“If it goes on like this, Emperor Qing will certainly lose.

Long Ye already seems to go for the kill.

If there were just the two of them here, Im afraid that Emperor Qing would meet his doom,” Jiang Bing said with a concerned tone.

“Its not that dangerous.” Yun Feiyang shook his head slightly and said, “I will help him at the critical moment.

Chen Changqing has just made his break.

Even though he is now at the peak of the God Realm, he doesnt have enough foundation.

Young Lord taught him a lot of things, but he needs time to fully comprehend every move and every secret method by himself.

In contrast, Long Ye has been at the peak of the God Realm for a long time.

In terms of comprehension, he is far better than Chen Changqing.

Chen Changqing doesnt have much hope for this battle.”

For them, Young Lords younger brother was also one of them.

In the face of a life-and-death crisis, Yun Feiyang would certainly not sit by and do nothing.

Now that even they had thought about that, the Wind Snow School could not be eager to do it.

Several Earth Realm cultivators had already wanted to kill those of the Heavenly Knights Sect, and they were also ready for a battle.

This kind of battle had occurred too many times.

In the past, every time when they went to the relics, the two sides often fought and plot against each other.

It was a life-and-death situation after all.

A minute later, with everyone watching, Chen Changqing surely showed a sign to lose.

He staggered back several paces.

In the face of the fierce attack of Long Ye, he had finally been hit.

A deep cut appeared on his chest, and his blood spurted wildly.

As a result, his face looked a little pale.

“How could he be so strong”

Facing Long Ye, Chen Changqings look changed, for he felt that this battle was going to be tough.

Long Ye was so strong that he felt like he was fighting against a mountain.

Seeing this, Warlord of Chan Clans face darkened, and he quickly shouted, “Admit defeat! Retreat now!”

Chen Changqing knew that he was no match for Long Ye at this time, so he stepped back quickly.

“Wanna leave Too late!”

Long Yes eyes darkened, and his attack became more powerful.

A thin needle appeared in his right hand and he threw it forward.


A stream of light grew bigger and bigger.

This was one of Long Yes killing moves.

The needle flew very fast!

Chen Changqing cast three layers of defense in an instant, but Long Yes move was unstoppable.

It destroyed Chen Changqings defense, and with overwhelming killing intent, it rushed to Chen Changqing.


Long Ye boosted his secret skill.

In a moment, Chen Changqing would be dead.


At this precise moment, a thick energy wall spread out in front of Chen Changqing and blocked this move.

It was Yun Feiyang.

He had made his move!

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