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Chapter 82: Chapter : 82

The obsidian crystal could assist Zhang Han in his cultivation.

With such a small piece, although it could not help Zhang Han break through to the middle stage of Qi Cultivating Stage, it could at least help him increase his strength by 30%.

However, Zhang Han did not plan to use it for cultivation, because it still had a lot of uses.

Do you still remember the Jade-fire dew from the thunder yang tree

The first stage spirit treasure was close to the second stage and could be absorbed, but had to endure a lot of pain, mainly to increase the toughness and strength of the body.

This would make the Jade-fire dew become a very good treasure.

One must know, other than the thunder yang tree being a fifth-stage spirit treasure, Zhang Han only had Yuan Qing Tree being a second-stage spirit treasure, so the rest of the Yuan Qing Tree were all Rank 1 spirit treasure.

He originally thought that the spirit treasure on Earth would be very rare, but he didn't expect that in a short span of a week, Zhang Han had already obtained three treasures.

Although the two of them were useless, this piece of obsidian crystal had truly made Zhang Han somewhat surprised.

It could not only help a Jade-fire dew level up, it could also nourish a pure Yang body.

Water could be used to raise the quality of the territory's spirit water, but only the fifth-stage spirit treasure could be used as a medium to do this.

With Zhang Han's current Qi Refining Stage level, he could count the number of things he could do with one hand.

'How do I get this rock from her '

Zhang Han muttered to himself for a bit and decided to wait until the two of them were alone together...

Just ask.

After drinking half a bottle of wine, Zhang Han's gaze kept on floating in the direction of Zi Yan's line of work.

After he came to a conclusion in his heart, Zhang Han retracted his gaze and started to eat dinner.

Originally, Zi Yan, Zhou Fei and Zhang Li the three women were not very interested in meat dishes.

But at this moment, they really couldn't control themselves anymore.

They felt that they had finally tasted the real chicken during this meal.

It was because they were chicken that they did not control their appetite.

The meat was red and white, red and white, and the beef, pork, and mutton were generally red.

Fish meat, poultry meat was called white meat, and chicken, duck, goose was a type of poultry.

Red meat was characterized by the thickness of muscle fibers.

Hard, fat content is high, that means eat too much will fat people.

White meat is fine muscle fiber, fat content is low, eat a little more does not have a big impact on body fat.

This was just a simple example.

One must know that if one's body was fat, they had to be three times taller.

After eating for a few minutes, they all felt that they were in too much of a hurry, so they slowed down their pace.

They looked at each other, saw oil stains at the corners of each other's mouths, and smiled at each other.

"Let's have a drink." Zi Yan said as he picked up the bottle of RIO.



They touched the bottle and drank two mouthfuls.

"Aiya, Zhang Han, you cooked so well." Zhou Fei sighed.

His tone was filled with admiration, the mocking tone he often used had already disappeared without a trace.

All the gluttons were completely obedient to Zhang Han.

After Zhang Li heard this, he nodded his head and said, "Brother, I never thought that you would not only be a kitchen killer, but your current culinary skills, my god, are truly amazing!"

"So delicious." Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han strangely, then looked at Zhang Li and asked curiously: "Was he a kitchen killer before"

"That's right." Zhang Li could not help but laugh, and said: "Once, you personally cooked for me, and in the end, we had a day's worth of stomach."

Zi Yan smiled slightly and said: "He's also like that now.

A few days ago, he mysteriously gave me half a bottle of milk-like water and after drinking it, hmph."

As they spoke, Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhang Han.

"You drank it too I drank it too.

My brother said that it was a good thing, but it turned out to be true.

His skin is much better now.

" Zhang Li said with a smile.

"Ugh …" Mengmeng, Mengmeng also drank some water from his stomach.

" Mengmeng said with a unclear voice as he ate.

"You, you all drank it" Zhou Fei's expression froze, and he even forgot to put the chicken in his mouth for a moment.

She carefully sized up Zi Yan a few times.

Zhang Li and Mengmeng's skin was much better than hers.

"Wuuuuu, Brother-in-law, why didn't I do it You don't have to be so biased, do you " Zhou Fei said with a wronged expression: "I want one too, you get me a bottle too!"

If you have money, then you're a lord, oh no, if you have treasures, then you're a lord.

At this time, Zhou Fei did not care about Zi Yan's supercilious look and directly called him brother-in-law.

"Don't talk nonsense." Zi Yan glared at Zhou Fei and said.

"I'm not spouting nonsense.

Brother-in-law, I want that water.

Brother-in-law, you have to get me a bottle.

Brother-in-law, I'm begging you." Zhou Fei ignored his image.

What's the use of an image

To a woman who loved beauty, that kind of water was a sacred relic.

Today, Zhang Han had explained to them what real common dishes were.

Zhou Fei, this gluttonous fellow, had already submitted to them.

Of course, she also knew that if she called him that, Zi Yan wouldn't actually be angry, but if it was Li Cheng, even if there was a treasure, Zhou Fei would definitely not call him that.

After all, these two people were 'nameless and real'.

With Mengmeng here, there was no problem no matter how you called them.

Seeing her expression, Zhang Han muttered to himself for a bit, his gaze floated towards the stone above Zi Yan's line of work, and said: "I temporarily don't have that kind of water, but there will be one soon, at that time I'll give all of you to drink some."

A few people's gazes were gathered on Zhang Han's face, and they could clearly see where his eyes were looking at.

But Zhou Fei did not say anything now, and even hoped that he would look more closely at him, no, take Zi Yan down!

If that was the case, would she have such a delicious meal in the future Furthermore, there was also that cosmetics bottle.

It was simply worth it!

Zhang Li pretended not to see it as he continued to eat the chicken.

On the other hand, Zi Yan felt a little awkward, as the place where he was being stared at was extremely hot, to the point that he even wanted to lower his head to take a look himself.

'Is it really that sexy '

Zi Yan was a little happy in his heart, a little embarrassed and a little proud.

Zi Yan chose to ignore his gaze and continued eating with her chopsticks extended out.

"Hehehehe, thank you brother-in-law!" Zhou Fei said while grinning, his eyes looking at the small chicken leg on the plate.

Zi Yan's chopsticks were reaching towards the chicken leg, and seeing that, Zhou Fei's speed was extremely fast, he immediately extended them out and placed it in Zhang Han's bowl, laughing and saying: "Brother-in-law is eating chicken leg, brother-in-law will cook such a sumptuous and delicious dinner for us, it's hard on you!"

From Zhou Fei's current appearance, if it was the man's identity, he would look like an old eunuch serving the emperor!

When Zi Yan saw this scene, his expression stiffened on the spot.

The chopsticks had reached in front of the dish, but the chicken leg that she was going to pick up had fallen into Zhang Han's bowl.

Zi Yan slowly turned his head, looked at Zhou Fei, and said without knowing whether to laugh or cry:

"Fei Fei, you sold it to me for a bottle of water"

"How is this selling If you don't believe me, ask Mengmeng if he is " Zhou Fei said while grinning.

"Ugh …" "Uh-huh, that's not it." Mengmeng said, cooperating very well.

Mengmeng was too focused on eating, there was nothing he could do, the dishes cooked by the PaPa were too delicious, the moment he finished eating the piece of wing, Zhang Han placed his calves in the bowl into Mengmeng's bowl, thus Mengmeng quickly replied and continued eating.


Zi Yan rolled his eyes and continued to eat.

If it was the type of meat chicken that was relatively oily, they would not eat a lot.

However, the chickens from the Mount New Moon, the two chickens, actually all ate up in one go.

Of course, this was also partly because Zhang Han had a larger appetite.

After eating their fill, Zhang Li and Zhou Fei cleaned up the dining table, Zi Yan hugged Mengmeng and played around on the sofa, while Zhang Han tidied up the kitchen, and after a while, the few of them chatted on the sofa.

After about half an hour, Zi Yan walked into the main bedroom, where Zhang Han and Zhang Han usually slept.

The bedroom was somewhat like a hotel, with a large round bed and a separate bathroom.

"Where's Mengmeng's bed" Zi Yan glanced at Zhang Han and asked.

Heh heh, Mengmeng doesn't need to sleep on the small bed.

Beside the PaPa, Mengmeng likes to sleep on the big bed.

Mengmeng raised her small hand and said.

The Little Princess felt that it was very safe to sleep by the PaPa's side.

Zi Yan slightly curled his lips.

It wasn't easy for her to get Mengmeng to sleep on the small bed and to cultivate the child's independent ability.

However, Zhang Han had destroyed this love within a few days after coming over to help him.

Looking at Mengmeng's attitude, if she slept on the small bed today, she would probably start crying.

Zi Yan also didn't want to make Mengmeng unhappy on the first day he returned, so he nodded slightly and said: "Then Mengmeng will sleep on the big bed.

Zhang Han, will Mengmeng and I sleep here today.

"This was just changed today." Zhang Han replied.

"Yes." Zi Yan nodded, placing Mengmeng on the bed, he said softly: "Mengmeng, Mama will sleep with you today, can we go home tomorrow"

The moment he said this, Zhang Han's expression paused, and his brows furrowed slightly.

When he wanted to speak up, Mengmeng had already opened his mouth:

"No, no, no.

Mengmeng is not going back to the big house, he is not going back either.

"Then, Mengmeng, are you not accompanying Mama "Can you bear to let Mama go back" Zi Yan said softly.

"No, Mama will go, Mama will not go." Seeing that Mama was not joking, Ming Che's large eyes immediately started to fill up with tears, and it looked like tears were about to flow out.

"Fine, you won't go, Mengmeng is good, sleep …"

Seeing that, Zi Yan immediately tried to coax her.

Zhang Han glanced at it, then turned and walked toward the door.

"PaPa, PaPa, don't go." Mengmeng said softly.

Zhang Han immediately paused in his steps and returned to the bedside.

Mengmeng was lying in the middle, Zi Yan was lying on the left side, and Zhang Han was lying on the right side.

Mengmeng's favorite people were PaPa and Mama by his side.

Zi Yan told a story for a while, before Mengmeng finally fell asleep with a at ease.

"Let's go out." Zi Yan's voice was extremely soft.

After saying a few words to Zhang Han, he quietly walked outside.


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