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The Lihun Sect in Witch Hidden World.

The Sect Master, the three elders, and the two Protectors were drinking tea as they discussed a few matters.

“Recently, the vicious beasts are more active in Ancient Mine, and the comparatively safer region has shrunk by quite a bit.

During the next ancient mine trial test, the activity range of disciples at the Divine Realm will decrease by fifty li.”

“I also think that we should limit the number of times going down in the ancient mine.

Walking the beach often wetting the feet.

The ancient mine is too dangerous.

Going down more than a few times wont be a good thing for many disciples, especially Yan Chen.

The reason why his cultivation speed is so fast is that he has been going into the ancient mines many times, and the resources have been fought for by himself.

This time, after he has taken the title of Immortal King, he will probably go down again.

The title of Immortal King is very difficult to obtain, and it has greatly improved the reputation of my sect.

Yan Chen will also become a benchmark for the young disciples.

If he accidentally dies in the ancient mines, then it would be a bit inappropriate.”


Hearing the discussion of the crowd, the Sect Master sighed softly.

“If there is only a ferocious beast in the ancient mine, then there is nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately, the Dark Warriors within the ancient mine are the greatest enemies.

Every single city lord within the mine possesses a strength surpassing that of Heaven Peak Stage.

Everyone knows that there is an opportunity for one to break through within the ancient mine.

However, in the past hundred years, only Immortal King Zhang has been able to break through.

One can well imagine how difficult this path is.

Perhaps the secret is hidden within the depths of the ancient mine.

However, to us there, it is also extremely dangerous.

As for Yan Chen, he has obtained the title of Immortal King and has achieved great merit.

Not only is the official reward, we are also able to take out several divine objects for him to break through to the Earth Realm.

If he fails to break through, then we will not allow him to enter the ancient mine.”

“That would be great.”

Just as they were talking, a middle-aged man hurriedly walked in from outside the courtyard.

He cupped his hands and said,

“Sect Master, the disciple of the South Peak, Ye Longyuan, asked to see you and said that he had something to tell you.”

“Let him in.”

The sect master of the Lihun Sect waved his hand gently.

A few of them also discussed Ye Longyuan.

“This person is called the Devil Incarnate.

Hes fearless.

He hasnt been beaten to death for this kind of temper, so hes pretty awesome.”

“Hes also one of the outstanding disciples of our sect in the last year.

Hes very talented and will definitely reach the Heaven Realm in the future.”


These slightly praising words also showed that they thought highly of Ye Longyuan.

But when Ye Longyuan came in, his hair and clothes were a little messy, and his travel-stained appearance made the Sect Master and the rest feel a little strange.

They had seen Ye Longyuan a few times before.

Although this young man was a little arrogant, his outfit was very delicate.

“Could it be that this kid has suffered a loss outside”

Everyone had this idea, but they didnt expect Ye Longyuans answer to be unexpected.

“Sect Master, I, Im in trouble.”

Ye Longyuan said, “I owed Zhang Hanyang 20,000 crystal stones.

I thought it was a myth, but after the breakthrough, I found that I had inner demons.

I didnt take it seriously at first.

I thought that Zhang Hanyang had not yet broken through the Grand Master Realm.

Nobody would have thought that he could kill Long Ye in one second.

Long Ye is dead.

He and several disciples in the Divine Realm were easily killed by Zhang Hanyang with only one move.

Mu Xue also became Zhang Hanyangs disciple.

Judging from his strength, at least he is at the Earth Peak Stage.

He seems to be at the Heaven Realm…”

“What did you say”

An elder frowned and said, “Wasnt Zhang Hanyang a Wu Dao Grand Master before Did he kill Long Ye Or did he kill him in one move”

“Yes, theres no way we can contend against him.”

“I cant believe hes this strong,” the Sect Master muttered.

“Thats right.

If he wasnt strong, how could the Sect Leader Mu of the Floating Luo Sword Sect possibly allow his daughter to become someone elses disciple Zhang Hanyang must have some special ability.

The serious injury that the Pavilion of Wind and Snow suffered before might have been caused by Zhang Hanyang.

After all, Mount Tianxia has been at a disadvantage for decades.

A year ago, Zhang Hanyang rose in the secular world of martial arts.

Its said that hes very strange and knows a lot.

Perhaps its just him who can turn the tables on Mount Tianxia, but its incredible that he can break the Heaven-earth Formation.

This man is indeed very strange.

Pass down the order that the people of the Lihun Sect shouldnt easily provoke Mount Tianxia.

Also, Zhang Hanyang, no matter where hes from, the truth will eventually come out one day.”

Soon, the Sect Master made his decision.

As for the 20,000 crystal stones that Ye Longyuan had mentioned, they didnt say anything.

After feeling them on Ye Longyuans body, they didnt find anything unusual.

Devil of the heart Perhaps it was something nonexistent.

Perhaps, after breaking through to the Earth Realm, that thing would naturally dissipate.

20,000 crystal stone was not a small number.

For a large sect like theirs, it only has 80,000 to 100,000 a year, not to mention that the frequency of going down in the Ancient Mine was rather high.

Ye Longyuan was only a disciple.

Although he was talented, why did he take out 20,000 crystal stones for this inexistent thing

“Its impossible.”

Even Ye Longyuan himself was still skeptical about whether the inner demons would dissipate or not.

“Forget it, forget it.

Lets talk about it later.

Anyway, I have no money.

If I make a breakthrough to the Earth Realm, maybe Zhang Hanyang wont be able to do anything to me.”

If the Earth Realm cant do it

Oh, then it would be the Heaven Realm.

Ye Longyuan believed that one day, he would be able to get rid of this mess.

This matter was incomparably shocking within the Wind Snow School.

The Lihun Sect had merely briefly discussed this matter.

After all, this matter had nothing to do with them.

Moreover, it did not cause much of a stir in the martial arts world.

Now everyone knew that Zhang Hanyang had a great background and was the young lord of the Heavenly Knights Sect, so they immediately understood.

No wonder he was so powerful at the beginning.

It turned out that he was a member of the Heavenly Knights Sect, a top sect in the worldlet.

He was the son of arich family.

Everyone knew that Mu Xue was his disciple.

Everyone felt that such a hot enchantress as a disciple was also very blessed, not to mention that there was a beauty like Zi Yan, who was his wife.

He was a typical winner in life.

However, with regards to other matters, the destruction of Heaven Realm, the instant-killing of Earth Realm, and the destruction of the Eight Sects Alliance of Wind Snow School.

This matter had not been made public, so naturally, it had not been spread.

Otherwise, Zhang Hanyangs name would shake the entire martial arts world.

But Zhang Han was not interested in fame or wealth.

He would accompany Zi Yan and Mengmeng every day, so his life could not be too perfect.

Two days later.

The martial arts world once again spread a piece of exciting news:

Three days later, it was the day of the decisive battle on the Divine List.

At dusk, they had a showdown with each other on Mount Donglan, which was in the north of Shenzhen.

The message that Emperor Qing sent,Sword to Yan Chen! The throne of the number one on the Divine List!

This news once again caught the attention of countless people.

Chen Changqing, who was second on the Divine List, and Yan Chen, who was first on the Divine List, were finally about to fight.

At this time, Ye Longyuan, Shi Fenghou, Jiang Bing, Ding Jiuming from the Luofu Sword Sect, Su Beimu of the Light Cliff, and Hu Yu of the Shadowless Sect all gave up the competition for the Divine King.

This was because they were very clear that there was still a gap between their strength and Yan Chens.

Although they were somewhat unwilling and somewhat regretful, there was nothing they could do about it.

When they heard the news, their first thought was:

“Is the Emperor Qing crazy”

With a frown, Shi Fenghou stood at the edge of the cliff and looked at the scenery in front of him, murmuring,

“Last time, you took second place because Zhang Hanyang killed Older Martial Brother Long Ye.

If he didnt show up, you would have died.

Now, you dare to challenge Yan Chen Do you really think theres no reason for him to be first on the Divine List”

He had personally witnessed Yan Chens power.

That persons Soul Technique was at the Great Completion level, making it difficult for others to guard against him.

This was the case back when he was a Grand Master.

Now that he was at the God Realm Peak-stage, martial artists of the same level as him were rarely able to make him perform the third move.

“How dare he to challenge him”

According to the rules of the Divine Lists challenge, if Yan Chen did not accept the challenge, then the number one on the Divine List would be placed on the Emperor Qing.

Did he want Zhang Hanyang to kill Yan Chen so that he could take the first place comfortably

For a moment, Shi Fenghou felt a little jealousy.

“Damn, why is his elder brother so awesome Its unreasonable.

Last year, he was a Grand Master, but this year he is already at the Heaven Peak Stage!”

I also want to have such a big brother.

I also want to become an Immortal King without much effort!

The thoughts of other insiders, including Jiang Bing, were similar to his.

In the beginning, they wondered if it was the Young Lord who did it.

Given his character, it was really possible.

Since they had been acquainted with each other recently, they also knew Zhang Han.

The young lord was indifferent to outsiders but nice to his friends.

Emperor Qing was his younger brother, he cant have done such a thing.

As for Mu Xue and Zhao Feng, who were close to Zhang Han, they all knew that Zhang Han was not only indifferent to others but also ruthless to others.

However, his attitude was totally different for those whom he cared about.

It could be said that this news was widely discussed.

Countless martial artists arrived in the vicinity of Mount Donglan ahead of time.

In their expectation, the day of the decisive battle came.

The Lihun Sect had also taken some precautions.

An Elder at the Heaven Peak Stage personally escorted Yan Chen to Mount Donglan.

As for Chen Changqing, he was still punctual.

When dusk came, he and an old man came from the south.

“Oh The First Elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect”

The elder from the Lihun Sect narrowed his eyes and cupped his hands together.

“Brother Wang, how have you been”

“Its Brother Ma!” The First Elder laughed, and he also clapped his hands and said: “I never thought that you would personally come here to assume command.”

“I have no choice.

Im worried about your young lord.

If he kills our talented disciples in progress, who can we find justice for” Elder Ma said with a laugh.

However, as soon as he said that, more than 10,000 martial artists around him immediately burst into an uproar.

“What What did he say Yan Chen, who ranks first on the Divine List, is no match for Zhang Hanyang”

“Damn it, I think I heard some kind of secret!”

“Is he joking Even if Zhang Hanyang breaks through to the Divine Realm, he may not be a match for Yan Chen!”


Hearing the discussion around them, Su Beimu, Shi Fenghou, and Ye Longyuan all laughed but said nothing.

“How can ordinary people like you know how powerful Zhang Hanyang is”

There were some things that required a bit of strength in order to find out the truth.

After hearing the words, the First Elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect slightly paused and did not refute.

They probably knew how powerful the Young Lord was.

“This battle is also an struggle for Immortal King.”

Elder Mas expression became a little fainter, and his voice was like thunder.

“The victor will be the Immortal King of this time around.

Our Lihun Sect is unwilling to fight with others.

On the account of the relationship between Emperor Qing and the Heavenly Knights Sect, I suggest that we stop at where it should in this battle.

Please do not hurt the harmony.

Elder Wang, please rest assured that I, Yan Chen from the Lihun Sect, will grasp the discretion and will not harm the Emperor Qings life.”

Their words made the Lihun Sect seem grander.

It felt as if Yan Chens strength had surpassed the Emperor Qing, but he would spare the Cyan Emperors life.

The main reason was the arrival of the First Elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

If there was only the Emperor Qing himself here, then he wouldnt say anything.

“Oh, okay then.”

The First Elder chuckled and patted Chen Changqing on the shoulder, saying,

“Then according to your Brother Hans words, you only need to use two moves, or the third move will kill the other party.”

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