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Chapter 83 – Astonishing turnover

Zhang Han followed Zi Yan to the living room.

When they returned to the first floor, they found Zhou Fei and Zhang Li chatting very happily.

The twos personalities were about the same.

Zhou Fei was the typical sabre mouth, it could be said that her mouth was mean, and sometimes she liked to mock people.

But Zhang Li, although her temper wasnt as sharp as it was in the past, she had never spoiled anyone, and would directly say whenever she saw something bad.

How could it ever make Zhang Li swallow her anger Just like half a month ago, another DJ in the bar wanted to hit on Zhang Li, but after being scolded by Zhang Li, the head of the bar finally decided to fire him.

Zhang Li was more favored in the bar, as a beauty.

There were still many fans who came to visit her.

Zhou Fei and Zi Yan had a relationship, because Zi Yan was a little cool when she was working, she did not want to argue with others.

Zhou Fei also understood the principle that people liked to bully kind people, so her identity was like Zi Yans shield.

The two of them sat on the sofa and chatted for a while.

They noticed that the other person had something to say, so they both had a good impression of each other.

“Thats right.

I also hate those people who are intentionally flirting with each other …”

Zhou Fei was currently spitting spittle from her mouth with waving hands and feet.

After seeing Zi Yan and Mu Yurou walk down, Zhou Fei stopped what she was saying, looked at Zi Yan and Zhang Han, and joked:

“Tsk tsk tsk, you came down so quickly” “Aiyo, I thought it would take you guys a while to get down from your room.”

“Zhou Fei!” Zi Yans beautiful eyes widened, and said: “What nonsense are you spouting, I, Ill sew your mouth shut!”

“Hehehehe, this is just a joke.” Zhou Fei smiled and said: “Elder Sister Yan, come sit over here.”

Zi Yan gave a light snort and sat on the left side of Zhou Fei, while Zhang Han sat on the right side of her.

“Sister, how is it Is the food that I made okay ” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Okay” Zhou Fei opened her eyes wide and took the lead to say: “This is simply the most fragrant meal Ive ever eaten in my life.

Its really, really delicious, Brother-in-law … Oh no, Elder Sister Yan, why are you pinching me Cough cough, that… Zhang Han, how did you cook your food ”

“Its a normal dish, but the ingredients are good, so the taste is good.” Zhang Han replied indifferently.

“Good ingredients” If the ingredients are good, it would also be easy to create a nasty meal.

To be able to cook so well, it can be said that elder brothers skills are very high.

” Zhang Li said with a smile.

Hearing this, Zhang Han laughed lightly, and said: “If you think its not bad, then you can stay and serve me some dishes.”

“Nope.” Zhang Li shook her head and said: “Anyway, you bought me Maserati GT, I just need to drive here to eat every day.

I usually wake up at 11 oclock and pack up, driving here is only at 12: 30, and it just happens to be right in time for you to cook.

Zhang Han laughed helplessly, he did not have any other intentions of persuading her.

Since his sister likes it, then he might as well go and play.

“Zhang Li, what kind of work are you doing” Zi Yan asked somewhat curiously.

“Im the bars DJ artist.” Zhang Li replied with a smile.

“You know DJ, pretty good.” Zi Yan chuckled.

DJ naturally belonged to the same type of music, and as both of them were music lovers, Zi Yan felt that they would have some common topics to talk about.

“Eh “Thats not right!” At this time, Zhou Feis eyes paused, looked at Zhang Han with suspicion, and said:

“Zhang Li said that you bought a bright Maserati GT for her.

That would cost more than two million.”

“Three million five hundred thousand.” Zhang Li curled her lips and replied.

“Three million five hundred thousand” Zhou Fei stared blankly, and said with a slightly astonished tone: “Really Zhang Han, why did you drive a car of panda car with so much money ”

“Because Mengmeng liked that car a lot, so I bought it.”

Zhang Hans plain answer made Zi Yan sigh softly in her heart.

In the few days that she had been out and chatting with Mengmeng, she had felt that the Little Princess was extremely reliant on her father.

But today, seeing her for real, the Little Princess was simply too tired of Zhang Han.

Zi Yan started to worry in her heart.

Just as her mind was about to wander, Zhang Lis words caught her attention.

Zhang Li laughed lightly and said: “Whats wrong with the panda, it doesnt look nice.

Furthermore, my brother spent two million on the panda.”

“Puff …” Zhou Fei almost choked on her saliva.

She looked at Zhang Han, dumbstruck.

Two million “I have to say, hes so strong.

Hes a rich young master after all.

Hes so rich!”

Not to mention how much she spent to open the restaurant, two million for a modified car, three million and five hundred thousand for a Maserati, that was five million and five hundred thousand already.

Didnt they say that Zhang Han had already fallen to despair a few days ago He had lived in a run-down apartment for more than four years, how did he become rich after meeting Mengmeng Could it be his previous private money

This made Zhou Fei a little surprised.

Not only her, but even Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han with a bit of surprise.

After selling the house of rent and renting a hill, he did not have much money left after cleaning everything up.

In the few days that she had been gone, how did Zhang Han get so much money again Spending five million wasnt a cheap price either.

Seeing the curious expressions of the two, Zhang Li said in a somewhat proud tone:

“Heh heh, you guys dont know about this, right Let me tell you, my brother is really amazing.

When you entered earlier, you didnt see the notice board.

In this restaurant, do you know how much my brother sold for a membership card ”

“How much can a membership card cost Tens of thousands” Zhou Fei said as her mouth twitched.

Ordinarily speaking, a normal restaurants membership card would cost around 100 yuan each, slightly higher grade 800 yuan, high class restaurants would only cost 1800 yuan, luxurious restaurants would also cost tens of thousands of yuan, and these money, no matter how much they sold it, they couldnt make 5 million in a few days, right

However, Zhang Lis following answer stunned the two of them.

“No no no!” Arent you underestimating my brother too much ” Zhang Li shook her index finger back and forth, and without any suspense, she directly said: “My brothers membership cards, one million each, and each one is at the special price of the top ten! From the eleventh to the twentieth, the membership card is ten million!”

When these words came out, Zhou Fei was dumbfounded, even Zi Yan was staring at Zhang Han in shock.

“Also, my brother bought all ten special offers.” Zhang Li added on the most important part.

The price of a membership card didnt mean anything.

It didnt matter if you bought it for 10,000 yuan, 1 million yuan, or even 10 million yuan.

“The first ten are all sold “Oh my god, that means the restaurant has already earned 10 million.”

Zhou Fei was shocked for a moment, then she shook her head and said: “I am convinced today that I will sell my one million membership card.

Sigh, this is also within reason, your food is so fragrant, it would be weird if I do not sell it.”

“Thats right, I really didnt expect that the food you cook would be so delicious.” Zi Yan said as she looked at Zhang Han with a complicated expression.

However, Zhang Han treated Mengmeng so well, loved her so much, and if she were to forcefully take Mengmeng away, and deprive her of the sweet fatherly love she should have, isnt that a little too cruel

But if he did not bring Mengmeng with him, if this continued, then what if Zhang Han found someone else Will Mengmeng leave me at that time

This was a problem that Zi Yan had always been worried about.

If this problem wasnt resolved, Zi Yans heart would always be in such a mess.

Zhang Han chuckled as he looked at Zi Yan, and said: “The ingredients were cultivated from the Mount New Moon you saw last time.”

“Oh.” Zi Yans gaze seemed to drift, as the scene of the Mount New Moon appeared in her mind.

“Also, my brothers restaurant is only open for business for 3 hours every day, and the food sold here is…” Zhang Li told her all the information on the signboard at the door.

This caused Zhou Fei to exclaim in shock.

By the time the conversation reached 12: 30 PM, everyones mood had dropped and they were all planning to rest.

“Brother, you cant stay here anymore, right Ill stay at a hotel not far from here.

Ill come over tomorrow morning.

” Zhang Li thought for a while, then stood up and said.

Looking at Zhang Han and Zi Yans situation, there seemed to be a small problem.

Regardless of actions or actions, they did not seem to be husband and wife, and according to what Zhang Han had said, Zhang Li obviously felt that it was odd, so she did not plan to join the fun in the restaurant, and prepared to go to the hotel.

did not dare to make any noise at all.

“Then I will also go and stay at the hotel.

Elder Sister Yan, you stay here with Mengmeng.” Zhou Fei stood up and said.

“No.” Zi Yan pulled Zhou Feis hand.

Living with Zhang Han, Zi Yan had a kind of awkward feeling.

After all, she had nothing to do with Zhang Han, and if not for that accident, the two of them might still be passersby.

Furthermore, leaving Zi Yan here, she would have felt a little anxious in her heart, even though she wanted to have a good chat with Zhang Han.

Seeing that Zhang Han, Zhou Fei and Zhang Li were all looking at her, Zi Yan felt a little awkward in her heart, but her expression was still calm, and said: “Zhou Fei, you stay behind with me.”

“Why should I accompany you Didnt you want to accompany Mengmeng ” Zhou Fei asked curiously.

“Just sleep by my side, and accompany me with Mengmeng.” Zi Yan said while looking at Zhou Fei very seriously.

Seeing Zi Yans expression, Zhou Fei knew that she had to agree.

However, before she could even open her mouth, Zhang Han had already directly said:

“All of you stay here.

Zhou Fei and Zi Yan will accompany Mengmeng.

“Then what about you, brother” Zhang Li hesitated.

“Ill be on the sofa.”

Zhang Han casually replied.

After some discussion, Zhang Li and Zhou Fei finally decided to stay.

Zhang Han let the two of them go and rest.

They nodded and went upstairs.

They knew that the two of them had something to say.


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