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However, this could not be considered real brown-nosing.

Only when they entered the martial arts world could it be real brown-nosing.

Zhang Han used to ask them too, nevertheless, they did not think that much.

They wanted a peaceful and quiet life.

However, now, the peaceful life should be broken.

“It seems that I really came at the right timing.”

Zhang Han shook his head while smiling.

“Dont worry.

Ill ask about the Shuiyun Sect.”

After saying that, Zhang Han directly took out his phone to dial Chen Changqings number.

“Hello Changqing, have you heard about Shuiyun Sect Mm OK.

I see…”

After hanging up, Zhang Han looked surprised.

Immediately, Fu Hongshan and others got nervous.

They could tell by Brother Hans look that he had already got information about Shuiyun Sect.

However, if he could talk to the sect was a problem.

“Go to your place.

I know their sect leaders daughter.”


Fu Hongshan and others got dumbfounded at that moment.

Brother Han knew their sect leaders daughter, which was a pretty great connection!

My, Brother Han was really awesome!

“This, this…”

Jiang Tongtong did not expect the surprise to come so soon either.

This was because they did not know the martial arts world.

Even if they knew only a little, they would know Zhang Han had another name, Zhang Hanyang.

When they knew Zhang Hanyang, they would know soon that the recently rising Emperor Qing, Immortal King Chen, was his little brother.

When they understood deeper, they would know Zhang Hanyang was the crown prince of Heavenly Knights Sect.

When they continued to find out, they would know that Heavenly Knights Sect was a top sect in the worldlet.

The information was basically no secret in the martial arts world.

However, Jiang Clan was too weak with only six martial artists and not even one Wu Dao Grand Master.

The strongest one was an Earth-Stage Master.

Though he heard about Zhang Hanyang, the six martial artists including him never got in touch with family disciples, not to mention an inferior son-in-law under their roof.

They basically seldom met him.

Even when they did, only Fu Hongshan greeted them.

Jiang Tongtongs parents knew Fu Hongshans friend was close to Gai Clan.

When coming to Ice City last year, the person was just impressive.

That was exactly because Gai Clan was too bad*ss.

With such a friend, Fu Hongshan advanced through ranks again and again until the twos marriage directly got fixed.

Therefore, a thing like this happened today, which was Jiang Tongtongs belly was slightly bulging.

Without her parents permission, Fu Hongshan would not have this idea.

“Brother Han, if youre going to talk to their sect leaders daughter, will that be troublesome for you” While in surprise, Fu Hongshan asked at the same time.

“Nothing troublesome.

That little girl is actually quite interesting.”

Zhang Han answered, feeling it funny.

He was also a little surprised.

The troublesome set Shuiyun Sect Fu Hongshan talked about should be Jiang Yanlans sect.

She had a trace of fire phoenix class bloodline in her body, which was quite a nice quality.

She truly deserved to be Captain Vermilion Bird of the National Security Agency.

“Then itll be great, itll be great.

Thank you, Brother Han.

Thank you.”

Fu Hongshan heaved a long sigh.

He knew that if Zhang Han really helped him greatly this time, then he would be the great savior of Jiang Clan!

He could not help feeling a little excited.

He glimpsed Jiang Tongtong; the two of them were both anxious.

Nevertheless, they could not say “lets go down to business now”, could they

They had not even finished the meal.

Thus, Fu Hongshan poured a glass of beer and was about to toast Zhang Han.

Zhang Han never cared about this.

Mengmeng was still waiting for him to come back.

He did not have much time for meeting them outside.

He directly rose and said, “Lets skip the beer.

Well go to your place for business first.

Now is six oclock.

Ill go home at about 7:30.”

“OK then.” Fu Hongshan slightly hesitated, but still rose and said, “Brother Han, Ill drink all my words down with this glass of beer.”


He drank it in one gulp.

“Lets drink next time.

This cant be a treat at all.” Chen Man smiled bitterly.

“Its not a treat, and we also asked Brother Han to go out of his way to help us.

Even Im a little embarrassed.

Elder Fu, Tongtong, Ill tell you, you two should be smart enough when you treat Brother Han next time.”

Zhou Xiaohui grinned.

He meant that they would treat him to a more sumptuous and more expensive meal.

“No problem, no problem.” Jiang Tongtong immediately answered, “This time, we really troubled you.”

“Never mind.

Lets skip this and go over to have a look.” Zhang Han waved his hand.

“If things are really like this, then Ill ask for an explanation for you.”

The few of them grabbed their bags and directly walked out.

After Jiang Tongtong paid, the group got into the Mercedes Benz.

This time, Zhang Han was driving, Zhou Xiaohui rode shotgun, and Chen Man and Jiang Tongtong were in the back passenger seats.

Driving for half an hour, they came to the area of Jiang Clan.

They did not have some manor.

In a villa complex, they had eight villas.

In front of the door of the central villa parked five black Bentley with plates issued by other provinces.

Clearly, they were the group of Xia Clan.

When they got off the car and walked into the yard, they could see a dozen people standing along the two sides of the villa gate.

They were all relatively young disciples in Jiang Clan.

“Tongtong, youre back”

A man about 27 or 28 turned around to look and sighed.

“You shouldnt go in there.

Patriarch wont allow us young people in.

He worries that we might lose our temper and say something I shouldnt, making big trouble.”

“I, Im here to help.

Hongshans friend has a way.”

Jiang Tongtong said and take the lead to walk into the villa.

It made people standing outside slightly dazed.

“Hongshans friend has a way

“Whos Hongshan anyway

“Oh, her man is called Fu Hongshan.

Friend of that man, huh

“Isnt that the man who has visited last year and is pretty close to Gai Clan”

Immediately, these people had some colors flowing in their eyes.

If Gai Clan went to help, then Xia Clan should compromise, right

They walked into the villa.

On the first floor hall, on one side were sitting seven people with different expressions.

Some looked cold, some were jeering, while some looked dismissive.

On the other side, the sitting dozen people were a group of Jiang Clan seniors.

When they saw Jiang Tongtong, Patriarch Jiang slightly frowned but still said nothing, letting the few of them sit in the back.

Jiang Tongtong was generally sedate.

Even if she heard something, she would not say something wrong.

At that time, how could he still have the time to figure out why the Jiang Tongtong lot came in

No one cared who Fu Hongshan had brought here too.

In the face of a big crisis, they were feeling very bitter inside.

“Patriarch Jiang.”

The leading man in his 40s of the other party sounded calm.

“I dont intend to waste time on you.

Sign the contract and well give you 30 million.

Well be even then and I consider my Xia Clan responsible and nice.”

“30 million” Patriarch Jiang smiled bitterly.

“You Xia Clan people could have stopped, and then we wouldnt have suffered such a loss.

But he chose to directly do it.

Its not just those cargoes, the two vessels.

There are also 23 lives.

What about these”

“Theyre just ants.

Why bother caring about their lives”

Suddenly, the left young man who had been keeping his eyes closed to rest from the other party suddenly opened them.

A trace of cold fineness flashed in his eyes, but the aura that made Patriarch Jiangs and others hearts palpitate could not stop.

He was the one who attacked

Zhang Han turned around to look at him.

A martial artist at God Realm Peak-stage.

A God Realm martial artist should be sitting in such a small family to resolve matters

The other party was willing to finish the matter by giving 30 million, which was normal and generally respectful because this was originally a world of the law of the jungle.

A God Realm Peak-stage martial artist could easily crush Jiang Clan if he wanted to.

However, it was a shame that he ran into Zhang Han.

For these peoples words, Zhang Han did not express his opinions.

He did not plan to do something because he had contacted Jiang Yanlan on the way here.

Coincidently, she just went out of the worldlet and was about to come to Ice City.

She planned to fly to Xiangjiang.

Zhang Han did not speak, and neither did Fu Hongshan, Jiang Tongtong, or the others.

They just watched how Patriarch Jiangs words got choked and nothing came out of him.

The other party said “so what if they killed them” in their face.

Right, what could they do Nothing.

“You went too far!”

Patriarch Jiangs face reddened from anger and he said, “Ive already sent for his Excellency the director to do justice to this!”

Speak of the devil and he is sure to appear.

Just as Patriarch Jiang finished his words, a man with grey hair on the temples quickly walked in from the door.

“Director He”

The God Realm youth from Xia Clan sneered.

“Are you here to meddle in other peoples business”

He practically did not show any respect, but how dared the director at Grand Master Peak talk back

He got a little embarrassed and managed to smile, answering, “Im here to do justice to this, to supervise and help to appease this matter.”

The scene slightly changed Patriarch Jiangs face.

However, Patriarch Xia said smilingly, “Its really an honor for me now that Director He has come here.

“Director, sit please.”

Patriarch Jiang rose up and said, “Director, Xia Clan went too far.

Their family did such an intolerable thing, and they actually…”


Theres no need.

I know the entire thing.”

Director He waved his right hand and looked at Patriarch Xia.

“I wonder how Xia Clan wants to deal with this matter”

“Hehe.” Patriarch Xia slightly smiled.

“We Xia Clan wont be cruel.

We take responsibility for what we did.

We made them Jiang Clan lose more than 20 lives.

Were willing to make a compensatory payment of 30 million.

As for the cargoes, none of us saw them.

We even suspect that Patriarch Jiang made up the information for swindling money out of us.

Such an act is just unbearable.”

“If thats the case, then when Patriarch Xia came all the way to Ice City to compensate, its really nice of him.

So, Patriarch Jiang, I want to know your opinions.

Im busy with work and cant stay here long.

Now, from the way I see it, you might as well sign the contract.”

“Director He, you…” Patriarch Jiangs face was full of disbelief.

He stumbled and flopped onto the chair.

Never did he expect that Director He would stand on Xia Clans side!

Seeing that, Director He sighed inside.

“How can I not bow down when Im under others roof

“I cant mess with the talent disciple from Shuiyun Sect.

You can only blame that you Jiang Clan got unlucky.”

While the Xia Clan people looked dismissive and Director He looked complex in the eyes, Patriarch Jiang closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Im sorry, Director He.

I cant sign the contract.”

“You… huh”

Director He frowned and was about to say something.

He suddenly saw a figure out of the corner of his eye.

“He looks a little familiar Whos that man sitting quietly in the back”


He did not know it while he did not see the man, however, when he saw the man, he was greatly startled.

Director He suddenly gasped and even his hands shook from the scare.

“Zhang Hanyang!

“Holy crap! Why is he here”

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