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“Come on, breakfast is ready.

Lets go eat.” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs head and then took her by the hand to go have breakfast.

“Dad, why dont you ask Mom to join us We have prepared quite a lot,” Zi Yan asked with a smile.


Zhang Guangyou thought about it, as they arrived at the restaurant on the third floor of the castle.

“Oh my, my granddaughter is very pretty.

Is learning martial arts with your Grandpa going well” When Rong Jiali arrived at the restaurant, she could not help but smile when she saw Mengmeng wearing her martial arts uniform.

“Grandma, learning martial arts is not difficult at all.

It just took a long time,” Mengmeng replied.

“Then next time, ask your Grandpa to shorten the time.” Rong Jiali smiled, then walked over and sat down by the table.

“Got it.”

At this moment, Zhang Guangyou patted his leg and looked at Zhang Han.

“Im going to build a wall at the area under the tree and inlay a TV there, so that when we do the horse stance in the future, we can watch cartoons.”


Zhang Han almost spat out the porridge.

“My goodness, isnt that overpreparing

“Little red flowers, snacks, and now cartoon as well.

“This… How can Mengmeng refuse to learn martial arts

“The old man sure is prepared.” Zhang Han thought to himself.

“Mm, as long as youre happy.”

The corners of Zhang Hans mouth trembled.

Of course he would agree.

“I can watch cartoons tomorrow!” Mengmeng said with a giggle.


In her mind, eating snacks and watching cartoons while squatting in that strange position was quite good.

This scene made Zi Yan smile.

As a matter of fact, this was good for Mengmeng.

Zhang Guangyou was doing so much for her because he likes his granddaughter.

Zi Yan was also happy.

As long as Mengmeng wasnt tired, all was good.

Therefore after dinner, Zhang Guangyou left in a hurry to go find Zhao Feng.

He asked Zhao Feng to take him around the mall.

In less than 10 minutes, he bought a 70-inch TV.

After Zhang Guangyou returned to the mountains, he took out all kinds of materials from the Space Ring.

Not long after, a cyan-colored five-meter-long and four-meter-tall TV wall appeared.

Zhao Feng connected the wires, TV boxes and television networks.

Before noon, everything was ready.

Many people who saw this found it a bit strange.

Why was there a TV here

When they learned that it was for Mengmeng to use while practicing martial arts, they immediately understood.

So it turned out to be tempting a child.

Many people knew that Zhang Guangyou had put in a lot of effort to teach Mengmeng martial arts.

They found it a little strange that whenever Grandpa wanted to teach his granddaughter martial arts, he had to think of a way for her to learn.

Well, this could only be blamed on Zhang Han, who was overprotective of his daughter.

At 5:58 the next morning, Zhang Han and Zi Yan took Mengmeng out.

They were very punctual and had even arrived two minutes early.

It couldnt be helped, as Zhang Guangyou had spoken with a straight face.

For the concept of time, Zi Yan felt that it was necessary to be punctual.

Yesterday was the first time, so she didnt have a good grasp of time.

Today, she had gotten up early at 5:40 am, washed Mengmeng and changed her into the training uniform.

However, they had still arrived at 5:58 am.

“We still need to do the horse stance today.

We will do it for the duration of two episodes of a cartoon.

Mengmeng, what do you want to watch I will play it for you,” Zhang Guangyou said while turning on the TV.


“Grandpa, I want to watch Boonie Bears.”

“Okay, drink this cup of water first.”

Zhang Guangyou played the cartoon while Mengmeng drank the water.

“Start the horse stance.”

Mengmeng displayed the proper horse stance posture.

The effect was slowly showing, as Mengmengs body began to improve little by little.

This time Mengmeng was not bored, as she was enjoying the cartoon.

Sometimes when she laughed, she would forget to maintain her posture.

Each time, Zhang Guangyou would adjust the posture for Mengmeng.

She had kept her posture for an entire 70 minutes.

In the end, Mengmeng began to feel tired.

She said to Zhang Guangyou, “I dont want to do it anymore.”

Doing too much was just as bad as doing a little.

Zhang Guangyou quickly responded, “Then quickly sit down and have a rest.

You can eat this bag of chips.

After you finish the cartoon, we can go to eat breakfast.”


Mengmeng quickly ran to the chair on the side and sat down.

She opened the bag of chips and ate happily, as her calves couldnt stop shaking.


Dahei sat on the ground while breathing heavily.


It glanced at Zhang Guangyou with dissatisfaction.

It had to squat every day and wasnt allowed to poop.

The hosts father was too bossy.

Since then, Zhang Han and his family began to get up early each day.

The effect was that they would feel tired early, so they would often sleep at nine.

Just like that, Mengmeng did the horse stance for three weeks before she began to do it properly.

Each day, she would receive a little red flower, which had made her very happy.

It was just that later, Mengmeng would always be pestering her grandfather, asking him how long she would need to do the horse stance for.

This was because if she learned it well, she would receive a little red flower.

However, after doing the horse stance day after day, she still couldnt do it well.

On this day, when Mengmeng began her practice, Wang Yihan, whom she had not seen for a long time, came over.


“Mengmeng, I miss you.” Wang Yihan seemed to have lost a little weight, as she hugged Mengmeng intimately.

“Why didnt you come to play with me during the new year”

“My PaPa, MaMa and I went to my Grandpas place to play in the snow.

Its up north.

Later, I was busy practicing the horse stance every day.”

“What is the horse stance” Wang Yihan asked with confusion.

“Um, its like this.

You have to keep squatting.”

Mengmengs calves moved to both sides and properly showed a demonstration.

“Oh! I can do it too!”

Wang Yihan shouted.

She copied Mengmengs movement and squatted down as well.

Within 10 seconds, Wang Yihan grinned.

“Oh, its so boring.”

Wang Yihan quickly stood up.

“Mengmeng, lets go to school.

We havent seen Li Muen and Martin in a long time.”

“Okay, lets go!”

The two of them boarded the panda car and sat in the back row.

Zhang Han drove while Zi Yan sat in the front passenger seat.

As for Su Yu, because she was in a hurry to go on a business trip, she especially sent Wang Yihan here.

The two cars went down the mountain together.

Su Yu went to the airport, while Zhang Han sent Mengmeng to the kindergarten.

It was already the second half of the semester, so Mengmeng was now used to going to school.

Sometimes, she would even have a fun time.

The first step was always the most difficult.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan had struggled a lot when Mengmeng went to kindergarten for the first time.

After dropping Mengmeng off, they drove to the company.

In the office on the ninth floor, Zhou Fei was sorting out some materials.

“Elder Sister Yan, Brother-in-law.”

After seeing the two of them, Zhou Fei immediately said, “Its now the beginning of March, the Xiangjiang Academy Awards and the Oscars are about to begin.

We have received the nominations for best actor, best actress, best sound editing, best visual effects, best makeup and hairstyling, and best fantasy film.

The nominations are for both Xiangjiang and the Oscars.

In Xiangjiang, we are also nominated for best director, best chemistry, and the best breakthrough actress.

Needless to say, this must be specially made for our Elder Sister Yan.

There is also a best breakthrough actor, but they asked Brother-in-law if he wanted to go on stage.

If he does, then there will be one more award.

There is also a more special one…”

Speaking up to here, Zhou Fei smiled and waited five seconds before she spoke again.

“The last nomination is the best kissing scene.

Hahaha, Elder Sister Yan, your kissing scene with Brother-in-law was very captivating!”


Zi Yans pretty face flushed slightly.

Zhang Han was her husband.

When she was filming, she didnt think too much.

It was normal that they would kiss more passionately in private.

However, it was the first time that Zi Yan was like that on screen.

Zhou Fei had expressed her meaning very clearly.

She directly said, “Everyone nominations at the Xiangjiang Awards can be regarded as winners.”

In the past, it was unimaginable that because of Brother-in-laws name, they would contact him first.

Of course, according to Zhou Fei, the film and television works were well-deserved of the awards.

They had been shot extremely well.

No one would believe that the works had used natural effects.

“Zhang Han isnt going.”

Zi Yan smiled and said, “I will accept the prize on his behalf.”

“Oh, thats fine too.” Zhou Fei nodded.

She knew that when her Brother-in-law was filming, he looked different compared to his appearance in real life.

If he went to receive the award and showed up like this, he would probably need to be careful getting surrounded by fans when going out in the future.

God knew how many people liked Captain Jack now.

But then Zhou Feis face turned serious.

“Theres a piece of bad news.”

“The Oscars” Zi Yan asked.

It was not difficult to guess.

The last movie was released at a sky-high price, so the other party had lost a lot of money.

The Edmund family had a lot of influence in Hollywood.

Although they had lost a lot of money, they werent the only ones.

Everyone who participated in it had lost some, but it was bearable.

It was imaginable how much the Edmund family hated Zhang Han and them.

“Its already good enough to have nominations over there.

I never thought to win an award.

I used to yearn for it, but now, if I can win the Xiangjiang Academy Awards, my dream when I was young will be fulfilled.” Zi Yan smiled.

From her expression, it was possible to see that she really didnt care too much.

“Edmund and Parker both have nominations over there.

In the past, other companies may have competed for those.

But this time, after having lost money, they put pressure on everyone together, so there are very few people nominated.

They are obviously coming at full force.

Edmund had only two films last year, and the box office for both of them was not very high.

However, there are too many tricky things involved that I dont think we have a chance of winning.” Zhou Fei pursed her lips as she had a bit of pity in her eyes.

According to the box office, word-of-mouth and other data, their side had a steady victory.

Zhou Fei felt that they could win the Oscars.

They could at least win half of the nominations, even if they couldnt win everything.

But with how things were going now, it seemed to be impossible.

“Its fine.” Zi Yan shook her head and said, “The Edmund family is only one of the top companies in Hollywood.

They wont be able to hide the truth from everyone.

Besides, we dont want to win the award.

Being nominated is also a kind of recognition.

This only shows two points.

One is that Edmund wants to win over us at the Oscars.

Second, there are people there who support us, or more like supports fairness.”

“Theres also another possibility,” Zhou Fei said after thinking about it.

“Maybe its Edmunds opponents who support our nominations, as they dont want the Edmund family to get what they want.”


Zhang Han laughed while looking at the two of them discussing and analyzing.

“So interesting.

They are quite smart at work.” Zhang Han thought to himself.

If these words were heard by Zi Yan, she would definitely pinch Zhang Hans waist and say, “What do you mean Are you saying that we are idiots when were not working”

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