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“The Oscar will be held on the 12th.

In North American Time, it will be held on the 11th.

We will go there on the 10th.

In Xiangjiang, it is on the 14th, so theres still time for us to go back and forth.

When we come back, it will probably be on the 12th.”

After saying that, Zhou Fei felt a little thirsty, so she picked up the coffee cup and took a sip of coffee.

“The 10th”

Zhang Hans face changed.

He took out his mobile phone and looked at the calendar.

“Its Wednesday on the 10th…”

Zhang Han muttered and was a little hesitant.

Judging from his expression, Zi Yan knew that this guy was thinking about taking Mengmeng there.

“Right, if Zhang Han and I are away for two days, will Mengmeng cry

“There are her grandparents, her maternal grandparents, and so many people.

It shouldnt be possible, right”

Zi Yan was also a little uncertain.

Zhang Han should be thinking about asking Mengmeng to leave and taking Mengmeng there with him.

But would Mengmeng be tired if she took such a long time to fly back and forth on the plane

“Forget it.

I dont care.

Take her with him if Zhang Han wants to.”

However, things went contrary to her wishes.

At noon, they went back to Mount New Moon.

While they were having lunch in the restaurant, Zi Yan chatted with Rong Jiali about this matter.

“Mengmeng is clingy to his father now.

Its impossible for him to leave for a day.

Were going to North America for an Oscar award on the 10th.

He plans to give Mengmeng two days off and take her to North America to play.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhang Guangyou put down his chopsticks.

“You cant take Mengmeng there.

Im going to teach Mengmeng kung fu.

Im not even going to the Ancient Mine for this, but youre taking her out to play,” Zhang Guangyou said as he glanced at Zhang Han.

“When Im not with Mengmeng, she will cry,” Zhang Han said helplessly, “I have no choice because shes my daughter.”

Hearing this, Zhang Guangyou sighed slightly.

Seeing that there were a lot of people in the restaurant, he casually waved a soundproof cover.

Only then did he slowly say, “The point wasnt that Mengmeng would miss her practice by going out with you.

I am not talking about this.

The martial arts world in North America is also very powerful and very difficult to deal with.

You have offended the big family there.

Sometimes, when the familys power grows to a certain degree, there must be the support of senior martial artists behind it.

Even if Uncle Dong and we accompany you, there are too few people.

If there is really a big dispute, one at the Heaven Peak Stage can escape, but what about others Cant you let my granddaughter be in danger for just two days”

Zhang Hans expression changed slightly when he heard what he said.

That was true.

If it was for the sake of safety, it was certainly okay not to take Mengmeng with them.

Although he could fight against someone at the Heaven Peak Stage, he was still at a slight disadvantage.

After all, he had only cultivated for slightly more than a year after returning.

Even if an even more formidable cultivator returns, he will still need time to grow.

“Is there anything special about the martial arts world over there Is there any special-power individual” Zhang Han asked.

He had heard about special-power individuals, but he didnt know too much about them.

He didnt care too much about them before, but now they had to go there, so he needed to know them.

“The existence of special-power individuals is a factor.

There are also many special-power individuals in Hua nation.” Zhang Guangyou couldnt help laughing.

“Just like those who have blood, such as Changqing who has Qing Dragon blood.

When he was a Qi Strength Master, his ability was stronger than that of others.

At that time, he could be called a special-power individual.

In North America, its the same.

Theyre basically similar.

However, as far as I know, the special-power individuals there are more perfect, and their abilities are different and unpredictable.

When they become masters in the Divine Realm or above, their advantages will gradually decline.

“Special-power individuals are the second, and they account for only a small part in the martial arts world over there.

Martial artists are the main body.

We have to be careful of two large forces: one is from the Radiant Sect, and the other is the vampire group.

“The Radiant Sect and the vampire group are the most powerful forces in that area.

Their status is extraordinary, and the conflict between the two sides has lasted for a long time.

Its much longer than the battle between us and Wind Snow School.

As far as I know, their battle should last for 1,000 years.”

“Oh The Radiant Sect and the vampire group ” Zhang Han had a thoughtful look on his face.

Zhang Guangyou smiled when he saw this.

“The Radiant Sect is a large-scale sect.

In conversion, you can see it as Wind Snow School.

It isnt like the materials in some films or TV works.

The Vatican does exist, and there are also some mighty people.

They dont care about disputes.

They only attack when vampires are going to massacre.

As for the Radiant Sect, they have a grudge against the vampires.

Uncle Dong told me that the Radiant Sect has a kind of supreme treasure.

If it isnt at the God Realm Peak-stage, it might surpass that level.

Its like a sphere, spawning a pool.

Every disciple of the Radiant Sect will enter the pool to cultivate.

The energy within the sphere is extremely nourishing to vampires.

Thus… given the nature of the vampire group, it naturally has its eyes on the energy.

Afterward, the people of the Radiant Sect discovered that the blood of vampires can replenish the energy of their sects supreme treasure.

Thus, the two sides became true archenemies.”

“Oh, I see.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “As far as I can see, the vampires are born without pure blood and their energy is impure, so they are indeed useful.

The blood of a vampire at the level of the Grand Prince can be refined into true blood, which will be more useful.”

In the depths of the starry sky, there were also vampires.

But the vampire group in the Cultivation World was also a noble bloodline.

Their life span was long and they were powerful.

When they fought, there was a sea of blood.

Killing was their nature.

Sometimes they treated the people in the group in the same way.

But the Way of Heaven was relatively fair.

Because their bloodline was strong, their breeding ability was extremely poor.

In the big Cultivation World, the possibility of meeting a vampire was almost the same as that of a strange beast.

“Thats true.

However, the Vampire Prince and the Vampire Patriarch are hard to kill.

Even if they had a single drop of blood left, they would still be able to regenerate.

This is the reason why very few people are willing to offend the vampire group.

They are too hard to deal with.

Its rather unbelievable that you refined Halan Prince.” Zhang Guangyou let out a soft sigh.

“Fortunately, the Halan Clan has no one to rely on.

Otherwise, they would hold a grudge against you.”

“If its the real vampire group, I may not have a good idea.

I can only kill them with my strength, but its easy to kill a vampire with only a trace of the bloodline.” Zhang Han replied, “Dad, there are three moves that I taught you can kill them.”

At this point, Zhang Guangyous face darkened and he said, “Son, your cultivation technique is truly amazing.

Now that Ive just started cultivating, Ive already found it powerful, profound, and difficult to comprehend.

I dont know when Ill be able to fully grasp it.”

“Er, its about eight or ten years,” Zhang Han replied.

“Will it take that long” Zhang Guangyou was stunned.

It only took him one year and three months to reach the Mastery Realm of his previous cultivation method.

He originally thought that it would take him two or three years.

He would never have thought that it would take him eight or ten years.

“Thats fast,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

It was merely ten years.

Even if he cultivated it to the Mastery Realm, it was only the beginning.

The cultivation method was the foundation.

The difficulty was in the secret skills and supernatural power derived from the cultivation method, and they were the capital to fight against the enemy.

“I strayed off the topic.

I havent finished yet.”

Zhang Guangyou suddenly remembered something important and said, “There are some vampires of England, but the most powerful group is still in North America, named the Ross family.

It is said that the Patriarch is already 1,800 years old.

He can suppress anyone at the Heaven Peak Stage, and he is the biggest enemy of the Radiant Sect.

The leader of the Radiant Sect is called the Holy King, and he is also a very powerful person.

Even your Grandpa thought that he was no match for him at that time.”

“Whats the relationship between them and my trip” Zhang Han asked.

“The Edmond family isnt a big deal.

You have to pay attention to the forces behind them.

Dont underestimate them.

We have to keep this in mind.

As for the forces behind the Edmond family, I dont know, either.

Therefore, I advise you not to take too many people with you on this trip.

If there are too many people, its fine if nothing happens.

If something happens, you cant take care of them.

If Uncle Dong and the others go with you, your fighting capacity will be higher.

When something happens, the other side will send more experts.” Zhang Guangyou sighed.

“Its nothing.

We are going to participate in the event, not to kill people.” Zhang Han smiled.

As long as the Edmond family didnt act rashly, Zhang Han wouldnt take action because of the little dispute in the past.

Now his mind was still very calm.

Moreover, Zhang Han was more or less cautious after talking to Yue Wuwei.

Although he did not say anything, from Yue Wuweis eyes and tone, he knew that there were big secrets and terrible existences on the earth.

At the very least, the fact that Yue Wuweis combat strength had soared to such a high level was still somewhat baffling.

Zhang Han used to feel that he was half a step to the Elixir Realm, but now he couldnt feel it.

Obviously, what he wanted others to see was under his control.

“By the way, theres one more thing you should pay attention to.”

Zhang Guangyou paused all of a sudden and said, “You need to be warier of the government over there.

The current technology weapons cannot be underestimated.

In fact, the government has a lot of unknown weapons.

We still need to be careful.

The Vatican is a semi-official force, coupled with powerful technology weapons, so… this is the capital for ruling.

The martial arts world over there doesnt dare to make trouble.

The government of Hua nation is also powerful, but we have borrowed a lot of the fame of Black White Palace.

If Black White Palace is really an official force, Im afraid that many wars will never happen in the secular world.”

“Is Black White Palace in Kunlun Immortal World or in Ancient Mine” Zhang Han suddenly asked.

“Huh” Zhang Guangyou was stunned for a moment.

“Who knows Anyway, when the authorities need it, Black White Palace will appear.

The disciples of Black White Palace should have appeared this year.

Nobody would have thought that there would be no movement now.”

“Black White Palace…”

This sect was still very mysterious.

The father and son had a brief chat.

Later, Zhang Han and Zi Yan talked about the team going to North America this time.

There were a lot of people at first, but later, under Zhang Guangyous advice, a batch of people was reduced, which meant they would go into battle with a light pack.

Since it had been decided, there would be another task tonight.


Zhang Han coughed and stared at Mengmeng, then said, “I have something to do with your mom in a few days.

I have to go somewhere else and will be back in about two or three days.

Your grandparents and maternal grandparents will be with you at home.

Be obedient…”

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