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Mengmeng was stunned after hearing what he said, and even her eyes froze.

What did he mean by that He didnt want to take her with him!

“No way.”

Mengmeng shook her head and refused, “I want to be with PaPa and MaMa.”

“Mengmeng.” Zi Yan smiled helplessly and said, “Were not going out to play this time, but to work.

Itll take a long time to take a flight, and youll be very tired if you follow us.

Besides, you have to go to school.

Its just over two days and itll be over soon.”

“… ”

One could well imagine that it was another difficult journey.

Mengmeng was unwilling to agree on the first day.

On the second day, she was a little unhappy.

She finally agreed on the third day.

Days passed one after another.

After nearly a month, Mengmeng and Zi Yan got used to getting up early.

At 5:30, they got up to wash.

At 6 oclock, Mengmeng and Grandpa went to do a martial-art squat.

She had breakfast at 7:30.

After packing simply, Zhang Han took Mengmeng to kindergarten at 8 oclock.

Soon, the 9th arrived, and it was approaching the day to leave.

That night, it was still daytime in North America.

In a villa that was close to Hollywood, the young Edmond and Parker were bare-chested, with an enchanting beauty under their bodies.

After a while, Edmond, who was sweating profusely, sat back and lit up a cigar.

“Edmond, you promised me.

Tomorrow, Ill wait for the good news.” The golden-haired, jade-eyed woman leaned against Edmonds chest, her voice very charming.

“No problem.

You must know about our Edmond family.

Amois, the best female lead tomorrow is none other than you.

Of course, tonight, I still have to take you to see my uncle.

Remember to wear sexy clothes,” Edmond said with a smile.

A hint of unhappiness flashed in the eyes of the woman next to him.

She also had to find his uncle.

She was very clear about what she was going to do.

Did she spend so much time with him in vain And would she do it with his uncle once again

However, for the best leading actress, the effort was still worth it.

That was the most prestigious reputation.

Many investors valued the reputation, which meant that her income would rise a lot.

Once the remuneration rose, her social status would rise.

“Okay, Edmond.

Ill dress up sexy at night, but Im a little worried that Ross will propose Zi Yan as the best heroine,” Amois said.

She didnt finish her sentence, because she knew what she said would make Edmond angry.

Pirates of the Caribbean, with two episodes a year, were both classic works.

In terms of box office and reputation, both exceeded those of the two plays shot by Edmond, which also made their circle lose a lot of money.

This was not a secret, and it was often mentioned by others.

If it was truly fair and just, then that was the competition between Purple Moon Entertainment Company and manufacturers of a few other classic masterpieces.

It was not something that Edmond needed to care about.

But sometimes, connections were extremely important.

The Edmond family was so powerful that it would be able to influence the final prize.

In Amoiss view, if she could get the award by sleeping with Edmond even ten times, she would be willing to do so, not to mention once.

With this idea, Amois began to be restless.

Her hands and feet began to move, and Edmonds breathing became slightly rapid.

“When they come, I will give them a big surprise, but I dont know…”

There was a sparkle in Edmonds eyes.

Zi Yan, the Eastern beauty, seemed to be missed by quite a lot of people.

He didnt know if he could have a chance.

He thought of Zi Yans beautiful face on the screen.

“Its so exciting.”

In an instant, Edmonds feeling came back, and once again, he was as vigorous as a tiger.

Seeing his blurred gaze, Amois knew that he was looking at the pot while eating from a bowl.

It was the 10th.

After finishing doing the martial-art squat, Mengmeng was a little unhappy when having breakfast.

Seeing this, Zhang Han smiled and touched her head, saying, “Dear, Mom and Dad will be back the day after tomorrow.”

“Its okay to have Grandpa and Grandma to stay with you, isnt it Ahem, dont forget what Grandpa just told you.

Its our little secret,” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile.

During this period, he looked at Zhang Han triumphantly.

“Do you see that Mengmeng and I have a small secret”

Zhang Han was quite speechless.

“Didnt you just prepare some snacks for her”

At this time, Zhang Han felt the benefits of Zi Yans strict discipline.

Zi Yan didnt give Mengmeng too many snacks, so Mengmeng didnt eat enough at ordinary times.

Occasionally, when there was something, snacking was a great way to lure Mengmeng.

As expected, Mengmeng looked a little better.

She quickly glanced at Zhang Guangyou, feinted ignorance, and said, “No, Grandpa and I dont have any secrets.”

If MaMa found out about this, she would not be able to eat so much.

Mengmeng was still a little reluctant and unhappy.

After she was coaxed by a group of people, her mood was more complicated.

“Dad, did you prepare a lot of snacks for Mengmeng” Zi Yan suddenly asked, diverting Mengmengs attention.

“Really Mengmeng, this is not our little secret, is it”

“Well, no, no.” Mengmeng quickly waved her hand and said, “MaMa, I dont have a lot of snacks.”

“Oh my!”

Zi Yan suddenly sighed and said, “Mengmeng, tell me, I took you to see your dad, but we havent seen each other for a few days.

You dont want to see him.

Now I want to go out with your dad for two days, but you refuse.

Do you not love me”

With good acting skills, Zi Yan appeared confused.

“No, its not like that!”

Mengmeng said a little anxiously, “I just want to go out with PaPa.

I love MaMa very much.”


Hearing her words, Zhang Han laughed.

“Mengmeng, this time your mom and I are busy with work and will be back in two days.

Your Grandpa specially prepared a lot of snacks for you.”


“Whats the point of talking about snacks”

When it came to this, Mengmeng didnt say a word.

It was not easy to not limit the number of snacks she could eat, but they always mentioned that.


After breakfast, on the way to the kindergarten, Mengmeng reminded her parents several times.

“PaPa, MaMa, you must come back soon.”

“I know.

After school, well have a video chat tonight.”

“… ”

The mother and daughter chatted all the way.

After sending Mengmeng off, the two of them went straight to the company.

Chen Changqing, Zhou Fei, and three representatives, including the director, as well as Muxue, plus Zhang Han and Zi Yan, there were a total of eight people.

“Lets go.”

Zhou Fei said angrily, “After more than a year, we go back to North America again.

Hum, were going to win the award this time!”

Her words made everyone laugh.

“Win the award

“The probability is a little low.”

However, the imposing manner made the director and several other people tremble with excitement, and their faces turned red.

That was Oscar!

The worlds greatest honor.

He didnt expect that he would really win the Oscar one day.

Although he still hadnt won the award, the nomination was enough to satisfy his vanity.

At first, he was a subordinate of Hong Qitao, but now, he was the director of Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

When he first came here, he still thought that his future was uncertain.

How many years would it take for a company that had just been established to rise up

Although he was a little disappointed, he worked hard, so he didnt expect the movie to be filmed that way.

He felt that as a director, he didnt do anything but directly became famous.

In the directors circle, his status rose sharply and he was on an equal footing with the top director.

How long had it been

One year!

“We got the nomination because of the boss and lady boss.

Ill never forget your kindness.”

Before getting on the plane, the director hesitated for a moment and then spoke out his thoughts.

“Youre welcome.”

Zi Yan smiled and said, “Its also the result of your hard work, director.”

After a brief chat, they got on the plane.

In less than ten minutes, the plane slowly took off.

The destination this time was North American Hollywood.

It was only eight oclock, and the flight time was 18 hours.

Fortunately, it was a private plane, or Zi Yan and the others would be tired.

After flying for 11 hours, at seven oclock in the evening, Zhang Han and Zi Yan made a video call to Mengmeng.

When the video was connected, there was some potato chip residue on the corner of Mengmengs mouth.

“PaPa, MaMa, Im teaching Grandpa English.”

“Really Mengmeng, theres something on the corner of your mouth.

Did you eat potato chips secretly”


Looking at Mengmengs adorkable expression, Zhang Han and Zi Yan burst into laughter at the same time.

The video call lasted for two hours.

Zhang Guangyou urged Mengmeng to go to bed, or she could not get up tomorrow morning, so the video call ended.

After hanging up, Zi Yan also slept for a while.

While she was sleeping, seven hours passed by, and the plane landed at the Los Angeles Airport.

“Hello, Miss Zi.

Im Smith.

You are really too beautiful.

You look more beautiful than you do on the screen.


I will take you to the place where youll live.”

A man in a suit with blond hair reached out his right hand with a smile.

He also spoke the language of Hua nation.

He used Oriental greetings that was, shaking hands.

Their way of reception was a cheek-to-cheek embrace.

Looking at Zi Yans beautiful face, he didnt take action even though he wanted to do so because he felt a little stressed, due to the men around her.

“Thank you.”

Zi Yan smiled slightly.

After getting into the limo with the man, the car drove all the way to Hollywood.

“This is…” The man in a suit glanced at Zhang Han with a strange look in his eyes.

Zi Yan was holding his arm intimately.

“My husband Zhang Han.”

“Hello, Mr.


Ive heard a lot about you.

I really cant tell that Mr.

Zhang was playing Captain Jake, oh no, playing Captain Jake and Will Turner at the same time.

In my opinion, this is a miracle.

The makeup technology is excellent.

I think this Oscar Makeup Award is definitely going to be yours.

At the same time, you are also a strong competitor for the best leading actor and actress.

Youre very good.”

The man in a suit marveled.

Seeing Zhang Hans appearance, he could not believe that the change would be so big on the screen.

“Captain Jake, who is full of magic, is actually so… quiet in real life

“Is he a bit introverted Is he not good at communication and chatting”

Seeing Zhang Han just smile and gently nod his head, the man in a suit was a little suspicious.

What he didnt know was that his words made the makeup artist next to the director blush.

“Im so ashamed.

“The makeup had nothing to do with me.

It was all made by him.

I was just an assistant, applying cosmetics for small-time actors, yet am I going to win the Oscar Award”

She felt that it was simply a stroke of luck.

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