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Scorpion was notorious, and his men were of strong characteristics.

They might be outstanding among their peers, but they were either extremely greedy or prurient.

They might not be able to suppress their lust after seeing the beautiful Zi Yan.

Thinking of that, even Scorpion could not keep calm anymore.

He instantly walked out of the door to check for more news.

After checking, he heard some really shocking news.


“You couldnt find them”

“What about the other two guys Huh They went back to the hotel F*ck!

“Did you say that somebody saw them” Scorpion grabbed one of his minions by the neck and asked.


Alman is in Dingos.

He said that they robbed two rich guys tonight.

Then five men came to them and gave them a lot of money asking them to put on a show.

In the end, according to what they said, these five men were turned into fireballs and vanished like there was magic.”

On hearing that, Scorpion and Luo Gen changed their faces.

“They were turned into fireballs and disappeared Could it be that those two guys were also martial artists At least Qi Strength Masters”

“Is he also a martial artist”

Luo Gen looked at Scorpion.

“I guess so,” Scorpion answered in a vicious tone, “I just didnt expect him to be even more powerful than our men.

Hehe, go bring those witnesses here!”

Luo Gen frowned at Scorpions expression.

“I guess hes going to take it out on those innocent people” Luo Gen thought in secret.

About one hour later.

The eight robbers were all brought there.

“Is there anything we can do for you, Brother Scorpion” the leader of the robbers asked drily.

In an abandoned warehouse, Scorpion sat on a chair, while those eight robbers seemed a little flustered.

“I heard you saw my men last night.

Tell me what you saw.”

Scorpion fiddled with a gun in his right hand as he spoke in an indifferent manner.

“We… Your men gave us some money and asked us to pretend to rob a man and a woman, and then they could pretend to rescue them.

They beat us hard.

After that, we ran to hide in a corner, and we dont know what they had talked about.

About two minutes later, the five men who gave us the money were on fire and disappeared.”

“Thats right.

We didnt do anything to hurt your men.”

“This has nothing to do with us.”


Looking at this bunch of cowards, Scorpion felt bored and raised his gun to point it at one mans leg.

Bang bang bang…

One minute later, Scorpion walked out of the door, where Luo Gen was standing expressionlessly.

“I thought youd kill them,” Luo Gen said in a casual tone.

“Now I just want to kill Zhang.”

Scorpion sneered.

“Ill end him here even if hes a Qi Strength Master.”

Since Forever Harmony Associations downfall, there were not many people in Xiangjiang that Scorpion could talk to, so he did not know the situation in the city.

His force might be powerful to ordinary people, but in the martial arts world, it was at the bottom level.

As a result, they certainly did not know who Zhang Hanyang actually was on the other side of the earth!

However, the senior members of the Edmond family surely knew that Zhang Hanyang was Zi Yans husband, as well as the crown prince of the Heavenly Knights Sect in Kun Xu World, which was a strong counterpart.

Unfortunately, the west was just too far away from the east, so the sects influence did not mean anything here.

They, for sure, did not know Zhang Hans actual strength.

Even in Wu Dao World in Hua nation, only a few forces such as Wind Snow School knew it.

As a man who had reached Heaven Peak Stage at 27 years old, Zhang Han was practically the most incredible talent in a century.

Only the disciples of the Black White Palace had once hit that record, and in the past thousands of years, the best record holder was also a disciple from this sect who reached the Heaven Peak Stage at 25.

He was such a talent that he stood out among his peers.

With Zhang Han on their side, the Heavenly Knights Sect had put Wind Snow School under much pressure.

A talent like Zhang Han would become a strong enemy if he reached the Heaven Peak Stage like Immortal King Zhang.

Therefore, though unprepared, they still went to Ancient Mine to conquer the Dark Fire Mountain Range.

The Edmond family was very rich and also had some martial artists, but they did not have any means to check out Zhang Hanyangs real strength.

They certainly knew what Edmond Parker had done, but they didnt interfere.

In their eyes, Edmond Parker was just a young boy, and few people cared about him.

Moreover, Edmond Parker was just trying to deal with a celebrity from the east.

Even if Zhang Hanyang was powerful, he was only in the Divine Realm and couldnt stir up any trouble.

At this time, Edmond received a call in his villa, and his face darkened as he spoke.

“You actually failed that.

A piece of trash! And good-for-nothing!”

He cursed for a while until he heard something else, and his face changed slightly.

“Youre going to let that crazy guy take it over Youre actually willing to let your men take a risk Well, thats good.

As long as you guys succeed, Ill give you the full amount that I promised…”

After he hung up, Edmond looked grim again.

“Tomorrow, Ill make you feel really, really scared.”

Having made the Edmond family lose so much money, he now was a sinner to his family and suffered a lot from this.

As a result, he was very serious about the revenge.

He thought as long as he could pay off a few seniors in his family, he would rise again.

“What a pity! Shes not a virgin; otherwise, I can get much more money out of her.”

Edmond Parker laughed with a grim face.

After one night.

At 10 a.m.

the next day, Zi Yan sluggishly stretched her arms, still feeling a little sleepy while leaning on Zhang Han to enjoy the leisure.

“Woke up”


“Hungry Do you want me to…”


Lets go to the restaurant in the hotel later.

Only by eating normal food from time to time can we feel how great the food at our home is.”

“Haha, okay.”

“What are you doing Take your hands off me.

Youre making me itchy.”


After half an hour of lovey-dovey time, Zi Yan got up to dress herself up because her stomach was growling in hunger.

At 11 oclock, simply in a white dress and crystal shoes, she came to the VIP restaurant with Zhang Han hand in hand.

There were a few people in the restaurant, and Zhang Han could recognize all of them.

Among those people, some were international big shots.

They all marveled at the sight of Zi Yan.

“Shes beautiful!”

They had seen some pretty eastern beauties, but few of them could compare with Zi Yan.

In their eyes, there were no more than five girls even in the whole world that were as pretty as Zi Yan.

Zi Yan noticed that these people were all staring at her.

If it were in the past, she would go over with Zhou Fei, say hello, and talk with them since they were all seniors in the showbiz.

However, she didnt plan to do so now.

That was because she no longer put her career in showbiz as her top priority.

Besides, her super awesome husband had been telling her that the showbiz was nothing but a game, and she agreed with him now.

She smiled and nodded at these people as they looked at her.

Seeing her, some people stood up and walked over despite their being superstars.

“Miss Zi, you are as beautiful as youre said.

Ive watched the Pirates of the Caribbean which you played a role in.

Its great.

I hope youll win the award you deserve.”

“Thank you…”

Zi Yan smiled gracefully and exchanged a few words of ceremony with the three people that came to greet her.

After that, she went to fetch their food with Zhang Han.

It was almost lunchtime, so there were various foods.

Both Zi Yan and Zhang Han did not eat much usually, so they only tasted a few dishes and thought they were good.

Among the dishes, some were made with good ingredients, such as lobsters, mantis shrimps, and other seafood.

However, since they lived in Xiangjiang, they didnt lack seafood, only that they didnt eat them often.

“It seems the seafood on our mountain is going to mature, right”

That made Zhang Han think of the fish pond on their mountain.

He raised many types of fishes because there were so many customers and the supply in the Mount New Moon could hardly meet the demands.

After the people of the Wang family, Zi Clan, and the security group had tasted the ingredients collected in the mountain, they were unwilling to taste anything else.

As a result, the consumption of ingredients doubled.

Fortunately, when transforming the thunder yang tree for the third time, Zhang Han had expanded the fish pond, which was now three times larger than before.

The area for livestock and pets were much larger as well.

The thirty or so dogs only occupied a small area of the pet area, and they usually went there to play in the leisure time.

After lunch, Zhang Han and Zi Yan went back and took a rest for two hours.

Mu Xue, Zhou Fei, the director, and others all came, ready to attend the award ceremony.

“Well… Im wondering if we can win any awards this time.

Even if only Miss Zi wins an award, we didnt come here for nothing.” The director appeared a little excited and nervous.

“Just let it be.” Zhou Fei gently shook her head.

She was not optimistic about winning any award this time, and so was Zi Yan because they thought some people might play tricks behind their backs.

“Lets go.”

Zi Yan changed into a red gown.

She was about the level of Zhang Hans ear in her crystal high heels.

The gown made her look fair and also sexy.

She was wearing the necklace that Zhang Han gave her, a wedding ring, a bangle from her mother-in-law, and even beautiful dangly earrings.

She looked graceful like a Goddess.

However, Zhang Han was only wearing a casual suit that day.

The director and others were in suits and ties.

They were all representative nominees in each award category; thus, they would surely take the Oscars seriously.

“Were going to the Los Angeles Music Center by car.

The ceremony will still be held there this year,” Zhou Fei looked at the watch and said, “its about time.

Lets go.

After the ceremony, well go to a dinner party at the grand restaurant in the hotel.”

The group of people set off and got into the car to the Music Center.

The Music Center was the cultural center of Los Angeles.

Every year, many academic award ceremonies were held here, including the Oscars, which had been held here many times.

After they arrived, they entered the venue.

The venue was packed with people, many of whom were sitting there.

However, there was still half an hour to the ceremony, so many people were talking to each other.

“Hello, Miss Zi.”

Edmond was with his two friends.

Seeing Zi Yan, they went to her, and Edmond smilingly said, “Congratulations on your Oscar nomination.

I thought you wouldnt come, but you actually came.”



She couldnt really embarrass him since he was smiling at her.

Thus, she also smiled at him, and just as Zhou Fei was about to say some words of courtesy, Chen Changqing interrupted her.

He shot Edmond an indifferent glance as he spoke.

“Does it have anything to do with you whether we come or not”

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