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“Theres something I want to discuss.

Ask him to come over personally.

We dont have time for games.”

Mu Xue snorted and said in a disrespectful tone, “We dont know anything about him, so you dont have to feel obligated.

If he creates any problems, he will die!”


The staff member knew what she meant and could not help gasping when he heard that.

This gorgeous was certainly a fiery lady.

“Shes too awesome.

I cant afford to offend her.”

“All right.”

He shrugged his shoulders and quickly turned to leave, without wasting time on useless talk.

He was only responsible for delivering the message and he was not Edmonds subordinate.

He did not have any idea whether those who were invited by him would go or not.

“Master, he has provoked you many times.

Why dont you kill him If you are afraid of dirtying your hands, I can do it for you,” Mu Xue, who was beside Zhang Han, said.

She was a good girl in front of Zhang Han and very obedient.

She was a woman and knew women well.

She was afraid that her constant contact with her master would make Maam jealous, so she would bring Zhao Feng along every time.

Although she had no experience about personal feelings, she was right.

Sometimes, her Maam would be jealous.

Now when she saw an ordinary person provoking him, she could not help drawing out her sword.

“Yes, he is indeed courting death.” Even Zhang Han nodded in agreement with Mu Xues words.

If he killed Edmond, the Oscar would probably be blown.

Because of Zi Yan, Zhang Han didnt pay much attention to him, but there was a limit to Zhang Hans patience.

He was afraid that he would not say anything about it the next time Mu Xue made a move.

Did he really think that he wouldnt dare to make a move here

“Dont pay attention to that baseless person.

Lets go over there and sit for a while.”

Zhou Fei pointed to the corner near the window on the right front, where she could sit quietly for a while.

The dinner party was about to begin, but it was not time for any lively action yet.

Even so, when they moved over, many well-known super stars greeted them, one after another.

They were also shocked that Purple Moon Entertainment Company had received so many awards from the East, but they could accept it in their hearts.

They had watched two movies produced by Purple Moon Entertainment Company, two in a year and their special effects were so good that they deserved the awards.

This was also a symbol of strength.

For example, people in the martial arts world would be respected if they were strong enough.

After greeting some people, they sat at the edge.

In fact, there were still many people who wanted to come over for a chat, but they were a little hesitant.

They planned to come after the banquet.

During this short period of time, all Zhou Fei and the others wanted was to have some quiet time.

Edmond led a few people out of the corridor on one side.

They looked around and saw them.

After that, they went straight over and sat directly on the sofa next to them.

“Oh, my dear Miss Zi, I want to talk to you about something that everyone is interested in.

Why would you refuse” Edmond said with a smile.

“Ho ho.”

Seeing this, Chen Changqing laughed and said, “As the proverb says, there is little common ground for understanding between persons of differing principles.

We dont want to discuss anything with you, because youre not qualified enough.

Do you understand”

After he said this, Chen Changqing sighed as if he felt regret.

If these people dared to provoke them again, they would probably die.

“But it seems that the people in the entertainment circle are all the same.” Edmond chuckled and did not seem to mind.

He replied, “I invited you to discuss something in detail.

Please come with me.

You will definitely be interested in the subject Im going to talk about.”

“Cant you understand” Zhou Fei frowned.

“I got it.”

The anger in his heart rose.

He had a hard time keeping the smile on his face, so he gestured with his right hand.

They saw three people walking over from the edge of the corridor, led by a rugged-looking Scorpion.

He had a ferocious smile on his face.

In this mission, there were two Qi Strength Masters with him!

He was very confident.

As soon as he appeared, he stared at Zhang Han with hatred and coldness in his eyes.

“Ho ho.”

Zhang Han smiled faintly, took a sip of red wine, then put down the glass.


Zhang, long time no see.”

Scorpion approached him and said with a grim smile, “At that time, because your daughter shed a few tears, you destroyed my power and disabled me.

I always believed in a saying: When you cut the weeds, you should dig up the roots.

You didnt kill me at that time.

That was such a mistake.


Before he could continue spouting his nonsense, Zhang Han looked at Scorpion with a meaningful expression and said slowly, “I remember I said that if you appeared in front of me again, you will die.”


Scorpion laughed loudly and his laughter attracted some attention.

It was very strange.

What was this person doing Was Edmond looking for trouble because Edmond was sore about losing the award

Even Edmond was stunned for a moment and then a smile appeared on his face.

Well, it turned out that this Crazy guy had a grudge against the other party.

Did it mean that the man was going to be killed by Scorpion today

When he thought of this, the anger in his heart dissipated and he let out a sigh of relief.


He heard a low buzzing sound.

He thought he saw a flash of flowing light, but he was not sure.

Then, the whole room fell silent.

“Huh Why are you not speaking”

Edmond looked at Scorpion, only to find that he was rooted to the spot as his pupils gradually dilated.

In Edmonds eyes, there seemed to be a stunned expression on his face.

“What happened”

Edmond and his two friends frowned.

They stopped in the middle of their conversation.

“Is it working”

“Dont worry.

Ill kill the three of them first and then the three of you.”

A cold smile appeared at the corners of Mu Xues mouth.

A few ants had provoked her several times before and she had long wanted to take action!

“What did you say”

Edmond suddenly stood up and his face darkened slightly.

He patted Scorpion on the shoulder and said, “Im afraid you dont know who the person beside me is…”


This tap was not a big deal.

When he did it for the second time, Edmond found that his palm touched empty air and then he heard a dull sound.


Edmond turned his head to look and his face suddenly stiffened.

Scorpion and the other two fell straight to the ground.

Their eyes were wide open and their pupils were out of focus.

They looked as if they were dead.

“This, this…”

Edmonds heart pounded strongly as he quickly squatted and pressed his right finger on Scorpions neck.

It was very cold!

He did not seem to be alive!

Even his heart seemed to have stopped beating.

“Hes, hes dead”

Edmonds face turned pale and he sat down on the ground in fear.

“Killing someone at a banquet”

“Oh my God, why are they so crazy”

It was true that he wanted to deal with them, but he would not have dared to kill them in public!

He just wanted to find a way to get them into the private room and let Scorpion deal with them.

Now Scorpion and his two brothers were dead.

They were martial artists!

“Someone got killed Someone got killed!”

The faces of the two men next to Edmond changed drastically.

They quickly stood up and retreated for five or six meters.

“You cant run away,” Mu Xue said lightly, “you still have 30 seconds left.

Enjoy it.

After 30 seconds, I will kill you.”

“You, youre a demon! Youre the one who did it!

“Theyre going to kill people! Someone, help!” Edmond yelled loudly.

Finally, the commotion attracted the attention of the people in the distance.

Many of them looked over in shock.

The three security guards ran over quickly.

When they found that Scorpion and the other two were dead, their expressions changed greatly.

They quickly took out their walkie-talkies to report the incident.

At the same time, they looked Chen Changqing warily because he was the closest to the dead man.

Edmonds uncle and five other heavyweights walked over.

When they saw this situation, their faces paled.

So did the other stars.

Some of them were scared.

How could someone die on such an important occasion Was he killed by someone

Under their doubtful gazes, Edmond cried out in surprise,

“Uncle, they killed them and they want to kill me!”

“Is he telling the truth” Edmonds uncle asked in a cold voice, “although you won an award, this is not a place where you can be presumptuous.”

“Who do you think you are” Mu Xue said lazily, “I killed them.

What can you do to me Not only did I kill them, but Ill also killed Edmond and the other two.

Ill give you another minute.

Anyone who wants to stop me can come over quickly.

Ill kill everyone at the same time.”


Edmonds uncles eyes were wide open.

He had never seen such an arrogant person before and a woman at that!

“Did she really kill someone”

“Oh my God, they dare to kill people!”

“They did such a thing as soon as they won the award.

Its as if they fell from heaven to hell.

Theyre finished.”


The expressions of the people around changed dramatically.

They had not expected this sort of incident to happen at all and at this place.

Just when they thought that these people were going to be arrested, in fact, Edmonds uncle had the same idea too.

But before he could speak, a calm voice came from the door.

“Dear Mr.

Zhang, your people are good at playing jokes.”


Everyone turned to look.

When they saw the person who came in, the expressions of Edmonds uncle and the others changed slightly.



The person who entered was a man with long golden hair, who was also the man at the Heaven Peak Stage in the music center.

After he appeared, Edmonds uncle did not dare to utter a word.


He approached them and greeted them with a smile.

Then he looked at Zhang Han and nodded slightly.

He glanced at Scorpion and the other two people on the ground, and finally fixed his eyes on Edmond.

At this time, no one spoke, because he was there.

His status was a hundred times greater than all the people present.

No one knew how he was going to deal with the situation, so would anyone dare to interfere with the affairs

However, they had never expected that Mr.

John would be so biased.

“They just fell asleep.

Theyre not dead.”

With a slight smile, he reached and patted Edmonds head.

“Youre too tired.

Youre hallucinating.

Dont be afraid.

Go to sleep, child.

Everything will be fine after a good nights sleep.

The same with the other two.

Have a good rest…”

His soft voice made Edmond and the other two close their eyes slowly, as if they were really falling asleep.

However, Mu Xue and Chen Changqing looked a little stunned.


He was the actual “smiling tiger”!

“Bring them out so they can rest.”

John waved his hand to the three people beside him.

The three men then dragged the men away quickly.

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