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Chapter 854 City Lords Mansion

“Zhang Han!”

Hearing that, Dong Chen turned a little angry.

His face darkened as he said, “I brought you down here, so Im responsible for your safety.

Now youre telling me that you want to go into the city Are you kidding me You cant be all that arrogant just because you have reached the Heaven Peak Stage.

Do you know the strength of the lord of the Dragon Scale City If you fight with him, you will die in less than three moves! Do you have any idea how many people in the Dragon Scale City are at the Heaven Peak Stage As far as I know, there are 27 of them! You just dont take it seriously.

Do you think this is a joking matter”

Looking at Zhang Han, who had become silent, Dong Chen continued to reproach Zhan Han for his failure of not being able to live up to their expectations.

“If anything happened to you, how could I face your father and your grandfather ever again I think youre nuts.

There is no way I would let you go to the Dragon Scale City!”

“Zhang Han.” Dong Chen felt that his tone was a little too harsh, so he relaxed a little and said earnestly, “I know youre in a hurry to cultivate, but you cant rush it.

Its a big taboo to be impatient in cultivation.

I also know about the matter of the Patriarch of the Ross Clan.

Though he is strong, he cant stir up trouble in the east.

With us here, you dont have to be too worried.

How long has it been since you broke through to the Heaven Peak Stage Its not long, right So, you still need time to consolidate your power.

I can provide you with natural precious materials if you need any.

That way of cultivation may take a little longer, but it wont hurt.

We can also go to the mountains in the west.

But the Dragon Scale City is absolutely off the table, for its impossible to get in.”

“Nothing is impossible.

If I didnt have the assurance, how could I have said that” Zhang Han said calmly.

With the three gazing at him, he raised his right hand a little bit higher.

“Watch me.”


In an instant, a touch of dark color gradually washed over Zhang Hans skin.

From his hands to his whole body, it only took him three seconds to be all tanned-skinned.

Meanwhile, Zhang Hans hair grew longer, and his pupils and face kept changing.

H-he was now clearly the Dark Warrior who he had just killed!

“What… whats going on”

Dong Chen was really shocked.

“You really can transform And even the soul sense cant detect it, can it”

“Master is awesome!”

Mu Xues eyes lit up, which were filled with awe and admiration.

The devil king was the devil king.

He was indeed strong.

“Brother Han, arent you just amazing Can you really go in like this” asked Chen Changqing in a daze.

“Hahaha, there is no place in this vast world that I cant go in, is there”

Zhang Han laughed out loud.


He then transformed into a stream of light and rapidly raced towards the Dragon Scale City.

“Hey, wait! Where are you going”

Dong Chen exclaimed, “I havent allowed you to leave yet.

Come back!”

Without waiting for Zhan Han to answer, Dong Chen flew forward in haste.

He was about a dozen meters away from the ground, and his speed was very fast.

In a moment, he was about to catch up with Zhang Han.

“Wanna fight me…” Zhang Han suddenly shouted.

A man with a strong aura swooped down from the huge city gate.

From three kilometers away, in a cold voice he spoke, “Do you want to die”


Dong Chen looked a little awkward.

They werent allowed to step foot on the land within a ten-mile radius of the Dragon Scale City.

Once they crossed the line, it would be viewed as a provocation, and the City Lord, Si Nan, might take action in person.

Seeing this, Dong Chen immediately stepped back and stared at Zhang Han in astonishment.

Zhang Han quickly ran to the Dark Warrior at the Heaven Peak Stage, who was still up in the air, and cupped his hands at him and muttered something.

It seemed that he was thanking him.

However, the Dark Warrior in silver armor in the air merely glanced at him without saying a word.

Then, he turned around and returned to the top of the city wall.

Only the high-ups of the Dragon Scale City were able to fly in this area.

A master like Dong Chen only dared to do low-altitude flying nearby.

Now, Dong Chen, who had no choice but to retreat, was a little upset.

“What should we do”

“Why did I bring him here”

“He does have some nerve!”

“I would never ever bring him here with me again.

Im so ticked off.

What if something happens to him”


Looking at Dong Chen, who was very upset, Mu Xue thought for a while and said, “Senior Dong, dont worry.

My master is very powerful.

The Dragon Scale City is nothing.

My master can crush it with a single palm.”


Dong Chen was even angrier.

“When the above behave wrongly the below will do the same!”

“Look at his disciple, what a bunch of nonsense she just said! She should have known better to say that!”

“Uncle Dong, I think Brother Han sure can look after himself.

Just rest assured.

Why dont we go to the western mountain range and have a look” proposed Chen Changqing.

He figured that Zhang Han would never put himself fall in such a dangerous position, so he was not much worried.

But his words made Dong Chens face stiffen.

“I wont go! I wont go anywhere.

Ill wait for him here!” Dong Chen snapped.

It was really a headache.

Of the three of them, he was most perturbed one.

It seemed that other than him, the other two were not very much concerned.

That was not because Dong Chen had less faith in Zhang Han.

In Dong Chens eyes, it was because these little brats did not know the immensity of heaven and earth.

If they were to understand just how powerful the Dragon Scale City was, it was likely that the two people beside him would also have a worried look on their faces.

“Well, Zhang Han, why do you have to be so unruly”

Dong Chen complained in irritation for two minutes and then finally fell silent.

Still, he couldnt help sighing in his head.

“Once he enters the city, hell really have to resign himself to fate!”

Under his pained gaze, Zhang Han had already walked to the gate of the city.

The city gate was majestic and seemed to be 100 meters wide, and there were hundreds of Dark Warriors stationed on both sides of the city gate.

About 50 meters behind the Dark Warriors stood two stone statues.

These were the statues of a creature with a human body and a snakes head!

Their skin was covered with pale green scales.

Their hands were holding tridents that were emitting cold light.

Their cold eyes were fixed at the front of the city gate, as though they were ready to kill all the bandits who coveted the treasures in the Dragon Scale City.

Zhang Han glanced at the statues out of the corner of his eye and didnt pay much attention to them.

He simply followed the group of more than a dozen Dark Warriors in front of him and slowly headed forward.

The city gate was very large.

The dozen or so people in front of Zhang Han seemed to be scouts on patrol.

They were walking relatively fast.

On the left side, there was a line of about 80 people.

Some of them were driving the rhinoceros carriage, on which carried bodies of spirit beasts and all sorts of boxes that seemed to contain some goods.

Zhang Han felt as if he was in an ancient city.

However, without exception, all of them had to go through a blue light curtain hanging down from the city gate before they entered the city.

This was a special screening enchantment cast by the Dark Shadow Clan, which prevented those not their members from entering the city.

“It seems that the Dark Shadow Clan has been put under a very harsh suppression.

Thats why not all of them are martial artists.”

Zhang Han looked around at the crowd.

There were 300 people going in and out of the city, but less than 100 of them were martial artists, whose strength varied.

Zhang Han was displaying the strength of the Grand Master Middle-stage, which was relatively high among the people in the lines.

However, the Dark Warriors standing on both sides of the city wall were all in the Earth Realm.

Compared with the martial arts world, they were indeed more powerful.

But compared with a Dark Shadow Clan not being suppressed, they were much weaker.

“Could the Saint Warrior Planet be the backyard of some mighty figure”

Zhang Han frowned.

All kinds of signs made Zhang Han a little suspicious.

But if that was the case, then, how powerful the one who had sealed the Saint Warrior Planet could be

At the very least, it would be quite difficult for someone like him, who had gone through the ninth stage of the tribulation, to accomplish that.

“Thats not necessarily the case.

Ill come to learn it if thats what I should know.”

Zhang Han shook his head secretly.

Facing the restriction formation, he didnt panic at all.

He went straight through the staff passage.


When he arrived at the glowing curtain, a stream of energy seemed to have sensed something.

It circled around Zhang Han three times before it finally dissipated.

The resistance in front of Zhang Han was reduced and he walked straight forward.

“Its a good thing that Ive cultivated the Athanasia Demon Gong.

This time, the Heavenly Demon Skin has rendered meritorious service.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have been able to get into the Dragon Scale City.”

Before coming here, Zhang Han had thought it through.

He knew about the Dark Shadow Clan.

As for the so-called restriction formation, it was just a simple security check by scanning.

Since Zhang Han had the Heavenly Demon Skin and was able to absorb the characteristics of some of the Dark Shadow Clan members, he knew he wouldnt have much of a problem passing the security check.

Zhang Han was very familiar with this kind of scheme.

He had done it many times before.

He had come to the Ancient Mine for resources.

There were many high-level fierce beasts in the western mountain range, and they would be guarding some top treasures.

To seize those treasures, it was no different from snatching food from a tigers mouth.

It was the same in the northern forest.

As to the vast prairie, one could only find the leftovers on the so-called safe area.

Hence, the best place to find treasures was, of course, the cities of the Dark Shadow Clan.

There must be a lot of resources inside.

However, how to steal… to take those resources was also a problem.

Zhang Han planned to check out the situation in the city first.

“Its pretty big.”

The city was very prosperous.

Although there were no tall buildings, there were several spectacular halls in the peripheral area of the city.

“There should be a Mission Hall.”

Zhang Han considered for a moment and hurried toward the first hall nearby.

The street he was at was the main street, which was about three hundred meters wide.

The ordinary people were walking on both sides of the street, and the martial artists were all walking in the middle of the street.

At a glance, Zhang Han could see that people here even had a rule about walking on the main street so as to accent the hierarchy.

The road was laid with huge slab stones, which were the first-stage spirit treasure.

This kind of stone was the warm type, which kept a certain temperature all year round.

It could be said that such a large city was built with all kinds of spirit treasures.

The road was lined with many buildings, such as taverns, weapons shops, elixir stores, clothes shops, and groceries, you name it.

After so many years of development, the various facilities in Dragon Scale City were already well established.

The ones with strong strength were respected.

The Dark Shadow Clan did attach more importance to ones strength.

So, one could see countless warriors on the street.

After walking for 20 minutes, Zhang Han arrived in front of the nearest hall.

“The Mission Hall.”

Zhang Han checked the door several times.

Even his soul sense of Taiyi Wood Thunder, he couldnt penetrate it.

“There wont be many treasures here.

“Id better go to the center of the city.

Either the City Lords Mansion or the downtown is where the treasures are gathered.”

Just as Zhang Han was pondering, he found three people nearby were pointing at him.

“Isnt he that good-for-nothing Aramuda”

“Haha, the last time he met three martial artists from other regions, he got so scared that he turned tail and fled, which happened to have been caught by the eyes of Mr.


That was just mortifying.”

“Even Captain Musen has a low opinion of him.

In the face of those people from other regions in the same realm as we are, opponents of the same level as us, it would be a huge humiliation for us Dark Shadow Warriors to run away.”


Zhang Han left coolly with no expression on his face.

As for what they said, he would beg to differ.

For cultivators, it was surely good to not be daunted by his opponent.

But that sort of depended on the situation.

After all, life came first before anything.

So, Zhang Han figured that people should flee when they had to.

According to his memories, the people of the Dark Shadow Clan he had met were not so outspoken.

He continued to head into the depths of the city.

The city was very big.

Finally, after walking for about an hour, he saw from a distance a city inside this one.

It looked not far, but in fact, it took him two hours to sprint there.

Finally, he arrived at the city gate.

Above the gate, there was a plate bearing three big words—City Lords Mansion.

On both sides of the gate stood ten people, all of whom were warriors in the Heaven Realm.

Five of them were in the Middle Stage and five were in the Early Stage.

The ancient mine had much more resources than the outside world.

If the Saint Warrior Planet had not been sealed, the growth of the power of the Dark Shadow Clan would have been even faster.

This was Zhang Hans first time here, so he was determined to gain something.

Otherwise, he might not be able to make it next time.

Zhang Han mused for a while and then strode toward the gate.

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