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Chapter 86 – The past is not easy to look back on

Most of the people Zi Yan came into contact with were people of the upper class.

All of them had elegant demeanors and had a face full of righteousness.

Even if it was someone like Li Cheng, who thought differently than what he said, they were also usually more polite when they spoke.

It was unlike Zhang Han who openly sized up her body and openly looked at the direction of her work line, openly smelling the necklace that was on her body.

At this moment, Zi Yan suddenly thought of a popular phrase on the internet: its not fake, but its a big deal.

What it means is that the person youre teasing might not think this way on the surface, but those who are righteous on the surface might not be able to tell what they are thinking.

A mans heart is separated from his stomach.

If one does not speak, who knows what the other will think.

Just like Zhang Han and Li Cheng, Zhang Han openly sized up Zi Yans body, but he did not have any unnecessary thoughts in his heart.

Li Chengs face was filled with righteousness, and his heart was full of yearning for Zi Yan.

“Can you really play the piano” Zi Yans eyes drifted a little as she looked in the direction of the piano.

Zhang Han took a whiff of the necklaces gesture, which made Zi Yan afraid to look straight into Zhang Hans eyes.

He had already looked over, what did he want to say Zi Yan did not know, so he tried to find another topic to talk.

“Yes.” Zhang Han put the necklace back into his pocket and answered with a nod of his head.

“Then play it for me.” There was a little anticipation in Zi Yans eyes.

If Zhang Han really knew how to play the piano, then it meant that he loved music.

In Zi Yans heart, he liked people who loved music the same.

“No, its too late.” Zhang Han shook his head and rejected.

“Then well just play a little bit.

I think the soundproofing of the second floors room is pretty good.

A little play shouldnt affect their sleep.” Zi Yan thought for a while and said.

“No, what if we disturb Mengmengs sleep” Zhang Han refused again.

He wouldnt play the piano while Mengmeng slept.

“Hmph, alright then.

Can you play it for me tomorrow” Seeing that, Zi Yan also made a concession, she pouted her lips and snorted.

This expression on Zi Yans face made her, the ice-cold beauty, appear extremely lovely and gentle.

However, from the expression on her face, it looked very similar to Mengmengs expression every now and then.

Looking at Zi Yans expression, Zhang Han inexplicably thought that if Zi Yan had a goldfish mouth and puffed up face, he would probably squint one of his eyes and that scene would be perfect.

“Well talk about it tomorrow.” After Zhang Han received the necklace, he looked like he was about to destroy the bridge after crossing it.

“Not yet.” She lazily said: “I want to stay on the bed tomorrow, and also want to bring Mengmeng out to play.

Last time at Ocean Park Mountain, I didnt finish playing, but I dont think Mengmeng has had enough fun.”

“How about this, tomorrow morning we will go to Mount New Moon and I will give you the special water that I gave you last time.

In the afternoon, we will bring Mengmeng to Ocean Park.” Zhang Han said.

“Sure.” Speaking ofwater, Zi Yan became interested.

She stared at Zhang Han with her big eyes and asked: “What was the water you gave us last time”

The water that could improve ones skin was definitely extraordinary.

Zi Yan had always been curious as to where Zhang Han had gotten this water from.

“Think of it as a specially made medicinal mineral water.” Zhang Han chuckled.

Pure Yang.

Relatively speaking, the water was only normal water, if it was from Zhang Hans perspective when he was in the tribulation stage, then even this fifth-stage spirit treasure was a weak treasure.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have sent the thunder yang tree into the cold palace and never used it.

However, who would have thought that after his rebirth, the thunder yang tree had become Zhang Hans best treasures With Zhang Hans current strength, those first rank spirit treasure and second-stage spirit treasure were also his treasures.

After all, strength determined the level of treasures.

For a child, a thousand yuan was a very high amount of money, but for an adult, a thousand yuan was a very low amount of money.

However, Zhang Han had already gotten used to his Qi Refining Stages strength, the natural selection, the survival of the fittest, Zhang Hans adaptability was extremely terrifying.

Returning to the main topic, when Zi Yan heard Zhang Hans explanation, he did not intend to ask any further.

“Its getting late, you should go rest as well.” Zhang Han said as he looked at the time.

“Oh, its almost two oclock.” Zi Yans expression froze for a moment, and did not expect to chat with Zhang Han on the first floor for an hour unknowingly.

At this time, Zi Yan was indeed sleepy, so he stood up and glanced at Zhang Han, and asked: “Where are you sleeping today”

“Ill be on the sofa on the first floor today.” Zhang Han indicated towards the sofa that Zi Yan was sitting on with his mouth pursed.

“Then be careful not to catch a cold, Im going to bed.” Zi Yan picked up the white fur clothes, looked at Zhang Han with her beautiful eyes, then put the clothes into her clothes bag and went upstairs.

Zhang Han sat on the sofa, he was not sleepy either.

He wanted to watch TV for a while, but he suddenly remembered that he sent a song to Xue Qians studios mailbox.

After thinking about it, Zhang Han got up and walked to the counter of his laptop and opened up his computer, logging into his Penguin Chat software.

It seemed that he hadnt used this software in more than five years.

When Zhang Han sent the email, he did not log into the chat software, but instead directly sent it through the webpage.

If Li Fan saw this scene, he would probably be so excited that his body would probably start to tremble, because this master had finally decided to go online!

Finally, Zhang Han logged into the account that he was familiar with.

When he logged in, a burst of urgent prompts sounded out.

“Di Di Di Di …”

The sound lasted for two whole minutes.

Originally, Zhang Han did not have many friends, around thirty to forty people.

Zhang Han tapped his mouse over, and discovered that almost everyone had talked to him before.

Since he was bored, Zhang Han clicked on them one by one to read.

Hong Yun immediately asked, “Zhang Han, whats wrong Did something happen to you I heard that you were cleansed and sent out of the Zhang Clan Are you for real ”

Fishing Network: “Holy **, no way Young Master Zhang, you were kicked out of the Zhang Family “F * ck, brother, dont be sad.

Why dont you come find me I will definitely welcome you here.”

Lu Tian Peng: “Where are you Come have a drink from me “The Zhang Family cannot tolerate you, so I can give you a chance to develop.

With your talent, you will probably be able to rebuild in the next ten to eight years.”

This Lu Tian Peng was once Zhang Hans little brother, but after seeing what happened to Zhang Han, his tone of voice no longer held the same respect as before.

Dong Hu: “Oh, brother Zhang, were you chased out of the family “This is really unbelievable.

Brother Zhang, if you dont have a place to go, you can come to my car shop.

Dont you know a lot about sports cars You can even repair your car here.”

Dong Hu, the previous Mount Lang Xings racing event had caused Zhang Han to fall into a terrible situation.

After seeing Zhang Han fall, he also spoke in a weird tone, only that in this life, he had fallen into the Mount Lang Xing, and his injuries were probably very severe.

This was reality.

There was a saying that made it so that no one asked about the poor and busy city.

Wealth had distant relatives deep in the mountains, and when a person fell, the so-called friends by his side would be greatly reduced.

However, although Zhang Han had a bad temper back then, and loved to stir up trouble, he had a few bad friends who cared about him.

There were even two friends who would often come to see him when he was down and ask for money or pave the way, but Zhang Han had rejected them all.

Finally, when the last piece of information arrived, Zhang Han discovered that there were nearly two thousand messages.

This persons name is Qiao Luoluo.

Zhang Han slightly narrowed his eyes, as he casually flipped through the records.

“Zhang Han, where are you Why did you shut down your phone Where the hell are you ”

“Zhang Han, hurry up and answer me! Answer me quickly! ”

Zhang Family doesnt want you, I, Qiao Luoluo want you! Come with me to Xiangjiang, will you ”

“What are you doing Dont ignore me, okay ”


One month later.

“Zhang Han, Im back in the Xiangjiang, do you really not plan to look at me again”

“Am I really not worth loving in your eyes “Why”

Half a year later.

“Zhang Han, I hate you! I hate it! I was really blind to fancy you back then! ”

One year later.

“Zhang Han, its already been a year, why havent you answered me once I heard that you are not doing well in the Shang Jing, so come to the Xiangjiang.

Two years later.

“Zhang Han, I dont believe that you will never log on.

You must have seen my chat history, I really missed you.

Although I was wrong that time, dont be so heartless, okay We agreed to be together forever! ”

Three years later, four years later, the information was practically Qiao Luoluos diary.

She had even told Zhang Han about her having a boyfriend, and had even left a message with Zhang Han that her boyfriend was not strong at all in bed, but half a year later, after they had broken up, Qiao Luoluo and Zhang Hans words once again returned to normal.

The words revealed the thought of reunion with Zhang Han, and they had always said that Zhang Han and her were the most suitable people to be together.

After reading the chat log, the last record was sent over the day before yesterday.

Zhang Han shook his head indifferently.

This Qiao Luoluo was the girlfriend that Zhang Han had dated for a year, and their relationship was not bad.

One month before they parted, Zhang Hans sworn enemy, Lin Jie, had somehow gotten mixed up with Qiao Luoluos circle of friends.

Zhang Han felt that he was trying to get close to Qiao Luoluo, so he told Qiao Luoluo about this matter and told her to stay away from him.

In the end, every time Qiao Luoluo and her friends gathered together, Lin Jie would always be there.

Although Qiao Luoluo intentionally kept a distance from him, the scheming Lin Jie would always talk about how extraordinary he was, how elegant his actions were, and how he could always chat with Qiao Luoluo for a while.

Zhang Han had met her twice, and was a little unhappy.

He had quarreled a lot with Qiao Luoluo, but on Qiao Luoluos birthday, when he got into some trouble, Zhang Han did not attend the banquet, and Qiao Luoluo did not pick up his phone either.

She was so upset that she got drunk from the alcohol, and got drunk from taking advantage of Lin Jies absence, spending the entire night together with him.

The next day, Lin Jie sent Zhang Han a series of photos.

Model Nothing much, Zhang Han, your girlfriends taste isnt bad, this green hat is for you.


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