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Sect Leader Jiang snorted.

When he saw Instructor Liu walking up to him, his face darkened again.

However, Jiang Yanlan was a bit surprised this time.

She had thought that Instructor Liu would fawn over her parents, but she didnt expect him to remain silent all the way.

In fact, Instructor Liu felt a little frustrated, sort of annoyed, and more powerless.

He was somewhat weak after all.

Even though he had broken through to the God Realm, he was no match for a sect in some worldlet.

Only his boss was qualified to talk to them.

When they got to the mountain, Zhang Han and his family were taking a rest in the back mountain after having dinner.

Mengmeng, Wang Yihan, and Dahei were playing crazily.

Now Wang Jiawen and his family came to Mount New Moon less often because they had a clear understanding of the gap between them.

When there was a big gap between two parties, sometimes they would distance themselves from each other instead of getting close to each other, although Wang Jiawen was a businessman.

Nonetheless, it didnt prevent Mengmeng from playing with Wang Yihan.

Zhang Han had sensed it when Jiang Yanlan and the others drove up the mountain.

When he arrived at the castle, he saw them stop their cars.

“Sect Leader Jiang.”

Zhang Han smiled.

“Zhang Hanyang, Im here to ask you for an explanation.” Sect Leader Jiangs face clouded over with anger.

As soon as Zhang Han saw Instructor Liu, who looked nervous, he could almost guess what was going on.

“What kind of explanation do you want, Sect Leader Jiang” Zhang Han asked.


When Sect Leader Jiang was about to say something, Zhang Han waved his hand and said, “Uncle Dong and my father are inside the house.

Sect Leader Jiang, please come with me and have a seat.”

“Oh, thats good.

Let them be judges, too.”

Sect Leader Jiang didnt panic at all.

“You only have them as your backers.

Although my Shuiyun Sect cannot compare with your Heavenly Knights Sect, we are no pushovers.”

They walked towards the back of the mountain.

At this moment, Dong Chen, Zhang Guangyou, and the Third Elder were chatting.

Recently, a riot broke out in the Dragon Scale City, so they didnt go into the Ancient Mine.

Since they were bored, they all ran over to “rob” the rich.

Currently, the resources Zhang Han possessed were 10 times more than those in the Heavenly Knights Sect!

He was too f*cking rich!

He was so rich that it made others envious.

That was not the most amazing thing.

What tempted Dong Chen was the treasures in other cities.

“Han said that we would enter the Ancient Mine in half a year next time.

I might as well take a rest during this period.

Third Elder, you go into the Ancient Mine to have a look one month later.

If the riot in the Dragon Scale City is over, you can lead a team there and toughen them.”

“Im the leader” The Third Elders eyes widened.

“Why not you”

“I certainly cant do that.” Dong Chen shook his head slightly.

“I have to keep an eye here.

Alas, Third Elder, youre not eloquent enough.

If you had taken Han with you, how many resources would you have got Ive got two large bottles of Holy Spirit Water.

Do you have any idea how much talk I had Moreover, I have to clear up messy situations for Han.

Look, theres someone coming.

I can tell from Sect Leader Jiangs facial expression that he may find out that his daughter is in a relationship with that bloke surnamed Liu.

If Zhang Han doesnt take out some precious things, how can he stop Sect Leader Jiang from complaining Third Elder, if its you, can you soothe him”


The Third Elder was speechless.

He didnt like wasting his breath.

It was too unbearable for him to ask for resources cheekily and say something after some careful thought.

Without any hesitation, the Third Elder said forthrightly, “Ill go into the Ancient Mine.”

He was too lazy to talk, so he gave it up.

Dong Chen chuckled when he heard him.

“My eloquence has reached the peak of perfection many years ago.

I lived a depressing life in recent years and was not in the mood to talk.”

After the sound-proof cover was gone, Dong Chen, Zhang Guangyou, and the Third Elder rose to their feet.

“Sect Leader Jiang.”

The three greeted Sect Leader Jiang.

When everyone was well seated, Sect Leader Jiang said, “Grand Elder Dong, the Third Elder, and Young Lord Zhang, make a fair judgment for me today.

I only have one…”

Before he could finish speaking, Zhang Han took out a bottle of Holy Spirit Water about the size of a mineral water bottle with a smile.

He opened the bottle cap.

“Sect Leader Jiang, since youre here, youre our guest.

Please have a taste of the drink in the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Instructor Liu, fill the cups for everyone,” Zhang Han said calmly.


Instructor Lius spirits soared.

Under Sect Leader Jiangs bewildered gaze, the Holy Spirit Water was poured out.


The strong and pure energy stunned Sect Leader Jiang.

“Holy Spirit Water”

He soon felt numb with horror.

“A drink”

Dong Chens mouth trembled when he saw this, but he didnt slow down at all and was even faster than the Third Elder.

“Come on, fill it up.

Drink as much as you want.

Anyway, we have plenty of such stuff.”


Sect Leader Jiangs eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

“What the f*ck are you talking about

“You have plenty of Holy Spirit Water


He was cursing secretly.

“Could you stop bragging like this

“Nonetheless, isnt it a bit extravagant to drink Holy Spirit Water as mineral water”

“Uncle Jiang, drink more.

Theres no need to stand on ceremony.”

While filling others cups, Instructor Liu purposely stopped when the Holy Spirit Water was a few millimeters from the rim of the cup, but when he filled the cup for Sect Leader Jiang, the Holy Spirit Water almost spilled out.

“Youre worth teaching!”

At this moment, Sect Leader Jiangs heart was filled with joy.

“This guy is not bad.

At least he knows whose side hes on.

“Wait a minute!

“What am I thinking He wants to chase after my daughter.

This bit of Holy Spirit Water is far from enough!”

Unconsciously, the anger of Sect Leader Jiang dissipated a lot.

Human emotions were like scales.

When one emotion gradually rose, its opposing emotion would decrease.

“Gurgle, gurgle…”


Seeing that Dong Chen and the others had all drunk the Holy Spirit Water, Sect Leader Jiang gulped it down without saying a word.

After that, he let out a cry, as if he was an ordinary person experiencing endless aftertastes after drinking spirit.

“Its indeed the Holy Spirit Water.”

The shock inside Sect Leader Jiang grew stronger, and his questions grew.

“Where did Zhang Han get the Holy Spirit Water

“Its also a precious treasure in the cities in the Ancient Mine!

“Its normal for him to have one or two drops because he could possibly obtain such an amount by killing martial artists in the Ancient Mine.

But how did he get so much in one go”

Seeing that Jiang Yanlan and his wife hadnt drunk yet, Sect Leader Jiang said, “What are you waiting for Drink it quickly.

Its losing energy every second.”

After the Holy Spirit Water was poured out of the special equipment, its energy dissipated very quickly.

This was something that most people in every worldlet knew about.

After that, he looked in Zhang Hans direction and said with a smile, “Thank you for your hospitality, Young Lord Zhang.

You didnt have to go to this expense.”

“It doesnt matter.”

At present, Zhang Han didnt like to waste time because he had a new understanding of the value of time.

Therefore, he was straightforward.

He said directly, “Sect Leader Jiang, you must have known something since Instructor Liu brought you here.

Of course, as his boss, I have to offer you an apology in some way.”


Sect Leader Jiangs face darkened.

“I didnt tell you what it was yet.

Young Lord Zhang, I admit youre excellent, but its time you discipline your men.

He dared to touch my daughters ass before my very eyes.

Would it have been worse if I hadnt been present I cannot let him off, can I”

As he spoke, he got angry again.

“Dad! He doesnt behave like that usually.

Im the one who beat him.”

Jiang Yanlan blushed.

No one knew whether she was angry or shy.

“Sect Leader Jiang, Liu has cultivated merely for more than a year, but now he is in the God Realm,” Zhang Guangyou said.

Nevertheless, before he could finish his words, Sect Leader Jiang waved his hand.

“You dont have to say that.

Its useless.

He reached the God Realm with the help of many resources.

We both know that he doesnt have much room for growth.”

“Ive also worked hard to reach the God Realm,” Instructor Liu retorted.

Nonetheless, Sect Leader Jiang just chuckled and ignored him.

He felt that he knew nothing.

Even Zhang Han nodded.

“Normally speaking, thats the case.

If one absorbs natural precious materials again before the first batch is fully digested, it will affect his foundation.”

“Youre sensible,” Sect Leader Jiang said calmly, “so give me an explanation.

I wont drink the Holy Spirit Water for free.

He molested my daughter in front of me, but Ill let him off this time.

Ill take my daughter back.”

“I havent finished yet,” Zhang Han said helplessly, “youre right, but the cultivation methods I gave him can support his current realm, and his foundation is not affected.”

“That has nothing to do with me.

Lets go.”

After saying that, Sect Leader Jiang forced Jiang Yanlan to leave with him.

Instructor Lius face stiffened.

He wanted to say something, but he couldnt.

Was Sect Leader Jiang breaking up an affectionate couple

“Go ahead.”

Zhang Han took out a bottle of Holy Spirit Water about the size of a mineral water bottle again, about half a kilogram.

His man flirted with the princess of a sect in some worldlet.

As the boss, Zhang Han had to support him, and he was not stingy to his men.

Instructor Liu was also aware of the value of the Holy Spirit Water.

At this moment, he was moved and speechless, so he stood at the table in a daze.

“Hurry up.

Are you gonna watch Sect Leader Jiang leave the no-fly zone and fly away” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile.

“Yes, yes, yes! Thank you, boss.”

Instructor Liu collected himself, took a deep breath, and ran after them with the bottle of Holy Spirit Water.

“Will it work” The Third Elder curled his lips.

“It stands a good chance.

No one can resist the temptation of the Holy Spirit Water.

If there is, then two bottles should be okay.” Dong Chen chuckled.

Sure enough!

Instructor Liu ran back with excitement written all over his face three minutes later.

“Haha, boss, he took it.

Uncle Jiang took the Holy Spirit Water and asked me to go to the Shuiyun Sect to accept a challenge tomorrow.

If I can go up the mountain, hell give me a chance.”


Noticing Instructor Lius joyful look, Zhang Guangyou and the others didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Going up the mountain Are you kidding me”

“It means you dont stand a chance.

Humph! I think the man surnamed Jiang is lying, isnt he” The Third Elder snorted with dissatisfaction.

“No, no.” Instructor Liu quickly added, “He said that he would send some martial artists in the God Realm from his sect to stop me.

Im at the God Realm Medium-stage, and hell send some disciples at the middle and late stages of the God Realm.

If I can pass the test, I can get the chance.

I think theres a good chance!”

“Its not that simple.”

Dong Chen shook his head slightly.

“However, if you fight with the help of treasures, you may have a chance.”

“The opportunity is for those who are prepared.

How about this, Uncle Dong, lend me dozens of divine weapons.

Instructor Liu, Ill teach you a method.

You can master it within a day and pass the test.”

After saying that, Zhang Han ran to play with Mengmeng.

“Alright then.

Lets put those dozens of divine weapons into use.

Third Elder, you should make a trip and personally escort them tomorrow.”


The Third Elder nodded slightly, and the matter was settled.

In the pet area, Mengmeng and Wang Yihan played for a while, and their foreheads were covered with sweat.

Seeing Zhang Han walking over, Wang Jiawen smiled and said, “Mr.

Zhang, will you or Miss Zi go there tomorrow Its June 1st tomorrow.

You cant fool Mengmeng in this parent-child sports meeting.

I participated in it last time, but I didnt have a good performance.

As a result, my chubby daughter got angry.”

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