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“Lets go together tomorrow and see what events there will be by then.” Zhang Han smiled and added with great interest, “This is my first time to attend a parent-child sports meeting.”

“Some people always find it boring, but I feel that Mr.

Zhang… will definitely not.

A successful man like you is too rare.”

Wang Jiawen looked at Wang Yihan.

After chatting with Zhang Han for five minutes, he called Wang Yihan to go home.

Mengmeng had a good time.

When she returned to the castle, she took a shower with Zi Yan happily.

Under the expectation of the little princess, the parent-child sports meeting was coming.

“PaPa, are we going to win”

Mengmeng was wearing sportswear and holding her parents hands with her head held high, but she asked Zhang Han out of habit.

“Of course were going to win.

My daughter is so awesome, isnt she”

“Uh-huh.” Mengmengs lips curved into a smile.

“PaPa is the best.”

“Not necessarily.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhang Han helplessly and added, “Mengmeng, everything is possible, and we wont win every time.

If we lose, its normal.

Its said that failure is the mother of success.

It means that after experiencing failure, well find the way to success through reflection.”

“Huh” Mengmeng couldnt understand it at all.

She understood the literal meaning but did not quite understand the reason.

She and her classmates, who were five years old or so, began to have ideas of their own.

However, Lu Guo said that it was rare to see such a well-behaved girl like Mengmeng.

“PaPa, did MaMa say that we wont win” Mengmeng pouted slightly as if she was unhappy.

Zhang Han immediately replied, “No.

Who says we cant win Mengmeng is so incredible, and well surely win.

Even Dad is afraid to hinder you.”

Mengmeng muttered vaguely, “Youre wrong, PaPa.

Youre not dull at all, and you wont hinder me.

Even if you do, I dont mind…”

Her words made Zhang Han burst into laughter, but as soon as he laughed, he felt the beauty beside him rolling her eyes at him.

Zi Yans eyes seemed to be saying, “What do you mean Youre deliberately speaking contrary to me, arent you Stop talking about winning.

Can you make Mengmeng win every time Do you know that if she develops such a habit, she will be discouraged if she loses later”


Zhang Han gave a silly laugh and didnt refute it.

Nevertheless, he was thinking secretly.

“Isnt it what I should do to make my daughter win for life”

He didnt care so much as long as Mengmeng was happy.

Zi Yan was both angry and amused.

In the end, she sighed helplessly.

“I cant let it go on like this.

Now the father and daughter are of one mind.” If someone asked Mengmeng who she was afraid of at home, Zi Yan knew the answer without careful thinking.

“Thats not what I thought.

Why did I become the one who disciplines the child at home

“Its all this b*stards fault.”

For a moment, Zi Yan felt a bit angry.

She knew that if she didnt discipline Mengmeng, Mengmeng would do whatever she wanted with her father.

“Welcome all the students and parents to the parent-child sports meeting of this year.

Our school was founded…”

The chairman of the board, Luo Shan, went up to the stage and made a speech, but he kept his eyes fixed on the place where the fifth class of the middle class was.

After his speech, the sports meeting began.

The parent-child sports meeting was a sports competition jointly completed by parents and children.

The first one was the 100-meter three-legged race.

On the lawn, Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han and Mengmeng, who left the others far behind.

In particular, Zhang Han followed Mengmengs rhythm and kept kicking his legs.

The corners of Zi Yans mouth stiffened.

There was no doubt that they won first place.

“Wow! PaPa, we won first place!”

Mengmeng smiled, so did Zhang Han.

“Mengmeng is impressive.”

In the second event, the parents had to use three red bricks to put a road forward, while the children were going to walk along the 50-meter-long road paved with bricks.

What happened to Mengmeng

She seemed to be walking on the flat ground.

She was walking leisurely, accompanied by Zhang Han, who was moving his arms swiftly.

The two left the others far behind again and attracted too much attention.

“What the f*ck The parent over there is impressive.”

“Theyre so fast and are about to reach the finish line.

Yet the other teams have only covered more than 10 meters.”

“I bet they have practiced before.”

“Bro, wait for us.

At least save us some dignity!”

While the other parents were watching the fun, the parents behind Zhang Han were both anxious and aggrieved.

They had put in a lot of effort, but why were the father and daughter so excellent


In the backup group, Zi Yan patted her forehead and sighed.

“Im left speechless by my husband.”

What a headache!

“Hahahaha, nice!”

Luo Shan sat on the rostrum and looked in the direction of the father and daughter.

He couldnt help cheering.

“Great, they won again!”

Luo Shan was gratified as he saw Mengmeng being lifted over Zhang Hans head and the father and daughter cheering.

“MaMa, MaMa, why didnt you cheer for us”

After returning to the rest zone, Mengmeng got close to Zi Yan and said proudly, “MaMa, PaPa and I have won first place twice.

Would you like to join me later Im capable…”

“Me” Zi Yan looked at Mengmeng, who was delighted, and the corners of her mouth moved.

In the end, she said, “Youd better play with your dad.

Ill cheer for you later.”

“Forget it, forget it.

Our purpose is to have fun.

Let her play with her dad.

If I join her, Im not sure we can win.”

“Our daughter is awesome, isnt she” Zhang Han raised his eyebrows at Zi Yan.

Zi Yan rolled her eyes at him in response.

Then, with her eyes, she signaled to him that he would have to sleep on the sofa tonight if he dared to provoke her again.

Zhang Han behaved himself all of a sudden.

In less than two minutes, Wang Yihan, Martin, and Li Muen all ran over.

“Wow, Mengmeng, your father and you are so formidable.”

“Youre really amazing.

You won first place.”

“Im number one, too.”

“The last one.”


Mengmeng enjoyed the praise from her classmates and smiled proudly.

They were playing games merrily.

Over there, the Third Elder personally led a team composed of all the members of the security group, Wang Xiaowu, Yun Feiyang, and Chen Changqing.

They took the plane to the northeast early in the morning.

When the plane landed in the Ice City, a small number of people, including Gai Xingkong and Gai Rulong, also arrived.

A total of more than 100 people went to the Mystical Martial World in a mighty manner.

“Eh Why are there so many people here”

“The Third Elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect leads a team to the Mystical Martial World.


“Is he going to start a war with some sect No, if he really wants to fight, he cant bring so many Grand Masters with him.”

“They must have something to do.”


There were a few people at the entrance.

When they saw this scene, they quickly got out of the way with surprised and doubtful looks.

When the group led by the Third Elder entered the Mystical Martial World in a mighty fashion, these people hurried to follow them, ready to watch the fun.

“Their target is the Shuiyun Sect!”

“What are they going to do”

The group arrived at the gate of the Shuiyun Sect.

The sects protective formation hadnt been activated yet, and a straight, long path could be seen ahead.

The mountain path was roughly 1,000 meters long.

There was one person every 50 meters, and there were a total of 20 martial artists in the God Realm.

At the highest point, Sect Leader Jiang stood there with a calm face.

“If you want to pursue my daughter, come to me first!”

“Hahaha, father-in-law, please wait!”

At this moment, Instructor Liu was full of confidence.

He laughed out loud and stepped forward.

Jiang Yanlan was very popular in the sect.

She was good-looking and always wore leather clothes.

Those with weak willpower were aroused at first glance of her hot figure.

However, most people who behaved this way were ordinary people.

The rules of the sect were strict, and those disciples could control themselves.

Now, many people felt upset when they heard that someone was going to pursue the Eldest Lady.

“Youre digging your own grave!”

“Dont let him pass even one test today!”


The young disciples of the Shuiyun Sect shouted angrily.

Unexpectedly, the man in the first round, who was at the God Realm Medium-stage, shook his head slightly.

When he saw the person in front of the crowd, he looked a little excited.

“Immortal King! Immortal King Chen!”

“Swoosh!” He quickly flew to the front and took out a pen and a piece of paper.

“Immortal King, you are my idol.

Can you give me an autograph”

“Ah Oh, okay.”

Chen Changqing was stunned at first, and then he couldnt help laughing and wrote his signature with the pen.

The disciple went back with satisfaction.

Sect Leader Jiangs face turned deathly pale as he saw this.

An elder next to him shouted angrily, “Shame on you! Tang Jie, come back!”

“Ill start fighting right away.

Dont get angry.”

The first young disciple put away the signature and couldnt help muttering secretly, “Our sect leader even allowed that man to attack the mountain gate.

Didnt he acquiesce in this matter He just sent us here to put on an act.

Its estimated that if I beat that man back later, he will beat me half-dead any time soon.

Well, I cant do it seriously.

I just need to go through the motions.”

“Come on!

“Damn it!

“Big brother, be gentle!”

In the beginning, Tang Jie looked aggressive.

He wanted to act more seriously, and his face was full of killing intent.

But the next second, when he saw that there were 12 divine weapons on Instructor Lius hands, feet, and head, he was petrified.

He pulled out his sword and went up to fight.

Three seconds later, he retreated helplessly.

“Well… your divine weapons are formidable.

I admit defeat.”

“Haha, next!”

Instructor Liu also knew that the other party didnt use all his might.

He smiled gratefully and rushed to the next opponent.

Since there were good ones, there were bad ones, like a Tai Chi Diagram, in which there was black in the white area and white in the black area.

Good and evil could not be easily defined because a sect was made up of many people and people were different.

The second opponent was somewhat gloomy.

His heart was filled with killing intent, and he attacked mercilessly.

Nonetheless, Instructor Liu was not weak.

He was enraged and took back the more than a dozen divine weapons.

He fought him head-on with his own strength.

Seeing this, Jiang Yanlan was a bit worried.

She looked at the disciple of her sect with anger in her eyes.

Someone had told her that the disciple who was fighting had a crush on her.

Nevertheless, that shouldnt be a reason for him to beat his opponent up, should it

That was exactly the reason!

Jiang Yanlan didnt realize that sometimes love just popped up.

She, too, liked Instructor Liu deep inside.

She often recalled the scene when Instructor Liu was facing that crisis.

He resolutely stepped forward, ready to face death.

At last, he laughed domineeringly and said, “Although I, Liu Qi, am dead, I am still one of the Five-Tiger Generals.”

That scene made Jiang Yanlans heart tremble.

She didnt expect him to be so persistent deep inside.

“Perhaps many disciples in those worldlets would choose to flee.”

Jiang Yanlan shook her head secretly.

She didnt notice that Sect Leader Jiang, who stood beside her, frowned slightly.

He wanted to know whether Instructor Lius status in the Heavenly Knights Sect was high and whether Zhang Hanyang cared about him.

To his surprise, Instructor Liu showed up with 12 divine weapons, which explained a lot in itself.

He faintly accepted him.

Nonetheless, he had never expected that the second disciple would actually have dealt his opponent fatal blows in succession.

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