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“Is it that the Dark Shadow Clan here lacks the inheritance of the Spirit Battle Methods”

“This is likely the case.”

The Spirit Battle Methods could also be viewed as the battle skills of the soul sense.

In the Dark Shadow Clan, martial arts were very popular.

But as they only focused on studying pure martial arts, the combat capability of the people in the middle and lower levels was not powerful.

Therefore, some of the ancestors of the Dark Shadow Clan had come up with their ways to comprehend some Spirit Battle Methods.

The so-called Spirit Battle Methods were ways to cultivate spiritual force that would help the middle-level martial artists hone their secret martial skills and make up for their strength.

Zhang Han had also seen several sets of Spirit Battle Methods, which were designed specifically to assist the cultivation method of the Dark Shadow Clan.

He didnt expect that City Lord, Si Nan, was also trying to comprehend such methods.

It was just that with his current strength, it was certainly difficult for him to grasp these methods.

Perhaps he could comprehend a couple of trifling moves, but he was never going to understand a whole set of Spirit Battle Methods.

It was also because of the difficulty in this task that Si Nan felt that it might be the second way that he could take to go back to the Kings Domain.

As long as he could figure some of the methods out, it would be a great achievement.

But why was it so difficult

After so many years of study, Si Nan was still not getting any progress.

He didnt know what to do.

Seeing this, Zhang Hans eyes suddenly gleamed, and he had some ideas in his mind.

Then, he continued to do the cleaning as other servants did.

After that, the group returned to their residence.

When they had barely had half an hour of rest—

The supervisor came again and said with a sullen face,

“Mair, well, Ive asked you to clean up such important places.

But why did you still do a lousy job”

“Youve had your chances, but you didnt cherish them.”

The supervisor sneered and said, “I just talked to Lord Moss about this.

We both think that youre no longer competent to be the team leader.

We now order you to go to the east gate and guard the East Garden from tomorrow on.”

As soon as these words came out, the expressions of some of Mairs subordinates changed greatly.

No one had thought that the supervisor would be so ruthless as to send Mair to guard the East Garden, which was basically a job for the retired.

It was similar to the job of a night watchman in the secular world.

Mair was still quite young.

If he was sent to the East Garden… his career would be severely suppressed.

But to their surprise, Mair smiled after hearing this news.

“I dont mind.”

“What did you say”

The supervisors eyes widened and he was also a little dizzy.

As if he had missed the target and hit the air, he felt particularly irked.

His face turned sterner.

He snorted and ordered, “Go to the East Garden tomorrow.”

Then, he took out a token and handed it to Zhang Han.

“Why tomorrow Ill go there tonight.”

Zhang Han chuckled.

“Its great.

Ive been sent to the East Garden right after I got everything done.

Ill find a way to get out after I go there.”

Of course, others didnt know that Mair had been replaced.

Seeing his attitude, they were a little confused.

“No way Youre too hard on yourself.

Instead of pleading for mercy, you voluntarily asked to go there early”

“Is there something wrong with your head”

“Haha, good, good.”

The supervisor threw Mair a fierce look and turned to leave.

He was about to explode with anger.

Night fell very quickly.

Of course, although the sky was still dusky, the people in the Ancient Mine had long been used to it.

They felt that it was the normal world, which had no blue sky or white clouds.

Nor had they never seen such beautiful scenery.

So, they did not feel that they had missed anything.

The people in Dragon Scale City took a rest one after another.

The nightlife was only a brief time for them to vent their anger.


All of a sudden, a muffled sound of explosion spread out of City Lords mansion.

There was a sudden buzz in the holy hall and the herb garden.

The energy fluctuations swept across the field were strikingly violent.

In the two places, the faces of the four Guardians changed drastically, and they quickly flew out to check.

The moment they saw what happened, their eyes almost fell out of their sockets.

Over the pool of the Holy Spirit Water in the holy hall, and on the highest position in the herb garden where eight six-grade treasures and many five-grade and four-grade treasures lay, a whirlpool suddenly appeared and sucked everything in in the blink of an eye.


“How is this possible”

“What happened”

Under their horrified gazes, the pool of the Holy Spirit Water was emptied, and the top of the herb garden became completely bleak.

“Its gone! Its all gone!”

The scene sent a chill down the bodies of the guards.

How could those things disappear right under their noses

“What should we do”

“His Lordship!”

A guard cried out in grief.


Suddenly, an incomparably strong aura rose from the back garden.

Si Nan, City Lord of Dragon Scale City, flew over in an instant.

At the sight of the scene in front of him, he frowned and tried to feel something.

The next moment, his face turned livid.

There was no drop of the Holy Spirit Water left, and the high-level treasures in the herb garden were all gone.


“Who did this”

Si Nans face was full of ferocity.

He had the impulse to kill someone, and he almost couldnt hold it back.

“Ten seconds ago, the treasures were still there.

All of a sudden, there was an unusual movement and the treasures just vanished.

I dont know what happened exactly.

But even if someone did some trick, he would have no way to get out of Dragon Scale City.

Its just that we didnt see anything, so we didnt know the truth.”

“Your Lordship, weve done everything we could to guard the treasures.

This time, it really has nothing to do with us.”

“This is too weird.

All those treasures simply disappeared in a trice.

Could it be someone in the Kings Domain who did this Maybe they want to get rid of the Dragon Scale City”


Hearing their words, Si Nan gritted his teeth, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath.

Then, he snarled, “Truth! Find the truth!”


After that, Si Nan rose into the air.

The incomparably strong energy instantly covered the entire Dragon Scale City.

On the city wall, all kinds of lights were flashing.

The city was completely locked down.

It had been years since the Dragon Scale Citys Grand Formation had been activated.

Turning on the formation would cost quite an amount of energy, but Si Nan didnt care.

He had a vague feeling that this was again the work of the enemy who invaded last time.

He made up his mind to catch him this time.


Si Nan leaped to the air and quickly left the city.

He started to search the area nearby.

Along the way, he slaughtered all the living creatures he encountered, whether they were fierce beasts, Dark Warriors, or even the secular martial artists.

“Lets go!”

The four guards gnashed their teeth and sent out hundreds of people to investigate the case from the inside of City Lords Mansion to the outside.

For a while, the entire Dragon Scale City was in a state of panic.

However, Zhang Han leisurely made his way from his residence to the holy hall.

His identity had changed again.

Now, he was a disciple of the Holy Hall.

He came to the pool of the Holy Spirit Water and took out a Space Ring from the part of the statue shaped like a crocodiles mouth.

Then he went to the herb garden and picked up another Space Ring from an inconspicuous corner.

This time, Zhang Han had played the hat trick in magic.

Although it seemed that there were no rings in the two places, one would see the rings once the covers were removed.

If Si Nans soul sense was stronger than Zhang Hans, he would have definitely sensed that underneath this image of normalcy, an invisible force had been harvesting the spiritual herbs and the Holy Spirit Water.

It completely proved the fact that there would be no difficulty in the world if one set his mind on it.

It was not a waste of time for Zhang Han to prepare for two months.

After getting the two Space Rings, Zhang Han thought for a while, looked sideways, and murmured, “Top-grade Crystal Palace…”

That was the core of the Dragon Scale City.

Thousands of top-grade crystals were there, which was also a huge fortune.

It was a pity that this was not the right thing to do.

After considering for a moment, Zhang Han left the Holy Hall.

Having disguised as Mair, he went to the East Garden and showed the guards his token.

Then, he walked into the garden, sat cross-legged on a tree, and slowly closed his eyes.


Si Nan, City Lord of Dragon Scale City, now felt a little tired.

He was mentally tired.

He had put all the defense in place.

Yet, the treasures in Dragon Scale City had been stolen again.

If something were to happen to the Top-grade Crystal Palace, then the Dragon Scale City would really go bankrupt.

But even if that would not happen, now that the herb garden and the Holy Spirit Water had been emptied, it would also have a huge impact on the city.

“Who on earth is it”

After killing some people out of the spleen, he calmed down a little.

In the face of such a blow, he was already a little dispirited.

Si Nan was completely dumbfounded at the situation.

In the vicinity of Dragon Scale City, he slaughtered people within a radius of 100 miles before returning to Dragon Scale City.

The investigation continued, but Si Nan knew that he might not be able to find anything.

“Who could it be”

“Could it really be someone from the Kings Domain”

“My brother, Lord Liu, has quite a few enemies.

Even so, they would never come to the Outer Domain to deal with Dragon Scale City, would they Even if Dragon Scale City was destroyed, what good would that do to them Could it be that they deliberately want to make Lord Liu suffer”

Sitting in a chair in the hall, Si Nan started to contemplate.

Abruptly, his expression changed, and his eyes became cold and sharp.


With a swift leap, he quickly came to the practice room.

This was the place where he usually meditated to study the Spirit Battle Methods.

Why was there someone else here


Si Nans expression faded.

He could tell that the person in front of him was a subordinate working in the Holy Hall.

He was standing in front of the pictures that he had drawn based on his comprehension.

How could a lowly subordinate dare to swagger in here

It was time to announce his death.

Si Nan didnt even bother to tell him.

But when he was ready to make a move, surprisingly, the subordinate broke the silence first.

“Your Lordship, your comprehension of the Spirit Battle Methods is extremely lame.”

As he spoke, the subordinate in silver armor pointed at the pictures on the wall and proceeded, “This little bit of insight doesnt even serve as a smattering.”


Si Nan furrowed.

Just as he was about to get angry, he suddenly calmed down.

He laughed at himself and remarked, “Youve toyed with the Dragon Scale City twice in a row.

Youre good.

Even I had never thought that I would be tricked in this way and suffer such a loss one day.

Well, who the hell are you”

“Is that important”

His former subordinate turned around and looked at him calmly.

Si Nan found it sort of weird.

He wanted to whack him to death, but he restrained himself.

“Yes, very important.”

Si Nan shook his head slightly and said, “In fact, there are only a few possibilities.

Since you can actually use this kind of battle method, you are unlikely to be a person in the Kings Domain.

You may be a martial artist in the Outer Domain in that martial artists in the Outer Domain are good at using soul power.

There are many factions in the Outer Domain.

There are the worldlets, the secular world, the relics world, and the Kunlun Immortal World.

There are many colorful worlds.

Unfortunately, in those worlds, the cultivation resources are the only thing that is scarce.

Otherwise, a small potato like you would never have come to my Dragon Scale City to steal resources.

Am I right Are you a martial artist from the Outer Domain”

“Its not hard to guess.”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “If it was in the past, I might tease you for fun.

But now, I really dont have much time, so I cant waste it.

Ill cut to the chase.

I can perfect the comprehension on the wall and make a complete Spirit Battle Method out of it.”


In an instant, Si Nans face altered.

First, he turned pale, and then he was a little shocked.

In the end, he became uncertain.

In a cold voice, he said, “If youre joking…”

“Then Ill hunt you down.”

“But I dont know where he lives, do I”

Si Nan felt as if something was stuck in his throat.

He couldnt finish his words and felt a little wronged.

It was not an exaggeration to say that he felt injured.

He never knew that he would be bullied like this one day.

“I wont admit my defeat!”

But there was nothing he could do.

“Really” Si Nan suddenly asked.


Zhang Han found it funny.

With a wave of his right hand, some horizontal and vertical lines appeared on the wall, constantly perfecting the patterns Si Nan had drawn.

Staring at the patterns, Si Nans countenance altered again, and he quickly closed his eyes to comprehend.

When he opened his eyes, his eyes were extremely bright.

It was real!

“Studying the Spirit Battle Methods is indeed the right way!”

“How wonderful the energy the methods produce is!”

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