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Chapter 881 Who Is He

“It cant be!”

He took out his phone to make a call.

At the same time, his face fell.

“If it really is Mr.

Zhang, I can only say that they must be blind.”

He called and in less than one minute, Qian Li and the other two walked out.

Qian Li still looked grumpy.

His wife immediately snapped.

“Theyve gone too far.

Xiao Han, that table, the three by the window.

Teach them a good lesson.”


Ye Hans voice was shrill and at the same time shaking a little.

“The, the third window”

“Yes, those scumb…”

Before she finished.

“Fuck you!”

A curse rang out and Ye Han suddenly gave a kick.

The two parents werent exempted but Ye Han didnt take notice of Qian Chao; he didnt care for hitting children.

However, the scene not only dumbfounded Qian Li and his wife but also left Qian Chao crying out loud.

Ye Han said coldly, “In the future, dont contact the Ye family for anything.

All of our cooperation has been canceled!”

Looking at the dazed Qian Li on the ground, he bent his head slightly down and said coldly, “I dont care if you have a death wish, you cant make other people do the same.

Do you know who youve offended Hehe, youd better pray that he isnt angry right now, or I promise that youll end up headless.”


Ye Han used to belong to the underground world and had seen blood before, so his cold eyes sent a chill down Qian Lis spine.

At that time, Qian Li was truly afraid.

He nodded obediently, not daring to speak a word.

Ye Han smirked and motioned for his men to leave.

When he was getting into the car, he bowed slightly and waved in the direction of Zhang Han.

Zhang Han could of course see all that, but he didnt care.

Sometimes, when dealing with people like Qian Li, he only needed to express an attitude which enabled many people to act on their own.

“Why did he hit us Why did he hit us That son of a bitch!”

Qian Lis wife questioned.

“Wont you call Patriarch Ye”

Qian Li then quickly called Patriarch Ye but the line was busy.

Noticing that many people were looking in their direction, they quickly got into the car and fled from there.

Three minutes later, Qian Li dialed Patriarch Yes number again.

This time, he was put through.

However, before he asked, Patriarch Ye said in a distant and cold voice, “Qian Li, youre just a nobody.

You cant do anything but are putting on airs.

Ye Han just taught you a lesson.

Our cooperation ends today.

Whenever your company replaces you with another CEO, Ill consider resuming the cooperation.”

“What, what did you say”

Qian Li was dazed, feeling that something was wrong.

He drove home, lost in thoughts; anxiety was growing strong inside of him.

“Im going to the company.”

Finally, he ignored his upset wife and headed for the company.

While he was walking to the office, he felt strange looks from passersby.

“What is it”

Finally, he saw his assistant and asked, “Did anything happen while I was away”

“Er, President Qian, youre just in time.

The board of directors is all here receiving an important guest in the conference room.

You should go take a look.”

“All of them are here”

Qian Li frowned.

There were five people on the board of directors; he was close with two of them.

If anything happened, they would inform him as soon as possible.

Therefore, he went to the conference room and saw all five members of the board of directors.

They were all catching up with a young man; enthusiasm on their faces was something Qian Li had seen for the first time in his life.

After he walked in, the smiles faded away.

“Director Li, Director Ma…”

He took the initiative to greet them.

“You dont have to call us that.”

Director Ma, who he had been close with, flung a document to somewhere on the table near Qian Li.

“The board of directors has decided that you, Qian Li, are no longer the CEO of the company.”


Something exploded in Qian Lis head.

He asked, “Why!”

“People have to do the right things.”

Director Ma smiled and said, “Qian Li, youve done your job well.

A heavy workload has made you neglect your education at home.

So, we decided to make you leave the office.

In this way, you can spend more time with your wife and child.

Youre smart.

I think you know what I mean.

How can you manage a company if you cant even manage your son well”

“Lao Ma, youre being too gentle.”

Another member of the board of directors smirked.

“Qian Li, let me tell you the truth.

Now, in all of Xiangjiang, no big company dares to work with you.

The Luo family, Chu family, Hu family, Ma family, Zhao family, and Sun family all gave such a signal.

Congratulations, youre blocked out.

While you still have some money left, go start a new business in another city.”


Qian Li wobbled.

He closed his eyes, what happened today flashed across his mind.

“I got interrupted.

I needed to go to the school to handle an affair.

My son snatched someones toy.

He said something unpleasant and got kicked.

With my uncle, I wasnt afraid at all.

The other party didnt pleadingly apologize, so I was mad and told him that he shouldnt offend someone he couldnt afford to.

“Yes, I shouldnt offend someone I couldnt afford to.”

He realized.

This was all because of that man…

“Its like Ive walked across the gate of hell.

“Qian Chao was kicked.

How wasnt that brat kicked to death!”

Qian Li was furious inside.

“Ive spoiled him.

Its all because Ive spoiled him!”

“Alright, thank you for meeting me.

Ive got other things to do, so Ill be off now.”

The man who spoke was Zhao Feng and he stood up immediately.

The five directors all rose to see him off.

Qian Li jerked his eyes opened, looked at Zhao Feng, and asked, “Who is he”

Zhao Feng lightly answered, “You dont deserve to know him yet.”

The sentence actually made the board of directors secretly happy.

“Were qualified to know him, so were something too!”

Seeing that Qian Li seemed to have aged a few years in an instant, Zhao Feng slightly shook his head and sighed.

“You chose this.

No matter what, you gotta take this.

Painful, isnt it There are some people you cant mess with.

Actually, if you admitted your mistake on your own, things wouldnt have turned out like this.

Regret it Too bad, its no use crying over spilt milk.

Dont even think about revenge because that will really lead to deaths.”

After saying that, Zhao Feng strode out of the conference room; the five directors followed closely, none of them looking at Qian Li.

It was a cruel world.

Qian Li went back home in a trance.

He didnt see that brat, otherwise, he might explode.

He sat in the study smoking, feeling a little numb.

However, less than two hours later, his phone rang.

He wasnt in the mood for a phone call.

Ring, ring, ring…

However, the phone kept ringing and it annoyed him.

He picked up the phone and was about to fling it away.

Nevertheless, when he saw the name on the screen, he gritted his teeth, took a deep breath, and picked up.

“Xiao Li, your uncle suddenly received an inspection.

Go call Director Ma at your company.

Ask if he can get some insider to find out the reason.”


There was a droning voice in his mind.

“Uncle, Uncle didnt do anything excessive.

He should be fine, he should be fine.”

It was like he was comforting himself.

Qian Li hung up, looking blank in the eyes.

“What kind of horror did I provoke”

He knew clearly that though his uncle didnt do anything terribly wrong, he might still make some small mistakes.

At some point, those mistakes would be blown up.

When it rains, it pours.

Two hours later, he received another piece of news from Dongli Elementary School…

At eight oclock that night.

In the Dongli Elementary School conference room, all people stayed, including the supporting team.

They were all complaining.

They should have been off work at five oclock but waited until eight oclock.

It was not that no one was angry.

Shortly before, two people wanted to leave, one of them being a vice director; the principal immediately fired them.

It was no use even though they pleaded, making everyone finally realize that Dongli Elementary School had a storm coming.

As expected.

At eight oclock, a dozen people trotted in.

They were Luo Shan and his men who had just made it back.

He didnt look happy when the principal went to receive him.

He stood at the podium and sounded cold.

“Im Luo Shan.”

“Im here to tell you a few things.

First, Im the only director of Dongli Elementary School, holding 100% shares.

“Why am I here Im here because of a man.

His child wants to attend the elementary school, so Im here.

But some people are just blind, arent they Director Yan Yan Ying

“I cant stop you from sucking up to people, but there should be a limit.

You cant even be **ing fair.”

While saying that, Luo Shan was angry and his tone was terrifying.

“Everything should be fair.

If you had been fair, there might still be a chance.

But now, thanks to the two surnamed Yan, I found that Ive been too soft toward some things.

Now Ill fire a few people at Dongli Elementary School.

They are Director of Studies Yan Ying, staff Yan Ying, the director of the supporting team Wang Defa, Vice-Principal Hu Yong, staff Ma Ke…”

Luo Shan named nearly twenty people.

Then, those who were named couldnt sit still any longer.

“How could you”

The vice-principal rushed up.

“Even if you hold 100% of the shares, you have to go under the Education Bureaus rules.

Change of staff needs to be reported.

You have no right to fire us.”

Director Yan stood up to question.

“Thats right! What right do you have The school isnt your personal plaything.”

When the others saw this, they echoed, “Talking about being fair.

Arent you being unfair in this way You fired so many people so suddenly.

What a joke.”

Luo Shan remained silent toward the protest.

After three minutes, when they were almost finished, Luo Shan smirked.

“Say it, go on.”

The crowd was still silent.

“Im Luo Shan from the Luo family.

Even if Im being unfair, you can go find your own benefactors.

I dont care.

You want to threaten me with the Education Bureau Look carefully, this is the approval document.

Not only for those people, but also you, you, you…”

Luo Shan remembered some of those who had spoken and named another eight people.

“You dont have to come to work tomorrow.”

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Many people below the podium changed their faces dramatically.

Those in charge of the supporting work, cleaning work, or the canteens work all stayed silent and didnt say anything; they just stood and watched because this kind of thing really didnt have much to do with them.

At first, they were also upset that they had to wait here.

Now, the feeling just faded away because they were grateful for not being named.

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