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The list included the names of the four teachers who had been teaching classes.

The male and female teachers who sat next to each other exchanged glances and both found shock in each others eyes.

“Is it that man”

The female teacher mumbled.

Zhang Hans figure flashed in her mind.

It was the only thing that had happened in the office today, and that man was the only one who had remained calm from start to finish.

As for Qian Li

He didnt seem able to do much; unlike the revered Luo family who was much better than Qian Li.

“Well, people really know how to hide their real strength.

“How does that pretty girl have such a badass father”

“The rest of you, dont think its over.”

Luo Shan waited until everyone fell silent before adding, “Youll all have a month of probation.

Those who fail will all be fired.

I want a high-class school, not somewhere you can compare your benefactors.

If you can do it, you stay.

Thats all I have to say.

Meeting adjourned.”

Then, Luo Shan left with his men and hurried to a cafe in the Western District.

Walking into a booth, he saw a pretty young lady sitting there.

“Director Luo.”

Seeing Luo Shan coming over, Lu Guo rose, smiled, and greeted him.



Luo Shan smiled and motioned for her to sit down.

When the two both sat down, he asked, “What do you think of Saint Kindergarten”

“Its great.

It has a good atmosphere and the teachers get along with each other,” Lu Guo answered straightforwardly, “I had an internship once at an elementary school, and Ill leave out the schools name.

Anyway, it had a bad vibe.

I told my friend that and she said it was normal.

Then I came to Saint Kindergarten and I felt great about the kids, the teachers, and the environment.”

“You had an internship at an elementary school”

Luo Shans eyes lit up as he asked, “What did you teach Were you a lead teacher”

“I was an intern.

How could I be a lead teacher” Lu Guo burst into laughing.

“I taught English.”

“Oh, thats good experience.”

Luo Shan grinned widely, which froze Lu Guos face.


“Is he hitting on me”

Lu Guo subconsciously looked somewhere nearby, outside the booth.

“My grandpa is here.

Hes stronger now.

If Director Luo has some idea on me, Grandpa will knock him out.

“Do I need to remind him of that

“I see theres a need.”

“Well, Director Luo, my grandpa is waiting for me outside.

I wonder why you want to see me.”

“Your grandpa is outside” Luo Shan was a little surprised and then smiled.

“Ask him to come in.

Im only here to talk about an open matter with you.”

“Theres no need.

What is it, Director Luo”

“I want you to lead a class in Dongli Elementary School,” said Luo Shan.


Lu Guo froze.

“Lead a class But I dont have experience.

It takes six years to lead a class in an elementary school.”

“That doesnt matter.

Youll gain experience while youre doing it.

And with your ability, youre totally capable of teaching a few subjects.

You can teach whichever you want.

And there are also two students you know, Zhang Yumeng and Li Muen.”

“Them” Lu Guo blinked, not knowing how to decide.

At that time, a voice rang out near them.

“That guy wants you to babysit Zhang Hanyangs kid.”

“Why did you come in, Grandpa” Lu Guo was dazed.

“Its okay.

If you go to Dongli, Ill have to be a cleaner in Dongli.

That guys smart.

Im sure he can figure out something.” Lu Xiong casually pointed at Luo Shan.


Luo Shan felt a little surprised.

“This guy seems to be a cleaner at my school.”

He looked at his men, only to find the two Wu Dao Grand Masters not daring to move a muscle.

Something was wrong.

“May I know your name”

Luo Shan rose and cupped his hands.

“Im her grandpa.” Lu Xiong sat next to Lu Guo and said informally, “Of course, you can also call me one of Zhang Hanyangs old friends.

I really respect Zhang Hanyang.

With his help, Im now at God Realm Late-stage.”


Luo Shan slowly rounded his eyes.

“What the… Lu Guos grandpa is in God Realm and he has cleaned my school for a few years”

At that moment, Luo Shan couldnt find anything proper to say.

This society really had some hidden experts.

You could run into some amazing people on the street.

In the martial arts world, being in God Realm was already very impressive; most of the Grand Masters and expert talents all went to worldlets to cultivate their skills.

With Lu Xiong there, the schools safety would be…


Luo Shan chuckled wryly, not knowing what to say at that moment.

He looked at the upset and helpless Lu Guo and smiled.

“Youre lucky to have such a grandpa.

Help me with this.

I really cant trust others to be Mengmengs lead teacher.

Today something happened and some senseless people at the school almost expelled Mengmeng.

It really scared me.”

“Ha ha ha.”

Lu Xiong burst into laughing.

“Did something like that really happen Ive been watching over Mengmeng every day.

Shes a good girl.

I suppose someone wanted to bully her but instead got bullied”

“Yeah, something like that.”

Luo Shan saw that Lu Guo was still hesitating so he added, “Of course, I wont let you do it for nothing.

Ill buy you an apartment, no, two adjacent apartments in the Eastern District.

Ill increase your welfare ten times.

Lu Guo, dont you decline that.

The Luo family has money.

What matters most is our friendship.”

Luo Shan was just going to repay Lu Guo for her help; moreover, he hit the jackpot for he discovered a God Realm Late-stage martial artist.

So, he appeared even more friendly.

Luo Shan also valued his relationships with God Realm martial artists.

After all, it was always good to befriend more people.

“But, Director Luo, Im just worried that I might mess up.

I like Mengmeng too.

But if she makes a mistake, Ill discipline her as well.

Ive done that a couple of times at the kindergarten.

If she gets mad at me for that, wont I be making trouble for you” said Lu Guo.

“Thats okay.

Ive talked about it with Zhang Hanyang after you disciplined her.

Gentle and positive education is no problem.

He does adore his child, but hes also reasonable.

Guo, dont worry.

Its rare to see such a good girl with such a high status.

Zhang Hanyang helped your grandpa a lot,” answered Lu Xiong.

“True.” Luo Shan quickly echoed.

“Ive thought about it for a long time.

Right now, only you are capable of this position.

We dont have to pull any strings so dont feel pressured.

Just teach her as you did in the kindergarten.


Zhang meant it clearly.

You just make sure Mengmeng doesnt get bullied or suffer in the school.

Ahem, Miss Zi also said that if she gets naughty, you should educate her according to the rules.”

“Okay, Ill go.”

Having made up her mind, Lu Guo stopped hesitating anymore.

She nodded with a smile.

“But I dont think apartments are necessary.

I dont want special treatment.”

“Eh Its not special treatment.

You know what Mr.

Zhang got a little angry today.

If he doesnt let Mengmeng attend our school anymore, well end up buying Dongli Elementary School for nothing, right You coming to our school will be of great help to the Luo family.

Just two apartments.

You know about the Luo family; all we have is money.

Its just a friendly gift.

If you dont want special treatment, then as I said, youll have an average salary and receive the rest of the bonus at the end of the year.”

“Well, I…”

Lu Guo blushed; she was a little embarrassed.

Lu Xiong couldnt bear to see that.

“Guo, this guy will have a free cleaner in God Realm Late-stage.

So what if he raises your salary”

“I didnt ask you to come.

You came on your own,” Lu Guo answered in a low voice.

“I care about you.

Youre over twenty and should be in a relationship.

What if some bad guy hits on you Im protecting you from bad guys.”


The conversation ended peacefully.

Lu Guo would still live in the Western District for now.

However, on that very night, Luo Shan had someone expedite the purchase of luxuriously furnished apartments.

Money talks.

He offered more so he soon bought two adjacent rooms.

When he returned to his place, it was almost half-past nine.

Luo Shan looked a little hesitant.

After a minute, he finally took out his phone to text Zhang Han on WeChat.


Zhang, are you asleep”


“My neglect led to what happened today.

Please dont take it to heart, Mr.


Qian Li has received the punishment he deserved.

His uncle also received an inspection.

Qian Chao was expelled; more than twenty people including the lead teacher Yan Ying, Director of Studies Yan Bin, and the vice-principal are fired.

Dongli Elementary School has always had some minor issues.

Now they have been properly handled.

I especially invited Lu Guo and shell work as Mengmengs lead teacher tomorrow.

Education for children is the most important.”

“Sure, thank you for your work.”

“Theres no need.

Please take a rest, Mr.



After the simple communication, Luo Shan heaved a long sigh of relief.

The teachers of Class One, Grade One were all elites in education.

Luo Shan personally invited them and also paid them generously.

Most of them were in their thirties.

Even the older ones were more experienced, he thought they might get stuck in the rules, so he changed his mindset a little bit this time.

For his relationship with Zhang Han, he really tried his best, thinking a lot about the details.

In Li Kais home.

His wife was complaining that he didnt even inform her of such an important matter.

Li Kai didnt think it was a big deal and Li Muen took it lightly too.

In the end, she was the only one fuming.

Then, at 9 p.m., the principal of Dongli called to ask Li Muen to go to the school tomorrow and at the same time informed Li Kai of something.

“Ha ha ha, see Ive told you Mr.

Zhang is more powerful than you think.

This time, many people in the school got fired.

And Lu Guo will be Mengmeng and Muens lead teacher…”

Li Kai was just wondering what Mr.

Zhangs attitude was; if Mr.

Zhang would transfer his daughter, then he would also have to look for the next school.

This time, their daughters happened to be in the same school, but he couldnt pester Mr.

Zhang for information about the school Mengmeng would go to.

He knew that while Mr.

Zhang didnt say much, the school still acted, and they acted lightning fast, handling the matter in one day.

In Mount New Moon.

In the castle, Zhang Han wasnt concerned about those trivial things.

Though Zi Yan felt helpless, it was not Mengmengs fault.

She simply reminded her a few times not to easily get aggressive, and Mengmeng earnestly promised her that.


Taking off his coat, Zhang Han got into the bed, slipped between the girl and her mom, and smiled.

“Guess whos going to be your new teacher tomorrow.”


Mengmengs big bright eyes stopped rolling, showing that she was thinking, but she couldnt guess.

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