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Mengmeng now called Zhang Han “Daddy” most of the time.

It seemed that she had come out of the time where she called him PaPa.

“Wow Youre so awesome, arent you”

“Well, not really,” Mengmeng mumbled.

After thinking for a few seconds, she said, “As the class monitor, Im the one in charge of the class.

Since Teacher Lu is not here, I cant let the classmates quarrel or fight.

Ill have work when there is an activity to organize.”


Zhang Han simmered with laughter.

He didnt expect Mengmeng to be appointed as the class monitor.

Anyhow, as long as his daughter was happy to take the position, he would let her.

Zhang Han was a father who acted at Mengmengs beck and call.

He readily did whatever Mengmeng said.

Now that Mengmeng was six years old and she seldom misbehaved, Zi Yan was more relieved when she hung out with Zhang Han.

She, instead, began to shift her focus on running the company.

Although Zhou Fei was already pregnant, she couldnt stand sitting back and doing nothing.

So, she frequently went to the company with Zi Yan, who now had faintly taken on the style of a CEO.

The carefree time always went fast.

Mengmeng quickly got used to her life at the elementary school in the first semester.

As the class monitor, she always had things to sort out.

But every day, she lived a fulfilling life.

After the fantastic journey over the winter vacation, the second semester of first grade started.

On Labour Day, Mengmeng, as the class monitor, personally led her classmates to clean a small area of the campus.

On the school sports day, which was the first day of June, Mengmeng won lots of games without effort.

But the next day after the school sports day, something happened to Zhang Han.

In the past year, Zhang Han had lit up one acupoint every day and another one every night.

He had progressed at such an unbelievable speed.

Unconsciously, Zhang Hans cultivation had broken through to the Innateness Last-Stage.

However, his acupoints had not been completely lit yet.

Finally, when the 720 acupoints were all lit up, Zhang Han spent a whole night in seclusion at the bottom of the sea.

The acupoints all over his body shone dazzlingly, as though many small suns were scattered on his skin.

Dong Chen, First Elder, Third Elder, Zhang Guangyou, Chen Changqing, and Wang Xiaoqi were all watching him from nearby.

“Young Lord is going to break through again.

I-is he really going to surpass the Heaven Peak Stage and become a mighty figure that rules part of the world” Wang Xiaowu asked, who was still in shock.

“Young Lord is really amazing.

Im impressed.” Yun Feiyan sighed emotionally for a while and said, “When I first laid eyes on Young Lord, I didnt find him to be anything special.

But I never knew that in such a short time, his strength would almost outstrip Grand Elders.”

“Hehe,” Dong Chen sneered, then remarked, “Brother Mus grandson is certainly outstanding.”

It was sarcasm!

A mockery of Zhang Guangyou.

“Who would dispute that” First Elder said with a bright smile, “Zhang Han has just been here for a few years.

But after this breakthrough, the Heavenly Knights Sect will surely be in safe hands.”

“Im happy to see him break through.” Zhang Guangyou was used to their mockery.

He curled his lips and said, “No matter how powerful Zhang Han is, he is still my son.

His achievements are all attributed to the great genes I gave him.

Uncle Dong, if you are not convinced, have a son of your own and let him compete with my son.”

“Its about to start.”

Dong Chens face froze.

He quickly put away his smile and said slowly with a serious look, “I once heard Brother Mu say that surmounting the Heaven Peak Stage will incur the suppression of heaven and earth.

In short, its a highly difficult and dangerous task.

Yet, as we are all here, if anything goes wrong, we will take action at once.

What First Elder just said is correct.

As long as Zhang Han makes this breakthrough, the Heavenly Knights Sect will be in safe hands!”

“Not only will it be in safe hands, but it is going to rise to power!” Jiang Bing drew a deep breath, looked down, and focused all his attention on Zhang Han.

At the bottom of the sea, the brilliance that Zhang Hans body was emitting grew brighter and brighter, as if he had become luminous.

The 720 acupoints echoed one another at a distance, forming waves of energy that swept through Zhang Hans body.

“Sizzle, sizzle…”

In just three seconds, Zhang Hans body seemed to have been burnt.

Then, it melted into blood, leaving behind a scarlet skeleton.

Everyone was scared while witnessing the scene.

“Is something wrong”

The pupils of those people contracted.

Just as they were gripped by fear, Zhang Hans body began to recover.

A single spark could start a prairie fire.

That remark had been thoroughly verified by Zhang Han.

After the brilliance dissipated, his body went back to normal in just two seconds.

After that, even Dong Chen started to feel a little intimidated by Zhang Hans presence.

“Youve thoroughly remolded yourself! The art of body refining you used has reached the peak of perfection!” Dong Chen exclaimed.

That was all he could think of to describe what he had seen.


At the moment when Zhang Han was back to normal, waves of fierce energy fluctuations spread out from his body and covered the area within a hundred meters.

Several large fishes passing by were instantly smashed into pieces.

He had made the breakthrough!

Zhang Han breathed a sigh of relief.

But when he opened his eyes, he looked a little baffled.

“There is really some kind of suppression.

“Is it the power of heaven and earth Or the power of the laws

“Where did this suppression come from”

Zhang Han looked up at the sea above.

His eyes seemed to be able to penetrate the sea, which was thousands of meters deep.

Dong Chen and the others were just about to come up and congratulate them, but Zhang Han didnt give them the chance to speak.


He flew up rapidly, broke out of the water in 10 seconds, and looked up at the sky.

Zhang Hans eyes narrowed slightly, then he murmured in a bewildered tone—

“Lightning punishment

“How could it be”

The lightning punishment would befall when one underwent the tribulation.

How could a normal breakthrough trigger the lightning punishment

Nevertheless, the boundless dark thunderclouds overhead were alarming to even Zhang Han.

“Holy sh*t, whats that”

When Instructor Liu came out, he was so scared that he shivered all over.

“We didnt even feel it down there.

Whats going on Have you done something wrong to attract the lightning punishment”


Dong Chens face darkened.

“I cant feel it at all, but I can see it with my naked eyes.

Is this the suppression mentioned by Grand Elder” Yun Feiyan spoke in astonishment.

The soul sense couldnt detect the existence of the thunderclouds at all, whereas the naked eye could pick them up.

That was weird.

“Han, whats this” Zhang Guangyou couldnt help but ask.

“It seems to have derived from someones malice,” Zhang Han softly said with a sigh.

Now, he was even more convinced that some great figure had lived here and sealed up the Saint Warrior Planet.

This kind of maneuver was shockingly marvelous.

It was even beyond Zhang Hans imagination.

To seal the Saint Warrior Planet was definitely not something a cultivator that had passed the ninth tribulation could do.

It turned out that this was the reason why no one in the main world had managed to break through the Elixir Realm.

Zhang Han also learned about what had happened in the martial arts world over the past hundreds of years.

Many people obtained amazing opportunities in the Ancient Mine, broke through the Heaven Peak Stage, and became mighty figures.

But even those people were still half a step away from the Elixir Realm.

It was due to a certain kind of restriction, which had something to do with the entire seal and was impossible to crack.

“But I have the Ten Inches Dantian and the Thunder Mark.

And Ive been cultivating the Athanasia Demon Gong.

If I had enough resources, this restriction would be much less effective on me.

“So, to get rid of the restriction, the only place I can go is the Kunlun Immortal World.

“Its just that Im merely at the Innateness Last-Stage.

Once I am half a step away from the Elixir Realm, who in this world can defeat me

“Ill be invincible in this world.

So, its all right that I stay here to accompany Mengmeng and Zi Yan.

“After the comeback, I cultivated only for three years and am already quite close to the Elixir Realm.

Ive been progressing very fast.

Even though Ive heard that some people in the universe underwent their tribulations in just three years, thats because those people possessed heaven-defying bloodlines.

“Moreover, this lightning punishment…”

Zhang Han fixed his eyes on the sky and said with a grin, “Thunder, come here!”


As if being provoked, the thunderclouds gathered together and emitted stronger pressure.

When a thunderbolt streaked across the sky, Zhang Hans pupils suddenly turned into flashes of thunder.

The Taiyi Wood Thunder!


A thunderbolt more than ten thousand feet long struck.


Dong Chen let out a cry of alarm.

He sensed overwhelming pressure from the thunder and lightning.


These people cast spells at the same time.

To their surprise, all the energy they produced was instantly absorbed by the thunderbolt and increased its power.

First Elder turned paled and yelled, “Stop!”

Under everyones horrified gazes, the thunderbolt fell on Zhang Han.


With a slightly muffled sound, Zhang Hans clothes were pulverized.

“Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle.”

Countless electric currents spread over Zhang Hans body.

But he looked quite at ease.

“As I expected!

“Hahaha, I want more!”

Zhang Hans body forcefully withstood the energy of the thunderbolt, and a wisp of Source Energy was absorbed by the thunder mark in his mind.

The Taiyi Wood Thunder was growing!


Another thunderbolt struck.

Zhang Han absorbed it again.

“Rumble, rumble, rumble…”

Thunderbolts continued to hit Zhang Han one after another.

However, after the ninth thunderbolt struck, the dark clouds in the sky suddenly began to surge.


Thousands of thunderbolts flashed at the same time, but they didnt descend.

It seemed that they were angry with Zhang Han, but they couldnt do anything to him.

“Whats going on”

Dong Chen and the others were stunned.

“Han can absorb thunderbolts” Zhang Guangyous mouth quivered.

“Come on!” Zhang Han looked up at the sky and shouted.

A man was looking up at the sky filled with tens of thousands of thunderbolts.

The thunderbolts kept flashing but not striking.

This scene had been branded in the memory of Yun Feiyang and the others.

After Zhang Han shouted that remark, unexpectedly, the dark clouds in the sky dispersed in a second.

The day just dawned.

After a whole night of cultivation in seclusion, on the second day of June, Zhang Han finally finished working on the breakthrough!

“Han! How is it Have you made a breakthrough Are you now half a step away from the Elixir Realm” Zhang Guangyou asked anxiously.

“Not yet.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly as if pondering something.

Hearing that, Dong Chen and the others suddenly felt a little disappointed.

He didnt make a breakthrough.

“But the conviction that those at the Innateness Peak Stage cant be killed will become history from today on,” Zhang Han said calmly.

“Do you really mean it”

Dong Chens breathing quickened.


“How about I give it a try”

Zhang Han collected his thoughts and looked at Dong Chen.

Suddenly, he smiled and stretched out his right hand.

“Shatter the Sky!”


Dong Chen felt that the space around him started to shiver.

The frequency made him rather sick.

It seemed that there was no way to escape from this torture.

Just as he made to defend himself, Zhang Han withdrew his palm.

He then remarked, “The Heaven Peak Stage is just the beginning.

As long as I practice hard, Ill make a nice breakthrough very soon.”

“How can you make a nice breakthrough in a short time” Dong Chen frowned slightly.

“The opportunity to make a breakthrough lies in the Kunlun Immortal Realm.”

Zhang Han put his hands behind his back and said, “This world is very mysterious, but I suppose the Kunlun Immortal Realm isnt like this.

Now that Im already at the Heaven Peak Stage, as long as I have sufficient strength and resources, I will break through and enter the Elixir Realm the moment I get there.

And my cultivation will soar sharply.

However, the Gold Realm is still an entry level for cultivators.

There is still a long way ahead after I get here.”


The group was in a trance.

They were the only people who knew about Zhang Hans breakthrough, and they didnt make it public.

At nine oclock in the morning, Zhang Guangyou came to ask him, “Are we ready to attack the Wind Snow School”

While speaking, Zhang Guangyous eyes were shining with a strange light.

He had never expected that there would be a day when the Heavenly Knights Sect voluntarily took on the Wind Snow School.

Or to be more precise, he had never considered the matter and would never consider it before his father, Zhang Mu, came back.

Even if he wanted to attack, he thought he would have to wait for Zhang Mu to return and take the lead.

But now, it was his son, Zhang Han, who was going to accomplish this feat.

Therefore, Zhang Guangyou was both gratified and proud at the same time.


Zhang Han thought for a while and said, “Its only that I have to go to the Ancient Mine first.”

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