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Chapter 887 Known to the World

“Nan Shisan, you work for Nan Feng.

They say that Nan Feng founded the Wind Snow School in a worldlet and has many talents in the school.

Hes really generous by sending you here.” The square-faced middle-aged man who had been silent couldnt help taunting him.

“According to the order, you take the Wind Snow School, but well choose the rest of them.

If you play any tricks, dont say that I didnt warn you.

Perhaps with a minor mistake, the Wind Snow School will just vanish.”

“What did you say”

Nan Shisans face fell.

“Wuxi, you want to be my enemy”

“Im just telling you the rules,” the middle-aged man named Wuxi answered calmly.

“It still takes time for a person from the secular world to grow even if theyve got talent.

It doesnt matter if I kill some of them.

And they could be from the Wind Snow School or some other place.

Its up to me.”

If an outsider had been there, they could tell that the old man was Daofu.

The middle-aged man in black was called Langfan, the middle-aged man with a lean face was Yuanbing, the middle-aged man in cyan was Wuxi, and the relatively younger man among them was Nan Shisan, who worked for Nan Feng, the third prince of the Wind Snow Temple.

The five people didnt belong to a single force.

They guarded against each other but at the same time shared the same purpose; they were martial artists from the secular world.

“Wuxi, in the secular world, were very close to the Elixir Stage.

If you think you can defeat me, you can absolutely try.”

Nan Shisan smirked and then said, “I dont want to waste my time on you.

Last time, because many people came, they chose martial artists one by one.

Now, there are only five of us, so theres no need to waste time.

How about we issue an order and let the whole world know that all martial artists above the Grand Master Stage should gather at Kunlun Mountain tomorrow.

Each of us will be in charge of one area.

After an inspection in the secular world, well go to pick martial artists in the worldlets.”


The old man Daofu nodded.

He also supported this kind of plan.

Before they had arrived here, they discussed it shortly.

It was not that easy to open entrances to Kunlun Immortal World and the secular world because there was a time limit.

They had thought about going to the Ancient Mine after finishing their tasks.

It was said that people who went there more than 50 years ago obtained some good stuff.

They flew outside, and just when they left the Kunlun Mountain Range, they saw a dozen people flying quickly toward them.

Ye Tianlang was in the lead.

He asked cautiously, “I wonder where you seniors came from.”

Daofu asked in reply, “And you are”

“Were from the National Security Agency, an official organization of Hua nation.” Ye Tianlang seemed to guess something.

He couldnt feel the five peoples auras while they were floating there.

There was no need to guess anymore; they were powerful experts.

It made Ye Tianlang act even more politely.

He cupped his hands.

“We sensed some unusual energy fluctuation here so we came to check it out.

We didnt expect that we would run into you seniors.

I wonder…”

“Were from Kunlun Immortal World.”

Daofu smiled as he said, “Youre officials.

Good timing.

I need you to do me a favor.”

Ye Tianlang said, “Please order us.”

Daofu said, “Ask all martial artists above the Grand Master Stage to go to Kunlun Mountain tomorrow.

Stay right here.

We have something to announce.”

Ye Tianlang hesitated.

“Well…” However, before he finished.

Nan Shisan said coldly, “You have one day.

Tomorrow morning, well go on an inspection.

Anyone who disobeys will be killed.”


There was a drone in Ye Tianlangs head.

He felt domineering pressure from Nan Shisan.

Ye Tianlang nerved himself to say, “I want to know the reason so I can tell them that and issue the order.

Otherwise, most of them might not come.”

He felt a little cold inside.

Those beside him, even including White Tiger, all felt a chill down their spine.

They didnt dare to speak a word lest they bring death upon themselves.


Nan Shisan snorted, his pressure nearly suffocating Ye Tianlang.

“How dare you ask about our matters Ill give you three seconds.

Do it or die.”

Ye Tianlang hurriedly answered, “Yes.

Ill issue the order right away to let the world know.”

When he found out that the other party was strong and from Kunlun Immortal World, he decided that he would never reject them directly.

He could feel that the man in his 30s among the other party had killing intent all over him.

When the man looked at them, he seemed to see them as ants under his feet.

“No need to get scared.

If you cooperate, nothing will happen.

Kunlun Immortal World and the secular world are one world.

We wont kill for no reason.

We just want to gather them to announce something.

Youll know tomorrow.”

The old man named Daofu appeared gentle.

He explained to Ye Tianlang and then smilingly said to the other four, “How about we go respectively to the east, south, west, north, and center After today, well make an inspection tomorrow morning to check if anyone is absent.

And then well reunite here.”

“Thats settled.

Ill choose the north.” After saying that, Langfan quickly flew away.

“Ill choose the east,” seeing that Nan Shisan was about to speak, Wuxi added before he did and then also left right after he finished.

Nan Shisans face fell at that.

He also wanted to go to the east.

The reserved Yuanbing also said, “Ill go to the west.”

“Then Ill stay in the center.

According to our division, the center is relatively small and I dont want to work too hard.

How about I leave the larger south to you” Daofu looked at Nan Shisan.


Nan Shisan chuckled and left quickly.

According to their division of the areas, there was an entrance to the worldlets respectively in the east, west, north, and while there were two in the center, there was none in the south.

Because they all knew that Nan Feng had built the Wind Snow School, so of course Nan Shisan had to choose the worst place.

Unfortunately, Nan Shisan didnt think in the same way.

“More than a decade ago, Prince Nan Feng came back and told me how prosperous the Wind Snow School was.

Now, it must have become the greatest sect, right Our disciples exist in five worldlets, and we have numerous disciples.

I dont care about winning over worldlet people from you.”

Seeing the five people leaving quickly, Ye Tianlang became dumbfounded.

“Boss, what do we do” Azure Dragon asked hoarsely.

“Theyre from Kunlun Immortal World and seem to be powerful.

If we gather so many people and then they attack, the National Security Agency will become the biggest sinner.”

“We have no choice.

Didnt you hear what they said”

White Tiger sighed.

“Theyve divided the areas.

With their powerful soul sense, if we do not inform the world, they will slaughter the martial arts world.

Numerous people will die.”

“Do we inform the worldlets too”

“No.” Ye Tianlang paused for a second and shook his head.

“Martial artists from worldlet sects are also in the secular world.

Theyll know once we release the news.

Those from Kunlun Immortal World are not to be trifled with.

I can feel that.

Theyre much more terrifying than those at the Heaven Peak Stage.

Since we cant stop them, well obey them.

Perhaps its not what we think, and they do have something to announce.”

Ye Tianlang somehow felt that the large batch of people who disappeared more than 50 years ago might not have died; instead, they might have entered Kunlun Immortal World.

Therefore, through the National Security Agency, the news was quickly spread throughout the entire martial arts world.

“Kunlun Immortal World wants the world to know that all martial artists at or above the Wu Dao Grand Master Stage should gather at the east of the Kunlun Mountain Range tomorrow morning.”

“What the heck Wheres Kunlun Immortal World”

“So freaking bad*ss.

You want the world to know How about if I dont go”


Some young martial artists scoffed at that.

Of course, most of them who scoffed were not Wu Dao Grand Masters, so it basically had nothing to do with them.

Nevertheless, Wu Dao Grand Masters all felt kind of confused.

“Does this mean that something big is going to happen”

Finally, when the martial arts world became chaotic, some martial artists from the older generation came up with answers.

“Kunlun Immortal World is a holy land, even much greater than a worldlet.”

“I once heard from my second grandpa that people from Kunlun Immortal World can do magical things.

We cannot compare with them.

Now, if they appear again, it might be a blessing or a catastrophe.”

“There are all immortals in seclusion there.

You cant disobey the order.”


These words stirred up the martial arts world; many people felt that the world was going to change.

At the same time in Sanmen City…

A man in his early 20s just stepped out from an Internet cafe.

Looking sullen, he cursed, “Such freaking bad luck.

Only one winning game.

Hard to get points in those ranking tournaments.”

On his way, he saw a mineral water bottle and kicked it away with force.

An old man nearby calmly asked, “Why didnt you pick it up and throw it into a trash can”

The young man snapped, “Someone else threw it.

Why do I have to pay for others mistakes”

However, when he saw that the other man was old, he lost interest in arguing.

Walking forward, he kicked the bottle again when passing it.

It turned out that he kicked it exactly into a trash can.

He didnt know how he could control his force so accurately.

When he was young, he had realized that he was stronger than his peers.

He could both skate on ice and the ground; he had good balance and could exert his strength in an accurate way.

He didnt find it to be anything strange because he just thought that he was talented at using strength.

Feeling upset, he walked to his dorm.

He was 20 and supposed to be in college, but he learned how to be a cook.

Today was his day off, and he spent the entire day gaming but felt so bad after losing again and again.

The dorm was a little remote, and on his way back, he would pass a valley.


Ive lost so much.

I must win it back!”

Halfway there, the young man stopped walking and quickly turned around.


Just when he turned around, he saw the old man less than half a meter away from him, not even making a sound.

“Is he a ghost”

The youth was scared and collapsed to the ground.

When he came to his senses, he asked, “What do you want”

“Want to cultivate with me”

“Cultivate You must be dreaming, old man.”

The young man patted his buttocks.

“Cultivate by yourself.

Im going gaming.”


A calm voice rang out.


The youth suddenly found that he couldnt move; he could not even blink.

He wanted to open his mouth but it weighed a ton.


“Did I run into a ghost”

The young mans heart skipped a beat; sweat was dripping down his back.

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